Lytham St.Annes Coat of Arms
Lytham St.Annes, Lancashire, England

Preston Guardian, Saturday, February 24, 1844


We are happy to learn that the inhabitants of this delightiful watering place are about to add to its other attractions a spacious covered market. The plan of the building is from a design of our townsman, Mr. Tuach and is in the Tudor style of architecture. The site of the erection is a new street, to be opened along the back of Mr. Nickson's hotel, from which it is proposed to make a thoroughfare into Church street.

Judging from the plans, we should say the building will have a very bold and effective appearance. An ancient charter authorizes the collection of tolls by the lord of the manor for the support of a market at Blackpool.

We really wonder how long the people of Preston are to be denied the convenience of a covered market: surely the authorities of the town will never suffer Blackpool to outstrip them in the march of improvement. We hope better things of them.



Blackpool Market, opened 1844.On Monday morning last, the New Market,  at Blackpool, was formally opened to the public the building being sufficiently near completion as to allow of its being used.

The market-house is erected on a plot of land behind Mr. C. Nickson's hotel, formerly used as. a bowling green. The building is of brick, with stone dressing.  It is 111 feet in length, and 28 feet wide, in the interior, and is in three compartments, one for fish, one for butcher's meat and cheese, and one for a general market.

The market is built in a parallel line with the beach, and has two entrances, one from Church-street, and the other from Market-street. The building which is from the designs of Mr. Tuach, is in the Elizabethan style of architecture, and has a porch at each end.


Over the north entrance, are the arms of Thomas Clifton,. Esq., of Lytham Hall, and over the south entrance, the arms of Sir Benjamin Heywood, and the Rev, W. Thornber, Over the porch at the south end, is also the inscription "St. John's Market; anno Christi, 1844.  Buy the truth and sell it not."

Considerable preparations were made to give eclat to the opening and the,Mayor of Preston had intimated his intention of landing with the Corporation, at Blackpool, on the occasion of his excursion to Fleetwood, if the weather  permitted. Flags also floated from the tower of the church, and other places. However, that no inconvenience should be suffered by the inhabitants and the salesmen, the ceremonies attendant upon the opening were postponed until after the principal part of the market business bad been transacted.

Blackpool Market in the early 1900s.Shortly after nine o'clock in the morning, the market was opened for business; and every stall was well filled. There was a large supply of butchers' meat, fish, fowls, potatoes, and other vegetables, fruit, &c; in the market, and adjoining the market house were wheat; beans, straw &c., &c,

The sale commenced immediately and continued briskly the whole of the forenoon.  The market was thronged the whole time, and the inhabitants appeared to take the greatest interest in the proceedings.

         At half-past one o'clock, a procession was formed of the trustees of the market, the principal inhabitants of Blackpool, the contractors of the undertaking, many of the visitors, and the school children, proceeded by a band  of music, and numerous flags. The procession  passed through .the market, and along the principal, streets of the town, "At intervals during the procession, the firing of cannon took place.

Shortly after two o'clock, a numerous party sat down to lunch at Mr. Nickson's hotel, the Rev, William Thornber, in the chair. After the lunch had been partaken of, the Chairman proposed "The Queen," which. was drunk with three times. three, The toast of "Prince Albert and the rest of the Royal Family," was next proposed, and similarly honoured.

The Chairman said they would all regret that they had been unable to have that day the company of the Mayor and Corporation of Preston, but the wind had been so unfavourable that they could not land. The Mayor had wished to be present to congratulate them on the spirited way in which they had carried on the undertaking. He felt  honoured by this offer. There was no wonder that the inhabitants of Blackpool should be stiring, innoculated, as they must be, by the progression at Fleetwood and Preston, Blackpool being situated between the two towns.

The Chairman then referred to the position of Blackpool and the Fylde in former times, which he contrasted  with its present State. Nature had done much, for Blackpool, and now its inhabitants would do something.  He spoke shortly of the position of Blackpool and its advantages as a watering piece, and concluded by drinking 'Success to Blackpool Market, and the health of the Lord of the Manor."-:(Loud applause.) Mr. John Bonny proposed the."Health of Sir Benjamin Heywood, Bart," a gentlemen whose kind and liberal disposition caused him to be much esteemed in Blackpool.—(Three cheers.) 
P. Ryeroft, Esq., proposed a toast, which would be agreeable to all. It was the health, of a gentleman whose family had been known for centuries In that neighbourhood, and had been always liked. He spoke highly of the hospitality of the people of the Fylde, and dwelt on the high opinion which all the neighbours had of their Chairman. There had been something very unlike fair play as regarded him; and on that account he felt more anxious to speak thus of him.

He had seen his exertions to promote the prosperity of Blackpool, and to establish market, and his exertions had been properly appreciated by all parties: He had been the means of conferring a great benefit on Blackpool, and his name would go down to posterity in connection with the improvements he had been the means of effecting.  The Chairman, he knew had an earnest desire to do all the good he could in this neighbourbood. - (Applause.) He hoped they would soon see him in his old Pulpit again. -(Loud applause), They had no wish to depreciate the services of the excellent clergymen now ofliciating in Blackpool, but  they could not but wish to see their friend in his old place. The toast was drunk with, three times three, and "One cheer More," for Mrs. Thornber and family.  

The Chairman thanked them for their very kind reception of the toast. He then alluded to the exertions of the contractors, who had all executed their work in an efficient manner. Mr. Kenrick, Mr. Leeming, Messrs. Hill, Mr. W. Butcher, and Mr. Walmsley had been employed in the  undertaking. Mr. Tuach, the architect, was Lila° entitled to  their thanks. He proposed "the Architect and Contractors." Mr Tuach returned  thanks. Mr. Ryecroft proposed the health of the "Mayor and Corporation of Preston, which was received with great applause.     

Just as the toast had been drunk, Mr.Alderman Taylor, Mr. Richard Threlfall, jun., Dr.Norris, Mr.J.German Fisher, Mr.P Walker, and Mr.John Gorst, entered the room, as a deputation from the Mayor and Corporation of Preston, to attend the opening of the market.

Having beeen informed of the toast last drunk, Mr Alderman Taylor rose to return thanks. He said that when they left Preston it was the intention to land on the coast at Blackpool, and attend the opening of the market; but finding this could not be done, he (Mr.T.) and his friends put ashore at Lytham, to attend as a deputation. - (Cheers) The deputation had been through the market and he could say that the building did them infinate credit. - (Cheers) He felt that Blackpool in this respect, was before Preston. No doubt the market would be a great convenience to both inhabitants and visitors and he trusted that it would tend to the advantage of all parties. He begged to propose the "Town and Trade of Blackpool."

Mr H Banks returned thanks. He remembered the time when there were only two houses in Blackpool, and, he watched its continued advancement with much interest.

Mr.Alderman Taylor proposed "Success to the Blackpool Railway," which was duly honoured.

Mr.Ryecroft gave the health of a distinguished gentleman in the neighbourhood, well entitled to their respect. He proposed "Sir Hesketh Fleetwood; and success to the town and port of Fleetwood-on-Wyre." - (Three times three.)
The Chairman and principal guests here retired and the party shortly afterwards broke up.