Lytham St.Annes Coat of Arms
Lytham St.Annes, Lancashire, England


A-Z of Householders & Businesses in Lytham St.Annes, 1934

Jackson Miss Annie, 25 Park St

Jackson Mrs. Annie, hairdrsr, 1 Station  Road

Jackson Mrs. Ausa, 14 Cyprus Avenue Fairhaven. Tel. 86 Lytham

Jackson Mr. Benj., 11 St. Leonard's Road

Jackson Mr. Cedric R. W., 7 Myra Road, Fairhaven. Tel. 251 Lytham

Jackson Eli, grocer, 49 Woodlands Road, Ansdell (Tel. 123) and 58 Clifton Road, Lytham (Tel. 201)

Jackson Mrs. Elsie F., 45 Fairhaven Road. Tel. 138

Jackson Mr. Fredk. S., 9 Hornby Road. Tel. 588

Jackson Hy., traveller, 70 Orchard Road, St. Annes

Jackson Mrs. Isobel, Alston, Grange Road, St. Annes

Jackson Mr. Johnson, 64 North prom. Tel. 931. St. Annes

Jackson Jph. A., pltry frmr, 83 Holm- field Road

Jackson Miss Mary A., apartments, 3 St. Annes  Road east

Jackson Mr. Peter, Marydene, East Beach. Tel. 817

Jackson Mr. Thos. E., 61 Clifton Drive   South. Tel. 103

Jackson Mr. Wm., 12 Highbury  Road west. Tel. 1336

Jaeger Mr. Jacques, 33 Bromley Road, St. Annes

Jaffrey Mr. Robt., 134 St. Annes  Road east. Tel. 886

James (Mrs. Rose) & Bertlim (Mrs. A.), apartments, 85 St. Alban's Road

James Bertram V., boot dealer's manager, 1 Talbot ter

James Mrs. Amelia, dairy, 83 Church Road, St. Annes

Jameson John M. & Wm., frmrs, Leach lodge

Jameson Miss Mary A., dressmaker, 2 Kingsway

JAMESON Mrs. RACHEL, private and residential apartments, board residence, excellent cuisine, moderate charges, near Ashton gardens, sea and cars, 10 Beach  Road, St. Annes

Jamieson Mr. Gavin, 133 St. Annes  Road east. Tel. 823

Janet, Drive  cleaner, 55 St. Annes  Road west. Tel. 128

Jarvis Mrs. Bertha, apartments, 11 St. Andrew's  Road South, St. Annes

Jeffery J. H., 19 North  Crescent . Tel. 840 J

effrey Raymond, boot dealer's manager, 11 Carlton Road

Jeffries Miss Matilda M., apartments, 30 Devonshire Road

Jelly Geo. Aubrey, F.R.C.S. (Edin.), opth surg, 1 Hastings plc. Tel. 2 91

Jenkins Elvet, draper, 27 North  Crescent

 Jenkins Mr. Thos., 18 Riversleigh Avenue. Tel. 235 Lytham

Jenkins Mr. Wm., 21 West Bank Avenue

Jenkinson John, baker, Back Curzon Road. Tel. 172

Jepson Mr. Fred, Westwood, Albany  Road

Jepson Mrs. Helena, Rossendale Private Hotel, Woodlands Road. Tel. 273

Jepson Mr. John, 85 Orchard Road, St. Annes. Tel. 262

Jepson Mr. John R., 20 Coronation Road, Fairhaven

Jerwood Bernard E., M.D., phy and surg, 18 Bromley Road, St. Annes. Tel. 751

Jobling & Jobling, solctrs and com for oaths, 12 West Crescent . Tel. 362 and at Blackpool

Johnson Mrs. Alice I., 4 Rowsley Road. Tel. 1065

Johnson Arthur, gent's outfitter, 60-62 Woodlands Road, Ansdell

Johnson Bros. (Dyers), Ltd., dyers and cleaners, 4 West Crescent  and 2a Clifton sq, Lytham

Johnson Cecil, window cleaner, 15 Westby Street

Johnson Chas. W., insurance agent, 87 Rossall  Road

JOHNSON CHRISTOPHER, joiner, builder and funeral furnisher, jobbing work a speciality, 22 Henry Street, Lytham. Tel. 397 ; hi. 13 Aston st

Johnson Chris., tobcnst, 9 Orchard Road, St. Annes h. 14 St. Leonard's Road. Tel. 1085

