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Windmill Land

 Windmill Land,
1916 Edition

Windmill Land

Windmill Land by Allen Clarke 1916 Edition J.M.Dent London. 1916 First Edition. Hardcover
 Rambles in a rural old-fashioned country, with a chat about its history and romance, by Allen Clarke.
First Edition. Hardcover,1916. Published by J.M.Dent London.
Allen Clarke also published:
'Moorland and Memories' in hardback, about 1920.
'The Story of Blackpool' hardback, 1923. Reprinted 1969.
'John O'God's Sending' A Romance of the Civil War in Lancashire, 1924. Reprinted 1988.

More Windmill Land: Being Part II of 'windmill Land',  1918

Windmill Land Stories, 1924

Windmill Land,
1933 Edition

 Windmill Land,
(1986 reprint of the First Edition 1916.
Only 1000 published) 

 The online version.

        The online version which can be purchased & downloaded. 


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