Lytham St.Annes Coat of Arms
Lytham St.Annes, Lancashire, England


 A-Z of Householders & Businesses in Lytham St.Annes, 1924

Taaffe Miss Josephine, 19 West beach, Lytham

Tabb Mr. L. H., 12 Elms av, Ansdell

Tapp Mr. John, The Cottage, Town's yard, St. Andrew's Road North, St. Annes

TARBUCK ALFRED E., antique and old English furniture and jewellery dealer, agent for " His Master's Voice " gramophones, 89 Clifton Street, Lytham ; h. 1 Pleasant Street, Lytham

Tasker Mr. James, 26 All Saints' Road, St. Annes

Tassiker Joseph, sgnlmn, 67 Victoria Street, Lytham

Tattersall Mr. Arthur, Oakenrod, 3 Blackpool Road, Ansdell

Tattersall Mr. Albert, Seven oaks, 13 Eden avenue, Ansdell

Tattersall Benjamin, bleksmth, 4 Smithy lane, St. Annes

Tattersall George, steward, Institute, Clifton Street, Lytham

Tattersall Mr. Henry, 31 Clifton Drive North, St. Annes

Tattersall Herbert, plumber, Subiaco, Oxford Road, St. Annes

Tattersall Mr. James H., 1 Lime grove, St. Annes

Tattersall Mr. John, Woodcroft, 10 Eden avenue, Ansdell

Tattersall Mr. John H., 45 Orchard rd, St. Annes

Tattersall William, btchr, 83 Warton Street, Lytham

Tate Mr. William, 33 Preston Road, Lytham

Taylor Alfred, cab proptr, 1 Shepherd Street, Lytham

Taylor Mr. Alfred, 11 Mythop avenue, Lytham

Taylor Mr. Alfred, 1 York Road, St. Annes

Taylor Miss Alice, apartments, 9 Station Road, Lytham

Taylor Mr. Arthur, 65 Glen Eldon rd, St. Annes

Taylor David, cab proptr, 3 Shepherd Street, Lytham

Taylor Edwin, grocer, 86 Church Road, St. Annes

Taylor Miss Elizabeth, apartments, 41 Orchard Road, St. Annes

Taylor Fred, bookkpr, 27 St. Patrick's Road south, St. Annes

Taylor Mr. G. W., The Mount, Devonshire Road, St. Annes

TAYLOR GILBERT, complete juvenile and schoolboys outfitter, 17 Garden Street. Tel. 569

Taylor Harry, chauffeur, 55 St. Andrew's Road south, St. Annes

Taylor Harry, wind clnr, 16 Cudworth Road, St. Annes

Taylor Mr. Herman, 16 Rossall Road, Ansdell

Taylor Mr. James, Glenmore, 15 Clifton drive, Ansdell

Taylor James, fitter, 36 Park rd, St. Annes

Taylor Mr. John, 53 Clifton Drive south, St. Annes. Tel. 436

Taylor John A., saddler, Back West Crescent, St. Annes ; h. Blackpool

Taylor John H., umbrella manufacturer and draper, 34 St. Andrew's Road south, St. Annes

Taylor Mr. John. J., 114 Mayfield Road, St. Annes

Taylor Mr. John James, 3 Crosby Road, St. Annes

Taylor J. R., ladies' tailor and furrier, 2-12 Garden St, St. Annes. Tel. 343 ; h. 74 Park Road, St. Annes
Taylor John W., coal merchant, Station yard, St. Andrew's Road North, St. Annes. Tel. 521

Taylor Mr. J., 1 Ashton St, Lytham

Taylor Joseph H., Esq., J.P., pharmacist, 13 The Square, St. Annes. Tel. 8 ; h. 81 St. Annes Road East, Tel. 523

