Lytham St.Annes Coat of Arms
Lytham St.Annes, Lancashire, England


A list of Visitors to Blackpool and where they were staying, the second week of July, 1847.
These lists were published weekly in the local press.



Blackpool c1850 with Bailey's Hotel (Metropole) to the left, Albert Terrace (centre) and Dr.Baker's house to the far right (now Talbot Square).

Mount Pleasant.

 Mrs Payne.

Mr and Mrs Hodgson, and family, Halifax
Master and 2 Miss Sutcliffs', Todmorden
Miss Heaps, Todmorden
Miss Emmitt, Preston

Albert Terrace.

 Miss Booth's.

Mr and Mrs Hobson, and family, Broughton, near Manchester
Miss England, Colne, Lancashire
Mr and Mrs Schawbe, and family, Manchester
Miss E. Bower, Ardwick
Master Monk, Preston

 Mr. Warbrick, No. 7.

Mr and Mrs Furness and family, Preston
Mrs Nicholls, and family, Brideworth
Miss Dupper, Brideworth.
The Rev W. R. Crotch, and family, Taunton
The Rev. J. W. Evans, and family, Sedburgh
D. Evans, Esq., and lady, Bedford

 Mrs Collier

Mr and Mrs Barbour, Manchester
Mr Morton, and family, Wolverhampton

 North Beach.

 John Wade.

 Miss Silvesters', Birmingham
Rev. J. Fox, and family, Manchester

 W. Braithwaite.

 Mr and Mrs Barnes, and family, Preston
Mrs Wilkinson, Sheffield
Mrs Hebden, Rochdale
The Misses Lomas, Clifton Hall, near Manchester

 Bennett's Cottage, No. 11.

Mr and Mrs J. RaiIton, and family, Manchester
Mr and Mrs Bannerman, and family, Manchester
Mr and Mrs Briggs, Rochdale
Mr and Mrs Leman, and party
Mr Starkey and party, Liverpool

 H Bennett's, No 5,

 Rev. W. Hornby, St. Michaels, Garstang

 H. Bennett's No. 13.

 Mr Catterall, and family, Preston

 Victoria House, Miss Phillips.

 Rev. and Mrs Edmonds,
Mr and Mrs Emmet, Halifax
Mrs Stanley

 J. Moore.

Mrs Canton and family, Irwell House, Broughton
Mr and Mrs Darby, Broughton, Manchester
Mrs Musgrave, Netherseal, Leicestershire
Miss Wagstaff, Netherseal, Leicestershire

 Miss Knowles ; Sea View Cottage.

Misses Lewis Claremont Villa near,Sheffield.
Miss Harrison, Sheffield.
Mr and Mrs W. Edwards, and family, Wigan
Mrs and Master Gorilla Clough, Blackburn
Mrs Howston and family, Manchester
Mr James Holden, Lancaster
Mr James Aspden, Manchester

 Albion Hotel, T. Nickson.

 Mr and Mrs Wood, Manchester
W. Bray, Esq.. do.
Mrs Robinson Cooke, Preston
Miss Slater, Manchester
Miss Wooten, do.
Mr, Mrs, and Miss Dix, London
Mr, Mrs, and Miss Dean, Manchester
Master Parratt, Huddersfield
Mrs and Miss Parratt, do.
Mrs and Miss Consin, Hebden Bridge
Miss Jessie Hammond, Liverpool
Mr John Mitchell, Enfield
Capt. James Wilson, Manchester
Mr It. Needham, do.
Mr Wm. Hemitt, do.
Mrs Sowden, :Manchester
Mr, Mrs, and Miss Knowles, do.
Mr and Mrs A. Harrison, Bolton
Miss A. Harrison, do.
Miss E. Harrison, do.
Mr and Mrs John Getty, Liverpool
Mr John Stott, Burnley
Mr F. Plant, Ilford Notts
T. Whitely, Esq., Leeds
Caleb Pearson, .Esq., Shipley
Jno. Tempest, Esq., Huddersfield
Mrs Swallow, Manchester

 Royal Hotel, John Simpson.

