Lytham St.Annes Coat of Arms
Lytham St.Annes, Lancashire, England


 Treales, Roseacre, and Wharles, 1934

A list of householders & farmers in Treales, Roseacre, and Wharles, 1934. 


Alcock Fredk., vict., Eagle and Child, Wharles
Allen Rev. Henry J., B.A., Vicarage, Treales
Atkinson Mr. Jas. H., Ivy cottage, Treales
BALL ISAAC & SONS, Ltd., roller and threshing machine proprietors, Wharles. Tel. 31 Catforth
Ball Mr. John, Royal cottage, Treales
Ball Thos. (I. Ball & Sons, Ltd.) ; h.Laburnum cottage, Wharles
Bamber Mrs. Isabella, Ivy cottage,Treales
Barnes Frank, b'smith, Wharlcs
Bennett Mrs. Jane, Ivy house, Treales
Bennett Mr. Richard, Roseacre
Bennett Mr. Thos., Rose cottage,Wharles
Bennett Thos., cowkeeper, Roseacre
Birket John, estate bailiff, Rock cottage, Treales
Black Wm. Harold, joiner, Roseacre
Christopher Wm., The Kennels, Treales
Cookson Mrs. Esther, Treales
Crane Mrs. Alice, South View cottage, Treales
Danson Robert, labr, Treales
Davies Miss Marjory, Wharles
Davies Misses Ruth & Eliz., Treales
Derby Estate Works, Treales
Dickinson Wm., labr., Treales
Dixon Vincent, bricklyr, Treales
Flitcroft Geo., drpr, Treales
Gornall John, bricklyr, Treales
Gornall Wm., bricklyr, Wharles
Hall Arthur, clerk of works, Treales
Hall Mrs. Harriet W., Fern cottage, Treales
HESKETH RICHARD, motor engineer and
agricultural implement repairer, The Garage, Treales ;
Tel. 75 Kirkham,
and Skippool Service Filling station, Little Singleton. Tel. 253

Ingle Mrs. Mary, schlmstrss, School house, Treales
Jackson John, labr, Wharles
Jackson Mr. John, Cowburn's cottage, Wharles
Johnson John, b'smith, Treales
Kay Mr. Thomas, Ladies' row, Wharles
Kay Thos., gamekpr, Wharles
Kenyon John W., gamekpr, The Cottage, Wharles
Massam Thos., labr, Wharles
Molloy Mr. Wm., Roseacre
Nickson Robt., sawyer, Treales
Nottingham Richd., labr, Wharles
Pickervance Mrs. Anne, Roseacre hall
Rawlinson John, labr, Treales
Rawstrone Mrs. Evelyn, The Laundry,Treales
Robinson Thos., labr, Wharles
Ronson Henry, cowkeeper, Roseacre cottage
Roocroft John, labr, Moorfield cottage, Treales
Roskell Matthew, gamekpr, Middleton House, Treales
Rossall Miss Alice, Treales
Rossall Mr. Jas., Rose cottage, Treales
Rossall Mr. Thos.
Rowlandson Mr. John, Derby lodge, Roseacre
Salthouse Mrs. Alice, Roseacre
Sanderson John, labr, Roseacre
Savill Geo. W., labr, Melling's cottage, Treales
Swift John, vict., Derby Arms, Treales
Ward Hy. S. labr, Treales
Whitehorn Thos. V., pol cons, Police station, Treales
Willacy Mrs. Margt., Alice, Treales


Alcock Fred, Eagle and Child, Wharles
Baldwin Robt., Stanley grange,Treales
Bennctt Thos., Rose cottage, Wharles
Clark Muriel, Stud farm, Treales
Cookson Jas., Ash Tree farm, Treales
Cowburn Robt., Stanley lodge, Wharles
Danson Jas., Ivy done, Treales
Dickinson Matthew, Poynton house, Wharles
Fisher Jas., Windmill Treales
Garlick Rd., Moorfield, Treales
Hall Arthur (and clerk of works) Bolton house, Treales
Hall John, Hill farm, Treales
Haydock Jas., Moss farm, Treales
Hesketh John, Cardwell's farm Treales
Hogarth Geo., Moss lane, Treales
Iddon Jas., Post farm, Roseacre
Melling Jas., Stanley grange, Treales
Milner Bros., White hall, Treales
Molloy Anthony, Salwick house,Treales
Parkinson Matthew, Hale hall, Wharles
Parkinson Thos., South view, Treales
Platt Ralph Fold farm, Treales
Porter John, West view, Treales
Richardson John, Cross hill, Treales
Richardson Thos., Rosehill, Wharles
Rossall Thos., Tile cottage, Treales
Rowlandson John, Derby cottage,Roseacre
Salthouse Saml., Roseacre farm
Sanderson John, Mee farm, Treales
Sanderson Thos. Manor house Treales
Shorrock John Stanley farm Treales
Shorrock Riohd., Wharles
Swan Chris., Derby farm, Treales
Swan Wm. Hy., Old School house, Treales
Swarbrick Robt., Boundary farm, Wharles
Tomlinson Edwd. Stanley farm Treales
Tunstall Addison Height farm Treales
Wright Annie Cross lane Treales