Lytham St.Annes Coat of Arms
Lytham St.Annes, Lancashire, England


Lytham Baths, 1928 - Page 5

L YTHAM BEACH, as the reference plan indicates, faces due South, nestling on the sheltered estuary of the river Ribble. Shore-wards, as the epithet ., Leafy Lytham " denotes, a delightfully wooded stretch of country, terminates

at this end of the Borough.

The new Baths have a magnificent situation facing the Sea, on the corner of Dicconson Terrace and the Promenade, opposite the Pier, and occupy a total area of approximately 1,800 square yards, and have been erected at a cost of about £ 37,000.

The Lytham Baths are amongst the finest in the North of England, and are unique in that they are the only Remedial Baths in the North where hot and cold sea water baths may be obtained. Sea water is to-day accepted as one of the best media for the treatment of rheumatism, sciatica, gout, and allied ailments.

The following baths and treatments can be had at extremely moderate charges :

Vichy Douche Scotch Douche
Special Baths

With hot and cold sea water, or hot and cold fresh water as desired.

Special Cabinet for Bronchial Troubles.

Plombiere Intestinal Laval Treatment.

Radiant Heat and Artificial Sunlight.

Sea Water Shower and Needle Baths, hot or cold.

Fresh Water Shower and Needle Baths, hot or cold.

Mustard, Sulphur and Pine Baths.

Hydropathic Treatment by means of packs of all descriptions.
Turkish Baths.
Russian Vapour Baths.
Natural Sunlight Baths.
Slipper Baths, Sea Water or Fresh Water, hot or cold.

Remedial Baths.

" Health, Wealth and Happiness " the old adage, still an everyday house­ hold phase even in these modern days, a term which we all use to give expression to the embodiment of the best of good wishes, the oral or verbal interpretation of our desire to attain for ourselves or others a sphere of life void of care and worry and full of contentment. These three assets would seem to cover every conceivable human joy and pleasure. Which of the three is the greatest the most valuable ? Health ? We certainly can be healthy without being wealthy, but not always healthy and happy ! Wealth, then ? Surely not ! Will great riches bring happiness to a man whose bodily afflictions make his life a burden ? The greatest asset is unques­ tionably Happiness the ambition of everybody, attainable whether rich or poor, and although there are many who enjoy a certain happiness without good health, their happiness is not complete. HEALTH is indispensable to complete happiness, and the new Remedial Baths at Lytham have been provided by the Corporation to enable you to keep your good health or to restore it if you are ill.