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"He has fought a good fight . . ."

WHILE the funeral was being held privately at Layton Cemetery, on Tuesday, of Mr. Frederic Alexander Grime, JP, chairman of the Blackpool Gazette and Herald, Ltd., a two-minute silence was observed at the offices of " The Gazette and Herald " and its associated newspapers. Mr. Grime died at his home, 18, Parkway, Blackpool, on Saturday. 

Mr. Fred Grime, who would have been 91 years old in a fortnight's time, had been in failing health for some time, but was out and about until two months ago. With his death there passes the last surviving son of the late Alderman John Grime. JP, Freeman of Blackpool. founder of the "Gazette" over 80 years ago. He died in 1917. His sons. F. Herbert and Harold R. Grime, joint governing directors since 1938. have been general manager and editor-in-chief respectively for the past 30 years. A widower since 1924. his sister. Miss A. F. Grime, survives him. the last of Ald. John Grime's children.


Tributes to Mr. Grime were paid at Blackpool magistrates' court on Monday. The chairman (Mr. E. A. Machin) said that he would like to make mention of Mr. Grime. He was a personality whenever he was at the court, said Mr. Machin, and always did what he thought best in the interests of justice and the town.

"I am sure that he will be missed by ourselves and by his family," he added.

Lieut. Col. E. Read, TD, said that he would like to associate himself with those remarks on behalf of the advocates practising at the court

" He tempered justice with mercy," he said. and went on, " One must remember that his father. Mr. John Grime, was also on the bench.

" Looking back over the years, it is a unique distinction for a family to have had a grandfather, father and two sons on the bench. and we must express our sympathy with the present chairman, Mr. F Herbert Grime, and his brother. Mr. Harold R. Grime," he concluded.

The Chief Constable (Mr. H. Barnes), on behalf of the police. and Mr. T. Ross (Deputy Magistrates Clerk). on behalf of Mr. C. F. Johnson (Magistrates' Clerk). associated themselves with the remarks.


A simple service at Layton Cemetery church, attended by his family and close associates. preceded the burial.


Canon W. Yates. MA, vicar of St. John's Parish Church, Blackpool, who officiated, said he wished to express just one thought.

" Lord, who shall dwell in Thy Tabernacle, or who shall rest upon Thy Holy Hill? " continued Canon Yates. " The answer, even he that leadeth, an uncorrupt life, a clean liver; he that doeth the thing that is right, is honest in business; he that speaketh the truth from his heart, whose yea is yea,' and whose nay is ' nay.'

" That is my simple thought, and that Is my picture of the one whom we are laying to rest. He has fought a good fight; he has finished his course.

" His rest is well-earned. May that be said with the same honesty of every one of us when our call comes."

Mourners: Mr. F. Herbert Grime, JP, Mr. and Mrs. Harold R. Grime (sons and daughter-in- law); Miss A. F. Grime (sister); Mr. and Mrs. Alan R. Grime, Mr. and Mrs. John F. Grime (grandsons and granddaughters-in-law); Mrs. J. Percy Grime, Mrs. Muriel Greame (sisters-in-law); Mr. J. C. B. Greame (nephew); Mr. John F. Grime (nephew); Mrs. Betty Lee (niece); Mr. and Mrs. F. V. Hargreaves (nephew- in-law and niece); Miss Lucy Fletcher, Mr. R. 0. Nickson, JP, and Mrs. Nickson. MBE, Mr. F. I. Nickson, MBE, JP, Mr. L. Snell, Miss Marjorie Dunderdale, Mr. T. H. Blane, JP, Mr. John Blane, Mr. Harold Yates, Mr. J. A. Foulis Chief Inspector A. Hargreaves, and Mr. A. E. Woodings (chauffeur).