Lytham St.Annes Coat of Arms
Lytham St.Annes, Lancashire, England


An a-z list of Blackpool Householders & Businesses.



Abattoirs, Abattoirs ln. Tel. 205 ; F. Rowarth, M.S.I.A., supt
Abbey Arthur D., pltry frmr, 36 Kimberley av, S.S.
Abbey Road Building Society, 40 Clifton st. Tel. 958 ; H. Robinson, local agnt
Abbott Arthur, organist, 9 Queensway, S.S.
Abbott Ernest, tobcnst, 140 Lytham rd. Tel. 3051
Abbott Henry, taxi proptr, 27 Topping st. Tel. 2507
Abbott Jas., pntr, 5 Chislehurst av, S.S.
Abbott John (J. Seddon) ; h. 8 Cambray rd. Tel. 51849
Abbott Saml., uphlstr, 11 Longton road
Abingdon Confectioners Ltd, Don Cafe, 38 Abingdon st.Tel.1111, 4-6 Dickson rd, 3 Cheltenham rd & 76 Caunce st
Abley Edgar, mrchnt's mngr, Springfield, Holcombe rd, N.S.
Abrams Mrs. Minnie, tailrss, 29 Regent road
Abson Abram (Abson Bros.) ; h. 8 Worsley av, S.S.
Abson Bros., bldrs, 8 Worsley av, S.S.
Abson Edwin (Abson Bros.) ; h. 6 Worsley av, S.S.
Abson Frank (Abson Bros.) ; h. 16 Scarsdale av
Abson Stott (Abson Bros.) ; h. 2 Worsley av, S.S.
Ackroyd Geo. S., ins agnt, 167 Palatine road
Ackroyd Haughton, A.L.C.M., music tchr, 101 Hornby rd
Ackroyd Henry, hairdrsr, 105 Dunelt rd, S.S.
Ackroyd John, billiard hall proptr, Read's av ; h. 101 Hornby rd
Adams & ' Bradley, mnfctrs and mrchnts, 246 Lytham rd. Tel. 1733
Adams Mrs. Caroline, 1 Hampton rd, S.S.
Adams Chas., coal dlr, 60 Broughton avenue
ADAMS Mrs. EMILY, boarding and apartment house, 112 Palatine road
Adams G. A., ins agnt, 13 Shaw rd, S.S.
Adamson Edgar, frutr, 112 Bolton st,S.S.
Adamson Mr. Jas., 53 Gorse rd. Tel. 86
Adamson Leonard, boot dlr's mngr, 14 Severn rd, S.S.
Adamthwaite Thos., pol con, 9 Banbury av
Addle Graham, motr engnr, Station ter, Lytham rd. Tel. 42404 ; h. 95 Withnell rd, S.S.
ADDISON & Co., Ltd., wholesale and retail wine and spirit merchants, 82 Church street. Tel. 131 ; and at Preston, Blackburn and Burnley
Addison Eric, trvller, 31 Kimberley av,S.S.
Addison Robt., lino operator, 417 Waterloo rd, S.S.
Addlesee Thos., btchr's mngr, 4 Marton drive
Addy John, amusement caterer, 56 Bank st. Tel. 706
Addy Wm. (Clarendon Rock Co.) ; h.21 Lockerbie av. Tel. 450 Cleveleys
Adkinson John W., trvllr, 10 Percy street
Adshead Jas. L., solctr, 32 Kenilworth gardens. Tel. 41543
Adshead Jph., auto machine insptr, 6 Barclay av, Marton
Aikman Alfd. H., clrk, 11 Queen Victoria rd
Aimee Sister, 26 Sherbourne rd. Tel. 2207
Ainley Jph., trvllr, 16 Ferguson rd
Ainscow Harry, furn brkr, 65a Haigh rd, S.S.
Ainsley Mr. Wm. T., 2 Hesketh av, Bispham. Tel. 51435
Ainsworth Arthur T., irnmngr, 65 Ansdell rd
Ainsworth Chas. L., conftnr, la Highfield rd, S.S.