Taylor Mr. Joseph L., 30 St. Thomas' Road, St. Annes

Taylor Mr. Leo, 6 Kensington Road, Ansdell

Taylor Luther, dentist, 25 The Square, St. Annes

Taylor Miss Margaret L., draper and post office, 6 Alexandria drive, St. Annes

Taylor Miss Nellie (Tootells' and Cafe Royal) ; h. 18 The Square, St. Annes

Taylor Mr. R. Stanley, 17 Eddington rd, Fairhaven. Tel. 258 Lytham

Taylor Mr. Ralph F., 7 Eddington rd, Fairhaven

Taylor Mrs. Susannah M., 48 Wood St, St. Annes

Taylor Mr. Theo., 23 Lorne St, Lytham

Taylor Valentine B (Wood &Taylor) ; h. 7 Wood St, St. Annes. Tel. 456

Taylor Mr. William G. E., 28 All Saints' Road, St. Annes

Taylor Mr. W. A., 13 Myra Road, Fairhaven

Taylor M. M. & Co., Ltd., grocers and prov dealers, 58 The Square. Tel. 356

Technical School, Clifton Drive south, St. Annes; R. H. Irving, headmaster

Telford & Son, drprs, 5 St. David's Road south, St. Annes

Telford Thomas (Telford & Son), 5 St. David's Road south, St. Annes

Temple & Page, mnfetrs' agents, The Square, St. Annes

Thacker Mr. James, 24 Ansdell Road North, St. Annes

Terry James A., conftnr, 5 Church rd, Lytham

Thistleton Mr. George H., Lyndene, 65 Rossall Road, Anadell

Tetlow Mr. Fred, Cudworth Road, St. Annes

Thackwray Harold, clerk, 88 Highbury Road, St. Annes

Theobald Edwin (Thistlethwaite & Edgar) ; h..32 St. Annes Road East

Theobald Mr. Frank B., 29 St. Annes Road East, St. Annes

Thistlethwaite & Edgar, elect engineers and contractors, Back St. Annes Road West, St. Annes. Tel. 47

Thistlethwaite Mr. Richard, 10 All Saints' Road, St. Annes

Thomas Miss Audrey W., 8 Riley avenue, St. Annes

Thomas Cyril, taxi proptr, 12 Clifton Street, St. Annes

Thomas John, golf bag mnfetr, Tomaz Golf Bag works, Lyne St, St. Annes ; h. St. David's Road south, St. Annes

Thomas Madame Maud, school of dancing, Burlington house, Church Road, Lytham

Thompson Mrs. Ada Mary, 49 Clifton Drive North, St. Annes. Tel. 575

Thompson Mr. Andrew L., 3 Preston Road, Lytham

Thompson Mrs. Anne, 29 East beach, Lytham

Thompson Basil, M.A., boys' preparatory school, Sandy knoll, Mayfield Road, St. Annes

Thompson Charles J., wtohmkr, 139 Church Road, St. Annes

Thompson Mrs. Elizabeth W., 130 Clifton Drive North, St. Annes

Thompson Mrs. Florence, Heath house, 4 Bromley rd, St. Annes. Tel. 482

Thompson Frank E., postmaster, 28 Glen Eldon Road, St. Annes

Thompson Mr. George, 71 Church Road, St. Annes

Thompson George & Sons, gent's outfitters, 60 The Square, St. Annes. Tel. 200; h. 9 York terrace .

Thompson George (G. Thompson & Sons) ; h. 149 St. Andrew's Road south, St. Annes

Thompson Mrs. Grace, 12 West Bank avenue, Ansdell

Thompson Misses Helen C., Mary C., Sarah C. & Susan S., Morningside, 9 Stanley Road, Ansdell

Thompson John, newsagent and tobonst, 11 Queen Street, Lytham

Thompson John, produce merchant, Market hall, Lytham

Thompson Misses AI. W. D. & B., Neptune, Livesey Street, Lytham

Thompson Miss May, 6 St. Patrick's Road North, St. Annes

Thomson Mr. Allan, 10 West Baok avenue, Ansdell

Thornber Mr. Richard, 15 Springfield Road, St. Annes

Thornburns', boot dealers, 42a Clifton Street, Lytham

Thornes Mr. William G. D., 17 York rd, St. Annes. Tel. 398

Thornley Mr. Charles Edward, 19 Knowles Road, St. Annes

Thornley Mr. Frank, 4 Oxford avenue, St. Annes

Thornton Mrs. Ada E., fancy drpr, 26 Clifton Street, Lytham

Thornton Mrs. Frances G., 88 Orchard Road, St. Annes

Thornton Raymond J., incur brkr, 39 Glen Eldon Road, St. Annes

Thorp Mrs. Mary, 29 Victoria rd, St. Annes .

