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 Preston Ladies' Football Club training at Blackpool - Pathe 1931

Preston Ladies Football Club training at Blackpool - Pathe 1931

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 "The Champions - Filmed at Blackpool. We found Preston Ladies' Football Club, the World's Champion team of the fair sex, in hard training at breezy Blackpool."

Film clip
Produced by Pathe News, 1927.
Duration: 2.14 mins

Scenes include:

  • Various shots of the members of Preston Ladies' Football Club in training. They jump up and down on the spot, wearing football shirts, baggy shorts, long black socks and hats. A trainer in white calls the instructions.
  • Intertitle says that one member, Miss Lily Buxton, holds a record - 253 matches and only once absent.
  • The women do star jumps with hands on hips, then throw a ball to each other (a man seen in this shot could be manager Mr Frankland) and skip, using skipping ropes.
  • The women playing football on the beach - this seems to be a split screen effect, with footage from other matches or practise sessions seen either side of a foggy spilt through the picture.
  • Voiceover by one of the members calls out encouragement to several players.
  • More footage shows the women in a match on a football pitch before a large crowd (this section of film is running slightly fast).

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