The Misses Hoyle, Rochdale
Mr and Mrs Preston and family, Eccles
Mr and Mrs Dewhurst, Bradford
Mrs Dewhurst, do.
Miss Littlewood, Rochdale
Mr and Miss Galland, Manchester
Mr and Mrs Pegg, do,
Mr Mrs and Master Pickles, Manchester
Miss Richardson, London
Miss Rooney, do.
Mrs Ashbury, Manchester
Mr James Ashbury, do.
Rev. J. Hall, Macclesfield
Mr Crook, Preston
Miss Hall, do.
Mrs Manderson, do.
Mr Lomas, Manchester
Mr C. Affleck, Manchester
Mr and Mrs Bissell, Wolverhampton
Mr Reddish and family, Knusden Hall, Blackburn
Mrs and Miss Maynell, Missley

 Lane End Street.

Looking north from the Royal Hotel to the Lane Ends Hotel in the 1840s; the house behind the railings is "West Hey" (site of Blackpool Tower).

 Lane End Hotel.

W. Courtenay Cruttenden, Esq., and Family, Stockport.
Miss Kinder, Stockport.
Miss Jackson, London
F. Hunt Esq., and lady, Sheffield
Mr Sidebotham, Manchester
Mr. T, Barnes, Herefordshire
J. Broadbent, Esq., Bolton-le Moors
Miss Dyson, Kendal
Miss M. Ogden, Cheetham Hill
Mr Allen, Manchester
Mr Peacock, Denton
Mr Moore, Liverpool 
W. Dalton, Esq., Birmingham
J. H. Butterworth, Esq., and lady, Rochdale
J. E. Wood, Esq., do.
Mr Thompsom, Manchester
Mr Hampson
Mr and Miss Neild, Manchester
Mr and Miss Eskell, do.
J. Browellow, Esq.
Rev. Blackwall
Miss Clegg and friend
Mrs Gaskell and party, Warrington

 Beach Hotel, James Thompson.

Mr Mrs and Master Hayley, Huddersfield
Mr Brown, Manchester
Mr Peat, do.
Mr and Mrs Howarth, do.
Mr and Mrs Cummiss, do.
Mrs Blackburn, do.
Mr Smith
Mr T. Lyon
Mrs and Miss Critchley, Manchester
Mr A. Crisley, do.
Mr and Mrs Wilcock and family, do,
Mr and Mrs Whitchead, do.
Miss Whitchead and Miss Dyson, do.
M. and Mrs Varley, Colne, Yorkshire
T. Beswick, Esq., Manchester
Mr and Mrs, G; Cufley, do.
Mr Highway. do.
Mr Hutchinson,  do.

 Queen's Terrace.

 No 1, Mr White.

 Mr and Mrs Stavert, and family, Manchester
Miss Greenhaws, Bowness, Windermere
Mrs Pearson, do. do.
Mrs Mellor, and family, Edge Lane, Liverpool.
Mrs John Whitehead, and family, Preston

 Miss Jolly.

 Mr T. Greenwood.
Mr Jerry Lees, Winchester
Mr, Mrs, and 3 Miss Bowers, Birmingham
Miss Grundy, do.
Mrs Cope, Manchester
Mrs and Miss Murston, Kendal
Mr Mrs and Miss Moser, do.
Mr and Mrs. Longmeres do.

Church Street.

 Rose Cottages, John Cragg.

 Mr James Grimshaw, Manchester
Miss Grimshaw, Manchester
Mr and the Misses Marples, Sheffield
Mrs Wm. Sutcliffe, Burnley
Mr E. Sutcliffe, do.
Mr G. Sutcliffe, do.
Miss Jane Ann Sutcliffe, do.
Mrs Hargreaves, Burnley
Mr and Edgley, Manchester
Mr Theopilus Whitmore, Manchester
Mr James Orrell, Turton, near Bolton
Mr and Mrs Orrell, Little Bolton
Mrs Barrett, Bury
Mr and Mrs Nuttall, Accrington
Mrs Vickers, do.
Miss H. Greenwood, Rochdale
Mrs Mitchell, Macclesfield
Miss Blackwell, do.
Mrs Middleton, Turton
Miss Duxbury, Bradshaw, pear Turton
Mr J. Beiry, Edgley, near Stockport
Mr Joel Hallworth, do.
Miss Wilkinson

 Mrs. Beresford's.

