Lytham St.Annes Coat of Arms
Lytham St.Annes, Lancashire, England


Norton & Brentwood, Clifton Drive, St.Annes

'Norton' & 'Brentwood', 288-290, Clifton Drive, St.Annes. This pair of semi-detached houses stand alongside the Public Offices. They are two of the earliest buildings in St.Annes, built soon after the foundation of the town in 1875.

This is the type of house that the St.Annes Land & Building Company had planned for Clifton Drive and a similar pair of semis were built opposite (now demolished along with the Football League Building).

288-290, Clifton Drive, St.Annes.

Until the 1890s, the only buildings on this side of Clifton Drive South were:
Kilgrimol School (now the District Club),
Wesleyan Chapel (by present church)
Norton (pictured left)
Brentwood (pictured right)
Matlock House (Until recently a doctors surgery)
Spring Bank (Lloyds TSB Bank)
The rest of the road was sand dunes. 

There is now (2010) an application to demolish these two Victorian houses and to erect new buildings.






'Norton', no.288, Clifton Drive, St.Annes.'Norton', 288, Clifton Drive, St.Annes.
Brentwood'Brentwood', 290, Clifton Drive, St.Annes.