Lytham St.Annes Coat of Arms
Lytham St.Annes, Lancashire, England


A-Z of Householders & Businesses in Lytham St.Annes, 1934

Cadman Mrs. Mary A., apartments, 21 Wood St, St. Annes

Cafe Rendezvous, conftnrs, 48 St. Annes Road west. Tel. 187

Cafe Royal, 15 St. Annes Road west. Tel. 597

Caine Thos., traveller, 5 Caryl Road. Tel. 485

Calvert Arnold, insurance agent, 183 St. Leonard's Road

Camm Mr. Louis, 11 Chatsworth Road

Campbell Robt. H., police constable, Police

Station, St. Andrew's Road North

Candlish Miss Eva, ladies' hairdrsr, 80 Westby st

Candlish Jas., riding school, Curzon Road ; h. 15 Holmfield Road

Candlish Wm., wndw cleaner, 3 Rutland Road

CARLTON (THE) PRIVATE HOTEL, opposite open-air baths and gardens, all rooms sea view, hot and cold water in bedrooms, terms on application, 61 South Promenade, St. Annes. Tel. 1036 ; Mrs. E. Mortimer, proprietress

Carmont Harold J., see, St. Annes War Memorial Hospital, St. Annes Road east. Tel. 382; h. 17 Lightburne Avenue Tel. 777

Carnegie Free Library, Clifton Drive and King's Road. Tel 2; Miss B.M.Barrow, Borough Librarian

Carpenter Emmanuel B., traveller, 29 Commonside

Carr Geo. (B. H. Singleton, Ltd.) ; h. 1 Albert St, Lytham

Carr Mrs. Sarah, jeweller, 6 Market sq, Lytham

Carse Dr. Wm. H., 20 Norfolk Road. Tel. 668

Carter Mr. Alex. C., 165 Heeley Road, St. Anne's. Tel. 644

Carter Mr. Ernest R., 14 York Road, St. Annes. Tel. 583

Carter Mr. John 0., 3 Newbury Road

Carter Mr. Jph. Jas., The Homestead, Inner prom. Tel. 228 Lytham

Carter Roger, tailr's cttr, 169 St.Alban's Road

Carter Mr. Walter T., 81 Park Road, St. Annes. Tel. 1045

Cartmell Mr. Cyril, 10 St. David's Road North, St. Annes. Tel. 696

Cartmell Edwd. (Cartmells', Ltd.) ; h. Wrea green

Cartmell Herbt. (Cartmell & Sons) ; h. 64 Hove Road

Cartmell Mrs. Mary, mat nurse, 1 Gregson st

Cartmell Mrs. Mary A., frmr, Shell Hill farm

Cartmell Nicholas, vict, Railway Hotel, Station Road. Tel. 303

Cartmell Philip (Cartmells', Ltd.) ; h.29 St. Annes Road west, St. Annes

Cartmell Robt., sec, St. Annes Land & Building Co., St. Annes pier. Tel.142 ; h. 8 Bromley Road, St. Annes

Cartmell Robt., Junr. (R. Cartmell & Son) ; h. 80 Warton St. Tel. 435

Cartmell R. & Son, plumbers, etc., North Warton St. Tel. 435

Cartmell Wm., builder, 2 Talbot Terrace

Cartmell Win. (Cartmells', Ltd.) ; h. 38 Knowles Road, St. Annes

Cartmell Wm. J., contractor, North Warton St; h. 25 Warton st

CARTMELLS', Ltd., florists and horticulturalists, specialists in landscape gardening, Glen Eldon Road nurseries, and 29 The Square, St. Annes. Tel. 148

Cartwright Mrs. Annie, 19 South prom. Tel. 879

Cartwright Miss Elsa., nursing home, 2 Riversleigh Avenue

Carver Mr. Joseph., 39 Preston Road

Case Mrs. Edith M., 35 Bromley Road, St. Annes. Tel. 577

Cass Mrs. Mary, apartments, 27 Derbe Road

Catlow Mr. Harold W., 49 Arundel Road

Catlow Miss Mary A., 7 Cyprus Avenue Fairhaven

Caton Mrs. Ellen, apartments, 28 Rossall Road

Catterall Mr. Jph. H., 36 Clifton Drive North, St. Annes. Tel. 387

Catterall Mrs. Kate, 55 St. Annes Road east. Tel. 481

Catterall Mr. Sidney, 71 St. Annes Road east. Tel. 679

Catterall Mr. Wm., 19 Heyhouses ln. Tel. 862

Catterall Mr. Win. J., 16 Headroomgate Road, St. Annes. Tel. 898

Cauthra Geo., outfitter, 4 Buckingham Road, Ansdell

Caxton Press, prntrs, 44 Hove Road. Tel. 841

Cemetery, Lytham St. Annes Park, Regent St. Tel. 429 ; R. Harrison, supt registrar

