Lytham St.Annes Coat of Arms
Lytham St.Annes, Lancashire, England


A-Z of Householders & Businesses in Lytham St.Annes, 1934

Raby Edward W., A. S. A.A. , A    T. A deputy borough treas, Town Hall, St. Annes. Tel. 2 ; h. 87 St. Leonards Road

Race Miss. Elizabeth, apartments, 21 Clifton Drive   South

Radford Mrs. Jennie, 37 Chatsworth Road. Tel. 735 St. Annes

Rae Miss Kate, apartments, 33 South Promenade Tel. 1227

Raffail Mr. Michael, 13 Clifton Drive   South. Tel. 537

Rainford Mr. Reuben, 12 Cyprus Avenue Fairhaven

Rainford R. & Sons, butchers, 14 West Crescent . Tel. 166

Ramsbottom Mr. Albert K., 63 Headroomgate Road, St. Annes. Tel. 156

Ramsbottom Mrs. Elizabeth, apartments, 37 Bromley Road, St. Annes

Ramsbottom Dr. Edgar N., 24 Riversleigh Avenue Tel. 477 Lytham

Ramsbottom George traveller, 27 Glen Eldon Road, St. Annes

Ramsbottom James (The Magnet), 5 Market sq, Lytham. Tel. 598

Ranft John H., engineer and manager, Corporation gas works, 8 Orchard Road, St. Annes. Tel. 1361 ; h. 199 St. David's Road North, St. Annes. Tel. 1361

Ranson Mr. J. Herbert, 69 Orchard Road St. Annes. Tel. 790

Ratcliff George, draper, 52 Woodlands Road, Ansdell

Ratcliffe Bros., stonemasons, Sandhurst Avenue Tel. 730

Ratcliffe Harold D., (Ratcliffe Bros.,) ; h. 35 Warwick  Road

Ratcliffe Wm., grocers manager, 13 Gloucester Road, Ansdell

Ratcliff Wm. D. (Ratcliffe Bros.) ; h. 133 Mayfield Road

Rawcliffe Wm. E., electrician, 13 Moorland Road. Tel. 574

Rawlinson Clifford Hy., boot repr, 71 Holmfield Road

Rawlinson. Richard, traveller, 27 Common side

Rawsthorne Mrs. Mary J., 11 Norwood  Road, St. Anne’s. Tel. 968

RAWSTRON C. & SON (established 1875), funeral directors, undertakers and cabinet makers, St. Andrews  Road west, St. Annes. Tel. 240. Telegrams, Rawstron, St. Annes

Rawstron J. C. A. (C. Rawstron & Son); h. 15 St. Andrews Road South, St. Annes. Tel. 240

Rawstron Mr. Rowland, 12 Avondale  Road

Rayner Mr. Arthur B., 11 Devonshire Road. Tel. 106 St. Annes

Rayner Ernest, stationer, 24 Orchard Road, St. Annes ; h. 31 Park Road

Read Albert E., traveller, 21 Highbury Road Read Mr. Geo. E., 58 Lightburne Avenue

Read Mr. John M., 6 Arundel Road, Fairhaven. Tel. 370 Lytham

READ J. S., certified masseur, medical electrician and chiropodist, 5 St. David’s  Road North. Tel. 440

Read Mr. Thomas, 7 Eden Avenue. Tel. 241 Lytham

Redfern Bros., butchers, 1 We Street Crescent . Tel. 119 and 152 St. Albans Road. Tel. 769

