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Advert for the sale of Raikes Hall Gardens, May,1900

Advert for the sale of Raikes Hall Estate, May,1900. The sale took place in September (see below). A second advert is for the 'Niagara', including a cycloramic picture of Niagara by Paul Philippoteaux (1846-1923).

Paul Philippoteaux (1846-1923).


 Daily News, Tuesday, August 21, 1900



A correspondent writes: A serious fight between negroes and white men took place late on Sunday night at Blackpool. Inside the grounds of Raikes Hall where the "Savage South Africa " Show from Earl's Court is located, and the disturbance was a free fight between blacks employed at the show and white men.

In Church-street a powerful young Mashona got into a quarrel with a white man respecting a woman. The inevitable crowd gathered, and some of the black man's fellow-countryman endeavoured to take him away, but without success.

On a policeman pushing him, the black leapt into the, air shouting, "Now I will got my own back," and, flourishing a stout stick, he ran amok the whole length of Church-street, and several persons were dealt violent blows.

The crowd followed, and in the large open space in front of the show entrance they found themselves faced by about a dozen infuriated black men, armed with heavy sticks.

Raikes Hall Gardens Entrance c1899.With one wild rush, accompanied by terrifying yells, the blacks scattered the crowd in all directions. A number of white men stood their ground, and opposed the blacks with sticks. In the course of the melee about a dozen white men received severe injuries to the, head, some bled from ugly cuts, some were knocked unconscious, and one lad was thrown into an epileptic fit.

After a time the blacks were dragged into the grounds of Raikes Hall, and the gates were slammed to. For some time, however, they swarmed up against the bars of the gate, yelling at and threatening the crowd.


Manchester Times, Friday, September 14, 1900


Important property was offered for sale at Blackpool on Monday, consisting of Raikes Hall estate. The property comprises 22 acres and 32 perches.

The auctioneer, Mr.Carter, suggested that it would be a suitable site for a museum, picture gallery, or park. Blackpool, with a population of 50,000, being without these. The suggestion was made to turn it into an Olympia or Parisian hippodrome.

It was offered at the upset price of £72,000, but no advance was made. It was next split up into 110 different lots, but the bidding was unsatisfactory, and no sales were effected. However, later several lots were sold privately.