Lytham St.Annes Coat of Arms
Lytham St.Annes, Lancashire, England


13th Loyal North Lancashire








At the Old Bailey, on Wednesday, Phyllis Ayris (26), was sentenced to six months' hard labour for bigamy. Prosecuting counsel said that prisoner was married in December, 1910, at Manchester, her husband being a London Territorial, who last year went to the front, was wounded, and was discharged as unfit. He allowed her 28s. a week. Prisoner "married" a young Canadian soldier in London while her husband was away, and he assigned her 25s. a week. The Recorder, Sir Forrest Fulton, said that prisoner had found herself in clover through the war.

Some people were making a very good thing out of the war, and she was one of them. In addition to bigamy, she had falsified the register by giving a false name and describing "herself as a spinster. Substantial punishment must be meted out in cases of bigamy, which were part of a regular scheme to defraud the unfortunate taxpayers.


John Shea, a private-in the 3/5th King's Liverpool Regt., billeted at Blackpool, was charged at Blackpool Court, with attempting to commit suicide. The Chief Constable said that on Wednesday morning Shea went into his billet, in Kirkby Road, and later he was found in his bedroom with a belt wrapped tightly round his neck.

It was unbuckled, and P.S. Hill called in. The man had been in the Army about six weeks, and prior to enlisting he had been on board a ship that had been, torpedoed, and had his nerves upset. His officers were present in Court, and were prepared to take charge of him, and place him under their own medical officer. Shea was discharged.

13th Loyal North Lancashire, Lytham Hall Park, 1915









13th Loyal North Lancashire, Lytham Hall Park, 1915