Lytham St.Annes Coat of Arms
Lytham St.Annes, Lancashire, England



Miss Beatrice Kerr, the lady champion swimmer of Australia, who came to Lytham on Monday for the first time, proved a great attraction to the Pier. She is quite an engaging young lady, graceful to a degree, and a thorough mistress of the natatory art. Her diving is exceptionally thrilling, whilst her swimming is exceedingly clever. Those who saw her performance will be pleased to see that she is coming again to-morrow afternoon, when she will go through a more comprehensive programme than Monday's, owing to the tide being high. The neatness of her swimming will be demonstrated in particular.

Professor William Stearne

Along with her will be Professor William Stearne, Lancashire's aspirant for English Channel fame. The latter is to give an exhibition by himself later in the afternoon-5-0 p.m.—at the conclusion of which, after a short rest, he will start from the jetty for his swim to Blackpool.

This will be fine training for the Channel swim, as the currents to be encountered are somewhat similar. He will start on the ebb tide which will assist him materially as far as St. Annes, when he will come in contact with the ebb as it moves round in the direction of Southport. He will therefore have to wait about for the flood tide, and once in that, he will be helped from the Starr Inn to the pier at Blackpool.

Although the distance is only about seven miles, it provides a Channel swim in miniature. He expects to do the journey in about three to four hours, but many doubt his abilities to accomplish this considering the currents he will have to face. A. number of his supporters will accompany him, whilst others will follow him along the sandhills.

Blackpool Times, June 1907