Lytham St.Annes Coat of Arms
Lytham St.Annes, Lancashire, England

Victorian Lytham Review

 Victorian Lytham

This is only the third published history, uniquely on the town of Lytham (i.e. not including St.Annes-on-Sea). The first history of Lytham to be published since 1946!

1837-1901 were the formative years of modern Lytham and the years which witnessed the greatest changes, giving the town its unique identity.

 The book is A4-size, published in colour and contains 144 pages of text, illustrations and captions.  It is divided into four sections, each with sub-sections:







To Lytham - by Stage-coach
The Town to 1845
The Lytham Branch Railway
The Market Square
The Blackpool & Lytham Railway
The Town from 1870
The Four Estates
St. Cuthbert’s Church
Lytham and the Cliftons
The Improvement Commissioners
Lytham’s Newspapers
Life at Lytham
The Health of the Town
In Case of Emergency
The Streets of Lytham
Clubs and Club Day
Along the Beach
The Visitors
The Making of the Beach
The Customs House
The Lost Pier
Cruising down the Ribble
Fine Art on the Beach
If Wet, in the Assembly Rooms

 This not a rehash of previous books – it is the result of many years research and a great deal of new information has come to light.

By excluding St.Annes and narrowing the period covered to the 19th Century, Brian has been able to go into greater detail than is normally possible, whilst at the same time keeping the book interesting.

The book is well-illustrated with both colour and monochrome images which are relevant to the subjects discussed.







There are paintings, maps, plans, engravings, contemporary & modern photos and ephemera most of which have never been published before. Unlike some books, here, the captions are both interesting and informative.






The author has made full use of modern publishing processes and the result is a well-structured and well laid-out book which is a joy to read.



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