 Mrs Marshall, Chesterfield
Mrs Harwood and daughter, Manchester
Mr and Mrs Prichard, and daughter, Manchester
Mrs Ball, and daughter, Staffordshire

 Dawsons' Cottage.

 Mr James Armitage, Holmforth
Mr and Mrs Charles Sheldon, Cheltenham
Miss Mary Holt, do

 Thomas Howson.

 Mr Yates, and family
Mrs Bramley and family

 Albert Cottage, John Bennett.

 Mrs Abel Heywood, Manchester
The Misses Heywood, do.
Mrs Davis, do.
Mrs Coop, St. Helens
Mrs Dyson, Huddersfield
Mrs Sutcliffe, Blackburn
Mr John Simpson, Sheffield
Mr John Smith, do.
Mr Law, Bury.
Mr and Mrs Draper, Eccleston
Mrs Howcroft, Chorley
Miss Howcroft, Eccleston
Mrs and Miss Ferguson, Preston
Miss Hannah Ferguson, do.
Miss Coulthert, Blackburn

 Spring Bank Cottage.

 Mr and Mrs Livesey, Manchester
Mrs and. Miss Rogersbh, Preston
Mrs Ainsworth, Charley
Mrs and Miss Gardner, Preston
Mr Isaac Walker, Rochdale
Mrs.Clegg, Rochdale.
Mrs Kennedy, Manchester Miss A. Kennedy, do.

 Grotto Cottage. Mr. Carus's

 Mrs Parkinton, and son Blackburn
Mrs Walmsley. do.
Master W. Walmsley do.
Miss Walmsley, do.
Mrs Mercer and family, do.
Mr and Mrs Murgittson, do.
Miss Smith, do.
Miss lngham, do.
Mr and Mrs Sutcliffe, do.
Miss Sutcliffe, do.
Mrs Thornley, do.

 Henry Carter.

Mr Price and family, Manchester
The Miss Lowdett's, Bolton

 Yate's Cottage, Mrs Aspinall.

Mrs Scott, and family, Manchester
Miss Street, Mattchester
Miss Street, Altringham

 Adelphi Hotel, Esaw Carter.

Mrs Ashworth and Family, Cloughfold
Miss E. Ashworth
Miss J. Ashworth, Carr House
Mr James Aspell, Manchester
Mr Churles Price, do.
Mr and Mrs Taylor, son and daughter, Sheffield
Mr Kenyon, Huddersfield Mr T. W. Kenyon, do.
Mrs Hiltott and daughter, Manchester
Mrs Isaacs
Mr and Mrs John Corless, Preston
Mr Osburne, Sheffield
Mr Jas. Ainsworth, Manchester
Mr Rogerson, do.
Mr Pearson, do.
Mr Henry Robinson, do.
Mr and Mrs Booth, de.
Mr Wrigley, Salford
Mr J. Bill, Cheetham
Mr Mothersall, Manchester
Mr Richard Green, Haigh 
Mr W. S. Kay, Woolford, Bury
Mrs W. S. Kay, do.
Mr Clegg and son, Manchester 

 White Cottage, No. 4 John Robinson. 

Mrs Eyre and son, Sheffield
Mr Horrocks and family, Bolton
Mr Greaves, Sheffield
Edward Smith.
Mrs Parker  
Mrs Smith
Miss Green 
Mr and Mrs Kelly, and family, Manchester

 Banks Cottage.

 Mrs Arrowsmith, and family, Bolton

Chapel Street.

Mr Albany Featherstonhaugh.

