Lytham St.Annes Coat of Arms
Lytham St.Annes, Lancashire, England


A-Z of Householders & Businesses in Lytham St.Annes, 1934

Macadam Kenneth A. (Macadam & Moore) ; h. 12 Rossall Road

MACADAM & MOORE, automobile engineers, overhauling and repairs a speciality, garage accommodation for for cars (private lock-ups), Rutland garage, Commonside North. Tel. 641 Lytham

McCaffin Mr. Alfd. H. B., 95 South Promenade

McCreanor Mr. Edwd., 1 Coronation Road, Fairhaven. Tel. 674 Lytham

Maclean Robt. D., cabt maker, 53 Clifton St, Lytham

Maconochie Capt. Hy. D., M.C., 193St. Annes  Road east. Tel. 717

McColl John (Fylde Paint & Varnish Co.) ; h. 178 Church Road, St. Annes

McConnell Mr. Paul, 1 Upper Westby street

MacFarlane Mr. John C., 8 Park Avenue

MAC FISHERIES, Ltd., purveyors of fish, game and poultry, 9 St. Annes Road west, St. Annes.      Tel. 1390(two lines)

McGregor Mrs. Ann, 40 Devonshire Road. Tel. 1323 St. Annes

Mcllwick Mrs. Jane, apartments, 23 Park St

McInerney Chas. F. W., piano tuner, 38 Commonside

McIsaac Rev. Jas. B., 5 Queen St

Mackay Mr. Alex., 14 Arundel Road

McKay Mrs. Annie, 24 Victoria Road, St.Annes. Tel. 1005

McKenna Peter J., B.A., M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., D.M.R.E. (Cantab.), phys, surg and radiologist, 58 All Saints' Road, St. Annes

McKenzie Mr. Harold E., 6 West Bank Avenue Ansdell

Mackenzie Jas., M.D., phys and Burg, 4 St. Annes  Road west. Tel. 24

MACKENZIE WM. B. (established 1813), joiner, builder, contractor and shop-fitter, repairs in all branches of the building trade, Back Rossall  Road, Ansdell. Tel. 648 Lytham ; h. Nooklands, Albany Road. Tel. 648 Lytham

Mackie Misses Henrietta & mina, Nelson house, Victoria Road, St. Annes. Tel. 59

McKinsley Dr. Jas. G., 4 Clarendon Road. Tel. 1016

McLaren Miss Ivan, 24 Clifton Drive   South. Tel. 1223

McLean Jas. Y., L.R.C.P., L.R.C.S., L.R.F.P. & S., phys and Burg, Holmedale, Clifton Drive North, St. Annes. Tel. 465

McLellan Mrs. Agnes C., Albany

McLELLAN D., authorized plumber, hot water and sanitary engineer and practical decorator (schemes and estimates submitted), 76 Westby Street, Lytham. Tel. 681

McLELLAN W. & Co. (late 16 years with E. Wilson & Son), auctioneers, valuers, estate agents and complete funeral furnishers, 13 Westby Street. Tel. 717 Lytham

McLellan Wm. R., dairy, 39 Westby St

McLeod Miss Mary, 30 Ansdell  Road North

McMinn Wm. A., golf pro and golf club maker, Lytham Hall park, Ansdell. Tel. 162 Lytham

McMorran Mr. John, 15 Chatsworth Road. Tel. 842 St. Annes

McNULTY'S AGENCY, select agency for maids, furnished houses to let, and coal agents, County Bank chambers, Orchard  Road, St. Annes. Tel. 1282

