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Lytham St.Annes, Lancashire, England

Historic Town Assessment Report


 Historic Town Assessment Report

Lancashire Historic Towns Survey.

As part of a national programme, the Lancashire Historic Towns Survey was undertaken by the County Archaeology Service from 2001 to 2006, with the support of English Heritage and the fourteen Local Planning Authorities of Lancashire.

It comprised a three-stage survey of the historical and archaeological aspects of each of 33 historic towns across the county, in terms of structures, buildings and the individual character of neighbourhoods. Whilst it concentrated on assessing the built environment, it also identified areas that may contain preserved archaeological remains.

Each of the 33 towns is described and assessed in a series of Historic Environment Guidance Strategy Reports. Whilst these are mainly intended for the use of the County Archaeology Service and the Local Planning Authorities, they will be of use to anyone who has an interest in the towns.

Within the reports we have described the development of the town and the various character areas that they can be divided into. Zones that merit special management policies have been identified and a large number of new sites added to the Lancashire Sites and Monuments Record and existing records upgraded. The final stage of the work is to produce, for the planners, a series of constraint maps and planning guidance.

The Lancashire Historic Towns Survey





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