Redfern Frank K. (Redfern & Son) ; h. 107 St. Annes Road east

Redfern F. & J., butchers, 1 We Street Crescent . Tel. 119

Redfern James (Redfern & Son) ; h. 107 St. Annes Road east

Redfern Miss Sarah, 4 Bazley Road. Tel. 44 Lytham

Redfern & Son, butchers, 152 St. Albans Road. Tel. 769

Redfern Mr. Wilfred E., 47 South prom, St. Annes. Tel. 825

Redhead Ernest, rate collector, 9 Brook  Road

Redman Mr. James, 66 North prom. Tel. 1277

Redshaw Hy., fr fish dealer, 2 Cross St

Reene, drapers, Market hall

Reid Mrs. Mary, 162 Clifton Drive   South

Renshaw John, pol sergt, 38 North Clifton st

Renshaw Mr. Vernon, 31 Newbury Road, St. Annes Tel. 657

Reynolds Mr. Clement U., 78 Clifton Drive   South. Tel. 855

Reynolds Mr. James H., 24 Arundel  Road. Tel. 298 Lytham

Reynolds Mr. John E., Albany Road

Rhean Miss Ethel, matron, Dame Sarah Lees Home of Rest, Blackpool  Road

Rhind Mrs. Martha, 16 Riley Avenue Tel. 895

Rhodes Miss Alice G., The Elms, Clifton Drive  . Tel. 209 Lytham

Rhodes Cariday, police constable, Police Station, St. Andrews Road North

Rhodes Charles, fancy goods dealer, 21 Market sq

Rhodes George, butcher, 20 Alexandria Drive . Tel. 819, and The Square Tel. 189

Rhodes William, pork butcher, 20 Market sq. Tel. 509 ; h. 18 Church  Road, Lytham

Ribble Navigation, engineer's office, 8a Park St; J. L. Cochrane, engineer

Ribble Navigation Office, 3 Talbot terrace, Lytham. Tel. 261 ; G. Vaughan, dredging supt.

Richards George, apartments, 9 Orchard Road, St. Annes

Richards Mrs. Mary J., apartments, 13 Park Road, St. Annes

Richards Nurse Nancy, 2b Park st

Richardson James, haulage contractor, 110 Curzon Road. Tel. 635

Richardson Mr. Joseph, 8 Miletas place, Fairhaven

Richardson L. & Son, scale makers, George Street

Richardson Percy, motor engineer, Dock  Road ; h. 17 Preston Road

Richardson Robt., traveller, 15 Commonside

Richardson Thomas, haulage contractor, 2 Buckingham Road, Ansdell. Tel. 574 Lytham

Riddiough Mr. Jonathan H., The Dunes, South Prom. Tel. 1321

Riding Thomas, tailor, 31 St.Anne’s Rd west. Tel. 811

Ridyard Harry G., confectioner, 32 St. Albans  Road

Rigby Mrs. Annie, 140 St. Annes Road east. Tel. 425

Rigby Mrs. Annie, 15 Seafield Road. Tel. 328

Rigby Mr. Geo. E., 2 Bazley Road

Rigby James R., M.R.C.V.S., veterinary surgeon, 27 Church Road, Lytham. Tel. 264

Rigby John, M.R.C.S. (Eng), L.S.A. (Lond.), physician and surgeon, 1 Worsley Road

Rigby John T., income tax adjuster, Clifton sq ; h. 6 Cleveland Road

Rigby Mr. Joseph, 20 Myra Road, Fairhaven

Rigby Nicholas, det sergt, Police Station, St. Andrews Road North

Rigg Miss Mary E., 25 Blackpool Road, Ansdell

Rigge Tom Q. (Tomlinson (St. Annes), Ltd) ; h. 46 Clifton Drive   North. Tel. 228

Riley Mr. Charles A., 30 Willows Avenue Tel. 380 Lytham

Riley Charles H., 17 Myra Road, Fairhaven. Tel. 326 Lytham

Riley Cyril, police constable, 42 North Clifton Street

Riley Miss Isabella, 17 Victoria Road, St. Annes

Riley Mrs. Mary Hayfield, Clifton Drive  , Ansdell

Riley Misses N. S. & G. E., conftnrs, 5 Garden st

Riley Samuel, builder, 171 Church Road. Tel. 336 St. Annes

Riley Mr. Thomas S., 3 Chatsworth Road. Tel. 32

Riley Wm., chiropodist, 3 Clifton sq

Rimmer Misses E., M. A. & M. H., conftnrs 127a WartonS t; h. 1 Trent Street

Ritson Mr. Thomas Y., 9 Links Road

Roan Mr. Walter, 35 Central Drive  

Robb Geo., M.B. , Ch.B., phys and surg, Elsinore, 2 Marine Drive . Tel. 30 Lytham