Ainsworth Daul., caterer's mngr, Hawes Side In
Ainsworth Mr. Emanuel, 229 Hornby rd. Tel. 82
Ainsworth Miss Gertrude, tchr of dancing, la Highfield rd. Tel. 41621
Ainsworth Henry C. B., tool dlr, 17 Bloomfield rd. Tel. 314 ; h. 26 Rcctory rd
Ainsworth Jas., grcr's mngr, 33 Bela grove
Ainsworth Jas., cycle repr, 173 Central drive
Ainsworth Jas., shpkpr, Vicarage In
Ainsworth Maison, hairdrsr, 55 Victoria street
Ainsworth Moses, grcr, 4la Cookson st ; h. 108 Preston Old rd
Ainsworth Mrs. Nellie, 116 Harrowside, S.S.
Ainsworth Robt. E., clrk, 14 Rathlin av
Ainsworth Thos., potato dlr, Waterloo rd, S.S. ; h. 5 Kempton av
AINSWORTH T. & E., Sunny CM Private Hotel, Queen's drlve. Tel.51155 N.S.
Ainsworth Wm., nwsagt, 19 Milbourne st. Tel. 343 ; h. Worldly, Preston Old rd. Tel. 61 Marton
Aird Jas. Wilson, M.B., Ch.B., physand surg, 26 Derby rd. Tel. 864
Airey Henry H., F.N.A.A., estate and incur agnt and stock and share brkr, 12a Dickson rd. Tel.1272 ; h. Gladaire, Newton drv. Tel. 884
Airey Jack (Airey's Wine Stores) ; h. 308 Church st. Tel. 2093
Airey Wilfd. H., wine and spirit mrchnt, 119 Whitegate drv. Tel. 933
Airey Wilfd. 0., beersellr, etc., 12 Waterloo rd. Tel. 42422
Airey W. Oswald, wine and spirit mrchnt, 219 Waterloo rd, S.S. Tel. 41513
AIREY'S WINE STORES (Jack Airey), wholesale and retail wine and spirlt merchants, 308 Church street (Tel.2093), 23 Westcliffe drive and 2a Llndsay avenue (Tel. 216 Marton)
Aisbitt Wm. B., clrk, 43 St. Helier's rd
Aitken Geo. C., clrk, 5 Montreal av
Aitkin Miss Ethel, Highfield College for girls, Norbreck rd. Tel. 51189
Aked Clifford W., bank cashier, 69 Red Bank rd
Akerman Henry J., grcr, 389 Central drive
Aland Walter (Walter Aland & Co., Ltd.) ; h. 23 Clevedon rd. Tel. 3266
Aland Walter & Co., Ltd., auctioneers, 38 Vance rd. Tel. 2569
Albion Billiard Hall, Church st. Tel. 3448
Albion Cafe & Restaurant, Ltd., caterers, Church st and North prom. Tel. 3448
Alcock & Bamber, Ltd., motr engnrs, 'Gorton st. Tel. 1035
Alcock Ernest (Alcock & Bamber, Ltd.) ; h. 8 Gorton st
Alderley Private Hotel, New South prom. Tel. 42160 ; Mrs. J. Alletson
Aldersley Misses Elizabeth & Beatrice,drprs and P.O., 31 Norbreck rd
Aldersley Frank, grcr, 9 Durley rd, S.S.
Aldred Mrs. Edith, 8 Coniston rd, S.S.
Aldred John, joinr, 16a Upper Talbotst ; h. 8 Ctunberland av
Alexander Chas., mrkt grdnr, Eccles-gate ln, Marton
Alexandra Billiard Hall, Ltd., 20 Birley street
Alexandra Cafe & Restaurant Co., 5 Victoria st. Tel. 543
Alexandre, Ltd., tailrs, 20 Church st and 20 Abingdon st
Alger Saml., bakr's mngr, 30 Blen-heim av
Alfrey Mr. Fred, 93 Read's av
Alicia (Miss A Booth), electrolysis, 4 Queen st. Tel. 823
Alker Albt., pltry frmr, 27 Ivy av, S.S.