Central Laundry, Back Glen Eldon Road, St. Annes. Tel. 407

Chadwick Mr. Geo. A., 164 Clifton Drive North, St. Annes. Tel. 1165

Chadwick Jas., Esq., J.P., draper, 37 Clifton St, Lytham ; h. 14 Kingsway. Tel. 398 Lytham,

Chadwick Mrs. Jane E., Ashstead, Clifton Drive , Ansdell

Chadwick John, hairdrsr, 47 St.Anne’s Road west. Tel. 406

Chadwick John, stationer, 16 Alexandria Drive , St. Annes

Chadwick Mrs. Mary A., draper, 86b Woodlands Road, Ansdell

Chadwick Miss Ruth, 167 St. Andrew's Road South, St. Annes

Chadwick Saml., fruiterer, 6 St. David's Road South. Tel. 139 ; h. 147 St. Annes Road east

Chadwick Mr. Saml., Church Road, St. Annes

Chadwick Miss Sarah J., 131 St. Annes Road east. Tel. 827

Chadwick Thos., schlmstr, 188 Church Road, St. Annes

Chadwick Mr. Wm., 34 Chatsworth Road

Challinor Mr. Wm. R., Gorsefield, Clifton Drive . Tel. 645 Lytham

 Challoner Chas. (C. Challoner, Ltd.) ;h. 10 Church st

Challoner Chas., traveller, 34 Laverton Road, St. Annes

Challoner Chas., Ltd., plumbers, 13 Queen St. Tel. 37

Challoner Edwd. (C. Challoner, Ltd.) ; h. 13 Queen st

Challoner Mrs. Mary, 10 Church Road, Lytham

Chambers Mrs. Edith, 19 Belmont Road. Tel. 240 Lytham

Chambers Mr. Henry, 39 Rowsley Road

Chambers Mr. Wm., 55 Blackpool Road, Ansdell. Tel. 445

Chambers Mr. Wm., 39 Rowsley Road

Charlton Jas. (Heap & Charlton) ;71 St. Andrew's Road North. Tel. 480

Charlton Robt. Hy., builder, 96 Mayfield Road. Tel. 1376 St. Annes

Charnley Mrs. Eliz., 2 Willows Avenue. Tel. 613 Lytham

Charnley Mr. Fredk. W., 130 Clifton Drive North. Tel. 285

Charnley Mr. John T., 24 Rowsley Road. Tel. 791 St. Annes

CHASESIDE PRIVATE HOTEL, moderate charges, every comfort, overlooking Ashton gardens, one minute sea, pier, cars, golf links, Beach Road. Tel. 292 ; Mrs. M. E.Lane, proprietor

Chatterton Mrs. Mary, 23 Wood St, St. Annes

Chatterton Wm., tobcnst, 83 Clifton St, Lytham

Chatton Mr. Thos. H., 45 Blackpool Road, Ansdell

Cheetham Miss Clara, draper, 20-22 Orchard Road, St. Annes. Tel. 654

Cheetham Frank (S. Cheetham & Son) ; h. 25 North eras

Cheetham Mr. Jas., 179 St. Andrew's Road South, St. Annes. Tel. 778

Cheetham S. & Son, butchers, 25 North Crescent . Tel. 321

Chester Pollard, amusement arcade, Montauban chmbrs, Clifton Drive South

Chew Mr. Jas., 1 Milner Road, Ansdell. Tel. 293 -Lytham

Child-Mlyott Mr. Edwin James, Red cot, Bridge Road, Ansdell

Chilman Wallace B., draper, 42 Albert St; h. 15 Nelson st

Chippendale John, hairdrsr, 145 St. Alban's Road

Chisholme Mrs. Eliza, 64 Caryl Road Christian Alliance for Women and Girls, 5 West Beach ; Miss E. Wycherley, supt

