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 Thomas Ogle, photographer 1813-1882

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Thomas Ogle was born in Preston, Lancashire, in December 1813. He served an apprenticeship as a bookbinder and in 1834 he was a partner in Ogle & Bland, Bookbinders, Chapel Walks, Preston.

He was also teaching landscape and figure drawing at two evening classes per week in 1854-5, at the Institution for the Diffusion of Knowledge, Avenham, Preston.

Advert for Thomas Ogle, photographic artist, Preston, 1855.By 1855 he was advertising as Portrait Painter & Photographic Artist, 28 Great Avenham Street Preston. This street was in a middle-class residential area, near to Avenham Park.
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Some Thomas Ogle photos and ways of dating them.

An 1850s Ogle and Edge stereoview of a cottage on the River Brock, near Preston. In the foreground a man is scooping water from the pond.

An 1850s stereoview by Thomas Ogle entitled "The Marsh, Preston" . It depicts Victoria Quay, built by the Ribble Navigation Company and completed in 1854 and Ashton Quay in the distance. We believe this to be one of the earliest photos of Preston, taken c1855, before Ogle & Edge were in partnership. 

The earliest Thomas Ogle stereoviews are on very light yellow or cream coloured card. The photos are square and marked 'T Ogle' or 'Thomas Ogle' in the bottom right hand corner of the right hand photo. They are not numbered and the description is handwritten in pencil on the reverse.

This view of the Quays was an unusual subject for Thomas Ogle to photograph. The photo was probably taken because Andrew & William Ogle, his nephews, were partners in the engineering firm of Ogle & Robinson. About 1855, they leased a portion of Ashton Quays for use as a shipyard1; (this company was bankrupt in 18572). 

In the early days Thomas was probably experimenting with stereographic photography; in this case he succeeded as the crane to the right, and the ships masts, give a good 3D effect using a viewer.

An 1850s Thomas Ogle hand-tinted stereoview of Raglan Castle.An 1850s stereoview by Thomas Ogle. Entitled "13.-Raglan Castle - Barbican Archway - from Pitched Court" . This type is thought to have been published slightly later.

The photos are square and marked 'T Ogle' or 'Thomas Ogle' in the bottom right hand corner of the right hand photo. These are numbered with a description in upright type underneath the images.

An 1850s or 1860s Thomas Ogle stereoview of the Keswick and Ravenglass Road.A Thomas Ogle stereoview of the Keswick and Ravenglass Road. This was probably produced in the 1860s, after the partnership had ended. The later Thomas Ogle stereoviews are usually rounded at the top and are numbered with a description in italic type. In this case the description is to the side of the images. 

  Notes on dating the photos:
I need to carry out more research on the dating methods so this information will change.
Even if the stereoview was produced in the 1860s, the photo could have been taken years earlier.
Some photos are dated on the reverse but this was usually added by the person who had purchased it.

About 1862 he moved to Grange-Over-Sands, living at 4 Eggerslack Terrace, where he continued as a photographer and ran a 'fancy repository.' He also contributed photos to some publications. There are some examples of his work taken in the Lake District and Scotland at the British Library which can be viewed online here. Thomas Ogle died in 1882, aged 68.

1. The Last Tide - A History of the Port of Preston 1806-1981. Jack Dakres p58.
2. The Preston Guardian, Saturday, December 12, 1857.

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