Maconochie Miss Eliz., 30 Victoria Road, St. Annes. Tel. 490

Macrae Miss Myra, 1 Riversleigh Avenue Ansdell

McShannock Jas., tailor, 6a Park Road, St. Annes ; h. 11 Springfield Road

Maddock Chas., friar, 5 Clifton St, Lytham. Tel. 611

Maddock John F., police constable, 89 Curzon  Road

Maden Lady Alice M., Rockcliffe house, Woodville Terrace. 'Tel. 619

Maden Mr. Henry, 29 Cecil St. Tel. 334

Maden Mrs. Lucy H., 12 Fairhaven Road. Tel. 390

Madgwick Mr. Herbt., 8 Queen's Road, St. Annes

Magnet (The), drapers and hairdrsrs, 5 Market sq, Lytham. Tel. 598

Mahoney Mrs. Jean, mllnr, 18a Churchrd, St. Annes

Main Edwin (R. Main & Sons) ; h. 17 St. Leonard's Road

Main R. & Sons, hairdrsrs, 8 West Crescent . Tel. 297

Maison Centrale, hairdrsrs, 57 St. Annes  Road west. Tel. 159

Maitland Jph. H., pntr, St. David's Road North, St. Annes ; h. 14 Ryeheys Road

Makin Mr. Geo., 28 Rowsley Road. Tel. 281

Makin Mr. John, 8 Norwood Road, St. Annes

Makinson Mr. Thos. A., 3 Balmoral Road, St. Annoy. Tel. 244

MALLEY Miss ELLEN, fruiterer and florist, egg and poultry dealer, St. David's  Road South. Tel. 660

Malley & Son, fruiterers, 74 Clifton St, Lytham. Tel. 181

Malvern Marble Polishing Co., Back St. Annes  Road west

Manchester Children's Hospital Convalescent Home, Clifton Drive   North, St. Annes. Tel. 20 ; Miss E. Wynne, matron

Manchester & County Bank, Ltd., Dicconson ter, Lytham. Tel. 285 ; T. H. Staley, manager

Manchester & County Bank, Ltd., 24 St. Annes  Road west (Tel. 104), Alexandria Drive  (Tel. 207) and Church Road, St. Annes (Tel. 1298) ; J. F. Grundy, manager

Manchester & County Bank, Ltd., 88 Woodlands Road, Ansdell. Tel. 441 Lytham ; W. E. Crossley, manager

Manchester Sunday School Union Convalescent Children's Seaside Home, 107 Clifton Drive   South ; Mrs. E. Clegg, matron

Mangan Miss Jane, 33 Ansdell  Road North

Mangan Mr. Wilfd. C., 153 St. Alban's Road. Tel. 19

Mangnall Mrs. Eliza, 3 Osborne Road, St. Annes

Mangnall Mr. Thos. B., 188 Clifton Drive   North, St. Annes. Tel. 1140

Manning Mr. Geo. H. C., 57 Lake  Road North. Tel. 587 Lytham

Manor, chldrn's outfitter, 2a Wood St, St. Annes

Mapplebeck Alexis, cashr, 8 Stratford  Road

Margerison Fredk. W., F.A.I. (J. Entwistle & Co.) ; h. 29 Cartmell Road, St. Anne's. Tel. 772

Margerison Mr. Geo. F., 24 East Beach

Margerison Mr. Road., 26 Norfolk Road. Tel. 315

Marie Mdme., dressmaker, 15 Church Road, Lytham

Marine Lake Cafe, Inner prom. Tel. 769 Lytham

Mar k Mr. Henry F., 40 St. Annes  Road east

Mark Miss Rachael F., 10 Chatsworth  Road

Markland Misses Agnes & Mima, apartments, 29 Fairhaven Road

Markland Mr. Thos. W., Ingersley, St.Patrick's  Road South. Tel. 40

Marland Mr. Jas., The Moorings, North prom. Tel. 659

Marriott Mr. Alfd. E., 158 Clifton Drive   North, St. Annes. Tel. 1386 . Marsden & Co., saddlers, 12 Park Road, St. Annes. Tel. 1

Marsden Fredk. W., L.R.C.P., L.R.C.S. (Edin.), phys and surg, 110 Warton St. Tel. 345

Marsden Leslie, hairdrsr, 97 St. Alban's  Road

Marsden Misses Mary J. & Florence, 9 Victoria Road, St. Annes

Marsden Mr. Percy, 7 Norwood. Road, St. Annes

Marsden Tom, travelling draper, 142 Curzon Road

Marsh Miss Edith, grocer, 27 Alexandra  Road east

Marsh Mr. Herbt., 23 Woodlands Road, Ansdell

Marsh & Son, fresh fish dealers, 11 Henry St and 4 Station Road

Marsh Wm. (Marsh & Son) ; h. 15 Woodlands Road, Ansdell

Marsh Wm., pntr, Melton grv, Ansdell; h. 18 Woodlands Road

Marshall Mrs. Alice, corseterie, '7 Kenilworth Road

Marshall Mrs. Grace, 25 Beach Road, St. Anne's

Marshall Mr. Henry, 4 Lake Road, Fairhaven

Marsland John, bookkeeper, 99 Kenilworth Road

MARSON THE MISSES (established 1902), private apartments, magnificent sea view, facing open-air baths, tariff on application, Selwyn house, 35 South Promenade, St. Annes. Tel. 539

