Lytham St.Annes Coat of Arms
Lytham St.Annes, Lancashire, England



Description of Newton-with-Scales,1934.


Is a township about 7 miles from Preston, containing 1,527 acres. It is in the Fylde parliamentary division, and in the Fylde county council division and Union. The principal owners of the soil are the Exors. of Edmund Birley, Esq., Edward Bryning and John Ward, Esqrs.

The population in 1851 was 299 ; 1861, 286 ; 1871, 292 ; 1881, 267 ; 1891, 231 ; 1901, 229 ; and 1921, 244. Rateable value, £1,714.

The BLUE COAT SCHOOL was founded by John Hornbie, yeoman, Newton, 1707. His object was to clothe, board, and educate the children of the township, afterwards apprenticing them to honest trades and services free of expense to their parents, such children to be brought up in the principles of the Church of England. Of late years the advantages of the school have been modernised and extended to all the children in the parish of Lund. Some 7 years ago the old Blue Coat School was approved by the Education Department as fulfilling the requirements of the district as a Church of England public elementary school and now it is carried on under diocesan and Government inspection by the Trustees, there being at the present 50 children in the school. There is an admirable cookery school in the building, and classes in singing and lectures on horticulture, farriery, etc., are held, and well attended during the year.

A parish council has been granted which comprises five members.Parish Council.—Thos. Williamson (chairman), James Halsall, G. Sandham, W. Braithwaite and W. H. Carr. Rural District Councillor : Thos. Williamson.
Rating Officer : W. M. Buck.
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