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 Corporation and farmer object


IT was revealed at a Ministry of Housing and LocalGovernment inquiry at Blackpool Town Hall this week that Clifton Estate want land at Midgeland-road, Marton, on which to build 327 houses. Mr. R. C. Liddell objecting to the application on behalf of Blackpool Corporation said it was a question of agriculture and horticulture versus housing. He said that when the development plan was drawn up the area concerned, which was just over 27 acres, was earmarked as an open space so that agriculture and horticulture could be continued. At that time no one raised any objection to the land being left as an open space.

Mr. Liddell said the corporation also objected to houses being built on the land because they would present a big sewage disposal problem. Although a new sewage scheme was being built at Marton it would not be practicable even when completed to accommodate the proposed houses.


Mr. Liddell added that if the land were taken over for houses it would virtually ruin a perfectly good farm Mr. Smith Widdup, tenant of Midgeland Farm, which is owned by Clifton Estate, said his farm covered 115 acres. It was a good farm with 80 head of cattle, 250 sheep, 150 pigs and 1.200 head of poultry. Each day it produced 100 gallons of milk.

Mr. Widdup said the application concerned the highest land on the farm which was good refuge for his cattle when flooding threatened. If it was taken away the farm would be ruined. Mr. John Kennedy, Clifton Estate agent, said that septic tanks could be used for sewage disposal if the houses were allowed.

So far as Mr. Widdup was concerned the estate would give him other land which could be farmed as an economic holding. Inspector R. A. Hudson closed the inquiry, announcing that the result would be made known later.