Lytham St.Annes Coat of Arms
Lytham St.Annes, Lancashire, England


Lytham Hall Park, 1910

Newspaper article from 1910 on visiting Lytham Hall Park. 


Comparatively few residents or visitors in St. Annes are aware that they may enjoy the beauties of Lytham Hall Park. The Park is thrown open twice weekly—Wednesday and Saturday—for visitors. Admission tickets are necessary and these are procurable at the Estate Offices or at the Ansdell Lodge, for which a charge of one shilling per year is made, the whole of the proceeds being given to Lytham Cottage Hospital.

Lytham Hall in the early 1900s

At the present time a visit to the park affords a pleasant afternoon, the many magnificent trees being in full leaf, while the lawns, shrubberies and rose garden are in excellent condition. The park is well wooded and many of the "towering tabernacles of the air" form a dense mass of luxuriant foilage sweeping to within a few feet of the velvety, lawns. The tall rhododendrons, with their pale purple flowers, are also a pretty sight.

The hall, too, is of mach interest. The Clifton family traces its descent in a direct line from the thirteenth century, and Lytham Hall has been the seat of the family since the Hall was rebuilt in 1764. The hall is built on the site of the old hall, which was destroyed by fire, and has three fronts, to the north, south and east.

The building combines simple elegance and grandeur. It has lately been fitted with electric light. Many trophies of Mr. Clifton's shooting prowess in his world-wide big-game hunting adorn the walls. On the south-west side of the hall is a noble mount, crowned on the summit with a lofty flagstaff, and from the top of the mount there is a fine extended view into Westmorland and Cumberland, over a considerable part of Lancashire, and in clear weather Cambria's curtained mountains hang in majestic grandeur over the Watery surface.

Heavens"! What a goodly prospect spreads around,
Of hills - and dales, and woods and lawns and spire's.


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