Alker Walt., det sergt, 58 Manor rd
Alcocks' Detective Agency, 217 Warleyrd. Tel. 51238
Allen Alfd., grcr's mngr, 28 Lyndhurst avenue
Allen Doug. A., joinr, 64 Cumberland avenue
ALLEN FRANCIS, market gardener and florist, specialist in tomatoes, lettuces, chrysanthemums, etc., Geneva gardens, Stockydale, Marton
Allen Henry, pwnbrkr's mngr, 19 Salisbury rd
Allen Hy., ins insptr, Clarendon,Preston New rd. Tel. 4 Marton
Allen John, fr fish dlr, 135 Red Bank rd
Allen John, hairdrsr, 8a Lark Hill st ;h. 13 Eden st
Allen John K., chmst, 18 Magdalen rd
Allen Jph. R., mus tchr, 77 Bispham rd
Allen Mrs. Margt. J., toy dlr., 33 Foxhall rd
Allen Mrs. Maria, drpr, 152 Church st and 87 Caunce st
Allen & Sons, whlsle nwsagts, 75 Talbot rd. Tel. 2138
Alletson Mrs. J., Alderley Private Hotel, New South prom. Tel. 42160
Allied Newspapers, Ltd., wholesale statnrs, 9a Alfred st
Allsop Jas. A., clrk, 83 Keswick rd
Allwood Henry (Allwood & Holroyd) ; h. 6 Roseacre, S.S.
Allwood & Holroyd, com agnts, 65 Station rd, S.S. Tel. 41220
Almond Chas., fr flsh dlr, 40 Bonny st
Almond Jas., drpr, 1 Waterloo rd, S.S.
Almond Jas., nwsagt, 13a Newhouse road
Almond John W. (Almonds' Dairies) ;h. 18 Handsworth rd
Almond Joshua, ins agnt, 5 Bela grove
Almond Mr. Thos. E., 11 Boscombe rd, S.S.
ALMOND WILLIAM, Ltd., wholesale and retail tripe dressers, neatsfoot oil and tallow manufacturers, 161 Devonshire road (Tel. 788), 7 Topping street and 8 Dickson road ; and at
Preston, Blackburn, Warrington and Wigan
ALMONDS' DAIRIES, wholesale and retail diarymen (certified pasturized milk), Back Handsworth road. Tel. 1958
Altham Abraham, Ltd., tea dlrs, 20 Market st
Altham Henry M. S., vict, Clifton Arms, Marton
Altman Mr. Ernest H., 18 Dean st, S.S. Tel. 41655
Altman Mdme., ladies' outfitter, 54 Clifton st. Tel. 849
Alty John W., fr fish dlr, 2 Whitegate drive ; h. 225 Westmorland av
Alty Thos., frutr, 9 Westcliffe drive. Tel. 2907
Ambler Gilbt., wtchmkr, Cheapside ;h. 19 Fir grove, Marton
Ambler T., in agnt, 31 Wolverton av
Ambrose Sidney, wndw clnr, 82 Central drive
Amery Wm. A., chiropdist, 224 Dickson rd ; h. 15 Cleator av
Amusement Rides, Ltd., 39 Abingdon st ; N. Brown, sec
Ancell Chris., trvllr, 90 Erdington rd
Anderton Albt. (Central Advertising Co.) ; h. 24 Lincoln rd
Anderson Alfd., hairdrsr, 50 Bonny st
Anderson Arthur P., B.Sc. (Lond.), high school for boys, 17-19 Alexandra rd, S.S., and 33 Station rd, S.S. Tel. 1005
Anderson Mrs. Ellen, drpr, 5 South Shore market, Waterloo rd
Anderson Henry, trvllr, 14 Whitley st
Anderson Henry E., clrk, 23 Kirkham avenue
ANDERSON JOHN, Claremont Private Hotel, Lansdowne crescent, Claremont park, 268 North promenade. Tel. 41 ; Telegrams " Courtesy "
Anderson J. W., architect, 173 Devonshire rd. Tel. 974
Anderson Thos., grcr's mngr, 11 Ansdell rd
Anderson W. B. & Sons, Ltd., frutrs 1 Water st and 87 Milbourne st: Tel. 741 (two lines)
Anderson Mr. Wm. A., Baron rd, S.S.
Anderton Mrs. Clara, Osborne PrivateHotel, 53 Queen st. Tel. 3747
Anderton Jph., ins agnt, 7 Airedale av
Anderton Richd., A.R.I.B.A., archtct and surv, 6 Kenilworth gardens, S.S. Tel. 41186
Anderton Thos. (B. Preston & Co.) ; h. 14 Ansdell rd
Andrew Arthur & Son, basket mkrs, 161 Dickson rd
Andrew Harold, taxi proptr, 25 Durham rd
Andrew Walter, clrk, 11 Lomond av, Marton
Andrews (John F.) & Booth (Thos.),mrkt grdnrs, 105 Highfield rd, S.S.