Thornton Spencer, chauffeur, 41 Henry Street, Lytham

Thorpe Charles, pattern maker, 11 Cleveland Road, Lytham

Thorpe Mr. Charles C., Sand drift, 119 South Promenadeenade, St. Annes

Thorpe Mrs Ellen, 5 Woodville terrace, Lytham

Thorpe Mrs. Fanny N., 24 Willows avenue, Ansdell

Thorpe Mr. Richard T., 73 Park Road, St. Annes

Thorpe Mr. William, 38 St. Annes Road East, St. Annes

Thursby Convalescent Home for Children, Clifton Drive North; Miss J. Turner, matron

Thwaite Mr. George, 8 Park Road, Lytham

Thwaites Mr. Charles E., 10 Spring. field Road, St. Annes

Thwaites John W. (Thwaites & Sons) ; h. 6 Richmond Road, St. Annes

Thwaites & Sons, gen. prntrs, 27a The Square, St. Annes .

Tillotson Mr. John R., 9 Crosby Road, St. Annes

Tillotson R. B., Manager, Bank of Liverpool and Martins, Ltd., 37 The Square, St. Annes. Tel. 368; h. 58 Glen Eldon Road

Tickle Mr, Albert, 24 Cecil Street, Lytham

Timms Robert, paintr, 2 Grove Street, St. Annes

TIMPERLEY ALBERT, house and church decorator, paperhanger, grainer and signwriter, 100 St. Andrew's Road south, St. Annes. Tel. 315

Tinline Mr. John, 6 Milner Road, Ansdell

Tinsdale George, motor engineer and garage proptr, 1 St. Alban's rd, St. Annes; h. 10 Rossendale rd

Tipping John, confectioner and tobacconist, 23 Clifton Street, Lytham

Todd Mr. Arthur, 30 Norfolk Road, Lytham. Tel. 210

Todd Richard, wind clur, 141 Church Road, St. Annes

Tolkien Mr. Henry, 32 Laverton Road, St. Annes. Tel. 366

Tolley Oils, Ltd., Don St, St. Annes

Tomes Arthur, coach pntr, 39 Henry Street, Lytham

Tomes Mr. Charles H., School louse, 26 Church Road, Lytham

Tomkins Mr. Herbert, 43 Kilnhouse lane, St. Annes

Tomlinson Mrs. E., Manageress, Fairhaven Hotel Clifton drive and Marine drive, Fairhaven. Tel. 97 Lytham

Tomlinson Fred, joiner, 94 St. Andrew's Road south, St. Annes

Tomlinson James, farmer, Elms farm, St. Annes

TOMLINSON J. & W., Ltd., colliery proprtrs, Station yard, St. Andrew's Road North, St. Annes. Tel. 262; David Longton, agent

Tomlinson T. McNeal M., pharmacist, 11 Market sq, Lytham. Tel. 305; h. 37 Cecil Street, Lytham

Tomlinson William, builder and propty repr, 84 Westby Street, Lytham

Tongs Misses E. & T. E., drapers, 84 Church Road, St. Annes

Took Mr. Percy, 9 St. Annes Road East, St. Annes

Tongue Mrs. Florence Mary, Lynton, Myra Road, Fairhaven

Tootell Mrs. Florence, Jofior mount, North Promenade, St. Annes

Tootell Miss Florence, 150 Clifton Drive North, St. Annes

Tootell Richard, ins agent, 1 Cleveland Road, Lytham

Tootells', conftnrs, 18 The Square, St. Annes Tel. 220

Topham James, grocer, 49 Clifton St, St. Annes

Torry Misses Elizabeth & ESouther, booksllrs and statnrs, 56 Clifton Street, Lytham