Mr William Ashton, Manchester
Mr Robert Lang, Cross Hall, Chorley
Mr Chantler, Pikes Lane, Bolton
Mr Young, do. do.
Mr Haslam and family, do.
Miss Rawsthorn, Hallinwell
Miss Sewarts, Park Cottage, Hallinwell

 Albion Cottage.

Miss Rogers, Broughton, Manchester

 E. Kirkham, Spring Cottage.

Mrs Marston, Bacup
Miss Wolfenden, Rochdale
Mrs Whittle, do.
Miss Holmes, do:
Mr and Mrs Hargreaves, :lineup
Mr and Mrs Howarth, do.
Mrs Howarth, Ramsbottom
Miss Crawshaw, and sister, Blackburn
Mr Titton, Turton

 Mr. Fairclough.

The Misses Poulsten
Miss Turner

 Darwen Cottage.

Mr and Mrs Howorth, and son, Syke, near Rochdale
Mr and Mrs Holden, and family, Rochdale.

South Beach.

Mrs. Parkinson, Oak Cottage.

Rev S. Isaacson's Family, Shropshire
Mrs Withworth and family, Rochdale
Mrs and Miss Leeches, Preston

Ivy Cottage, John Parr.

Mrs J. H. Farrar, and family, Holmfirth
Mr and Mrs Waddington 
Miss and Master Bell, Manchester
Mr and Mrs Walbank, Keighley
Mr A.. Walbank do.
Master Walbank do

Mrs. Bagot, Ribblesdale Cottage.

Mrs J. Walker, and family, Stand
Miss Chadwicks', Rochdale
Mrs. Milus, do.
Mrs J. Beckett, and family, Manchester

Fleetwood Cottage, M. Pattison

Mrs Meadows and family, Manchester
Mr T. Holt, and family, Blackburn

West View Cottage.

Mrs Dodgson.
Miss Wike, Manchester Road
Miss M. Wilce, Bury
Miss R. Wike, do.
Mr. John Wike, do.

 William Cragg.

Mr Dilworth, and family, Manchester
Mrs Foster and family, Halifax
John Butterworth,. Haslingden House.
Mr T. Williams, Nuttall
Mr Pickup, Goodshaw
Mrs Splatt, Manchester
Mrs Fletcher, do.
Mr Boadley, Oakenshaw
Mr T. Williams, Nuttall
Miss Ward, Accrington

 Gilbert Ireland.

Mr E. Hulme, Manchester
Mr and Mrs King, do.
Mr James Lancaster, Bank Top
Mr Joseph Bcaumont, Yorkshire
Mr and Mrs Taylor, Burnley
Mr and Mrs Duckbury, Blackburn

 Windsor House, J. Gaskell.

The Rev. E. Price.
Mrs, and Miss, Dunston, Staffordshire
Miss Lea, Stockport
Miss Stinson, Stourbridge
Miss Anne Stinson, do.
Mrs Croxford and family, Manchester

 Brunswick House, Mr. Pearson.

Mr Chadwick, Manchester
Miss Birkin, Stockport
Miss Clay, do.
Mr. Sutcliffe and family, Todmorden
Hayworth, Esq., do.

 Buckingham House, Jowitt and Firth.

Henry Leadbetter, Esq., and lady, Huddersfield
Mrs Eagleton, Huddersfield
Miss Eagleton,  Huddersfield
Miss Julia Eagleton, do.
Mrs and Miss Roebuck, Huddersfield
Miss Bradley, do.
The Misses Hopkins, Stourbridge
Mrs and Miss Foster,' Todmorden
Miss Grace Foster, do.

 Mrs. Wrigley.

Mrs G. Peacock, of Manchester
Master J. M. Peacock, do.
Master G. Peacock, do.
Master C. M. Peacock, do.
Mr and Mrs Wm. Bowden and family, Rusholme, near Manchester

 Brewer's Hotel, Mrs. Brewer.