Andrews Chas., rlwy insptr, 12 Westwood av
Andrews Geo., hairdrsr, 122 Church st and 6 Foxhall rd ; h. 43 Gainsborough av
Andrews R. G. & N., conftnrs, 45-47 Red Bank rd
ANDREWS THOS. H., Crewe's OrlglnalBoarding Establishment and Private Hotel, Central promenade. Tel. 101 ; Telegrams " Crewe's Original "
Anforth John, nwsagt, 35 Norbreck rd
Anglo-American Oil Co., Ltd., Devonshire rd. Tel. 986
Angus Thos. F., joinr, 29 Collingwood avenue
Anslow Miss Mary E., conftnr, 85 Dickson rd
Anthony Mrs. Ellen, 17 Whitegate drv
Anthony F. Lincoln, L.D.S., R.C.S., dent surg, Castleroi, Bispham rd
Anthony Mark, Ltd., chmsts, 31 Market st
Anthony Mr. Mark, 391 Lytham rd, S.S. Tel. 42444
Anthony R., Ltd., hse frnshrs, 17 Whitegate drive. Tel. 3184
Antribus John, trvllr, 21 Daventry av
Antrobus John H., drpr's mngr, 81Warbreck drive
Appleton Cyril, cashr, Norbreck rd
APPLETON Miss MARY A, boarding & apartment house, 11 Eaves street
Appleyard Walter, trvllr, 19 Laurel av
Applin Geo. H., dairy, 330 Waterloo rd, S.S.
Apted Henry W., depty engnr, Fylde Water Board, Sefton st. Tel. 3950 ; h. 6 Cleator av. Tel. 57075
Arbury Alfd, & Son, chirpdsts, 13 Springfield rd. Tel. 358
Arbury Alfd. (A. Arbury & Son) ; h. 21 Mere rd
Arbury Henry, dentist, 405 Central drv
Arbury John (A. Arbury & Son) ; h. 76 London rd
Arcade Cafe (B'pool), Ltd. caterers, Feldman's arcade. Tel. 1688
Arcadia Club, 67 Station road, S.S.
Ardern Harold, cleansing supt, Sefton st. Tel. 204 ; h. 24 Kenilworth gardens, S.S. Tel.. 41207
Ardron Albt., engnr, Back Regent rd ; h. 166 Westmorland av
Ardron Harry (J. Ardron & Son) ; h. 4 Mather st
ARDRON J. & SON, tool and cutlery merchants, grocers', butchers' and poulterers' outfitters, saw repairers and builders' ironmongers, 12-13 Cedar square. Tel. 2448
Ardron Jph. (J. Ardron & Son) ; h. Wilderswood, 104 Bispham rd
Argenta Meat Co., Ltd., btchrs, Moon st. Tel. 468 ; J. Wilding, dist mngr ; shops : 36 Church st (Tel. 129), 105 Church (Tel. 49), 199 Lytham rd (Tel. 332), 107 Bond st (Tel; 42178 S.S.), 16a Grasmere rd and 28a Caunce st
Arkush Rev. Saml. (Rabbi), 18 Woodland grove
ARKWRIGHT BROS. (Blackpool), Ltd., plasterers and ccntractors, 129
George street. Tel. 153 Poulton ; and at Poulton
Arkwright & Dennison, motr engnrs, Selbourne st. Tel. 2931
Arkwright Robt. H. (Arkwright Dennison) ; h. 3 Garrick grove
Armac Disinfectant Supplies Co., 60 Marsden rd
Armer Richd., btchr, 48la Waterloo rd, S.S. - h. 16 Fir grove
ARMITAGE Mrs. ADA, Bryncliffe Private Hotel, 392 North promenade. Tel. 51874
Atmitage Chas. (Armac Disinfectant Co.) ; h. 60 Marsden rd
Armitage Cyril P. (W. Armitage Sons) ; h. 48 Devonshire rd
Armitage Edgar, bldr, 5 Collingwood av. Tel. 156 Poulton
Armitage John (W. Armitage & Sons) ; h. 196 Warley rd
Armitage Mr. Samuel, 4 Carlton grove
Armitage Walter, grcr, l-3 Leckbampton rd. Tel. 51224 N.S.
