Lytham St.Annes Coat of Arms
Lytham St.Annes, Lancashire, England


St.Anne's Council School, St.Annes-on-the-Sea

St.Anne's Council School, Sydney Street, opened 1910.




The new St. Annes Council School in Alexandra Road and Sydney Street is now receiving its finishing touches prior to opening on Monday next. The school is a compact building of one story; lofty, airy, excellently-Ventilated, with the classrooms so arranged that most of them will be flooded with sunlight. The erection is well-proportioned and substantial, and all the latest ideas in construction have been incorporated.

St.Anne's Council School, Sydney Street, opened 1910.The Girls' entrance is placed at the north-west corner of the building, the Boys' entrance is on the south side; and the Infants are admitted at another entrance at the north-east corner. Splendidly-equipped cloak-rooms and lavatories are placed near the entrances, and all the classrooms open on to a large central hall running down the centre of the building. The classrooms are provided with tiled dados, and wall and window ventilating inlets and large outlets in the centre of the ceiling, all of which cans be regulated in a simple and easy manner. The Infant department is provided with two rooms, and the mixed department will be distributed in five classrooms. The school will be comfortably warmed in winter by radiators and hot water pipes, while in the babies' room there is an open-fire place with fixed guard.

A retiring room for the staff, with an open fire and oven, is arranged overlooking Sydney Street. A small office at the south-west corner of the boys' entrance is fitted with a boiler and other appliances. The woodwork is of pitchpine varnished. There are open-air and covered playgrounds—one for boys and one for girls and infants—asphalted and surrounded by a high iron railing. The furnishing will not be completed until this week-end, when the Committee hope to have everything in good order for the opening on Monday morning at nine o'clock.

The staff has been selected from several hundred applicants, and there is every prospect of a high state of efficiency being established and maintained under the combination of such favourable circumstances.


Mr. John E. Fallowfield, who has been appointed headmaster, was first assistant-master in the Revoe Council School, Blackpool, one of the largest schools in the Borough. He has held that position since the opening of the school in 1901, and the Director, of Education reports of him that "He has given


Mr. John E. Fallowfieldcomplete satisfaction both to the managers of the school and to the Education Committee.’, He has been selected both by the Education Committee and by the managers of voluntary schools in Blackpool for the appointment of headmaster, on several occasions, and has only been unsuccessful through ,shortness of service under the authority. Revoe Council School contains 1,300 children, and Mr. J. B. Rigby, the principal, informed the committee that Mr. Fallowfield "Possesses exceptional ability, that he is very energetic, and has a bright, pleasant manner in dealing with children. He secures excellent discipline 'without the least semblance of harshness, and possesses

CAPITAL POWERS OF ORGANISATION. On several occasions he has had entire charge of the school and has dealt successfully with the many questions relating to school management, while at the, same time securing the respect of every assistant in the school." Mr. Rigby is extremely sorry to lose Mr. Fallowfield's services, but knowing his work and knowing his capacity for filling a higher post, he wished him every success in his new appointment. He had also been strongly recommended to the St. Annes selection committee by Aid. J Heyes, J.P., chairman of the Blackpool Education Committee; Coun. T. Charnley, J.P., chairman of the Blackpool School Management Sub-committee; Mr. E. Leigh, J.P., chairman of the Blackpool Higher Education Sub-committee; Ald. J. Heap, J.P., Blackpool; Mr. W. T. Goode, M.A., principal of schools for certificate students, London County Council; and Mr. J H. Brittain, B.A., Inter. B.Sc., headmaster of Rochdale Pupil Teachers' Centre. Mr. Fallowfield commenced his career as pupil teacher in Moor Park School, Preston, and in 1893 entered Owen's Day Training. College, Manchester leaving with a


