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Lytham St.Annes, Lancashire, England


Lytham Baths, 1928 - Page 19

Corporation of Lytham Saint Annes.



Ultra-Violet Ray Treatment.

It is well known that in recent years considerable progress has been made in the therapeutic uses of Artificial Light, and that Science has had many difficulties to overcome in designing and producing adequate apparatus to meet the various practical needs. All Radiation, whether visible or invisible, made by the employ­ment of suitable apparatus can be split into its several components, each of which is characterised by its own specific wave length, i.e., the difference between the crests of two adjacent waves.

It is known that the beneficial rays in sunshine are those which lie beyond the violet end of the visible spectrum, and it is these Ultra-Violet Rays which are utilised in the healing of such a wide range of troubles from which humanity suffers. The radiations act beneficially in two ways : firstly, by increasing the bactericidal power of the blood, and secondly, by activating the vitamins of the body.

The treatment is of the simplest. The patient lies exposed for the prescribed time to the rays of the light. The only sensation experienced is one of slight warmth, but a few hours after the treatment the area exposed assumes the typical " sun-burnt appearance. With this tanning of the exterior of the body there is developed a great improvement in the blood. The red corpuscles increase and the patient experiences a sense of physical well-being, indicative of the improvement being affected in his or her condition.