Lytham St.Annes Coat of Arms
Lytham St.Annes, Lancashire, England


 Fairhaven, in 1894


But very, few of our readers will have formed any idea of the rapid progress which is taking plain at Fairhaven, or the improvements which Mr. Riley is so spiritedly carrying forward on this part of the coast between Lytham and St. Anne’s.

At the present moment there are shops with houses built and roofed in on one side of Pollux Gate, and three of these are let. On the other side of the same street two shops and houses are completed and roofed in, and of these one is let. In Cyprus Avenue two semi-detached villas are in course of building, and on Myra-road two similar villas have been commenced.

At the St. Anne's end of the estate, the building of a bungalow for a Manchester gentleman has been commenced. Two villas, semi-detached, at the Lake-road corner of Clifton Drive have got their foundations in, and preparations are being made for two semi-detached villas in Clifton Dive near to Major Hinckman's residence; and two villas have been commenced on the inner promenade, facing the lake.

The plans for all these have been drawn out by Mr. Henry Littler, architect, Manchester. Besides the land in Pollux Gate, Mr. Riley has now altogether let nineteen acres for building purposes. The marine lake is at present undergoing improvement; the slopes are being Pitched with stone and concreted, and it is intended to be filled with water so as to be ready and open at Easter.

Preston Herald, 17th March 1894