Christie Mr. Alex., 16 Central Beach

Clarendon Private Tennis Courts, Clarendon Road ; F. Mullineaux, sec

Clark Rev. Edmund, Our Lady Star of the Sea presbytery, 2 St. Annes Road east. Tel. 1166

Clark Edwd., plumber, St. George's Lane. Tel. 17

Clark Mr. Frank, 1 Croyde Road., St. Annes. Tel. 1022

Clarke Chas., clerk, 18 Cudworth Road

Clarke Miss Dorothy, mllnr, 7 St.Andrew's Road South, St. Annes

Clarke Mrs. Eliz. C., 20 Glen Eldon Road, St. Annes

Clarke Mr. Jas. T., 156 Clifton Drive South. Tel. 992

Clarke Richd., propty repr, 35 Henry Street

Clarke Robt., grocer, 15 and 19 Orchard Road, St. Annes. Tel. 322 ; h. 50a Park Road

Clarkson Joseph., butcher's manager, Church Road. St. Annes

Clayton Miss Emily, 59 Orchard Road, St. Annes. Tel. 867

Clayton Mr. Reg., 149 St. Annes Road east. Tel. 432

Clayton Mr. Wm., 9 Balmoral Road, St. Annes

Cleaver Mr. Harold W., 76 Orchard Road, St. Annes

Clegg Mrs. Ann, 91 Mayfield Road

Clegg Mrs. Clara A., 10 Rowsley Road. Tel. 160 St. Annes

Clegg Mrs. E., matron, Manchester Sunday School Union Convalescent Children's Seaside Home, 107 Clifton Drive South

Clegg Mr. Edwd., 76 Park Road, St. Annes. Tel. 628

Clegg Herbt. (J. W. Taylor) ; h. 124 St. Andrew's Road North

Clegg Miss Mary C., 25 South Promenade

Clegg Thos., coal mrchnt, Station yard, St. Annes ; h. Myra Road, Fairhaven. Tel. 564 Lytham

Clementson Mr. Geo. E., 8 St. George's sq, St. Annes

Cleves Miss Florence, 24 West Bank Avenue Ansdell

Clifford Mrs. Annie, 52 Orchard Road, St. Annes. Tel. 495

Clifton Arms Hotel, West Beach , Lytham. Tel. 184

CLIFTON CAFE, hot luncheons, afternoon teas, high teas, refreshments, chocolates, ices, cigarettes, parties conveniently catered for, 18 Market Square, Lytham ; Miss M. Holden, proprietress

Clifton Estate Office, Hastings place. Tel. 1 Lytham ; W. Whinnerah, F.S.I., F.L.A.S., agent

Clifton H. Talbot De Vere, Esq., Lytham hall. Tel. 15

Clifton Private Hotel, 49 South prom, St. Annes. Tel. 289 ; E. Woodhead

Clinton Mr. Herbt. J., 11 Lake Road, Fairhaven

Close Mr. Richd. S., 61 Clifton Drive North, St. Annes. Tel. 1116

Clough Cecil, booksllr's manager, 49 Westwood st

Clough Rev. Jas., 169 St. Andrew's Road South, St. Annes

Clugston Mr. Wm. K., 30 Orchard Road, St. Annes. Tel. 1129

Coates Mrs. Dorothy E., 13 Queen's Road, St. Annes. Tel. 982

Coates Mrs. H., 5 Croyde Road, St. Annes. Tel. 83

Coates Mr. Roland C., 9 St. Paul's Avenue Tel. 361 Lytham

Coates Mr. Wm. E., 146 St. Annes Road east

Cobbett Mr. Walter, 6 Queen's Road, St. Annes. Tel. 279

Cockerill Mrs. Ellen, 3 Eden Avenue Cockerill Thos. J., mason, Hove Road ; h. 93 Curzon Road

Cohen Jph. R., clerk, 7 Chatsworth Road Cohen Mr. Louis, Grange Road

Colclough Chas., dairy, 153 St. Andrew's Road South

Collier Jas. L., conftnr, 81 Clifton St

Collings Bramwell (Collinge & Hal-stead) ; h. 31 Cartmell Road, St. Annes. Tel. 784

COLLINGE & Co. (St. Annes), Ltd., furnishers, decorators, carpets, upholstery, bedding, etc., 36 St. Annes Road west. Tel. 157

