Lytham St.Annes Coat of Arms
Lytham St.Annes, Lancashire, England


 A-Z of Householders & Businesses in Lytham St.Annes, 1924

Laidlaw Mr. William, 2 Riley avenue, St. Annes. Tel. 590

Laing Harry W., Manager, Lytham and St. Annes Tramways, Squires gate, St. Annes. Tel. 327 Blackpool

Lamb Mr. Thomas W., 8 Rossendale Road, St. Annes

Lamb William, greengrocer, 38 St. Andrew's Road south„ St. Annes

LAMBERT JOHN W., bookseller, stationer, newsagent and circulating library, 13 West Crescent, St. Annes

Lakin Mr. John, 41 Preston Rd, Lytham

LANCASHIRE BUILDING Co., Ltd., joiners, builders, plumbers, glaziers, bricklayers, painters, decorators and general contractors ; works and yard Denford avenue, Laverton Road, St.Annes. Tel.232; registered office, Williams Deacon's Bank chambers, Orchard Road, St. Annes ; F. N. Thackwray, secretary

LANCASHIRE AND YORKSHIRE BANK, Ltd., 54 The Square, St. Annes; F. G. Harrop, manager

Lancashire Tailoring Co., clothiers and outfitters, 9 New Market buildings, St. David's Road south, St. Annes ; and at Blackburn

Land & Building Co., The Pier, St. Annes. Tel. 142; R. Cartmell, sec

Land John James A., foreman, 17 Freckleton Street, Lytham

Landless Mr. John, 37 Blackpool Road, Ansdell

Landless Mr. Percy, 17 Ansdell Road south, Ansdell ,

Landless Mr. R., 25 Central drive, Ansdell

Lane Mr. William, Chase side, Queen's Drive North, St. Annes

Lang Misses Mary & Margaret, children's outfitter, 17a Clifton Street, Lytham

Langle . Edgar, 12 Mythop avenue, Lytham

Latham Mrs. A. E., apartments, 13 Beech Street, Lytham

Latham Daniel, coal and coke merchant, Station yard, Ansdell. Tel. 245 Lytham ; h. 24 Woodlands Road
Latham Miss Nellie, 24 Woodlands Road, Ansdell

Laughton Mr. Joseph, 58 St. Andrew's Road south, St. Annes

Lavis Mrs. E. K., 32 North Promenade, St. Annes

Law Mr. John H., The Ashlands, 153 St. Andrew's Road south, St. Annes

Law Lucas, hairdresser and tobacconist, 147 St. Alban's Road, St. Annes

Law Mr. Robert, 23 Church Road, Lytham

Lawrence Harold, fitter, 2 Windsor Road , Ansdell

Lawrence House Boys' Preparatory School, Links gate, St. Annes; C. G. D. Hoare, headmaster

Lawrenson Miss Violet, milliner, 409 Clifton at, Lytham; h. 29 Mythop avenue, Lytham

Lawson Misses Edith Amy & Minnie, Clifton café, 18 Market sq,

Lytham Lawson George William,C.E., borough Surveyor and engineer, Town hall, St. Annes; h. 38 Leach lane

Lawson Miss Mary, glass and china dealer, 71 Clifton St, Lytham. Tel. 233

LAWSON R. & Co., Ltd., furniture removers, 22 Freckleton Street, Lytham. Tel. 195 ; depository, Allenby Road, St. David's Road North,

St. Annes. Tel. 193

Lawson Richard (R. Lawson & Co., Ltd.) ; h. 11 St. Annes Road East, St. Annes

Lawson Mr. R., “ Dunesroyd," Chatsworth Road, St. Annes

Lawson & Son, French polishers, 32a Park Road, St. Annes

Lawson Thomas O. (Lawson & Son) ; h. 8 Stephen Street, St. Annes

Lawson Mr. A., 4 Belmont rd, Lytham

Lawson Mr. Henry I., 46 Leach lane, St. Annes

Laycock Miss Emma, 109 Clifton Drive south, St. Annes

Laycock Mr. James, 45 East beach, Lytham

Laycock William, apartments, 48 St. Alban's Road, St. Annes

Lea Mr. James, 37 Warton at, Lytham

Lea Walter, commercial traveller, 5 Agnew St, Lytham -

Leach Mrs. E., grocer, 29 Kensington Road, St. Annes

Leach Mr. Fred, 8 Hungerford Road, St. Annes

Leach Mr. Harry, 15 York Road, St. Annes. Tel. 309

Leach Mr. Henry, 17 St. Patrick's Road south, St. Annes

Leadbetter Mrs. Elizabeth J., 50 Orchard Road, St. Annes

Leaf Misses Sylvia and Ids, Farley, 86 Orchard Road, St. Annes

Leaks H. & Cc., elect engineers, 3-5 Garden at, St. Annes. Tel. 276

Leake Harold (H. Leake & Co.) ; h. 175 St. Andrew's Road south, St. Annes

Lean William A., decorator, 74 Church Road, St. Annes

Leathley J. E., preparatory school for boys, 118 Clifton Drive North, St. Annes. Tel. 680

