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  Ralph Braithwaite, Marton Blackpool.

Ralph Braithwaite and family at The Shovels Inn, Marton Fold c1900.Ralph Braithwaite and family at The Shovels Inn, Marton Fold. The photo was taken about 1898 and there were nine children at this time so there ages would be:

Edward (Ned) Braithwaite b.1878 (20 yrs old)
Isabella (Belle) Braithwaite b.1880 (18 yrs old)
Robert (Robin) Braithwaite b.1882 (16 yrs old)
Lydia (Liddy) Braithwaite b.1885 (13 yrs old)
Thomas (Tom) Braithwaite b.1885 (13 yrs old)
James (Sam) Braithwaite b.1887 (11 yrs old)
Mary (Polly) Braithwaite b.1891 (9 yrs old)
Hannah Braithwaite b.1893 (5 yrs old)
William (Will) Braithwaite b.1894 (4 yrs old)

Edward is missing from this photo.



Back row: Isabella; Thomas ; Robert
Middle row: Lydia; Hannah & Ralph; James
Front row: William; Hannah; Mary;


England & Wales, National Probate Calendar (Index of Wills and Administrations),1861-1941.

Braithwaite Ralph of the "Shovels" Inn Marton Folds near Blackpool died 21 September 1906. Probate Lancaster 26 April to Edward Braithwaite innkeeper and Robert Braithwaite and Thomas Braithwaite bricklayers. Effects £2,285 16s 11d.

Blackpool Herald, 1916.


There was a large attendance at the sale by auction of property conducted by Mr. J. Banks, at the Shovels Inn, Marton, yesterday afternoon. The property comprised of a number of cottages and plots of land of the estate of land the late Mr. Ralph Braithwaite, and was sold under the order of the Chancery Court of the County Palatine of Lancaster, Preston District, the Registrar (Mr. Blackburne) being in attendance
The first lot consisted of the two cottages, 14 and 16, Abbey Road, South Shore, and, together with the land, contained about 1,090 superficial square yards. Bidding commenced at £50, and at £115 Mr. Smith, of Marton, became the purchaser.
 Lot 2 comprised the four cottages, 2, 4,6, and 8, Dalton Street, South Shore, the site containing about 890 superficial square yards, the gross rentals being £55 9s. 4d. per annum. Starting at £300, the competition was brisk, and after seventeen bids the property was knocked down to Mrs. A. Priestley, of Bury.
Lot 3 was a plot of land extending from Dalton Street, and containing about 3,942 square yards. After being bid up to £115 the lot was withdrawn.
Lot 4 was two cottages, 24 and 26; Abbey Road, South Shore, the site containing about 1,240 superficial square yards. The first bid was £70, and the price gradually roe to £150, at which figure Mr. J. Hall, Marton. became the purchaser.
Lot 5 was a plot of land extending from Dalton Street, and bounded by lots 3 and 4. The plot contains about 4,690 superficial square yards, but after being bid to £125 it was withdrawn.
Lots 6 and 7 were offered together, and included two parcels of land in Great Marton, containing 1a., 2r., 13p., 12 yards, and 1a., 1r., 17p., 9 yards respectively. There was keen competition, £250 being the initial offer, and there were twenty-eight bids before the property was knocked down at £492 to Mr. Hart, south Shore.
Lots 3 and 5 were then offered together, but the reserve not being reached they were withdrawn.
Lot 8 comprised eight cottages in Moss Edge Lane, Marton Moss, with a plot of land at the rear, the site containing about 2 roods and 22 perches, the gross rentals being £63 per annum. Bidding commenced at £300, and attracted fourteen bids which took the price to £610, at which figure the property was disposed of to Mr. John Rawcliffe, of Little Marton.
Mr. Robert Parkinson, of Birley Street, Blackpool, was the solicitor in the matter.