Mr Mrs and Miss Clough, Preston
Miss Easterby, do.
Mrs and the Misses Clarkson
Mr and the Miss Burys', Bradford
Mrs and .Miss Jackson, Bury
Miss and Master do., do.
Mrs Hill Rusholme
Mr and Mrs Meredith, Manchester
Mr C. Meredith, do.
Master Oswald, do.
Mrs Beswick, do.
Mrs and Master Venables do.
Mr Murray, Manchester
Mr Douglas, Manchester
Mr Wilson, Nether Thong (Netherthong)
Mr Main, Manchester
Mr Yates, do.
Mr Hall, Haslingden
Mr Titerington, Haslington
Mr Gouldburn, Manchester
Mr Greenhalgh, Farnworth
Mr Saxton, Sheffield
Mr Warburton, Farnworth
Mr J. 'Fawcett, junr., Bolton
Mr J. Barrett, junr., Preston

 Vauxhall Cottage, Mrs. Salthouse,

Mrs Turner and family, Rochdale
Mr Walker's family Manchester
Mrs Cunliffe and danghter, Blackburn
Mrs Parkinson and family,  do.

 Misses Fisher, Blundell's Cottage.

Mr and Mrs Turner, Sheffield
Mr and Mrs Marsden, Bolton
Mrs Berry, Sheffield
Mr Bowden, Manchester
The Misses Travis, Shaw Chapel
Mrs and Miss Rhodes, do.
Miss Williamson, Rochdale
Miss Briefly, Bury
Mrs Habot, Blackburn
Mrs Heartley, do.
Mrs Preston, do.
Miss Preston, do.
Mr Farrer, Wood Top

 Vauxhall Inn, Richard Caton's.

Mr Mrs and Miss Clough, Rochdale
Mr Cairns, Culcheth, near Manchester
Mrs Redman, Rochdale
Miss Earnshaw, do.
Mrs Smith, Blackburn
Mr John Smith, Mellor
Mrs Robinson, Blackburn
Mrs and Miss Eddeston, Mellor
Mrs Needham, Manchester
Mrs Downs, do.
Mr, Mrs, and Master Birchall, Manchester
Miss J. Haydock, do.
Mr and Mrs David Lord, Bacup
Mr W. Robinson, Darren
Mr Harwood, do.
Mr Smalley, do.
Mr and Mrs Knowles, Darwen
Mr S. Harwood

 Thomas Stuttard, Manchester Hotel.

Miss Greenwood's, Burnley
Miss Broxup, do.
Mr and Mrs Earnshaw, and family, Manchestter
Mr and Mrs Hague, and family, Manchester
Miss Hide, do.
Mr and Mrs Hargue, Liverpool
Mrs Lord, Burnley
Miss Utley, Colne
Mr Ingham, Soldridge
Mr and Mrs Richardson, Manchester
Miss Fuesion, do.
Mr Hargreaves, and son Miss Hargreaves

 Hounds Hill Cottage, John Green.

Mrs and the Miss Clayton, Bradford
Mrs Smith, do.
Mrs T. Clayton, 'do.
Master R. Clayton, do.
Miss G. Clayton, do.
Miss Crabtree, do.

 Miss Simpson.

The Rev. J. Stunstel, Liverpool
Miss Bradshaw, Blackburn
Mr Kay. Bury
Miss Nichols, Darren
Mr Bothwell, Bury

 Greenfield Cottage.

Mrs Samuel Daniel, and family, Birmingham
Mrs Brookbanks, Stourbridge, Worcestershire
Mr Garlick.
Mr Mark T. Hubie, Sheffield

 Victoria Street.

 Mrs. Carter's.

 Mrs Howson and family, Conisbro'

 Thomas Bleakley, No. 2.

3 Miss Hadfields, Manchester
Mrs and Miss Blanshard, do.
Mrs Master and Miss Thompson, do
Miss Marsden, Balton
Master Cruston, Shrewsbury
Mrs Bamsbotham, Todmorden

 N. Topping, No. 3.

Miss Kirkman, Manchester
Mr W. L. Kirkman, do. 
Mr and Mrs Jas. Kirkman and daughter, do.
Mr W. G. and Master Middleton, Hope, Derbyshire
Mr John Middleton, Manchester
Mr Bowker, Huddersfield
Miss Whitehead, Blackburn

 R. Carter, No. 4.

Mrs Chapman, Manchester
Mrs Berry and family, do.
Mrs Aldred and family, do.
Mrs Brown, do.
Master Joseph Mee, do.

