Lytham St.Annes Coat of Arms
Lytham St.Annes, Lancashire, England


Polly the Cockatoo of Parrox Hall. 

To the Editor of the Preston Chronicle. 
Sir, My attention having heen called to the account given in  your paper of the 21st ult., of a fine cockatoo having been shot by one of the farm servants of Mr. Eidsforth, Lea Hall (near Preston) I beg to inform him, through the same medium, that in all probability the bird has strayed from my premises. 
In 1840 a friend brought me a very handsome bird of this description, from New South Wales. For the first winter it was kept in the garden house during the night, but allowed to move about in the shrubberies in the day time, with one of its wings so shortened as to prevent flight. Parrox Hall, Lancashire circa 1904.Last year this wing was permitted to grow again to its full length, and the bird to have its liberty, flying about from tree to tree, to the astonishment and admiration of many visitors. 
This continued until the cold autumnal evenings, when it seemed to suffer so little, and apparently to enjoy so much contentment, that I resolved to try whether the bird would really bear to be exposed to this climate through the winter; and, to my great surprise, it remained out in the trees about the house during the severest weather, coming two or three times a day to the nursery window, to be fed, and appeared to suffer little more than the hardy rook, which was frequently its companion. 
You will remember the very sudden change from cold to a genial warmth in the beginning of April, the poor bird seemed to be so overjoyed by this change, that after extending its excursions into the neighhourhood for a few days, it finally took its departure with a flock of sea fowl, and I heard no more of it until the circulation of the statement in your paper. 
Its loss was the cause of so much grief to the inmates of my nursery, that we do not wish to see poor Polly again in mock life ; will you, therefore, inform Mr. Eidsforth that he is quite welcome to my interest in the remains.  
I have entered into the above short account; thinking it might perchance interest some of your readers who are skilled in ornithology; and more especially as it has frequently been questioned whether the Cockatoo could stand the cold of an English winter.—You can publish it or not as you please.
I remain, Mr. Editor, yours respectfully.
   DANIEL ELLETSON., Parrox Hall, June 1st, 1842.