Roberts Miss Ann J., 57 Blackpool Road, Ansdell

Roberts Mr. Arthur, 7 Fairlawn Road

Roberts Frank, insce insptr, 9 Mythop Avenue

Roberts Mrs. Gertrude, apartments, 21 Richmond Road

Roberts Harold, police constable, 40 Commonside

Roberts Herbert, schlmstr, 169 Heeley  Road, St. Annes

Roberts Miss Jane, 37 Riley Avenue

Roberts John H., supt, Prudential Assurance Co., Ltd., St. Annes Buildings, Clifton Drive North. Tel. 1216; h. 32 Laverton Road, St. Annes

Roberts Mr. Smith, A.M.I.Mech.E., 5 Seafield Road,

Roberts Mr. Thomas D., Tyneholme, 2 Hungerford Avenue

Roberts Mr. Walter, 95 Mayfield Road

Robertshaw Mr. Arthur, 1 Eden Avenue. Tel. 292 Lytham

Robertshaw Mr. Charles W., 23 Blackpool Road, Ansdell

Robinshaw Richd. H., apartments,15 Clifton Drive  North, St. Annes. Tel. 1342

Robinson Mr. A. Lindsay, Seafield cottage, Seafield Road. Tel. 256

Robinson Mrs. Clara, 14 Balmoral Road, St. Annes

Robinson Miss Edith, 9 Queens Road, StAnnes. Tel. 231

Robinson Misses Ethel A. & Beatrice, 27 Ansdell Road North

Robinson Mr. George H., 18 Norfolk  Road

Robinson Harry, pntr, 10 St. Albans  Road ; h. 10 St. Annes Road ea St

Robinson Harry, butcher, 75 St. Andrew' Road South

Robinson (Thos.) & Heap (Wm. T. H.), grocers, 41 St. David's Road South

Robinson Herbert C., apartments, 119 St.Andrew's Road South, St. Annes

Robinson Mr. Herbert L., 81 Orchard Road, St. Annes

Robinson King, boot repr, Market bldg

Robinson Marcus E. (Lytham & District Window Cleaning Co.) ; h., 5 Station Road

Robinson Mrs. Mary E., apartments, 28 St. Annes Road east

Robinson Mrs. Rachel, 36 Bromley Road, St. Annes

Robinson's Belfast Linen Warehouse, Ltd., linen drapers and ladies underwear specialists, 1-3 Orchard Road, St. Annes. Tel. 853

Rochdale Children's Convalescent Home, St. Andrew's Road South, St. Annes

RODGERS Mrs. A., private and residential apartments, all sitting rooms facing sea, terms on application, Monterey, 26 North Promenade.' Tel. 420 St. Annes

Rodgers Mr. Joseph, 23 Preston Road

Rodgers Philhp H., golf pro, 9 Ashley  Road

Rodway Mr. Barron J., 6 Lowther terrace. Tel. 272 Lytham

Roe Mr. John, Ascot, Grange Road, St. Annes

Rogers Mr. Charles, 58 Cavendish Road

Rogers Mr. John, 29 Mythop Avenue

Rogerson Mrs. Lavinia, apartments, 113 South prom

Rontree Arthur, boot repr, Back North  Crescent  ; h. 84 Clifton St. St. Annes

Roocroft Mrs. Eliz., 4 Bromley Road, St.Anne's. Tel. 176

Rosbotham Joseph, pol insptr, 6 Durham Avenue

Rose Miss Hannah E., grocer, 28 Holmfield Road

Rosenberg's, drapers, 49 St. Annes Road west

Rosher Rev. Herbert G., M.A., St. Cuthbert’s vicarage, Church Road. Tel. 229 Lytham

Roslyn C. & T., nurseryman, Alexandra  Road east

Ross Mr. Andrew, 37 Oxford Road, St. Annes

Ross Mr. Fred, 28 Myra Road, Fairhaven. Tel. 105 Lytham

Rossall & Co., Ltd., haulage contrs, 50 Commonside. Tel. 49 Lytham

Rossall Mrs. Jane, J.P., Church  Road, St. Annes

Rossall John, farmer, Kiln House farm

Rossall John Ed., haulage contractor, 16 Rossall  Road. Tel. 561 Lytham

Rossall Miss Margt, Hazlebank Nursing Home, Clifton Drive  , Ansdell

Rossall Mrs. Marion, apartments, The Gables, Clifton Drive  , Fairhaven

Rossall Robert (Rossall & Co., Ltd.); h. 50 Commonside

Rossendale Private Hotel, Woodlands  Road, Ansdell. Tel. 273 Lytham ; C. H. Parr, proptr

