Lytham St.Annes Coat of Arms
Lytham St.Annes, Lancashire, England





The names shown with " W " are in Wesham.

Ainsworth Geo., mill mngr, North view
Ainsworth Geo. F., mill mngr, 5 Station road, W.

Ainsworth Henry E. (Ainsworth Barnes), 9 Garstang Road north, W.
Ainsworth Wm., trvllr, Ribby road
Aitken Arthur, clerk, Woodland av
Aitken Oswald, clerk, 66 Ribby road
Alcock Rev. Wilfrid, The Willows

Presbytery, Ribby road. Tel. 68
Allot Arthur, goods agent, L. M. & S.
Railway station
Allcock Eric G., clerk, Haslemere, Ribby road
Appleton Thos., manager, 13 Ward st
Ashton Frank, sec & mngr, Kirkham Gas Co., Orders lane. Tel. 73
Ashton Norman J., manager, 15 Nelson
Ashurst Wm., clerk, 22 Garstang Road north, W.
Atock John, schlmstr, Woodland
BALL ISAAC & SONS, Ltd., road roller and threshing machine proprietors, Wharles. Tel. 31 Catforth.
Ball Peter, engn drvr., 10 Preston st
Balshaw Mr. Albt. R., 20 Poulton street
Bamber Jas., caretaker, 13 Station road, W.
Banks James, tailor, 14b Preston street
Barker Edwd., tailor, 7 Orders lane
Barker Mr. Ernest, Rose dene, Barn
field street
Barton Geo. M.Sc., schlmstr, The Hollies, Ribby road
Beeston Misses Clara & Nellie, Hodnet, Derby road, W.
Benson Mr. Robt., 82 Ribby road
Benson Mr. Wm., 81 Poulton street
Benson Mr. Wm., Glenry moor, Ribby
Berry John, pol cons, Highfield, Freckleton street
Bickerstaffe Mr. Edwd., 109 Ribby rd
Bickerstaffe Richd.., sexton, 100 Ribby road

Billington Percy, schlmstr, 11 Station road, W.
Billington Thos., proprty repr, 11 Moor street
B inns Harold, pol cons, 15 Station H, W.
Birch Miss Alice, North view, Derby road, W.
Blackoe Mr. Henry, 46 Ribby road
BLEASDALE FRED H. BARKER, turf accountant, 42 Marsden street. Tel. 80 & 81 ; and at Blackpool and Preston
Bolton Alfred G., pol cons, 9 Swarbrick street
Broadbelt Rev. Henry, M.A., Christ Church vicarage, Mowbreck lane, W.
Brookfield John, pol sergt., 13 Freckle
ton street
Brown Fred H., clerk to Guardians Committee, Union offices, Derby road. Te . 50 ; h. Lytham
BURGESS GEORGE, corn and seed dealer, manufacturer of the famous " Mutus " products, Fylde mills, Orders lane. Tel. 51 ; h. 94 Poulton street
Burrow James A., pol cons, 11 Freckleton street
Butler Mr. Francis, Lynwood, Mowbreck lane W.
Butler Mrs. Isabella, Jesmond dene Ribby road
Butler Mr. Joshua D,. 67 Station road
Butler Thos. F., ins agent 9 Weston road W.

Calderbank Rev. Thos. (Cath.), St. Joseph's presbytery Mowbreck lane W.
Catholic Club (The Willows) Ribby rd
Charnley Robt. trvllr Dean terrace
Christopher John butcher 26 Mellor rd
Clarkson Mr. Geo. Wm. 58 Freckleton
Conservative Club Ribby road ; T. Forshaw secretary
Constantine Percy laundry manager Marsden street
Cookson Miss Eliz. School house Poulton street
Co-op Picture House Poulton st. Tel. 56
Cornall Mr. Jph 62 Ribby road

Cottam Mr. Cuthbert The Laurels, Derby road, W.
Counsell Thos., ins agent, 80 Ribby rd
Coupe Mr. James, Weeton road, W.
Crook Mr. Jas., 16 Park road

