Lytham St.Annes Coat of Arms
Lytham St.Annes, Lancashire, England


A-Z of Householders & Businesses in Lytham St.Annes, 1934

Fairbank Mrs. Emma E., 7 Links gate. Tel. 234

Fairchild Jas. C., engineer manager, Lytham St. Annes Corporation Transport department, Squires gate (Tel. 41044) ; h. 58 Highbury Road. Tel. 75 St. Annes

Fairhaven Estate Co., Ltd., estate spits, 4 Pollux gate, Fairhaven. Tel. 67 Lytham ; H. Crowe, sec

FAIRHAVEN GOLF CLUB, Lytham and Blackpool  Road, Ansdell. Tel. 162 ; J. R Jones, sec

Fairhaven Hotel, Clifton Drive  . Tel. 97 Lytham ; Mrs. M. E. Nuttall, managerss

Fairhurst Miss Rebecca, apartments, 38 Park Road, St. Anne's. Tel. 229

Fallowfield Mr. Chas., 9 Warwick Road

Fallowfield John E., schlmstr,, 191 St. Leonard's Road

Fandel Mrs. Ethel R., 69 Park Road, St. Annes

Fanner Frank, tailr, 39 St. Andrew's  Road South, St. Anne's

Farmers' Produce Stores (Thos. Jackson), 54 St. David's  Road South. Tel. 932

Farnworth Mrs. Edith, apartments, 57 Park Road, St. Annes

Farnworth Mr. Robt., The Cottage, St. Annes  Road East. Tel. 265

Farnworth Saml. P., F.B.O.A., con optician, 38 St. Annes  Road west (Tel. 866), and chmst, 42 Woodland Road, Ansdell (Tel. 33) ; h. 11 Myra Road, Fairhaven (Tel. 584 Lytham)

Farrar Mrs. Marie, apartments, 4 Hornby Road

Farrar Mr. Percy, 29 Wood St, St. Annes. Tel. 1100

Farrer Mr. Walter, 17 Clifton Drive  . Tel. 335 Lytham

Farrington Mrs. Emily, apartments, 5 All Saints' Road, St. Annes

Farrow Arthur Ed., gent's outfitter, 125 St. Alban's Road ; h. 19 Rossall Road, Ansdell

Farrow Mrs. Eliz., 7 Lake Road, Fairhaven

Faulkner Jas. (Lunesdale creamery), 8 Wood St, St. Annes. Tel. 30

Faulkner Misses Marie & Elsie, drapers, 192 St. David's  Road North, St.Annes

Fauvall Mrs. Rita, 69 Park Road, St. Annes. Tel. 1251

Fawcett Mr. Edwd., Church Road, St. Annes

Fazackerley Mr. Philip, 38 North Promenade

Feargrieve Henry, French polisher, 1 and 14 North Clifton st

Fearnhead Dr. Thos., 1 West Beach  

Featherston Mrs. Gertrude, 28 Clifton Drive   South

Feeney Lawrence, boot repr, 34 St.Andrew’s  Road South, St. Anne's

Fell Horace, insurance agent, 8 Clifton St, Lytham

Ferguson & Aldred, milliners, 5 Orchard Road, St. Annes. Tel. 1087

Ferguson Mr. Alfd. 0., 21 Ansdell  Road South. Tel. 234 Lytham

Ferguson Mr. David W., 180 St. David's  Road North

Ferguson Mr. Ronald N., Greenways, Ballam Road. Tel. 834

Ferrie Thos. R., golf pro, 25 Bromley Road, St. Annes. Tel. 604

Fielding Mrs. Edith P., apartments, 47 St. Andrew's  Road South, St. Annes. Tel. 995

Fielding Mr. Joseph., 21 Boulevard, St. Annes

FILDES FRANK J., coal and coke merchant, Railway Station yard, Ansdell. Tel. 245 Lytham ; h. 11 Kensington Road, Ansdell. Tel. 245

Finlay & Co., Ltd., tobcnsts, 10 West Crescent

Finlayson Mr. Robt. W., 10 Agnew Street

Finn Mr. Patrick,18 Central Beach

Fire Station, St. Andrew's  Road North, St. Annes. Tel. 127 ; L. J. Laird, chief officer

