Lytham St.Annes Coat of Arms
Lytham St.Annes, Lancashire, England


A-Z of Householders & Businesses in Lytham St.Annes, 1934

Abbott Wm. T. & Jas., grocers, etc., 41-43 Boulevard, St. Annes. Tel. 239

Abbott Mr. Thos., 31 Boulevard, St.Annes

Abel Mr. Percival G., 12 Windsor Road, St. Annes. Tel. 1015

Ackers John T., insurance agent, 4 Sydney St

ADAMS Miss EDITH, board residence, every room sea view, opposite open-air baths, excellent cuisine, terms on application, Claremont, 43 South Promenade, St. Annes. Tel. 788

Adamson Misses, gowns, etc., 3 Clifton Square

Addison Mrs. Frances, 61 Orchard Road, St. Annes

Ainscoughs', grocers, 3 Clifton St, Lytham

Ainsworth Mrs. Alice, apartments, 6 All Saints' Road, St. Annes

Ainsworth Arthur, stationer's asst, 154 Church Road, St. Annes

Ainsworth Mr. Edwin J., 117 South Promenade

Ainsworth Jas., conftnr, 48 Boulevard, St. Annes; h. 23 Sandhurst Avenue

Ainsworth John, apartments, 69 St. Andrew's  Road South

Ainsworth Mr. John K., 4 Woodville Terrace. Tel. 365

Ainsworth John R., stationer, 55 Woodlands Road, Ansdell. Tel. 383

Ainsworth L. H., ins agt, 12 Warton st

 Airey Mr. Ernest T., 19 West Bank Avenue.Tel. 333 Lytham

Airey Mr. John R., 69 Headroomgate Road, St. Annes. Tel. 1171

Aitchison Dr. Jas. P., 19 Derbe Road

Aitchison Mr. Wm. C., 5 Oxford Road, Ansdell. Tel. 331 Lytham

Aked W. T. & Co., Ltd., motor engineers, St. George's Road, St. Annes. Tel. 441

Aked Wm. T. (W.T. Aked & Co., Ltd.) ; h. Thornton

AKROYD MISSES, public and private apartments, overlooking Ashton gardens, one minute pier (hot and cold water throughout), 22 St. George's  Road, St. Annes

Akroyd Prior, outfitter, 9 Park Road, St. Annes. 'l el. 721

Akroyd Mr. Lewis J., Cranage, Bromley Road, St. Annes. Tel. 1309

ALDERSLEY GEORGE H., market gardener and fruiterer, Church  Road nurseries, St. Annes

Aldrich Mr. Stephen, 45 Rowsley Avenue Tel. 43

Alexander Gee., com agnt, 14 Orchard Road, St. Annes. Tel. 927

Alexander Mrs. Winifred, 17 York Road, St. Annes

Alicia School of Dancing, 4 We Stores

Allanson Jonathan (Miller & Allanson); h. 2 South Clifton st

Allen Rev. Arthur Robt., M.A., St. John's vicarage, East Beach

Allen Mr. Chas., 8 Headroomgate Road, St. Annes. Tel. 641

Allen Mr. Fredk., 13 Upper Westby St.

Allen Herbt., grocer, 33 Woodlands Road, Ansdell

Allen (Miss Alice N.) & Hinchliffe (Miss Sarah), apartments, 105 South prom

Allison Harold (The St. Annes Riding School) ; h. 29 Kilnshaw In

Almond Mr. Ernest, 14 Elms Avenue Ansdell

Almond Miss Isabella, 11 Elms Avenue Ansdell

Almond Mr. Wm., 5 Willows Avenue Tel. 145 Lytham

Almond Mr. Wm. H., 16 West Beach  

Alston Arthur, grocer, 1S Church Road, St.Annes; h. 15 Clarendon Road

Alston Edmund H., bank clerk, 16a Church Road, St. Annes

Alty Henry, Ltd., builders' merchants, Freckleton at. Tel. 215

Amoy Mr. Saml., 3 The Serpentine

Anderson Mr. Geo., 5 Balmoral Road, St. Annes. Tel. 266

Anderson Messer, plumber, 36 St. Albans Road

Anderson Wm., borough surv., Town hall. Tel. 2. h. 40 Leach Lane. Tel. 251

Anderton Miss Edith, 38 Chatsworth Road. Tel. 329 St. Annes

Anderton Geo. (G. B. Anderton & Sons) ; h. 16 St. Albans Road

Anderton G. B. & Sons, electricians, 16 St.Albans Road

Anderton Jph. (G. B. Anderton. & Sons) ; h. 16 St. Albans Road Anon      

Anderton Richd. (G. B. Anderton. & Sons) ; h. 16 St. Albans Road

Andrew Mr. Albt., 16 Beach Road, St. Annes. Tel. 1327

Andrew Mr. Jas., 12 Grange Road, St. Annes. Tel. 929

Andrews Donald, clerk, 5 Saltcotes Road

Andrews Mr. Wm., 18 Eddington Road,

Fairhaven. Tel. 679 Lytham

Annandale Mr. Chas. J.' R., 24 Chatsworth Road, St. Annes. Tel. 1056

Annard Alex., trvllng draper, 18 St.David's  Road South

ANSDELL COLLEGE, boarding and day school for girls and preparatory for boys, Cyprus Avenue, Fairhaven. Tel. 492 Lytham ; Miss K. Whitehead, principal

Ansdell Cycle & Motor Depot, 10 Oxford Road, Ansdell

ANSDELL HYDRO, vapour and sitz baths, massage, etc., boarders taken, moderate terms, 3-5 Riversleigh Avenue, Ansdell. Tel. 206 Lytham ; E. Higginbottom, proptr