Collinge & Halstead, chrtrd acntnts, 6a West Crescent . Tel. 1186 ; and at Blackpool

Collingwood Mr. Richd. L., 16 Osborne Road, St. Annes

Collins Walter H., boot dealer's manager, 8 Forshaw Avenue

Collinson J. & Co., boot dealers, 53 St.Annes Road west. Tel. 528

Collinson Jas. A., schlmstr, 122 Warton Street

Collinson Mr. Thos. W., 6 Riversleigh Avenue

Collinson Mr. Wm., 8 Rowsley Road. Tel. 991 St. Annes

Colvin Mr. Hugh, 2 Cyprus Avenue Fairhaven

Compton Misses, Ltd., ladies' hairdrsrs, Union Bank chmbrs, Park Road, St. Annes. Tel. 256

Connolly John, apartments, 35 St. Alban's Road

Connor Henry, apartments, 19 Bromley Road, St. Annes

Conservative Club, St. Annes buildings, Clifton Road North, St. Annes. Tel. 71 ; A. Holroy, sec

Conservative Club, Hastings place. Tel. 115 ; H. Cross, sec

Constantine Mr. Fredk. Wm., 136 St. Annes Road east. Tel. 780

Constitutional Club, St. Andrew's Road, South, St. Annes. Tel. 115 ; Geo. Evans, sec

Convent of the Cross of Passion, 37 St. Annes Road east

Cook Horace R., clerk, 125 Rossall Road.

Cook Mr. Thos., 26 Cartmell Road. Tel. 1253

Cooke Rev. David (Meth.), 15 Derbe Road Cooke Mr. Ellis V., St. Elmo, Clifton Drive , Fairhaven

Cooke Mr. John, 3 Lowther Terrace. Tel. 634

COOKSON E. & SONS, Ltd., wholesale bakers and confectioners, the origin of " Yestamin " bread, The Exhibition bakery, Preston Road. Tel. 776 Lytham

Cookson Fredk., clerk, 29 Preston Road

Cookson Geo., builder, 118 Common side

Cookson Geo. W., clerk, 79 WartonSt

Cookson Hubert (E. Cookson & Sons, Ltd.) ; h. Ashton-on-Ribble

Cookson Jas. (J. Cookson, Ltd.) ; h. 51 Clifton Drive North. Tel. 803

Cookson Jas., Ltd., butcher 40 St.Annes Road west. Tel. 11

Cookson Mr. Jas: W., 118 Clifton Drive North, St. Anne's. Tel. 470

Cookson John, electrn, 16 Trent St

Cookson Mr. Joseph., Central Drive . Tel. 697 Lytham

Cookson Richd. A. (E. Cookson & Sons, Ltd.) ; h. 21 East Beach

Cookson Thos., butcher, 21 Clifton st, Lytham

Cookson Walter, Ltd., tailrs, 26 Wood St, St. Annes

Cooksons' Dairy, Ltd., 4 Orchard Road, St. Annes (Tel. 1149) and Back North Crescent (Tel. 192)

Coombes Mr. Ivor, 20 Ansdell Road North. Tel. 768 Lytham

Coop Mr. G. Clifford, 18 Fairhaven Road

Coope Miss Ada B., 10 Dorset Road

Coope Hubert Macgowan, M.13., Ch.B.,phys and surg, 10 Cambridge Road.Tel. 217 Lytham

Cooper Mrs. Cath., 85 St. Annes Road east. Tel. 137

Cooper Miss Elsie, 29 North Cres

Cooper Mr. Frank B., 5 Arundel Road, Fairhaven

Cooper Harry, sec, John Heap & Sons, Ltd., Pioneer sawmills, 59 St. Andrew's Road South. Tel. 248 ; h. 58 Rossendale Road, StAnnes

Cooper Mr. Hy., 87 St. Annes Road east

Cooper Mrs. Mary H., 2 Station sq. Tel. 244

Cooper Mrs. Susetti, apartments, 10 Hornby Road

Cooper W. & J., solctrs, 2 Station sq. Tel. 244 ; and at Preston

Coppock Mr. Thos., 29 East Beach

COPSON TOM R., York House Private Hotel (hot and cold water in every bedroom), 9 South Promenade, St. Annes. Tel. 146

Corbitt Mr. Chas., 79 Park Road, St. Annes

Cornish Mr. Chas. E., 66 Park View Road. Tel. 666 Lytham

Comes Sidney, police constable, 82 Curzon Road.