Armitage W. & Sons, motor coach proptrs, Dickson rd. Tel. 967
Armstrong Mr. Chas. B., 46 Stoney Hill av, S.S. -
Armstrong Edwd., clrk, 45 Burlington rd, S.S.
Armstrong Geo. A., Mus. Doc., music tchr, 14 St. Stephen's av
Armstrong & Heward, bldrs, Highgate
Armstrong John, fish dlr, 67 Whitegate drive. Tel. 993
Armstrong John H. (Armstrong Heward) ; h. 5 Highgate, S.S.
Armstrong Mr. John J., 17 Prestbury av, S.S.
Armstrong Richd., electrn, 18 Anger's Hill rd
Armstrong Walter, grcr, 65 Highfield rd, S.S.
Arnott Mr. Fredk. J., 13 Boscombe rd, S.S.
Arnott Herbt., tailr, 47 Maitland st
Arran Arthur, mrkt grdnr, Dockypool In, Marton moss
Arrigoni Jph., optcn, 1 Westwood av
Artis & Gardner, Oriental dlrs, Maybell av
Ascot (The) Private Hotel, Burlington Road west, S.S. Tel. 41368 ; Mrs. T. Mackin
Ascroft Fredk., conftnr, 288 Devonshire rd
Ascroft, Whiteside & Co., solctrs and com for oaths, 36 Birley st. Tel. S (two lines)
Ash Edwd., clrk, 56 Lune grove
Ashcroft Mr. Arthur S., 72 Harrowside, S.S. Tel. 42135
Ashcroft Henry, grcr, 46 St. Walburga's rd
Ashcroft Wm., spirit mrchnt's mngr, 39 Drummond av
Ashfield John W., pol con, 10 Dudley avenue
Ashley Jas. W., auctnr, valuer, land and estate agent, 66 Talbot rd. Tel. 1134
Ashton Misses Agnes & Annie, conftrs, 24 Chapel st
Ashton Albt., mrkt grdnr, 35 Pedder's lane
Ashton & Dewhurst, conftnrs, 175 Central drive
Ashton Mrs. Eliz., 49 Stoney Hill av, S.S.
Ashton Ernest, blcksmth, Hawes Side In ; h. 122 Marsden rd
Ashton Jas., joinr, Jem gate, Bispham
Ashton Richd., drpr, 3la Dickson rd ; h. 31 High st
Ashton Thos. clrk, 50 Marton drive
Ashton Thos., clrk, 150 Adelaide st
Ashton Thos., dairy, Bennett's hi.Marton
Ashton Walter, clrk, 11 Laurel av
Ashton Wm. S., Esq., J.P. (Knowlsons', Ltd.) ; h. 29 Leamington rd.Tel. 1594
Ashworth Albt., bldr, 27 Ripon rd
Ashworth Albt., vict, Shovels Inn,Common Edge In, Marton
Ashworth Benj., wndw clnr, 59 Marsden rd
Ashworth Misses Ellen & Alice, 77 Park rd
ASHWORTH ERNEST, boarding and apartment house, Ingledene, 44 Read's avenue
Ashworth Ernest, taxi proptr, 24 Braithwaite st
Ashworth Frank (Newman') ; h. 46 Condor grove
Ashworth Frank, pntr, 201 Highfield rd, S.S.
Ashworth Frank, mrkt grdnr, Common Edge ln, Marton
Ashworth Geo. H., debt collctr, Cornwall av, Marton
Ashworth Henry L., clerk, 59 Patterdale avenue
Ashworth Henry, amusement caterer, 9 Beverley grove, S.S.
Ashworth John, pntr, 14 Edenvale av
Ashworth John, pntr, 56 Levens grove
Ashworth John F., drpr, 43 Cookson st and 102 Church street ; h. 161Holmfield rd
Ashworth Mrs. Rhoda, conftnr, 4 Ripon rd
Ashworth Richd., drug stores, 99Central drive ; h. 51 Cumberland av
Ashworth Saml., bldr, 28 Fenber av.