Rosser Mr. Frank, 2 Beach st

Rothwell Bertie (H. Worswick, Ltd.) ; h., Albany  Road

ROTHWELL FRED, radio specialist, agent for all leading sets, radio components, battery charging, complete sports outfitter, agent for Bukta Sports wear, also Spalding and Dunlop sports equipment, special terms to clubs, 87a Clifton St; h. 6 Bedford  Road

Rothwell Mr. George H., 1 Stanley Road, Tel. 770 Lytham

Rothwell Hy., builder, Back Rutland Road ; h. Fylde Road, Ansdell

Rothwell James, clerk, 86 Holmfield Road

Rothwell Mrs. Mary A., 18 Headroomgate Road, St. Annes. Tel. 318

Rothwell Thomas H., house furnisher, 45 St. David's  Road, South and 33 Wood Street.

Rothwell Mr. Wm., The Chalet, The Serpentine. Tel. 74

Rowe Mrs. Deborah, 11 Riversleigh Avenue

Rowe Mrs. Ellen, 25 St. Paul's Avenue Fairhaven

Rowe Fredk, boot repr, 18 Curzon Road.

Rowlay Harry (St. Annes Leaded light works) ; h. 22 Wood St, St.Annes. Tel. 665

Rowson Mr. Fred, 5 Fairlawn Road

Rowson Mr. William B., 9 Fairlawn Road Roy Mrs. Helen, 12 West Beach

ROYAL LYTHAM AND St. ANNES GOLF CLUB, Links gate, St. Annes. Tel. 6 ; Dormy house. Tel. 591 and Stewards office, Links gate. Tel. 1093

Royle Misses Annie & Emma, apartments, 35 Clifton Drive South

Royles Mr. Robt. W., 12 Eddington Road Fairhaven

Rundall Mr. Fredk T., 170 Clifton Drive  North, St. Annes. Tel. 1417

Rushy Mr. Irvine, 55 Laverton Road, St. Annes

RUSHFIRTH GEORGE C. & SONS, LTD. (established 1886), builders, contractors, designers, sculptors and craftsmen in Keswick green stone, granite, marble, alabaster, wood and metal, Back North  Crescent . Tel. 295. Telegrams, " Rushfirth, Builders"

Rushfirth Saville (G. C. Rushfirth & Sons, Ltd. ) h. 4 Dorset  Road

Rushfirth Stephen (G. C. Rushfirth & Sons, Ltd.) ; h. 8 Dorset  Road

Rushton John, firewood dealer, 17 Rutland Road

Rushton & Wilson, apartments, 15 All Saints Road, St. Annes

Russell Frank (W. E. Russell & Co., Ltd.) h. 38 Bromley Road., St. Annes Tel. 87

Russell Stanley, (W. E. Russell & Co., Ltd.) ; h. 24 St. Andrews  Road South, St. Annes

Russell Wm. T., victualler, County and Commercial Hotel, Church Road, Lytham. Tel. 109

RUSSELL W. E. & Co., Ltd., iron- founders, plumbers, hot water fitters, sanitary and electrical engineers and wireless dealers, 22-24 St. Andrew’s  Road South, St. Annes, and St. Annes market. Tel. 87

Rutherford Miss F , matron, Lytham St. Annes Convalescent Maternity Home Innisfail, 17 Fairhaven Road, Tel. 16

Rycroft Willie, clerk, 138 St. Andrews Road, North

Ryder Henry, traveller, 1 Albany Road

Ryder Madame E. W., gown specialist, 24 Wood St, St. Annes

Rylance Mr. John H., 5 Northhouses lane, Ansdell. Tel. 347 Lytham

Ryland Mr. George E., 22 Cavendish Road. Tel. 153