Martin Mr. Bertram E., 7 Leamington  Road

Martin Rev. Harold E., M.A., 12 Caryl  Road

Martin Horace D., ironmonger, 47 Woodlands Road. Tel. 131 Lytham

Martin Mr. Jas. R., 73 Headroomgate Road, St. Annes. Tel. 1064

Martin John, musical director, 195 St. Leonard's Road

Martin Jph. C., Esq., J.P., 53 Headroomgate Road, St. Annes. Tel. 418

Martin Miss Rose, ladies' hairdrsr, 1 Clifton sq. Tel. 756

Martin-Lee Mr. Wm. R., 44 East Beach

Martins' Bank, Ltd., 56 St. Annes  Road west. Tel. 1280 ; T. Shanks, manager

Martland Mr. Jph. H., 14 Ryeheys Road. Tel. 1303 St. Annes

Maskell Frank, apartments, 59 Park Road, St. Annes

Mason Leslie, L.D.S., dentl surg, 20 Clifton Drive   South. Tel. 598 St. Annes

Mason Mr. Oscar D., 111 Westby Road, St. Annes

Mason. Thos., club steward, 4 Park View Road

Mather Mrs. Ada, 17 Queen's Road, St. Annes

Mather Mrs. Florence, 42 St. Annes  Road east. Tel. 300

Mather Mr. Geo. A., 94 Mayfield Road Mather Leslie, bank clerk, 155 St. Alban's Road

Matterson Mr. Geo. H., 2 Queen's Road, St. Annes. Tel. 204

Matthew Mr. Fredk. W. F., 16 Stanley Road. Tel. 489 Lytham

Matthews Arthur (Jas. Matthews) ; h. 1 Malvern Road. Tel. 393 Lytham

Matthews Chas. (Matthews & Ratcliffe) ; h. 67 St. Andrew's  Road South, St. Annes

Matthews Mrs. Dorothy, 67 Orchard St. Annes. Tel. 1046

Matthews Henry C. (Lancashire Building Co., Ltd.) ; h. 19 The Boulevard

MATTHEWS JAMES (established 1902), joiner, builder and contractor, shopfitter, repairs in all branches of building trade, Commonside North. Tel. 393 Lytham

Matthews Mr. John, 27 Victoria Road, St. Anne's

Matthews & Ratcliffe, prntrs, Back Park Road

Maudsley Misses Eva & Ellen, drapers, 85a Clifton St, Lytham

Maudsley H. & M., provision dealers, 107 Headroomgate Road, St. Annes. Tel. 506

Maudsley Robt., farmer, 13 Worsley Road

Mawson Misses Cath. & Clara E., 1 Arundel Road, Fairhaven

Maxwell Mrs. Theresa E., apartments, 64 St.Andrew's  Road South, St. Anne's

Mayall Mrs. Amy, Sandringham Road. Tel. 776 St. Annes

Mayes Herbt., A.L.C.M., music teacher, 23 Edward st

Mayes Thos., riding school, Curzon Road ; h. 3 Trafalgar st

Maymon Harold M. (Johnson & Maymon); h. 18 Mythop Avenue. Tel. 274 Lytham

Maymon James, hairdresser, 16 North Crescent . Tel. 832 ; h. 59 St. Andrews Road North

Mayor Fred, reporter, 33 Cleveland Road

Maypole Dairy Co., Ltd., grocers, 4 West Crescent . and 2 Clifton sq., Lytham

Mead Mr. Daniel, 25 Riley Avenue

Mead Francis, tailor, 7 Kilnshaw Lane

Mead Seymour T. & Co., Ltd., grocers,14 St. Annes Road west. Tel. 1243 & 1244 and 78 Clifton Street Lytham. Tel. 27