 W. Singleton, No.5

Mr D, and Miss Wilkins, Cheetham
Miss Hampton, do.
Mrs Calvert, Manchester
Mrs Walker,  do.

 Lawrence Fish. No. 6.

Miss Martha and Master A. B. Kershaw, Glossop
Miss Haigh's, Scarborough.
Mrs Brierley and family, Blackburn

 T. Mycock. no.8.

Mrs Bruce and family, Sheftield
Mr Crowther, Manchester
Miss Pilkington, do.

 Mrs Crabtree. No. 9

Mrs and Miss Moss and family. Blackburn
Mr and Mrs Adamson and family, Preston
Miss Graham, do.
Mr E. H. Booth, do.

 Mrs Alsop. No. 10.

 The family of S. Schuster, Esq., The Temple, Cheetham Hill, near Manchester
Miss H. Bennet, Manchester

 Providence house Mr. Mason.

Mrs and Miss Hill, Staleybridge
Miss Cook, do.
Mr and Miss Mellands, Rusholme, Manchester

 Lonsdale House. Misses Redman and Mason.

Master William Hodgson, Hebden Bridge near Halifax.
Miss and Miss E. Crosley, do.
Mr and Mrs H. Thomas and family, Sheffield

 Thomas Topping.

 Mrs Kay and sister, Manchester

 Mrs Salthouse.

Mr and Miss Gilchrist, Leyland
The S Misses Stones, Blackburn
Mr and the Misses Noblett, do.
Mn Fletcher and daughters, Leyland

 Miss Archer.

Mrs and Miss Mary Peers, Liverpool
Mr Linley and family, Stafford
Mr Walker, Staffordshire

 Mr. Robert Nield.

Miss Rooney, Manchester and Miss Lyth, do.
Miss Carlisle, do.
Mrs Lupton, Rochdale
Miss Thompson, do.
Miss Stanley, Halifax Mrs Law, do

 Mr. Watmough

Mr, Mrs, and S Miss Heywoods', Manchester
Miss Clegg, Newton-heath
Mr R. M. D. Smith, Manchester
Mrs. A. Smith,  do.
Mr and Mrs SAreet, do.
Master W. Watts, do.

 Adelaide Street.

 W. Needham, Adelaide Cottage

Mrs Craston and family. Cheetham, Manchester.
Mrs Chambers and family, do.
Miss Cavanna and sister, do.
Mrs Dickinson and son, do.
Mrs Hayes. Bolton

 Mr. Fish, Adelaide House

Mr Robert Hodgson, Church Parish
Mrs Grace Hodgson, do.
Mrs Betty Hodgson, do.
Mrs Ellen Hodgson,  do.
Mrs Isabella Hodgson, do.
Mr Jebez Melyon Hodgson, do.
Mrs Alice Rawcliffe, Accrington
Miss Cranshaw, Accrington 
Miss Whalley, Colne

 Mrs. Kettlewell.

Mr and Mrs Swift and family, Blackburn
Charles Briscoe, Esq., Wolverhampton
Mrs Thomas Eastwood, and son, Brighouse
Mrs William Eastwood, and family,Todmorden
Mrs J. W. Crosland, Huddersfield
Mrs Crossland, do.
Miss Crossland, do.
Master W. F. Crossland do.
Miss M. White
The Misses Thomasson

 Mr. Stansfield, Leamington House.

 Mr and Mrs Moore and family, Liverpool
T. Forshaw.
Rev. N. Jones and family, Derby
J, Darbishire, Esq., Rivington

 Bath Cottage, L. Fish.

Mr Sutcliffe and family, Bradford
Mr Sutcliffe, Sen., Manchester
Mr and Miss Fletcher, Liverpool

 Bow Cottage, No. 2.