Leathley Rev. S. A., D.D. (Oxford), 33 Cecil Street, Lytham

LEATHLEY WILLIAM J., principal, Pembroke House School, Clifton drive, Ansdell. Tel. 79 Lytham

Leaver Mr. Abraham, 12 Norfolk rd, Lytham

Leaver & Bracewell, Clifton Street, Lytham. Tel. 309

Leaver John B. (Leaver & Bracewell) ; h. Leawood, 12 Norfolk rd, Lytham

Lee Mrs. Annie E., Lyndhurst, 26 Riversleigh avenue, Ansdell

Lee Mr. Douglas, 4a Central beach, Lytham

Lee Mr. Ernest, 41 St. Annes Road East, St. Annes. Tel. 396

Lee Mr. Ernest, 41 St. Annes Road East, St. Annes

Lee Mr. Frederick W., 10 Balmoral Road, St. Annes. Tel. 365

Lee Mr. Henry C., 20 Riley avenue, St. Annes

Lee Herbert & Co., electrical engineer, Talbot garage, Bath St, and Clifton St, Lytham. Tel. 20

Lee Mr. James, 232 St. David's Road North, St. Annes

Lee Mr. James L., 51 Clifton Drive North, St. Annes. Tel. 564

Lee Mr. John L., Woodfield, Woodville terrace, Lytham. Tel. 236

Lee John L., Ansdell dairy, 51 Woodlands Road, Ansdell

Lee Mr. T. N., York house, 7 Clifton drive, Ansdell

Lee William, engineer, 28 Freckleton at, Lytham '

Leeming Mr. Ernest L., 22 Agnew at,

Leeming Mr. George, 50 Lightburne avenue, St. Annes

Lees William, baker and confectioner, 56 St. Alban's Road, St. Annes

Lees Mr. William, 3 Cyprus avenue, Fairhaven. Tel. 356 Lytham

LEICESTER BOARDING HOUSE, 5 Clifton Drive south, St. Annes. Tel.

45 St. Annes ; Mrs. S. Smith, proprietress

Leigh Lady Alice, Dunes side, 115 South Promenade, St. Annes. Tel. 595

Leigh Mr. James, The Cove, Inner Promenade, Fairhaven

Leigh John, grocer, 55 Warton Street, Lytham

Leigh (Mrs. S. H.) & Morrison (Miss E. M.), High School for Girls, 36-40 North Promenade, St. Annes. Tel. 29, and Preparatory House School for Girls, Wynslade, Beach rd, St. Annes

Leigh Richard, Esq., J.P., Craigmore, 42 Clifton Drive south, St. Annes. Tel. 374

Leivesey Miss Ruth, fancy goods dealer. The Market, St. Annes

Le Moine Mr. Harry, Roden, The Boulevards, St. Annes

Leonard William, fresh fish dealer, 43 Trent Street

Lever Mr. Charles O., 38 Park Road, Lytham

Lever Mr. John, The Cottage, Beach Road, St. Annes

Lever Mr. Simeon, 3 Links view, Ansdell

Lever Mr. Thomas T., 18 Alexandra Road, Fairhaven

Lewis Charles, builder and contractor, Gregson St, Lytham; h. 8 Ashton Street, Lytham

Lewis Mrs. Mary L., 7 Eden avenue, Ansdell

Lewis Mrs. Sarah J., 5 Queen's Road, St. Annes

Liberal Club, 46 St. Andrew's Road south, St. Annes; J. Stott, Sec

Liddle Mr. William, 15 Victoria Road, St. Annes

Liebert Mr. George C., Riversleigh, Clifton drive, Ansdell: Tel. 45. L

Lievesley Isaac E., draper, 17 North Crescent, St. Annes

Lightbown Thomas, coal dealer, 8 Grove Street, St. Annes

Lightwood Edward R., Esq., J.P., B.A., Pembroke, Inner Promenade. Fairhaven

Ligo Thomas L., upholster, St. David's Road North, St. Annes ;,h. 26 Dalton Street, St. Annes

