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Lytham St.Annes, Lancashire, England


Blackpool Tower Statistics (early 1900s).

From an undated newspaper cutting c1908.

Blackpool Tower c1904.Blackpool Tower, perhaps the most famous landmark in the North of England, and the first sight the visitor gets of the town, has been the subject of much controversy, and not a few wagers, since the foundation stone was laid by the late Sir Matthew White Ridley in 1891.

Here are a few details about the immense structure and the buildings surrounding which may help to settle some points:-

Height (to top of flagstaff) 518ft; to crow's nest, 4801t; and weight, 2,586 tons.

The total number of bricks used in the Tower buildings exceed 5,000,000.

The Tower Circus will hold over 3,000 people and is 110ft square.

The arena is about 42ft in diameter, with a depth of about 6ft.

The ballroom pavilion measures 120ft by 102ft, and will seat about 3,500, but will actually hold 6,000.

The aquarium measures 146ft by 62ft, the menagerie 112ft by 56ft, and the elevator hall 110ft square.

The buildings site contains about 6,040 square yards, with building frontages of 276ft to the promenade, 286ft to Bank Hey-street, 148ft to Victoria-street and 185ft to Heywood street.