Lytham St.Annes Coat of Arms
Lytham St.Annes, Lancashire, England


Lytham Baths, 1928 - Page 9


The administrative and entrance block of the Baths faces to Dicconson Terrace and Central Beach. Externally of Georgian period design, to harmonise with the architectural character of Lytham, it is built of sand-faced brick and Stancliffe stone dressings, a protective portico forming the central feature leading to the vestibule and grand Entrance Entrance and Crush Hall, 82 ft. x 14 ft., from thence there being immediate access to the various sections. The central approach is flanked on the town side by the respective bathing sections, and on the promenade side by the Crush Halls, Concert Hall and Ballroom, with Lower Hall beneath, the Lytham Yacht Club premises and the local Clinic and Welfare Centre.

A figured oak Cooling and Light Refreshment Lounge (in simple but tasteful Georgian period design) and Servery, with direct access from either the Turkish Cooling Room and additional stairway from the Entrance Hall, forms a feature worthy of special note.

All windows command a view of Promenade and Sea.

Provision is made for Remedial, Turkish and Russian Baths, comprising : Vichy Massage Douche, used with ordinary or sea water. This forms a delightful and at the same time most effective treatment in many forms of Rheumatism, Myalgia, etc. Special Slipper, with sea water or any other medicative required. Lytham Intestinal Lavage or Plombiere's treatment. This treatment is principally applicable to cases of Mucous Colitis, Constipation, Toxaemia, etc.

Ultra-Violet Ray (Artificial Sun) is also installed, in the form of Mercury Vapour Lamp and Open Arc method, used in a long list of diseases with marked


There is a Hydropathic treatment section, with Needle and Shower Baths. These are provided on the Ground Floor, whilst a luxuriously appointed Turkish and Russian Bath Suite, probably one of the finest in the provinces, with two Vapour Rooms, three Hot Rooms, 12 ft. in height, all naturally lighted and lined with white and blue fire-clay tiles, Shampoo and Cooling Rooms ; the whole, including Plunge Hall, inter-communicating for the convenience of bathers. All windows to special bathing departments are double-framed and glazed and draught-proof.

Plunge Bath.

Nature, ever ready to help those who help themselves, has made it abundantly clear that the two great essentials to Perfect Health are Bodily Cleanliness and Physical Exercise.

Swimming is admittedly the finest exercise possible, and the Corporation has put both these essentials within easy reach of everyone at Lytham Baths by the provision of a Swimming Bath and a number of Slipper Baths. The main Bath Hall contains a Plunge Bath 75 ft. x 31 ft. x 6 ft. 6 in. depth of water at the deep end, and 3 ft. 3 in. at the shallow end. The capacity of the Bath is approxi­ mately 71,000 gallons of filtered sea water, which is maintained at a uniform temper­ature. Dressing accommodation is provided for 60 Bathers-19 fixed cubicles