Lytham St.Annes Coat of Arms
Lytham St.Annes, Lancashire, England


Lytham Windmill in the early 1800s

Lytham Windmill in 1840 with the kiln to the right.

Lytham Windmill, erected on "The Marsh" about 1805. The Marsh was a tract of small sand dunes between the beach and the town.

A kiln stood alongside where the oats would be dried before grinding.

The mill was not just situated here to take advantage of the sea breeze. Ships would drop anchor by the mill, offload oats or corn which would be processed and returned.

This may seem strange today, but given the terrible state of the roads at that time it was the most efficient way of doing things.

The mill had been erected by the Clifton Estate and was leased to  Richard Cookson for 7/- per annum.