Firth R., plumber, 30 Westby at. Tel. 662

Fish Mrs. Annie, apartments, 14 All Saints Road, St. Annes

Fish Misses Annie & Sarah A., 26 Dorset Road

Fish Hy., cycle repr, Back St. Annes  Road west

Fish Jas. (Ansdell Cycle & Motor Depot) ; h. 71 Rossall Road, Ansdell

Fish (Mrs. Sarah A.) & Slater (Miss Mary A.), apartments, 56 St. Andrew's  Road North, St. Annes

Fisher Chas., blacksmith, Back Rutland Road ; h. 23 Seymour Road

Fisher Edwd., grocer, 88 Church Road, St. Annes

Fisher Geo. (E. Fleetwood, Ltd.) ; h. 8 St. Annes  Road east

Fisher Jas., plumber, 17 Highbury Road Fisher Mr. John, 9 Kensington Road, Ansdell

Fisher John W., traveller, 43 Westwood St

Fisher Mr. Joseph., 19 Chatsworth Road. Tel. 532 St. Annes

Fisher Dr. Robt. H. W., 28 Cecil st

Fisher (Miss Edith) & Thompson (Miss Mary), apartments, 99 St. Andrew's  Road South, St. Anne’’s

Fisher Wm., frmr, Boardman farm, Regent st

Fitton Mr. Wm., 16 Avondale Road

Fitzgerald Jph. P., M.R.C.V.S., vet surg, 38a St.Anne’s Road we St; h.73 Orchard Road, St. Annes. Tel. 1141

Flamborough Harold J., grocer, Church Road, St. Annes

Fleetwood E., Ltd., grocers, 23a North  Crescent . Tel. 815

Flagg Walter, caretkr, 48 Cross St

Fleming Mr. John, 98 Clifton Drive   South. Tel. 1 96

Fletcher Mr. Alfd., 19 Seafield Road. Tel. 319

Fletcher Mr. Herbt. Hy., 26 Knowles Road. Tel. 946 St. Annes

Fletcher Hubert, boot repr, 1 Albert Road, St. Annes

Fletcher Jas., traveller, 10 Central Drive . Tel. 468 Lytham

Fletcher Mr. Jas., Buries., 47 Clifton Drive   South. Tel. 535

Fletcher Mrs. Lucy C., apartments, 81 St. Alban's Road

Fletcher Mdme., ladies' outfitter, 41 St. Annes  Road west

Fletcher Mrs. Mary, 20 Caryl Road

Fletcher Robt. (Lytham St. Annes" Review ") ; h. Church Road, St. Anne's

Fletcher Mr. Robt. S., 26 Park View Road. Tel. 821 Lytham

Flewitt Harold Percy P., M.A., B.Sc., 29 Newbury Road

Flint Geo. H., conftnr, 7 Moorland Road

Flower Mdme. May, mllnr, 6 Wood St, St.Annes

Flower Ernest, tailr, 20 North ores. Tel. 544

Foden Mrs. Jane, 75 Clifton Drive   South

Fogg Mr. Thos., 7 Agnew st

Foley Jas. R., music and wireless dealer, 8 Park at ; h. 40 Warton at

Forbes Mr. Andrew, 4 Eddington Road, Fairhaven. Tel. 538 Lytham

FORBES GEO. WM., Ltd., builders' merchants, Station yard, St. Andrew’s  Road North ; and at Blackpool

Forbes John P., pharmacist, 15 Clifton at, Lytham

Ford Mrs. Adeline, 100 Clifton Drive   South. Tel. 301

FORD JAMES, coach and automobile painter (specialist in cellulose finishing), Allenby  Road works, St. Annes. Tel. 765 ; h. 25 Allenby Road

