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Lytham Pier Company

The Preston Guardian Saturday 9 April 1864


The first meeting of the shareholders of the Lytham Pier Company was held on Thursday last, at the Company's Offices, in Hastings-place, Lytham. There was a numerous attendance. George Murton, Esq., presided.

The CHAIRMAN having briefly stated what had been done by the provisional directors, since the formation of company, the SECRETARY, Mr. Thomas Fair, read the list of shareholders, and an extract from the articles of association, directing what had to he done at the meeting, after which the CHAIRMAN, seconded by Mr. R. COOKSON, moved that the seal of the company be affixed to the register of shareholders which was done.

The SECRETARY read the report of the directors a copy of which appeared in last Saturday's Chronicle.

Architects drawing of the proposed pier at Lytham, 1863.

The CHAIRMAN moved that the report be received; and entered on the book of proceedings. He was glad to see so many shareholders present, as it evinced an interest on their part in the progress of the company. All the calls were paid, except by four shareholders, and these would, no doubt, be paid in a few days. The amount paid on deposits, and for the call, was in the bank, as they had, as yet, had nothing to pay. The directors had received a report from Messrs. Laidlow and Sons, the contractors for the erection of the pier, who stated that they had made considerable progress in the construction of the pier, and that a large quantity of the ironwork was ready for shipment to Lytham. They had also sent aver the foreman of the works, and in the course of the month, there would be a considerable portion of the work proceeded with. There was nothing further that the directors had to communicate, except he might state, that the engineer spoke most favourably of the site fixed upon for the foundation of the pier. The directors had been most careful in making the contract, and he thought it would scarcely be possible for any extras to be charged, which was a great matter in works of this kind.

Mr. LEWIS hoped that would be the case. At Blackpool, they had been surprised by the charge for extras, a demand for no less than £3,492 having been made on that account.

The CHAIRMAN said, in a matter of that kind, as they were aware, they were, to a very great extent, in the bands of the engineer. Every care had, however, been taken to avoid extras.

Mr. COOKSON said the works should be well looked to while being constructed.

The CHAIRMAN agreed with Mr. Cookson,

Mr. LEWIS suggested the appointment of a clerk of the works.


The CHAIRMAN said the matter should be taken into consideration at the next meeting of the Board.

Mr. LEWIS said a similar proposition had been made to the directors of the Blackpool pier, but it had not been adopted.

Mr. COOKSON said it was a pity the suggestion had not been acted on.

EDMONDSON seconded the motion for the reception of the report, which was agreed to.

The CHAIRMAN said the next business was the appointment of two auditors.

Mr. D. WILCOCKS ON moved "That Mr. J. H. Hebdon of Preston, and Mr. John Edmondson, of Lytham, be appointed auditors."

Mr. COOKSON seconded the motion, which was carried.

The CHAIRMAN said the next business was the appointment of a fresh board of directors, and left it to the meeting to say whether the number should be six or nine. It was desirable that the number should .be .a multiple of three, so as to allow one-third to retire annually.

Mr. CHEW moved that the number be six, which was seconded by Mr. CARTER.

Mr- D- WILCOCKSON moved that the number be nine, which Mr. EDMONDSON seconded.

After a brief discussion the larger number was adopted by a considerable majority.

On the proposition of Mr. CHEW, seconded by Mr. T. GERRARD, Messrs. G. Murton, R. Rawcliffe, W. Gradell, M. Cookson, D. Wilcockson, S. Wartenberg, J. 'Knowles, W. C. Chew, M. Satterthwaite, and W. Dobson were then unanimously appointed directors, three of whom, to be determined among themselves, are to retire next year.

Mr. W. DOBSON moved a vote of thanks to the chairman for his services on the occasion, and to the provisional directors, for the attention they had hitherto devoted to the interests of the concern.

Mr- EDMONDSON seconded the motion, which was carried unanimously-

The CHAIRMAN said he and his colleagues were glad to end their services thus approved of. He considered that, so far, they had gone on most favourably. They had received a concession of the land for the pier from the lord of the manor, without rent, or a mere peppercorn rent, the Admiralty had approved of their plans, the directors of the Ribble Navigation Company had withdrawn their opposition to the pier, and the act of parliament authorising the formation of the company would, with others with which it was embodied, be passed this session.

The meeting then broke up.

The Preston Guardian Saturday 9April 1864