Corns Mr. Thos. A., 12 Bromley Rd St. Annes

Corns Walter, grocer, 12 Henry St

Corson Mr. Reg. L., 99 Westby Road, St. Annes

Cort Dr. John G. D., 136 Heeley Road, St. Annes

Cort Miss Margt. L., 87 South prom. Te1.1178

Cottam Miss Beatrice, 5 Elms Avenue Ansdell

Cotton). Thos., chmny swpr, Saltcotes Road

Cottrill Miss Alecia, 4 We Stores

Cottrill Mrs. Marion, newsagent, St. Andrew's Road North

Cottrill Mr. Robt. P, 17 Church rd, St. Annes

Coughlin Wm. D., pol sergt, 152 St. Leonard's Road

Coupe Mrs. Olive, 18 Coronation Road, Fairhaven

COUPE RAYMOND, high-class tailor and gent's outfitter, 16 Garden Street. Tel. 864 ; h. 32 Knowles Road, St. Annes

Coupe Mr. Robt., 30 Chatsworth Road. Tel. 593 St. Annes

Court Chas. Edwd., optcn, 3 Park Road, St. Annes ; h. 3 Richmond Road

Coventry Mrs. Ada M., 150 StAnnes Road east. Tel. 1294

Coventry Miss Minnie E., 1 Oxford Road, St. Annes. Tel. 326

Cowcill Mr. Ernest T., Jutland, Clifton Drive . Tel. 385 Lytham

Cowley Mr. John D., 76 Park View Road

Cox Edwin & Beatrice (E. Duerden), 25 Clifton st

Crabtree Misses Alice & Eliz., apts, 55 St. Andrew 's Road south, St. Annes

Crabtree Mrs. Althea, apartments, 98 St. Andrew's Road South, St. Annes

Crabtree Mr. Edgar, 20 Laverton Road, St. Annes. Tel. 1063

Crabtree Mrs. Edith, 46 Caryl Road. Tel. 1248

Crabtree Mr. Edwd., The Warren,

Clifton Drive . Tel. 260 Lytham

Crabtree Mr. Harry, 54 All Saints' Road, St. Annes. Tel. 1202

Cragg Mr. Arthur R., 18 Knowles Road, St. Annes. Tel. 1156

Craig Misses Elsie M., ladies' hairdrsr, 3a Clifton St. Tel. 576

Crane Walter, manager, Talbot Hotel, Clifton St. Tel. 236

Crankshaw Donald, grocer's manager, Helmshore, Ansdell

Crankshaw Miss Mary, ladies' hairdrsr, 14a Orchard Road, St. Annes

Cranshaw Mr. Donald, Worsley Road Craston Miss Alice J., 16 St. Annes Road east. Tel. 468