Meadon Mr. Percival E., 119 Clifton Drive   South

Meadowcroft Miss Annie E., 4 Marine Drive

Meadowcroft Mr. Jas., Clovelly, Clifton Drive  , Ansdell

Meadows Saml., bookkpr, 14 Moorland  Road

Medcalf Edwd., boot dealer, 12 Market sq

Medcalf JohnE., meter insptr, 31 Dock  Road

Meggitt Enoch S. (Meggitt & Co.) ; h. 10 Milner Road, Ansdell. Tel. 322 Lytham

Melling Albt., taxi proptr, 57 Holmfield Road. Tel. 688

Melling John Wm., fish dealer, 35 St.Andrew's Road South, St. Annes. Tel.1381 ; h. 31 St. Patrick's Road South

Melling Road, plumber, 53 Victoria St

Melling Mr. Saml. E., 12 Park AvenueTel.203 Lytham

Melling Thos., joinr, 4 Ripon Road, Ansdell

Melling William (Lytham Printing Co., Ltd.) ; h. 108 Commonside

Melling William, painter, 5 The Boulevard, St. Anne's. Tel. 1106

Mellor Mr. Albert, Church Road, St. Annes

Mellor Mr. Benjamin, 12 Milner Road, Ansdell

Mellor Mrs. Emma, Fairlawn Road. Tel 111

Mellor Misses Vivian & Alice E., 9 Eddington Road, Fairhaven

Melville Mr. Road., 33 Warwick Road

Mercer Mr. Alexander, 12 Elms Avenue. Tel. 698 Lytham

Mercer J. J. & Son, joiners, South Clifton st

Mercer John James (J. J. Mercer & Son) h. Ballam School house

Mercer Mrs. Mary A., 38 Devonshire Road Mercer Richard, tailor, 10 Clifton st, Lytham

Mercer Wm., wndw cleaner, 22 Church Road, Lytham

Mercer Mr. William A., 11 Links view, Ansdell

Mercer Wm. W. (Lytham Printing Co., Ltd.) ; h. 12 Cecil st

Merlin Rev. Fredk. W. J., M.A., B.Sc. (Cong.), 4 St. Thomas Road

Merrall Frederic C., M.B., Ch.B., physician and surgeon, 28 Orchard Road, St. Anne's. Tel. 141

Merrall Harry, M.B., B.Ch., L.S.A. (Lond.), physician and surgeon, 60 Orchard Road. Tel. 72 St. Annes

Meredith Mr. Richard, 21 Victoria Road, St. Annes

Merritt Mr. Edwin E., 3 Kensington Road, Ansdell

Messham Mr. Fredk C., 19 Clifton Drive  . Tel. 469 Lytham

Metcalfe Bros., grocers, 11 St. Andrew's

 Road South, St. Annes. Tel. 155

Meynell Miss Maud, chiropodist, 22Ripon Road, Ansdell. Tel. 443

Middlehurst Mr. Percy, 57 Laverton Road, St. Annes

Middleton Mr. Albert, 51 Headroomgate Road, St. Annes. Tel. 419

Middleton Frank (Caxton Press ) ; 44 Hove Road

Midgley Mrs. Annie, apartments, 48 St. Davids Road South

MIDGLEY Misses JAME & MARY, public and private apartments (board optional), excellent cuisine, moderate charges, near links, sea and cars, 44 Orchard Road, St. Annes

Midland Bank, Ltd., 11 St. Annes Road west. Tel. 210 ; S. E. Towill, manager

Midland Bank, Ltd., 82 Woodlands Road, Ansdell. Tel. 585 Lytham ; J. N. Garner, manager

Midland Bank, Ltd., Clifton sq. Tel. 280 ; James F. Hague, manager

Millard Mr. Cecil W., 7 Woodlands Road, Ansdell

Miller & Allanson, monumental masons, South Westby st

Miller Fredk., verger, 5 Talbot Ter

Miller Mr. George H., 15 Links Road. Tel. 438

Miller George R., plumber, 25 HenrySt

Miller William (Miller & Allanson), & sexton ; h. 21 Henry st

Miller Mr. William C., 16 Elms Avenue. Tel 156 Lytham

Milligan James R., M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O. (Belf ), physician and surgeon, 17 Park St. Tel. 140

Milligan Wilfrid E., M.B., B.S. (Lond.), physician and surgeon, Merlewood, Clifton Drive  , Ansdell. Tel. 158 Lytham

Milligan W. Hubert, M.R.C. S., L.R.C.P physician and surgeon, 57 All Saints Road, St. Annes. Tel. 101 9