Darbyshire Mrs. El iz. , Waverley, Ribby
DISTRICT BANK, Ltd., Poulton street. Tel. 2 ; branches at Wesham ; open daily 11-0 a.m. to 2-30 p.m. ; Saturdays 9-15 11-0 a.m. Freckleton Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, 10-30 a.m. to 2-30 p.m. Wrea Green Wednesday, 11-15 to 2-15 p.m. Saturday 9-30 a.m. to 11-15 a.m. ; Ernest T. Tansley, manager
Duxbury Alfd., taper, 4 Nelson street
Elliott Thos., ins agent, 25 Station rd
Fire Brigade Station, Moor street
Fishwick Harold, range fitter, Avondale, Preston street
Fleetwood Mr. Fredk. C., Lynton, Ribby road
Fleetwood Mrs. Margt., maternity nurse, 3 Garden street
Fletcher Mr. Wm., 94 Weeton rd, W.
Forshaw Thos., clerk, 2 Mellor road
Fuller Frank, schlmstr, 56 Ribby road
Fylde Guardians Institution, Derby rd.
Tel. 49 ; G. W. Lunn, master
Fylde Rural District Council, Derby road. Tel. 50 ; Fred. H. Brown, clerk
Fylde Union Children's Cottage Homes,
Station road
Fylde Urban District Council Office, Station rd. Tel. 86 ; Herbt. Varley, M.Inst.M. & Cy. E., surveyor
Fylde Water Board, Station road. Tel. 31
Gallagher Daniel, motor engineer, 10 Mayfield avenue
Gardner Bryan, clerk, The Limes, Ribby road
Gardner Mr. Lawrence, Tait house, Ribby road
Gardner Mr. Robt., Mona house, Ribby road
Gillett Miss Mary A., 111a Ribby road
Gornall Mr. Joseph, Mayfield, Ribby road. Tel. 102

Grantham Mr. Henry G., Highfield, Freckleton street
Gregson Mrs. Florence, Heathfield, Preston street
Griffiths, Wm., clerk, Dean terrace
Hale Windham E., Esq., C.C., Mow-breck hall. Tel. 6

Hardman Richd., cashier, 113 Ribby rd
Hardman Mr. Thurston, Ribby road
Hargreaves Ernest, schlmstr, 60 Pres
ton street
Hargreaves Mr. Fredk. 58 Ribby rd
Harper Rev. Geo. A. (C.E.), North view
Harris Wm. Robt., trvllr, 19 Mellor rd
Harwood Hy., mill mngr, Dean terrace
Hawthornthwaite Mrs. Alice, 90 Ribby
Hawthornthwaite Mr. Thos., 14 Park rd
Heslop Chas. W., colliery agent, 8 Poulton street

Hewitt John H., cashier, 86 Ribby rd
Hitchen Albt., mngr, 13 Fylde street
Hodgkinson Harold, ins agnt, 41 Preston street
Hodgson Miss Ellz., Avalon, Ribby rd
Hodgson Mrs. Mary, 3 Mellor road
Holden Mrs. Frances, school mistress,
15 Livingstone view
Holt Raymond, clerk, Garden street
Hoon Wm., clerk, 106 Ribby road
Hornby John, steward, 11 Ribby av
Hornby John F., manager, 14 Sunny
HOTHERSALL E. G. (F.A.I.) & SONS, Ltd., auctioneers and valuers, Farmers' Auction Mart, Marquis street ; head office, Auction Mart. Preston. Tel. 721 8
Hudson Wm., clerk, 21 Mellor road
Hughes G., B.A., M.C., master, Grammar School, Ribby road

Hulley Miss Mary J., The Moor, Ribby road
Iredale Wm. By., trvllr, 39 Ribby av
Jackson Edwd. V., asst relieving offlcer, 33 Ribby avenue

Jackson Jas, grocer's manager 63 Station road
Jackson Rd., plumber, 61 Station road
Kirby Henry, club steward, 13 Mellor road

Kirby Mr. John, 52 Ribby road
Kirby Mrs. Mary, Carlton house, Derby road, W.
Kirby Richd., gamekpr, Langroyd, W.
Kirby Robt., mngr, 6 Park road

Kirby Victor, mngr, 64 Ribby road
Kirkham Church Memorial House, 2 Church street

Kirkham Gas Works, Orders lane. Tel. 73 ; F. Ashton, manager
Kirkham Mr. John, Braemar, Ribby rd
Kirkham Public Baths, Station road ; J. T. Riding, supt