in 1895. In the years 1893-4-5, he attended the full B.A. course at Victoria University, which comprised English language, Anglo Saxon; Gothic, Latin, French, Mathematics, logic, European history, and commercial and general geography. He successfully passed all the terminal examinations, obtaining fourth position in the college in geography, and seventh in inter. B.A. Latin. In January, 1896, he was appointed first assistant lecturer at the Pupil Teachers' Centre, Harris Institute, Preston, and in 1897 he be came second master at St. John's School, Blackpool, where he had charge of Standards V., VI. and VII., and during the illness of the late Mr W. J. Brown, the headmaster, he had entire charge of the school. This position he resigned in 1902 to take up another at the Revoe Council School. Here he had charge of standards VI. and VII. boys, who took an extensive course, including hand and eye training, science, brushwork, designing and mathematics. Mr. Fallowfield is also a successful evening school teacher, and has filled positions at the Harris Institute, Preston, in Latin, for the London Matriculation examinations; at Blackpool Technical School in history, commercial correspondence, English literature, Latin, English and preliminary Commercial course; at Carleton in commercial arithmetic; and at St. Annes Technical School for two winters, where his subjects have been: English language and literature, commercial geography and preliminary commercial course. From the above it will be seen that he has a practical and extensive knowledge of both elementary and higher education work, and an experience in large schools. Briefly, Mr. Fallowfield, who is on the right side of forty, is an undergraduate of Victoria University, and first-class trained certificated master under theBoard of Education.

He is a past-president of the Blackpool branch of under the National Union of Teachers, and vice-president this year, and has been a member of the committee for twelve years. He is secretary of the Teachers' Provident Society in connection with the N.U.T., secretary of the Recreation section of the Blackpool and District Municipal Officers Guild, secretary of Cycling section of the same guild, and secretary of the Blackpool Elementary Schools Football League since its commencement, so that the physical training side of education, it may be taken for granted, will not be neglected at the St. Annes Council School.

Among those who have congratulated Mr. Fallowfield on his appointment is Mr. J. H. Park, H.M. Inspector at Lincoln, and formerly in this district. Mr. Park, who has known Mr. Fallowfield since childhood, says: "I trust that you have a long, honoured and valuable career before you in your extended sphere, and in this way follow the example of Mr. Rigby [headmaster of Revoe School], whose own career I have followed with interest so long." From an intimate knowledge of Mr. Fallowfield's work at Blackpool and St. Annes, we believe the committee have made an excellent choice.


Miss Lilian LongworthMiss Lilian Longworth, who has been appointed headmistress-in the Infants department received her early education at Clarence Street Higher Grade School, Bolton, and was formerly pupil-teacher in the Pikes Lane Council School, Bolton, for four years—from 1896-1900. She obtained her preliminary teacher’s Certificate at Bolton, in 1899, being placed in class 1, division 1. After two years at Warrington Training College, she received her parchment in May, 1905.

Miss Longworth holds the certificate of proficiency in physical training and an "excellent" in music. She holds the Board of Education certificate for blackboard drawing, geometrical drawing, chemistry (theoretical and practical), physiography and light and heat. Her experience in public elementary schools has been obtained at Pikes Lane Council School (previously mentioned), Haulgh Council School, Oxford Grove Council School (first assistant); Shepherd-Cross Street School (first assistant), and for nearly three years as senior assistant at Devonshire Road Infants' School, Bolton, where she had charge of 260 scholars. She had also attended special classes in brushwork, nature study and the various forms of handiwork prescribed the Board of Education.

Miss Longworth has made a special study of kindergarten. The Principal of Warrington Training College speaks highly of her teaching capabilities which he adds, are “combined with a pleasing manner." "Her methods," says the Headmaster of Oxford Council School, "are the most up-to-date, and she spares no effort to make her teaching effective, with the result that the children make excellent progress in their work. Without harshness she maintains capital order, and the discipline is all that can be desired’, The Headmistress of the Devonshire Road Council School speaks of her as being "thoroughly reliable and painstaking in all her duties, and with considerable musical talent."


Miss Elsie Stead, daughter of Mr. T.A . Stead, of St. Annes Road West, is the certificated mistress in the Mixed department. Mss Stead served as pupil teacher at St. John's School, Lytham, from 1905 till 1907, when she was appointed assistant, and she became certificated last year. She holds the Board of Education certificate for geometrical, model and freehand drawing. Her personal influence over those in charge has been specially remarked upon. Miss Stead will have full charge of the needlework.

Miss Leva Leach, of St. Annes, uncertifcated mistress in the Mixed department, was formerly a pupil-teacher in the Whitefield Council School, and afterwards was assistant at the Lomeshaye Council School. Her qualifications are of the highest order.

Miss Horrocks, the uncertified assistant of the Infants' department, has had experience in three large Council Schools at Bolton - Gaskell Street, Oxford Road and Devonshire Road, in two of which Miss Longworth has been mistress. She holds certificates from the Board of Education for model and free hand drawing, and had excellent testimonials.