Lytham St.Annes Coat of Arms
Lytham St.Annes, Lancashire, England





TOWNSHIP contains a scattered village 3 miles W. from Kirkham, and the hamlets of Great and Little Plumpton, the former 5 miles and the latter 21 W.N.W. of the same town. Its area is 3,600 acres, and its rateable value about 6,869. It is in the parliamentary division of the Fylde, and in the Fylde county council division and Union. The parish council consists of five members. Population in 1841, 686 ; 1851, 707 ; 1861, 601 ; 1871, 535 ; 1881, 534 ; 1891, 491 ; 1911, 478 ; and 1921, 504. Wrea Green and Moss Side stations, on the London, Midland and Scottish Railway, are both in this township.

Nearly all the land is owned by J. T. Clifton, Esq. Westby Hall, the ancient seat of the Cliftons, has long since disappeared, and the Catholic Chapel, which stood contiguous, has been altered and converted into a farmhouse. But a neat CATHOLIC CHAPEL was built in Westby in 1860. It is dedicated to St. Anne, and will accommodate 500 worshippers.

During 1889-90, the church having been declared unsafe by P. P. Pugin, Esq., architect, there were erected on the outside 12 massive buttresses to support and the the walls, and on the inside 14 iron columns, specially cast for the purpose, in Gothic style. The church was decorated in 1894, and six stained-glass windows erected in the sanctuary, and in the same year a new cloakroom and classrooms were added to the school. Three more stained-glass windows and a new organ, the gift of a parishioner, were recently installed. It is under the pastoral care of the Rev. Patrick Dunne.

A CATHOLIC SCHOOL, built by subscription, and opened in January, 1869, is well attended. Near Plumpton is the base of an old cross. Parish Council.-H. Hargreaves (chairman), H. Kirkham, Samuel E. Thompson, C. E. Hutchinson, and Moses Alston. Rural District Councillor : T. Pemberton. Letters, via Kirkham.


Alston Mr. Richd., Little Plumpton hall
Armer Mr. John, Whinbrick cottage
Ball Richd., labr, Plumpton
Ball Mr. Richard, Little plumpton
Ballard Henry, Birks cottage
Bates Walter, Moss side
Beesley Henry, vict., Clifton Arms
Beesley Richd., labr, West Moss cottge
Bibby Walter, labr, Hutchinson's cott
Bradley J. & B., corn millers, Westby. Tel. 42 Kirkham
Briers John, labr, Wyndcote,
Westby Butler Mr. Arthur, Wyn-y-don, Westby
Butler Mrs. Margt. A., Great plumpton
Cardwell Chesterfield, Iabr, Sudell's cott
Cardwell Cornelius, Iabr, Little Plumpton Hall cottage
Carr Mrs. Annie, Great Plumpton
Carr John, foreman, Birks cottage
Catholic School ; Miss Gillett
Clarke Wm., labr, Hutchinson's cottge
Cottam Mrs. Alice, Westby village
Cottam Mrs. Eliz. Agnes, Clifton bank
Cottam Thos. E., labr, Little Plumpton
Dobson Mr. Edwd., Hill cottage
Dunn Rev. Patrick J. (Cath.), The Presbytery
Fenton John, engn drvr, Westby
Fisher Peter, labr, Westby mills
Fisher Thos., labr, Kirkhaiu's cottage
Fletcher Wm., labr, Rose cottage
Fylde Joint Isolation Hospital, Moss
Side. Tel. 9 Kirkham
Gardner Jph., horseman, Kirkham's cottage
Gillett James, labr, Westby
Gillett Mr. John, School house
Gregson Mrs. Ann J., Bridge farm, Ballam
Gregson Mr. John, West Moss cottage
Hall Wm. V., labr, Great Plumpton
Hodge Chas. E., labr, Pemberton
Hudson Henry, foreman, Plumpton
Kirkham Henry, foreman, The Oaks
Knight Geo., labr, Hutchinson's cottge
Lancaster Mr. Fredk., Keeper's cottage
Marsden Mr. Henry F.,
Magdalena cott Mercer Mrs. Isabella, School house,
Mercer Mr. John Jas., School house, Ballam.
Mollart Thos., labr, Hill cottage
Morley John, labr, Fox Lane ends cott
Murphy Peter, labr, Whinbrick
National School, Ballam; Miss Isabella
Parkinson Thos., labr, Lark Hall cottge
Partridge Mrs. Eliz., Hill cottage
Pickup Robt., baker, Great Plumpton
PORRITT & SONS brick and tile
works, Moss Side
Roberts John T., labr, Great Plumpton
Shorrock Mr. Jas., Birks cottage
Simpson Arthur, labr, Hill cottage
Southworth Mr. Richd., Station cottage
Standing Mr. John, Hallam

Stebbings Horace W., booking clerk, Moss Side
Stokes Geo., labr, Westby mills
Threlfall Leonard, joint., Gt. Plumpton
Walker Mr. Herbt. C., Station house
Wells Mr. Joseph, School house
Whinnerah Mr. Wm., The Hill. Tel.
85 Kirkham
Whiteside Wm., joiner & wheelwright, Westby village

Wilkinson Mr. Henry, Ballam road


Alston Moses & Son, Plumpton hall
Atkinson John, Great Plumpton
Beesley Henry, Clifton Arms

Beesley Richd., West moss
Boardman Jas., Plumpton moss
Bonney Mrs. Agnes, Lark hill

Bonney Jas., Westby road
Braithwaite Jas., Moss Side
Butler Margt. A., Great Plumpton
Charnley Henry, Plumpton

Cross Ann, Bray's farm
Dobson Edwd., Great Plumpton
Farrell Clement, Fox Lane head

Farrell Jane, Ballam
Gregson Jas., Bridge farm
Gregson Jas., Fir Trees farm
Hall Cecily, Oaks farm
Hull Thos. Great Plumpton
Hardman Thos., Plumpton
Hargreaves Hanson, Mere farm
Harrison Roger, Moss Side Hall farm
Hutchinson Chris. E., Moss side
Kirkham Harry, The Oaks

Kirkham Henry, Ballam
Moore Richd., Staining Wood farm
Moore Robert, Westby

Morris John Cuthbert, Bridge Lane frm
Pemberton John, Ballam road
Pemberton Thos. & John, Birks
Shorrock Richd. E., Whitehouse farm
Shorrock Wm., North farm

Singleton Edwd., Brick hill
Standing John, Ballam
Taylor John & Sons, Westby hall. Tel. 97 Kirkham
Warbrick Geo., Birks
Warbrick Jas., Willow farm
Waring Reginald, Plumpton
Waring Bros., Plumpton
Whiteside Wm., Westby