Mills Mrs. Ada, 1 Bellingham Road. Tel. 664 Lytham

Mills Arthur, bookkpr, 61 Alexandra  Road east

Mills Mr. Edward, 42 East Beach

Mills Mr. Eugene W., White house, Inner prom. Tel. 154 Lytham

Mills Mr. James, 18 Ansdell Road North. Tel. 686 Lytham

Mills Misses Laura & Dorothy, 75 Orchard Road, St. Annes

Mills Mrs. Margt. A., Chatsworth Road. Tel. 718 St. Annes

Milne Mr. Robt., 3 Park Avenue. Tel. 149 Lytham

Milner Mr. Fredk. E., 14 Eddington Road, Fairhaven. Tel. 618 Lytham

Ministry of Labour Employment Exchange, 8 St. Albans Road, St. Annes. Tel. 1424, and Pleasant St, Lytham. Tel. 1 92 ; J. J. Longland, manager

Minnikin. Mr. John, 35 Riley Avenue

Minton R. R. & Co. (1930), Ltd., paint mftrs, 80 Clifton St, Lytham. Tel. 671

Minty Frederick, traveller, 8 St. Annes Road ea st

Missett Mr. Wm., 3 Links Road. Tel. 783

Mitchell George, Ruthven, L.R.C.P. & L .R. C. S. (Edin. ), physician and ophthalmic surgeon, 38 Wood St, St. Annes. Tel. 849

Mitchell Mr. Harry, 67 Kingsway Mitchell Ply., fish dealer, Market hall

Mitchell Mrs. Jessie M., apartments, 8 Hornby  Road

Mitchell John H., H.M. Inspector of Taxes, St. Annes Buildings, Clifton Drive   North, St. Annes. Tel. 342 ; h. 10 Cavendish  Road

Mitchell Miss Margt M., 4a Central Beach

Mitchell Mr. Walter, 9 St. Thomas' Road. Tel. 129

Moakes James K. (J. Chadwick), 47 St.Annes Road west. Tel. 406 and 1004

Model Express, dyers & Cleaners, 77Clifton St, Lytham

Modern Radio, wireless, etc., 9 New Market Buildings, St. David's Road South

Mogridge Miss Beatrice, 10 Norfolk Road

Molyneaux Mr. John P., The Serpentine

Monaghan John, bldr, Sefton. Road ; h. 2 Lightburne AvenueTel. 80

Monk Albert, dairy, 63 Rossall Road

Monk Mrs. Grace, 72 Park Road, St. Annes

Moore Mrs. Ada, 3 Lord Street

Moore Mrs. Clara E., 32 Chatsworth Road. Tel. 1166 St. Annes

Moore Mr. Cyril, 8 Ansdell Road North Moore Edith E., chiropodist, Williams Deacons Bank chambers, Orchard rd, St. Anne's. Tel. 303

Moore Edmund (Moore & Sons) ; h. 20 Westby st

Moore Misses Ellen & Margaret, 8 Central Drive

Moore Frank J. (J. Moore & Son); h. 20 Westby st

Moore George (Geo. Moore & Sons) ;h., 20 St. Albans Road. Tel. 1013

MOORE GEO. & SONS, motor coach and garage proprietors, haulage contractors & furniture removers, petrol oil, tyres, accessories ; garages, Hove  Road, Ashton gardens and 20 St. Alban’s  Road. Tel. 1013

Moore H., Ltd., undertaker, 102 St.Andrew's Road South. Tel. 510 Moore Henry (H. Moore, Ltd.) ; h.. 76 Hove Road