Lill Fred, Architect, 50 Wood at, St. Annes

Lilley Mr. John E., 46 Rossendale Road, St. Annes

Lilly Nurse G., 1 Rossendale Road, St. Annes

Lind George, traveller, 63 South Promenade, St. Annes. Tel. 249

Lindenhurst College, 2 The Square, St. Annes; Miss R. F. Mark, principal

Lindley Mrs. Ann, The Heathers, 9 Eden avenue, Ansdell

Lindley Mr. Ernest, 79 Common side, Ansdell

Lindley Mr. Harry, 41 Laverton Road, St. Annes

Lindley Mrs. Mary A., Lynfield, Church

Lindley Mr. William C., 46 Cartmell Road, St. Annes

Lindsey Mr. Harry, 60 Cartmell Road, St. Annes

Lingard Mr. John W., 53 Blackpool Road, Ansdell . -

Linley P. W., confectioner, 147 St. Alban's Road, St. Annes

Lister Joseph, apartments, 10 Lime grove, St. Annes

Littler Mr. George, 16 Mythop Road, Lytham

Littler Mr. Henry, 49 St. Annes Road East, St. Annes

Littlewood Mr. Arthur, 41 All Saints' read, St. Annes

Littlewood Mr. James, 22 Clarendon Road, St. Annes

Litton Mr. Sylvester, 18 St. George's Road, St. Annes

Liver Mr. John, Brookfield, Clifton drive, Fairhaven. Tel. 88 Lytham

Livesey Miss Ellen A., 6 Central beach, Lytham

Livesey Mrs. Phoebe, Overdale, Clifton drive, Ansdell

Livesey Mr. Walter, 7 Bannister St, Lytham

Livsey Frank, traveller, 22 All Saints' Road, St. Annes

Livsey Mr. Fred, 4 Leach lane, St. Annes

Livsey Mr. Richard, 12 Myra Road, St. Annes

Livsey Mr. William R., 25 Kensington Road, St. Annes

Lloyd Mrs. Gladys C., 5 Hastings place, Lytham

Lloyd Mr. J., 11 Crosby rd, St. Annes

Lloyd John F., motor mechanic, 54 Highbury Road, St. Annes

Lloyd Mr. Thomas H., 28 West Cliffe, Lytham

Locke Alfred M., elect engineer, The Square, St. Annes ; h. Blackpool

Lockett Mr. Albert, 137 Warton Street, Lytham

Lockett Miss Emma, 22 Cecil Street, Lytham

Loft Mr. A. W., 16 Cartmell Road, St. Annes

Lomax Mr. Joseph, 20 Kendall Road, St. Annes

Lomax Louis, clerk, 2 Common side, Ansdell

Long Alexander, tarter and furniture remover, 58 Common side, Ansdell

Long Mrs. M. A., grocer, 58 Common side, Ansdell

London, Midland & Scottish Railway Co., Ansdell and Fairhaven station, Woodlands rd, Ansdell; W. E. Billington, stationmaster ; Station sq, Lytham ; Walter Cartman, stationmaster

Longstaff Joseph, Leach Farm dairy, 13 St. David's Road south, St. Annes

Longworth Mrs. Gertrude, confectioner, 49 St. David's Road south, St. Annes

Longworth John, fancy goods dealer, The Market, St. Annes

Lonsdale Edward (Lonsdale & Grey); h. The Elms, Hornby rd, St. Annes. Tel. 565

Lonsdale & Grey, solicitors and comissioners for oaths, Williams Deacon's Bank chambers, 1 Orchard rd, St. Annes. Tel. 65 St. Annes ; and at Blackpool

Lonsdale Mr. Havelock, Hyndburn, Cartmell rd, St. Annes. Tel. 203

Lonsdale Mr. James D., 24 York Road, St. Annes. Tel. 58

Lonsdale Mr. John, h. 9 Belmont Road, Lytham

Lonsdale Mr. John, 27 Clifton drive, Ansdell. Tel. 125 Lytham

Lonsdale Mr. John T., Ash lea, Myra Road, Fairhaven

Looker Mt. John G., 1 St. Georges square, St. Annes

Loose Edward, joiner, 37 North Clifton Street, Lytham

Lord Mrs. Annie, apartments, 3 Derbe Road, St. Annes

Lord Mrs. Alice, 13 York rd, St. Annes. Tel. 451

Lord Mr. John Robert, 173 St. Annes Road East, St. Annes

Lord Mr. Cyril, Wannock, 50 Clifton Drive south, St. Annes. Tel. 540

LORD GEORGE E., photographer (day and night studios), St. Annes Pier, and 44 St. Andrew's Road south, St. Annes

