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Lytham Baths, 1928 - Page 13


for Ladies, and 41 collapsible cubicles for Gentlemen. A singular feature in con­ nection with the 41 cubicles, framed in teak, is that they are collapsible, so that on special occasions (Galas, etc.), they will fold flat against the walls and form a wainscot lining to the Hall, and thus admit of a perfect view of what is going on in the Bath, a movable canvas screen protecting the spectator from plunge spray. Footbaths, Showers, and every conceivable amenity for the equipment of an ultra-modern Swimming Bath are provided, including a large Clubroom for gala artistes and others.

Slipper Baths.

There are 12 of these Baths, seven for Gentlemen and five for Ladies. Three of the former and two of the latter are provided with hot and cold sea water, and hot and cold fresh water and overhead shower, making it possible to get a sea water bath at a very moderate cost.

The bathing section of the Institution is equipped on hygienic lines of the most up-to-date character, with fittings throughout of the finest quality approved by the Medical faculty, no justifiable expense having been spared by the Corporation to offer the most efficient hydropathic treatment to a wide and critical clientele.

Concert Hall and Ballroom.

The Concert Hall and Ballroom, 70 ft. x 31 ft., with seating for 255 persons, is provided with a spring dancing floor. The stage accommodation comprises ample dressing-rooms and offices, with separate artistes' and property ingress and egress. The Hall underneath is of similar dimensions, is independently approached and, in addition to the usual offices, there is a comprehensive kitchen installation available for all purposes.

A self-contained Superintendent's flat, electrically equipped, with telephone communication (No. 658 Lytham) from the office switchboard to this official and all departments, completes the administrative facilities.

Accommodation is provided in the basement for scholars' cycles and the peram­ bulators of mothers attending the Clinic and Child Welfare Centre.

Description of Filter Plant.

The new Filtering and Sterilising Plant installed, is the last word in modern engineering, with the result that the swimmers will be able at all times to plunge into water which will meet the demands of the most exacting bather.

The new equipment can be considered under four headings :­ Sea Water Pumps.

Filter Plant.

Hot Water Supply for Slipper and Remedial Baths Fresh and Salt. Heating of the Building.