Ford Mrs. Margt., apartments, 17 Richmond  Road

Ford Mrs. Thirza, apartments, 48 St. Alban's  Road

Formby Rev. Robt., rector, St. Joseph's presbytery, Woodlands Road, Ansdell

Forshaw Mr. Alfd., 36 Westby St. Tel. 316 Lytham

Forshaw Joseph., house furnisher, 61 Clifton St. Tel. 555 ; h. 68 Warton st

Forshaw Wm., plastr, 2 North Clifton Street

Fortune Ernest, butcher's manager, 133 Warton at

Fortune & Ashworth, conftnrs, 50a Back Church Road, St. Annes

Fortune Gilbt. (Fortune & Ashworth) ; h. 91 Holmfield Road

Foster Mr. Arthur, 10 St. George's sq, St. Anne's. Tel. 116

Foster Mr. Chas., 22 West Bank Av, Ansdell

Foster Mrs. Esther, Croft lea, Clifton Drive  , Ansdell. Tel. 49 Lytham

Foster Miss I , Bankfield Poultry farm, St. David’s  Road South

Foster Wm., swimming instructor, 187 Preston Road

Fosters', corn millers, Pleasant at. Tel. 128

Fothergill Mrs. Beatrice, 50 Clifton st,

Fothergill Mr. Thos. R., 11 West Beach . Tel. 521

Foulds Mr. Benj. T., 7 Cavendish Road

Fowler W. O., insurance agent, 128 Heeley Road, St. Annes

Fox Albt. Edwd., police constable, 3 Ripon Road

Fox Mr. Guilherme H., 5 Myra Road, Fairhaven. Tel. 372 Lytham

Fox John & Jas., cabt makers, 14 Market sq. Tel. 732

Fox Percival R., traveller, 63 Glen Eldon Road, St. Annes

Fox Mr. Robt., 12 Dorset Road

Fox Mrs. Ruth, apartments, 25 St. Andrew's  Road North

Foxon Rev. Walter (Meth.), 3 Bromley Road, St. Annes. Tel. 594

Foy Saml., tailr, 15 St. David's  Road South ; h. 19 Kenilworth Road

Fradley Wm. J., traveller, 9 Lime grv

France Miss Nellie, 54 Caryll Road.

France Richd. WT., ironmonger, 13 Clifton St, Lytham

Frankland Thos., clerk, 12 Bannister St

Franklands', conftnrs, 62 St. Annes  Road west. Tel. 341

FRASERS (Miss Jessie Fraser), court dressmakers and ladies' tailors, 12 Cambridge  Road, Ansdell

Freda (Mrs. F. Doeg), ladies' hairdrsr,3a Park Road, St. Annes. Tel. 1317

Freedman & Samuels, Sefton Court Private Hotel, 42 North prom. Tel. 162

Freeman Mrs. Ada K., 163 St. Annes  Road east. Tel. 117

Freeman Mr. Arthur S., 166 Clifton Drive North, St. Annes. Tel. 1003

Freeman F. E., St. Ives Private Hotel,7 South prom. Tel. 873

Friedenthal John A. (Lytham Shipbuilding & Engineering Co., Ltd.) ; h. 5 Pembroke Road, Ansdell. Tel. 612 Lytham

Friedenthal Richd. E. G., drghtsmn, 35 East Beach

Friedrich Mr. F. A., 5 Malvern Road Frith Walter, tailr, 29 St. Annes  Road east. Tel. 998

Froggart Ellen, boot dealer, 129 St.. Alban's Road

Frost Misses Mary D., Ellen B. & Lena L. chldrn's outfitters, 14 Park Road, St. Annes. Tel. 637

Fryer Mr. Francis J., 4 Stanley Road

Fryer Mr. Isaac, 15 Clifton Drive  . Tel. 499 Lytham

Fryer Wm., clerk, 25 Rossall Road

Fullagar Mrs. Marion, 6 Beech Road. Tel. 1303 St. Annes

Furness W. & W. A., chmsts, 90 Woodlands Road, Ansdell. Tel. 419 Lytham

Furness Walter (W. & W. A. Furness) ; 11. 90 Woodlands Road. Tel. 419

Fylde Box Co., cardboard box makers, St. Andrew's  Road North. Tel. 149

FYLDE COAL Co., coal and coke merchants and general carting contractors, 31 Cross Street

FYLDE DIRECT, Ltd., mineral water manufacturers, phone or send a P.C. for prompt attention, St. David's  Road South. Tel. 222

Fylde Joint Isolation Hospital, Moss side, Lytham

Fylde Paint & Varnish Co., mnftrs, Lord St. Tel. 1100

Fylde Press, Ltd., prntrs, etc., St. Leonard's Road. Tel. 603

Fylde Rugby Union Football Club, Blackpool Road. Tel. 54 ; E. Potterton, sec

Fylde Water Board Office, 17 Durham Avenue St Annes. Tel. 46

Fylde Water Board Office, 27 Westby St. Tel. 2