Lord H., fruiterer and florist, 135 St. Alban's Road, St. Annes

Lord Mrs. Jane, 19 Riversleigh avenue, Ansdell

Lord Mr. John A., 13 Victoria Road, St. Annes. Tel. 332

Lord Mr. John E. C., Ingleby, 100 Clifton Drive south, St. Annes. Tel. 301

Lord Mr. John Henry, 14 Riversleigh avenue, Ansdell

Lord Robert, shop asst, 53 Alexandra Road West, St. Annes

Lord Thomas, grocer, 2a Leach lane, St. Annes

Lord Mr. William, 5 Brookfield Terrace, Lytham

Lord Mr. William, Seedfield, Blackpool Road, Ansdell

Louise Madame, corsetiere, 30 The Square, St. Annes

Lowe Mrs. Ada, apartments, 37 Clifton Drive south, St. Annes

Lowe Ethelbert W., motor engineer and garage proprietor, Alexandria drive, St. Annes. Tel. 386 ; h. 4 Grove Street,

Lowe Mr. George, " Benula," Eddington Road, Fairhaven

Lowe Miss Margaret, apartments, 20 North Promenade, St. Annes

Lewes Miss Clara, 66 Woodlands Road, Ansdell

Lowndes Mr. F. W., 3 Cambridge read, Ansdell

Lowry Miss Ethel Mary, 8 West Bank avenue, Ansdell

Lucas Miss Annie, draper, 65 Clifton St, Lytham

Lucas Mr. Edmund, 9 Links view, Ansdell

Lucas Miss Ellen, apartments, 99 St. Andrew's Road south, St. Annes

Lucas Frederick, traveller, 58 All Saints' Road, St. Annes

Lucas Thomas, baker and confectioner, 2 Church Road, Lytham

Lucas Mr. William, 6 Mythop avenue, Lytham

Luke Mr. John, Quenby, Clifton drive, Fairhaven

Lund Mr. Robert, Morton, 12 Willows avenue, Ansdell

Lupton Mr. James H., 44 St. Annes Road East, St. Annes

Lupton J. T., Baxter specialist, Ardath, 6 Riley avenue. Tel. 656

Lytham College, Castlemere, Clifton Drive, Fairhaven; J. H. Watterson, principal

Lynn Mr. Michael, 22 St. David's Road North, St. Annes

Lytham Cricket Club, Church Road, Lytham ; J. T. Clifton, president; Misses H. R. Shanks and S. Catterall, hen secretaries

Lytham Estate Office, Hastings place, Lytham; T. Fair & Son, agents. Tel. 1

Lytham Green Drive Golf Club, Ballam Rd, Lytham. Tel. 399; Wm. Pickstone, secretary

Lytham Hospital, Warton St, Lytham. Tel .126 ; Miss Annie Royden, matron

Lytham Picture House, Henry Street, Lytham. Tel. 4 ; E. F. Glass Manager

Lytham Pier and Amusements, Ltd., pavilion and floral hall, Central beach, Lytham; F. S. Holmes, manager

Lytham Printing Co., Ltd., general printers, 45 Clifton St, Lytham. Tel. 62 Lytham Public Baths and Assembly Rooms, Central beach, Lytham

Lytham Public Library and Institute, 27 Clifton St, Lytham; Miss M. Dobson, librarian

LYTHAM ST. ANNES BUILDING Co., Ltd., general contractors; registered office, Hungerford Road, St. Annes. Tel. 650; J. Cowgill, secretary

Lytham St. Annes Christian Science Society, St. George's rd, St. Annes

Lytham St. Annes Corporation Electricity Works, St. David's Road North. Tel. 12; J. H. Clothier, engineer

Lytham St. Annes Corporation Gas Works, West Cliffe, Lytham. Tel. 64; showrooms, 8 Orchard read, St. Annes. Tel. 2 ; J. H. Ranft, engineer and manager

Lytham St. Annes Corporation Tramways Depot, Squires gate. Tel. 327 Blackpool; H. W. Laing, manager Lytham St. Annes Dairy, Ltd., 4 Orchard rd, St. Annes. Tel. 192

Lytham St. Annes Destructor Works, Preston rd, Lytham. Tel. 47

Lytham St. Annes " Echo," Back West Crescent, St. Annes

Lytham St. Annes and Fylde “Standard," Pleasant St, Lytham. Tel. 314

Lytham St. Annes Golf Club and Dormy House, St. Patrick's Road south, St. Annes. Tel. 6 and 591 ; T. P. Williamson, sec

LYTHAM SHIPBUILDING AND ENGINEERING Co., Ltd., Dock Road, Lytham. Tel. 9. Telegrams, " Sternwheel," Lytham ; L. O. Halliwell, secretary

Lytham Times Office, 45 Clifton Street, Lytham. Tel. 62 Lytham

Lytham Yacht Club, Central beach, Lytham. Tel. 19; H. P. Shanks, sec