Kirkham and Wesham Advertiser," 17a, Station road
Kirkham & Wesham Room & Power Co. Ltd., Bankfield mill
Kirkham Mr. Wm., 110 Ribby road
Laithwaite Mrs. Mary, Homestead, Ribby road

Langley Jph. P., registrar of births & deaths and relieving officer, Union Offlces, Derby rd. Tel. 50 ; h. The Bungalow, Barnfield
Lee Cecil K., schlmstr, 37 Ribby av
Lewis Mrs. Rhoda, 7 Mellor road
Littlefair Arthur G., clerk, 62 Garstang
Road north, W.
London, Midland and Scottish Railway, Station rd, Wesham. Tel. 12
Lord Mrs. Janet, Oak lea, Ribby road Loyal Regt., 4th Battn. North Lancs., Freckleton street
Lunn Mrs. Florence, matron, Fylde Children's Cottage Homes, Moor st
Lunn Geoffrey Wm., master, Fylde Guardians Institution, Derby road. Tel. 49
McGavney Rev. John, Willows presby. tery, Ribby road. Tel. 68
Mc Loughl inJas. , engnr, S Wellington st
McLoughlin Jas., schlmstr, St. John's school, Ribby road

McManus Miss Sarah E., 95 Ribby road
Magson Mr. Arthur, Woodland avenue
Marquis Fred, rating officer, Dean terr
Marquis Mr. Henry, Dean terrace

Marquis Mr. Jas., 2 Nelson street
Memorial Church House Club, Church
st ; G. Clarkson, sec
Middleton Stephen, schlmstr, Dunelm, Preston street
Millner Richd. H. (R. H. Millner Ltd.) ; h. 31 Station road, W. Tel. 18
MILLNER R. H., Ltd., haulage contractors and general carriers, funeral undertakers and motor hearse proprietors, taxis and private cars for hire (open day and night), Station garages, Wesham and Station road, Kirkham. Tel. 18
Mills Rev.Herbt.(Cong.), 68 Marsden st
Ministry of Labour (Employment Exchange), St. John's hall, Ribby road. Tel. 47 ; W. Robinson, mngr
Moss Jas., schlmstr, 36 Ribby avenue
Motley W. S., B.Sc., science mstr,
Grammar school, Ribby road
Nickson Thos., mngr, 13 Victoria road
Nickson Mr. Thos., Ferndale, Weeton
road, W.
Ogden Mr. Richd., 78 Ribby road
Ogden Summersgill, bookkpr, 23 Station rd, W.

Ogden Thos. W., mill manager, 50 Ribby road
Ormerod Mr. Wm. H., Dean terrace
Parkinson Mr. John E., 44 Ribby rd
Peart Miss Florence W., district nurse,
29 Ribby avenue
Pennington John L., schlmstr, 71 Ribby road
Pickup Mr. John T., 35 Ribby avenue
Pocock Albert, painter, 6 Mellor road

Police Station, Freckleton st. Tel. 25 ; J. Brookfleld, pol sergt.
Pomfret Walter, overlkr, 34 Ribby av
Porter Fredk., road patrol, 1 Sunny bank

Post, Money Order and Telegraph Office, 83 Poulton st. Tel. 19 ; J. Whiteside, postmaster
Preston Corporation Electricity Department, Orders lane
PRESTON SAVINGS BANK (Branch), Poulton street, open Wednesdays 11-0 a.m. to 1-0 p.m., and 2-0 p.m. to 6-0 p.m. Saturdays 11-0 a.m. to 1-0 p.m., and 2-0 p.m. to 5-0 p.m.
Public Assistance Institution, Derby road, Wesham. Tel. 50
Rhodes Robt. Thos., grocer's manager 11 Fylde street
Riding John T., baths supt, Kirkham Baths, Station road
Rigby Frank, asst insptr, weights & measures, 43 Garstang Road north, W.
Rigby Mr. Wm., 73 Ribby road
Robinson Arthur, clerk, 12 Mellor road
Robinson Mr. Wm. B., 4 Ribby avenue
Rocklin Rev. Wm., St. Joseph's presbytery, Mowbreck lane, W.
Roscoe Fredk. S., sanitary insptr, Highfield, W.
Rossall Mrs. Margt., 31 Ribby avenue
Rural District Council Offices, Derby road, Wesham. Tel. 50 ; Fred H. Brown, clerk to Guardians Committee No. 3 Area.