Johnson Chas. W., insurance supt (Prudential), 87 Rossall Road, Ansdell

Johnson Miss Emilie, ladies' hairdrs, 55a St. Annes  Road west. Tel. 1299

Johnson Mrs. Ethel R., 27 South Promenade

Johnson Miss Fanny L., 6 Beach Avenue Fairhaven. Tel. 110 Lytham

Johnson Mr. Frank E., 23 Cyprus Avenue Fairhaven

Johnson Fredk., clerk, 4 Kirkdale Avenue

Johnson Fredk. C., traveller, 56 Lightburne Avenue

Johnson Geo., clerk, 6 Heeley Road, St. Annes

Johnson Harry, grocer, 51 Boulevard, St. Annes

Johnson Mr. Herbt. W., 28 Eddington Road, Fairhaven. Tel. 237 Lytham

Johnson Jas., grocer, 5 Moorland Road

Johnson Mrs. Jane, Edenfield cottage, Clifton Drive  , Ansdell

Johnson John, police constable, 110 St. Leonard's Road

Johnson John (Shaw, Sturgess & Co.) ; h. 78 Orchard Road, St. Annes

Johnson John W. & Son, builders, 194 St. David's  Road North. Tel. 1972

Johnson Robt., builder, Victoria St. h. 4 Beach st

Johnson Mr. Sydney A. L., 6 Eddington Road, Fairhaven. Tel. 375 Lytham

Johnson T. W. Gerald, M.C., M.B., B.Ch., B.A. (T.C.D.), phys and surg, Ardeen, Clifton Drive  , Ansdell. Tel. 289 Lytham

Johnson Wm. Ewart, manager, WilliamsDeacons Bank, Ltd., 26 St. Annes  Road west. Tel. 264 ; h. Rydal mount, 13 Eastbank Road. Tel. 264

Jole Mr. Chas., Ingle nook, St. Andrew's  Road North. Tel. 1366

Jolly Mr. Chas., 24 Norfolk Road. Tel.257

Jolly Edwd., building inspector, 48 St. Annes  Road South, St. Annes

Jolly Mr. John Catterall, 17 Ansdell  Road South. Tel. 412 Lytham

Jolly Mr. Lnrd., 8 Marine Drive

Jolly Percy, police constable, 175 Preston Road

Jolly Robt., clerk, 86 Westby Road

Jones-Adams John, traveller, 2 Links view, Ansdell. Tel. 119 Lytham

Jones Bros. (St. Annes), Ltd., motor engineers, Allenby Road, St. Annes. Tel. 529

Jones Mr. David, 159 St. Annes  Road east

Jones Misses Eliz. & Sarah J., apartments, 3 Richmond Road

Jones Mr. Erne StD. B., 36 All Saints' Road, St. Annes

Jones Mr. Fredk., 135 Clifton Drive   South. Tel. 261

Jones Mr. Fredk. W., 18 York Road, St. Annes. Tel. 195

Jones Harold, apartments, 38 Westby St

Jones Herbt., grocer, 85 Clifton St, Lytham

Jones-Hursford Rev. Edwd., 16 Lightburne Avenue. Tel. 1136

Jones Jas. E., taxi proptr, 1 Princes Road. Tel. 121 Lytham

John John R., sec to Fairhaven Golf Club, Blackpool Road, Ansdell. Tel. 162 ; h. 19 Laverton Road, St. Annes

Jones Miss Lizzie, 4 Queen's Road, St. Annes. Tel. 683

Jones Owen, insurance agent, 61 Warton St, Lytham

Jones-Parry Mr. Clive, 12 Ansdell  Road North

Jones Ralph, phtgrphr, 3a Orchard Road, St. Annes

Jones Mr. Sidney, 37 Newbury Road, St. Annes. Tel. 6161

Jones Mr. Thos., 14 Myra Road, Fairhaven. Tel. 373 Lytham

Jones Mr. Tom, 5 St.Hilda's rd

Jones Mr. Thos. B., 25 Kingsway

Jones Thos. M. (Jones Bros. (St.Annes), Ltd.) ; h. 159 St. Annes  Road east

Jones Thos. P., grocer, 198 St. David's  Road North, St. Annes

Jones Wm., fish dealer, 20 Edward St

Jones Wm., police constable, 242 St. David's  Road North, St. Annes

Jopson John B., grocer, 38-40 Woodlands Road, Ansdell. Tel. 160

Jordan Mr. Albt., 2 Laverton Road, St. Annes

Jordan Mr. Gilbt. A., 176 Clifton  Road North, St. Annes. Tel. 314

Jordan Mr. Walter, Kymnaston, Kenilworth Road

Jowett John S., stationer, 3-5 Clifton sq ; h. 27 Kingsway, Ansdell

Jowett Mr. Wm., 17 The Boulevard, St. Annes

Jow itt Mr. John, 110 Clifton Drive   South. Tel. 1021

Joyce Mrs. Ann, apartments, 61 St. Andrew's  Road North

Joyce Herbt. (Herbt. Joyce & Sons,Ltd.) ; h. 53 Hove Road. Tel. 624

JOYCE HERBERT & SONS, Ltd., builders, contractors, asphalters, bricklayers, concretors and drainers 55 Hove  Road. Tel. 624

Joyce John (Herbt. Joyce & Sons, Ltd.) ; h. 82 Hove Road

Joyce Tom (Herbt. Joyce & Sons, Ltd.) ; h. Blackpool

Judson Rev. Wm. Douglas (Meth.), 10 Riley Avenue