Moore Henry L. (Macadam & Moore) ; h. 26 Ripon Road

Moore John 0. (G. Moore & Sons) ; h. 22 Sydney st

Moore John, hairdresser, Clifton sq. Tel. 591 ; h. 6 Lythall Road

Moore J. & Sons, ironmongers, 36 Clifton St, Lytham

Moore Mrs. Mary J. & Eliz. C., 5 Lowther ter

Moore Richard, farmer, Moss House

Moore William, cashier, 59 St. Andrews Road South, St. Annes

Moore Wilfred & Joseph, grocers, 1a Station Road

Moorhouse Mr. Harold, 125 South prom

Moorehouse Mr. Hy., 84 Orchard Road, St.Annes

Moorhouse Misses Jessie & Bertha, 148 St. Annes Road east

Moorhouse Percy I., coal dealer, 90 Warton  Road

Moores D., Ltd., ins brokers, Montauban chambers, Clifton Drive South. Tel. 1238

Moores Donald (D. Moores, Ltd.) ;. 41 Rowsley Road. Tel. 837 St. Annes

Moores Mr. Thomas, 137 Clifton Drive South. Tel. 645

Moorhouse & Proctor, apartments, 9 Richmond Road

Moran David W., dentist, 119 Warton Street

Moreland Mr. Edgar, 20 Clifton Drive South, St. Anne's

Moreland Dr. George, 190 Church Road, St. Annes

Morgan Mrs. Bertha, apartments, 21 Rossall Road

Morgan Mr. James A., 3 Rowsley Road. Tel. 1130StAnnes

Morley Nurse Alice C., 38 Lightburne Avenue

Morley Mr. Thos., 5 Riley Avenue. Tel. 241

Morris Mr. Alfred E., 36 Headroomgate Road, St. Annes

Morris Joseph, farmer, Eastham hill

Morris Mr. Joseph H., Channing Road. Tel. 644

Morris Mr. Meshach C., 22 Fairhaven Road. Tel. 850

Morris Mr. Nathaniel, Sandhills, 41 Clifton Drive   South. Tel. 68

Morris Road. (Morris & Willoughby) ; h. 17 St. Davids Road South

Morris Robt, plumber, 4 Windsor Road. Tel 117 Lytham

Morris & Willoughby, coach painters, Sandhurst Avenue

Mort Miss Edith, grocer, 4 Westby St

Mort Herbt, tvllr, 201 St. David's Road North, St. Annes

MORTIMER Mrs. E., The Carlton Private Hotel, opposite open air baths and gardens, all rooms sea view, hot and cold water in bedrooms, terms on application, 61 South Promenade, St. Annes. Tel. 1036

Morton Mrs. Annie, apartments, 53 St. Andrews Road South, St. Annes

Morton John D. M., engineer, 34 Westwood Street

Mortimer Louis, boot repr, Back st,

St. Annes Road west; h. 8 Kirkdale Avenue

Mosedale Mr. Ward, 185 St. Andrews

Rd South, St. Annes. Tel. 42 Moseley Mr. Ernest, 6 Beech Road, St.Annes. Tel. 162

Moseley Mr. Wm., 24 Headroomgate Road, St. Annes. Tel. 747

Moseley Alfred, ironmonger, 18 Park Road St. Annes. Tel. 228

Mosley Cecil, grocer, 20 Park Road, St. Annes. Tel. 607

Moss Mrs. Margt, 10 Lake Road, Fairhaven

Moss Mrs. Mary E., 22 Coronation Road, Fairhaven

Moss Mr. Wm., 3 St. Thomas' Road. Tel. 459

Mosscrop John, newsagent, 99 Headroomgate Road, St. Annes

Moulden Hubert, traveller, 6 Oxford Road, Ansdell

Mounsey Thos. (E. Fleetwood, Ltd.) ; h. 3 Richmond Road

Muirhead Mrs. Annie, apartments, 7 East- bank  Road

Mulligan Nurse Margaret, 21 Woodlands Road, Ansdell

Mullineaux Mr. Henry, 6 Clarendon Road. Tel. 2 94

Mumford Ernest H., costumier, 93 Clifton St, Lytham. Tel. 114 ; h.14 Beach Avenue Fairhaven

Murgatroyd Edward, traveller, 62 St.Andrew's Road South, St. Annes

Murgatroyd Mrs. Sarah, 25 Wood st, St. Annes. Tel. 716

Murphy Mr. Bartholomew F., 19 Upper Westby st

Murray Robert, confectioner, 8 Station Road Musgrave & Wood Ltd., jewellers, 2a Park st

Myers George, propty repr, 40 Cleveland Road

Myers Mrs. Mary M., apartments, 6 Beech st

MYERSCOUGH J. E., Ltd., joiners, builders, contractors, shop fitters, asphalters, roof and wall tilers and funeral undertakers, 28 North Clifton Street. Tel. 248

Myerscough John E., Esq. (J.E. (Myerscough, Ltd.) ; Glenora, The Serpentine. Tel. 659