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Over 4,500 Garments Already Dispatched,

The balance sheet of the Lytham St. Annes Central Hospital Supply Depot, published elsewhere in this issue, shows the result of six months of hard work.

The organisers are deeply grateful for the wonderful support they have received from the public and are particularly appreciative of the response to the appeal made in these columns in June, which raised over £300 and brought immediately an anonymous gift of 500 yards of pyjama material as well as many other gifts of various materials.

The Hospital Supply Depot, Starr Hills, Ansdell

In all, in addition to the cash received from special efforts, donations and subscriptions, the following materials have been presented to the depot: Material for pyjamas, 830 yards; shirts, 745yds.; bandages, 600 yds.; surgeons' macks, 120yds.; dressing gowns, 190yds.; making a total of 2,485yds.
As an affiliated depot of the Central Hospital Supply Service the branch is entitled to a share of free material from headquarters. During the period under review they have received 1,800yds. of pyjama and shirting material and 300lbs. of wool. They have despatched 4,661 garments.


When Viscountess Falmouth who is chairman of the Central Hospital Supply Services headquarters, visited the Depot recently she commended it very strongly for both the quantity and the quality of the work turned out. The organisers are fully aware that without the loyal support of the working parties, individual workers and all who have contributed in one way or another to the various special efforts, this high mead of praise would not have been earned. Warm thanks are also due to the Press for their unfailing help.

While expressing their appreciation of what has already been done the organisers point out that the expenses of the depot in providing materials are constantly recurring and will probably in-crease. It is earnestly hoped therefore, that all those who have supported the depot hitherto will continue to do so in the future.