 Mr and Mrs Armstrong and family, High Broughton, Manchester

 Dr. Cocker's Cottages.

 No. 3.

R. F. Bentley, Esq., and party, viz :=
Mrs Stocks, Halifax
Mr and Mrs J. Massey, Burnley
Mrs and Miss Vickery, London
Mr J M. More, do.

 No. 4.

 S. Seddon, Esq., and family, Liverpool.

 No. 5.

 Joshua Knowles, Esq., and family, Tottington near Bury

 No. 6.

 Thomas Wrigley, Esq., and family, Timberhurst, near Bury

 No. 7.

 S. Shuttleworth, Esq., and family, Preston.

 Clifton Promenade.

 Talbot House, S. Hall.

 Mr and Mrs Steel, and family, Rochdale
Mrs Greenwood, and family, Whipset, near Bradford

 Coburg House, J. Poole.

Mrs Hampson, and family, Breightmet, near Bolton
Mrs and Miss Wilkinson, Broughton, Manchester
The Misses Pratt, Walsall



 South Shore, Blackpool, in the 1850s
South Shore, Blackpool, in the 1850s

 SpringfieId Cottage.

 Mr Holt and family, do.

 Mr Rawcliffe's Cottage.

 Mrs Biggs, and family, Manchester

 Miss Green.

 Mr Hall and family, Manchester

 Mr Swindell's Cottage.

Mr and Mrs Peel, and family, Swinton Park, Manchester

 T. Moore.

Mrs Pearcehouse, Cheshire
Miss Webster, do.
Miss Harper, do.

 Mr Butcher.

Thomas Kendall, Esq., and family, do.
 Mrs Lees.
 Mr Foster, and family, Liyerpool

 Miss Clayton.

 Mrs Agnew and family, Manchester

 Mr Braithwaite's.

 Mrs Shaw, and family, Manchester

 Mr. Wroe's Cottage.

 Mrs Lees, and family, Manchester

 Mr Gornall.

 Mrs Briggs, and family, Bolton

 Mrs Moore's.

 Mr Allan, and family. Manchester

 Mrs Moore.

 Mr James Turner, and family, Manchester

 Mr. Taylor.

 Rev. Mr McClary, and family, Stockport

 Miss Wood.

G. Sharples, Esq., and family, Bolton
Mr Blakely, and family, Manchester
The Rev. Mr Manchester Miss Mannur, Button Mrs Kemble, Halifax

 Albert Cottage. Seed and Bradshaw.

Mr and Mrs Kay, and family, Bolton
Mrs Jervis and family, Manchester

 Miss Hamby.

 Mr Randells, and family, Manchester

 Mr Watson's

 Mr Stunning, and family

 Mr Watson's Cottage.

 Mr Holme, and family

 Mr Fielding.

 Mr Smith, and family, Manchester

 Mr Catterall's Cottage.

 Mrs Potter and family, Manchester

 Brittania Hotel, Mr Johnson.

 Mrs Frankland and family, Preston

 Mr Worthington's Cottage.

 Mrs Nicholas and family, Macclesfield

 Robert Shaw's Cottage.

 Mr Harrison and family, Bury

 Mr Robert Shaw's Cottage.

 Mrs Bindloss and family, Macclesfield

 Richard Shaw's Cottage.

 Mr Cross and. family, Blackburn

 Miss Jolley.

Mrs Nabson, and family, Birmingham
The Rev. Mr Rhodes, and family, Staffordshire

 Mr Bindgloss's Cottage.

 Mr Holt and family, Manchester

 Miss Harrison's

 Mr Galloway, and family, Prestwich

 Mr John Park, Post Office.

 Miss Whiteside, Bury

 Mr Shadrack Eaves.

 Mr Dean, Manchester
Mr J. Fletcher, Liverpool
Miss Fletcher, do.
Miss H. M. Fletcher, do.
Miss M. A. Fletcher, do.
Mr and the Misses Haworth, Bury