Craven Herbt. (Wood & Craven) ; h. 86 Woodlands Road, Ansdell

Crawshaw Alfd., builder, 22 Durham Avenue St. Annes

CRAWSHAW Mrs. ANN, The Gables Private Hotel, Orchard Road, St. Annes. Tel. 143

Crawshaw Benj., sure, 20 Stephen St, At. Annes

Creedy Rev. Alfd. E. (Cong.), 15 Durham Avenue St. Annes

Creighton Mr. Wm., 19 West Beach

Creodor, sanitary products, Back St. Annes Road west

Crewdson Mr. Jph. H., 7 Park Avenue

Crick Miss Clara, 31 Blackpool Road, Ansdell

Crighton Miss Helen, 29 Rowley Road. Tel. 795 St. Annes

Critchley Mr. Arthur, 17 Norfolk Road. Tel. 355

Critchley Mr. Chas., 16 Eddington Road, Fairhaven

Critchley Chas. F., Esq., J.P., C.C., 19 Riley Avenue Tel. 317

Critchley Mr. Harold, 17 Riley Avenue Tel. 728

Croasdale Mr. John, 19 Kensington Road, Ansdell

Crocker Mr. Ernest, 12 Osborne Road, St. Annes

Crocker Mr. Geo., 12 Laverton Road, St. Annes. Tel. 1062

Crompton Bertram, cinema manager, 4 Lime grove

Crompton Misses Ellen, Betsy & Fanny, apartments, 35 All Saints' Road, St. Annes

Crompton Mr. John, 25 Ansdell Road North. Tel. 125 Lytham

Crompton Mr. Nathan, 123 Mayfield Road

Crompton Mr. Percival M., 62 Cartmell Road

Crompton Mr. Sidney, 13 Rowsley Road

Crone Mrs. Cora, 114 St. Annes Road east

Crone Herbt., conftnr, 34a Clifton St, Lytham

Cronenball (Mrs. Emma) & Fitzhugh (Mrs. Marie), apartments, 8 Richmond Road

Crook Miss Alice, 4 Ansdell Road

Crook Cyril, billiard hall manager, 18 Forshaw Avenue

Crook Geo. & Sons, painters, 24 Albert Road, St. Annes

Crook Jas., fr fish dealer, 2 Dock Road

Crook Mrs. Louisa, 2 Oxford Road, Ansdell

Crook Miss Theresa, 39 East Beach

Cross Mr. Chas. F., 10 Clarendon Road. Tel. 1095

Cross Henry, colctr of taxes, 16 Upper Westby st

Cross Herbt. (Cross's) ; h. 6 Hastings's place

Cross Mr. John, 3 Bannister st

Cross Jph. (Cross's) ; h. 23 Church Road, Lytham

CROSS PETER, first-class purveyor of fish, game, poultry, flowers, vegetables, also floral designs, 36 St. Andrew's Road South, St. Annes. Tel. 344

Cross Richd., florist, 1 Regent St, Ansdell

Cross Mrs. Sarah A., conftnr, 23 Clifton St, Lytham

Cross Mr. Thos., 9 Woodlands Road, Ansdell

Crossley Mrs. Edith, 8 Arundel Road, Ansdell

Crossley Mr. Geo. B., 8 Willows Avenue

Crossley Miss Gertrude E., 7 Oxford Road, Ansdell

Crossley Mr. Jas. H., 3 Norwood Road, St. Annes. Tel. 774

Crossley Misses Mary E. & Ann, Clifton Drive . Tel. 544 Lytham

Crossley Mr. Saml., 19 Coronation Road, Fairhaven

Crossley Wm. E., manager, Manchester & County Bank, Ltd., 88 Woodland Road. Tel. 441 ; h. Bank house

Cross's, florists, 3 Church Road, Lytham. Tel. 102

Crowe Frank, pntr, 147 St. Andrew's Road South

Crowe Harry, sec, Fairhaven Estate Co., Ltd., 4 Pollux gate, Fairhaven. Tel. 67 Lytham ; h. 19 Lightburne Avenue Tel. 67 Lytham

Crowe Stanley, pntr, 46 St. David's Read South

Crowther Mrs. Dorothy, 1 Caryl Road. Tel. 530

Crowther Mr. Frank, 9 The Boulevard, St. Annes

Crowther Mr. Harry, 1 Norwood Road, St. Annes. Tel. 1094

Crowther Mr. Herbt. J., 92 Clifton Drive South. Tel. 672

Crowther Mr. Jas., 55 Orchard Road, St. Annes

Crowther Mr. John W., 1 Beach Avenue Fairhaven. Tel. 701 Lytham

Crowther Saml., fr fish dealer, New Market buildings, St. David's Road South

Crowther Thos. F., cinema manager, 128 Clifton Drive South. Tel. 1174

Crozier Misses Fanny, Mary Edith & Mabel, conftnrs, 5 Park st

Cubbin Mr. Ernest, 3 West Beach . Tel. 108

Cumpstey Rev. Wm. J., 28 Knowles Road, St. Annes

Cundy Reg. C. S., Rosario Private Hotel, 28 North prom

Cunliffe Geo., apartments, 2 Richmond Road

Cunliffe Misses H. & B., reg office for servants and fancy drapers„ 25-27 St. Andrew's Road South, St. Annes

Cunliffe Mr. John E., Central Beach

Cunningham Ronald, B.A. (Cantab.), M.R.C.S. (Eng.), L.R.C.P. (Lond.), phys and surg, 5 Dicconson Terrace. Tel. 93

Curnow J., insurance agent, 47 St. George's hi, St. Annes

Currin Jas., boot repr, 33a North Clifton St; h. 116 Warton st

Cursley Mr. Geo., 1 Willows Avenue

Cuthbert Mrs. Rhoda, apartments, 1 All Saints' Road, St. Annes