Ansdell Institute & Public Hall, Woodlands  Road

Appleyard Mr. Jas., 71 St. Andrew's  Road South

Archer Mr. Walter, 123 St. Andrew's  Road South. Tel. 212

Archibald Miss H. G., B.A., Cloverley College, 35 St. Annes  Road east

Ardrossan High School for Young Children, 16 Clifton Drive   South ; Miss K. M. Nicholson

Armitage Ernest E., prntr's manager, 32 Commonside

Armstrong Mr. Fredk. W., 51 Park Road, St. Annes. Tel. 1193

ARMSTRONG & WILKINSON, board residence and apartments (sea view, South aspect), pleasant situation, near pier, station, links, swimming and remedial baths, excellent cuisine, recommended for home comforts, 10 Central Beach ; h. Grindon

Arnott David, chmst, 146 St. Alban's rd. Tel. 1097 ; h. 42 Laverton Road

Arthur Mr. Arthur D., 129 Clifton Drive South

Ashall Mrs. Hannah, apartments, 31 St. Alban's Road

Ashcroft Eric, police constable, Police station, St. Andrew's  Road North

Ashford Miss Mary, apartments, 41 Derbe Road

Ashmoor Mr. Frank 0., 21 Eddington rd, Fairhaven. Tel. 725 Lytham

Ashton Gardens, St. George's Road, St.Annes ; H. Kitchen, supt

Ashton Henry, plumber, 32 Hope St

Ashton Institute, St. George's Road, St. Annes G. Wilson, sec

ASHTON J. & SONS, seedsmen, nurserymen, florists and fruiterers, Mythop nurseries ; shop at 12 Station  Road. Tel. 448 Lytham

Ashton Jas. (J. Ashton & Sons) ; h. Mythop house, Mythop Road. Tel. 448 Lytham

Ashton Joseph., fruiterer, 2 Woodlands Road, Ansdell. Tel. 33 Lytham

Ashton Mrs. Louisa, 17 Eddington Road, Fairhaven

Ashworth Alfd. E., newsagent, 17 Station  Road

Ashworth Mr. Chas., 116 St. Annes  Road east. Tel. 171

Ashworth Mrs. Edith, draper, 121 St. Alban's Road

Ashworth Mrs. Ellen, 161 St. Annes  Road east. Tel. 975

Ashworth Miss Emily, 61 St. Annes  Road east

Ashworth Fred, fish dealer, 11 We Stores. Tel. 109 ; h. 6 Oxford Road

Ashworth Fred, dairy, 14 Carlton  Road

Ashworth Harold, gent's outfitter, 44 St. David's  Road South

Ashworth Harry, butcher, Hove Road and 33 St. Andrew's  Road South ; h. 10 Stratford Road. Tel. 1290

Ashworth Henry, dairy, 3 Allenby Road, St. Annes

Ashworth Herbt., 176 St. Annes  Road east. Tel. 571

Ashworth Mr. H. Wm., 158 Clifton Drive North, St. Annes. Tel. 405

Ashworth Mrs. Isabella M., 125 South Promenade

Ashworth Mr. Jas. E., 23 Arundel Road Ashworth Mr. John A., 9 Arundel Road, Fairhaven

Ashworth Mr. John K., 24 Fairhaven Road. Tel. 154

Ashworth Jph. E. (C. & E. Eccles) ; h. 1 Clifton St, Lytham

Ashworth & Long, apartments, 45 St. Alban's Road

Ashworth Mrs. Mary, 28 Chatsworth Road. Tel. 1039 St. Annes

Ashworth Mrs. Mary A., apartments, 23 Lorne st

Ashworth Mrs. Mary A., apartments, 8 Agnew st

Ashworth Mr. Oliver, Lakeside Inner Promenade. Tel. 346 Lytham

Ashworth Mr. Percy, 10 Coronation Road, Fairhaven

Ashworth Percy, insurance agent, 32 Ripon Road, Ansdell

Ashworth Mr. Wm., 94 Clifton Drive   South. Tel. 547

Askew Mrs. Eleanor, apartments, 33 Mythop Avenue

Askew Mr. Percy, Pembroke house, Inner prom. Tel. 800 Lytham

Aspden Misses Betsy Martha & Sarab,4 Victoria Road, St. Annes

Aspden Fred, grocer, 48 Church Road, St. Annes

Aspden & Harper, pntrs, 69 Clifton St, Lytham. Tel. 208

Aspden John, boot dealer, 30 St. David's  Road South

Aspden Robt. H. (Aspden & Harper) ; h. 38 Mythop Avenue Tel. 208 Lytham

Aspin Rev. Albert, M.A., St. Anne's vicarage, Church Road, St. Annes. Tel. 710

Aspin John W., traveller, 31 Dalton St, St. Annes

Aspin Mrs. Mary, 49 Laverton Road, St. Annes. Tel. 1369

Astin Mr. Arthur, 1 St. Leonard's Road

Atkin Michael, asphalter, 3 Beach Avenue Fairhaven

ATKIN PATRICK, asphalter, drainer and road contractor (first-class workmanship), 101 St. David's  Road North, St. Annes. Tel. 1138

Atkinson Chas. E., L.D.S., R.C.S. (Edin.), dental surgeon, 19 Ansdell  Road North. Tel. 500 Lytham

Atkinson Mrs. Clementine, apartments, 38 St. Andrew's  Road South, St. Annes

Atkinson Mr. Geo. F., 7 Croyde Road, St. Annes. Tel. 64

Atkinson Mrs. Mary, fruiterer, Market hall, Lytham

Austin Mr. Robt. B., 9 Sandringham Road, St. Annes

Ayrton Mr. Thos., 7 St. Patrick's  Road North. Tel. 738