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The Public Offices, St.Annes-on-the-Sea

One of the most important historical buildings in St Annes. 

Thomas Muirhead (1855-1924), Architect, of Manchester & St Annes.

The purpose-built 'Public Offices' on Clifton Drive South were designed by the architect Thomas Muirhead A.R.I.B.A.


Mason's 'Bill of Quantities and Specification for New Town's Offices at St Annes on-the-Sea for the Urban District Council. Thomas Muirhead, Architect' c1900.  This doesn't make interesting reading but the six-page document does show how much thought and detail went into the design of the Public offices in Clifton Drive.


St Annes on-the-Sea Urban District Council Offices c1902. This is a Grade II Listed Building. The Public Offices opened on 22 January 1902 and the building was the small-town equivalent of a Town Hall. St Annes on-the-Sea Urban District Council Offices.It housed the council and committee rooms, offices for clerk, rate collector, nuisance inspector, surveyor & medical officer of health.
In the grounds at the rear were glasshouses where plants were raised for bedding out on the promenade. The offices were extended in 1908.




Since 1925 the old Public Offices have been used as an annexe to the Town Hall. This has meant that it has remained largely unchanged and retains many original features.

The Public Offices Today

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Letter to the Lytham St.Annes Express, 14th October 2010

IN RECENT weeks I have followed with interest the reports in the Express relating to the possible sale of the Public Offices, St Annes.

I have always refrained from becoming involved in conservation disputes within St Annes preferring to confine myself to recording the history of the town. However I note that in the planning applications due to come before Fylde Borough Council there is an application to demolish the building to the south of the Public Offices (288-290 Clifton Drive South), and to erect new buildings.

Although the Public Offices (292-294 Clifton Drive, South) is not included in that application it is perhaps appropriate, in anticipation of any decision that might be taken by Fylde Borough Council concerning its future use, to stress the historical significance, to St Annes, of this important Grade II listed building.

As I noted in my book 'St. Annes on the Sea - A history'  the Public Offices is arguably the most important historical building in St Annes. Designed, in 1900, by local architect Thomas Muirhead (who also designed the Parish Rooms and the Thursby Home) it was the first purpose built public building in the town. From 1900 until the amalgamation of Lytham and St Annes in 1922 the Public Offices served as the 'Town Hall' of St Annes. During this period the town prospered, as a result of the dedicated work of many able councillors guided by the farsighted Thomas Bradley in his capacity as clerk to the council.

I accept that in the current economic times the councillors of Fylde Borough Council are going to have to make decisions that will not be popular. Nevertheless I trust that those who represent wards wholly or partially, in St Annes, will recognise that they have an opportunity to show their own commitment to the town by making every effort to ensure that this important building is not lost to the community.

From 1900 to 1922 the Public Offices represented the visible and enduring statement of civic pride then evident in St Annes. Such symbolism should be no less important today as St Annes progresses into the 21st century

I am aware that in recent years many historical buildings in St Annes have been lost. The Public Offices is one that must not be added to that list. It must once again become a focal point of civic pride for all the people of St Annes on the Sea.

Peter Shakeshaft