St. John Ambulance Brigade, Dean terr St. John's Hall, Ribby road
Salthouse Mr. James, 10 Railway ter W
Sanderson Wm., ins agent, 39 Garstang Road north, W.

Saunders Mr. Chas., Balshaw terrace, Marsden street
Saunders J. W., B.A., master, Grammar School, Ribby road
Sefton Mr. Wm., 67 Ribby road
Shaffrey Miss Mary, 88 Ribby road
Sharples Arthur, manager, 13 Ribby av
Shaw Mr. Wm. Stanley, 95 Station rd
Shuttleworth Henry, ins agent, 5
Mellor road
Singleton John, tailor, 11 Mellor road
Singleton Wm., clerk, Hill crest, W.
Slater Fredk. J., engnr, S Mellor road
Smith Albert, flnancier, 42 Marsden st
Smith Hy., pol sergt., 31 Orders lane
Smith Reginald, clerk, 10 Park road
Snape Mr. Jas., Ribby road

Stafford Mrs. Mary, Wesham hall
Stansfield Mr. Herbt. J., Dean terrace
Stevenson B., N.D.A., master Gram
mar school, Ribby road
Strange Rev. Creswell, M.A., headmaster, Kirkham Grammar School, Ribby road. Tel. 118
Swan Mrs. Eliz., Dean terrace
Swift Thos., manager, 12 Park road
Tansley Ernest T., manager District
Bank Ltd., Poulton street. Tel. 2 ; h. Bank house Poulton street
Tattersall John, chief officer, Fire
Brigade, 88 Garstang Road north, W.
Taylor Fredk., clerk, 32 Poulton street
Taylor John (Taylor & Pickup) ; h.
7 Park road
TAYLOR & PICKUP, general contractors, bricklayers, joiners, drainers, concretors, flaggers, asphalters, roof and wall tilers, 7 Park road. Tel.115
Territorial Army H.Q., 4th Batt. the Loyal Regt. (North Lancs.) detach. ment, Freckleton street
Thompson Ernest, trvllr, Ewanrigg, Preston street
Thompson Thos., cattle dentist, Sunny bowers, Derby road, W.
Townsend Wm., warehouseman, Kirk view, W.
Trippier John J., rly insptr, 7 Mayfield avenue
Turnell J., ins supt., 6 Orders lane Turner Mr. Chas., 107 Ribby road
Turner Mr. Richd., 54 Ribby road
Varley Herbt., M.Inst.M. & Cy.E.,
surveyor, Fylde Rural District Council, Station road. Tel. 86
Ward Mr. John, Dean terrace
Ward Wm., pol cons, 19 Freckleton st
Watkinson Thos., foreman platelayer, 49 Station road, W.

Whiteside Mr. Edwd., 3 Wellington st
Whiteside Joseph, postmaster, 83
Poulton street. Tel. 19 ; h. 5 Marquis street
Whiteside Mr. Wm., Glengaris, Derby road, W.
Whiteside Wm., clerk, West croft, Ribby road
Whiteside Wm. H., engnr, 1 Wellington street
Wilkins Geo., clerk, 12 Bibby avenue
Wilkinson Eric R., will secretary, 26b Garstang Road north, W.

Wilkinson Robt., ins agent, 62 Preston street
Willacy Joseph, shopman, 43 Freckleton street
Willacy Mr. Wm., 12 Church street
Williams E. J., B.A., master, Grammar school, Ribby road

Winchester Mrs. Eliz., 69 Ribby road
Winchester Jph., manager, 42 Ribby rd
Wood Hy., mill mngr, 65 Ribby road
Woods Ernest, manager, 8 Park road
Woods John, dental mechanic, 60 Gar
stang Road north, W.
Woods Mr. John Thos., 76 Ribby road
Working Men's Club, Mellor road ; W. Benson, secretary

Working Men's Club, Dean terrace
Worthington Percy, sexton, 3 Rawlinson street, W.

Worthington Mr. Wm., 10 Mellor road
Wright Mr. John, Church street

Wright Mr. Robt., Dean terrace
Yates John R.,m nanager, Fylde Industrial Co-operative Society Ltd., Poulton st. Tel. 22 ; h. Denehurst, Ribby road
Yates Robt. J., clerk, Willow dene, Ribby road