Towers John W., joinr and builder, 5 Princes Road, Fairhaven

Towler Henry, carraige proptr, 22 St. Peter's place, Lytham

Towler Thomas, carriage and chars proptr, 9 Bath St, Lytham. Tel. 35

Towler William, sadealer and sports outftr, 13 South Clifton St, Lytham ; h. 42 Westby Street, Lytham

Towlley Mr. Wilfred, 73 St. Andrew's Road south, St. Annes

Town Hall, Clifton Drive south, St. Annes. Tel. 2 and Tel. 64 Lytham; Thos. Bradley, town clerk

Town Misses Lizzie & Hilda, drapers, 11 Clifton Street, Lytham

Townend Mr. Alfred M., 27 Laverton Road, St. Annes

Townley Mr. William J., 13 Cambridge Road, Ansdell

Townsend Mr. J. E., 6 Ansdell Road North, St. Annes

Townsend Mr. James, 79 Church Road, St. Annes

Townsend Mr. Joseph E., 29 Cartmell Road, St. Annes

Tracey James, sgnlmn, 43 North Clifton Street, Lytham

Travis Mrs. Harriet, 3 Clifton Drive North, St. Annes

Travis Mr. John, 37 Alexandra Road, Fairhaven

Treasure Mr. Frederick, 8 Oxford rd, Ansdell. Tel. 267 Lytham

Trentbath William, baker and conftnr, 8 Station Road, Lytham

Trickett Lady Elizabeth Alice, 54 Clifton Drive North, St. Annes. Tel. 63

Trickett T. W., grocer and post office, 53 Common side, Ansdell. Tel. 343 Lytham

Tunnicliffe Miss M. E., apartments, 11 East Bank Road, St. Annes

Turnbull Mr. Albert E., Burnago house, Clifton drive, Fairhaven

Turner Mrs. Fanny, apartments, 25 Clifton Drive south, St. Annes

Turner Mr. Frederick C., 32 Orchard Road, St. Annes

Turner Mr. Henry, 90 Park rd, Lytham. Tel. 96

Turner Herbert, greengrocer, 12 Albert Street, Lytham

Turner Mr. James C. M., Mayfield, 7 Bazley Road, Ansdell

Turner Mr. Joseph W., 9 Central beach, Lytham

Turner Mr. Norman, Ansdell gate, 3 Ansdell Road south, Ansdell

Turner Thomas, clerk, 1 West cliffs, Lytham

Turner Thomas, prntr, 111 St. David's Road North, St. Annes

Turner Thomas, ins agent, 16 Stephen St. Annes

Turner Mr. William, 22 Cartmell Road, St. Annes

Turner. Mr. William E., 16 Queen's Road, St. Annes

Turner William H., asst schlmstr, 143 Warton Street, Lytham

Turner W. & J., Ltd., coal merchants, Station yard, St. Andrew's Road North, St. Annes. Tel. 188; W. J. Hall, agent

TURNER W. & J., Ltd., coal and coke merchants, Station yard, Ansdell Road south, Ansdell. Tel. 7 Lytham, H. J. Carmont, agent

Turtle Mr. Charles, 8 Grange Road, St. Annes

Tweedale Mr. Charles E., 14a Central beach, Lytham

Tweedale Mr. Joseph, 2 Lowther Terrace, Lytham_ Tel. 216

Twigg Richard, wind clnr, 20 Dalton Street, St. Annes

Twist Robert, engineer, 79 Clifton Street, Lytham

Tyler H. P., Ltd., boot dealers, 22 Market sq, Lytham and 95 Clifton Street, Lytham

Tyler William, coal agent , 3 Talbot terrace, Lytham

Tyson Misses Harriet & Hannah, apartments, 5 St. Thomas' Road, St. Annes

Tyson Tom H., outfitter, 15 New Market buildings, St. David's Road south, St. Annes; h. Blackpoo