Ashworth Walter, vict, Victoria Hotel, 50 Talbot rd. Tel. 1849
Ashworth Wilfd., chmst's mngr, 14 Salisbury rd
Ashworth W. B., coal dlr, 107 Ribble rd
Ashworth Mr. Wm. E., Bentinck av, S.S. Tel. 41426
Aspden Andrew, frmr, Bamber farm, Bispham
Aspden Mrs. Emma, frutr, 158 Church street
Aspden Ernest W. (General Motor Repair Co.) ; h. 14 King st
Aspden Ronald, chmst, 45 Grasmere rd ; h. 6 Havelock st
Aspden Wm. C., boot repr, 84 George st ; h. 43 Hemingway
Aspin Thos., fr fish dlr, 16 Upper Talbot st
ASPINALL E., public and private apartments (near sea and baths), 7 Windsor avenue, off Osbourne road, South Shore
Aspinall Evelyn, tripe dlr, 44 Gras-mere rd
Aspinall Edwd. (Crompton & Aspinall) ; h. 7 Windsor av, S.S.
Aspinall Edwd., fr fish dlr, 110 Lytham rd ; h. 2 Clarendon rd
Aspinall Ivan G., F.C.A., chrtrd acntnt,7 Birley st. Tel. 2999 ; h. 43 Woodstock grdns. Tel. 41502 S.S.
Aspinall Lewis, F.S.A.A., incorp accountant, 29 Birley st. Tel. 71 ; h.113 Park rd
Aspinall Milton, potted meat salsmn, 6 Belgrave rd
Aspinall Robt. (Havelock Bakery, Ltd.) ; h. 80 Kent rd
Aspinall Saml., amusement catorer, 12 Saville rd, S.S.
Aspinall Mr. Wm., 35 Magdalen rd
Asquith Alfd., tailr, 6a Ball st, S.S.
Asquith Tom, btchr's mngr, 15 Kempton av
Atack Mrs. Jane A., conftnr, 4la Crossland rd
Astleyfield Mill Co. Ltd., cotton ware- house, 27a Springfield rd. Tel. 1442
Aston Wm., furs dlr, 25 Regent rd
Astor Wm., furnshr, 10 Buchanan at
ASTORIA CAFE, luncheons, teas, suppers (parties and commercials speclally catered for), open all day on Sundays. Tel. 3745 ; F. Wright, proprietor
Athenaeum Club, 9 The Strand. Tel. ; J. Hopkinson, sec
Atherton Mrs. Amelia, gcr, 23 Fisher st
ATHERTON BROS. (Blackpool), Ltd., joiners, builders, timber merchants, shopfitters, etc., Peter Street Saw mills. Tel. 521
Atherton Herbt. (Atherton Bros. (Blackpool), Ltd.) ; h. Ennerdale. Vicarage In
Atherton Jas. Henry (Atherton Bros. (Blackpool), Ltd.) ; h. Meadow bank, Preston Old rd
Atherton John (Atherton Bros. (Blackpool), Ltd.) ; h. Fairfield, Park Drive south
Atherton (Henry) & Loft (Gerald), conftnrs, 206-208 Lytham rd
Atherton Robt. (Atherton Bros. (Blackpool), Ltd.) ; h. Myrtle bank, Preston Old rd
Atherton Samuel (Atherton Bros. (Blackpool), Ltd.) ; h. The Brae, Newton drive
Atherton Thos. (Atherton Bros. (Blackpool), Ltd.) ; h. Oban, Newton drive
Atkins Mr. Fredk., 24 Worsley av, S. S.
Atkinson Aaron, wndw clnr, 22 Ec-cleston rd
Atkinson Albt., clrk, 32 Lancaster rd, Marton
Atkinson Allen Wm., cashr, 11 Newland av, Marton
Atkinson Arthur R., pubhsher's mngr, 23 Chapel st
Atkinson Miss Bertha, glass and china dlr, 34b Victoria st
Atkinson Mx. Fredk., 8 Mersey rd, S.S.
Atkinson Geo. F., M.Inst.C.E., engnr, Fylde Water Board, Sefton st. Tel.3950
Atkinson Henry, gardnr, Oak dene, Highfield rd, S.S.
Atkinson Miss Jessie, gowns, etc., 37. Queen st. Tel. 1500
Atkinson John, gent's outftr, 28 Central drive
Atkinson John L., grcr, 8 Bond st. Tel. 42343
Atkinson Jph., carter, 15 Victory rd
Atkinson Leslie C., clrk, 5 Sandicroft road
Atkinson Robt., conftnr, 56 George st
Atkinson Miss g Mildred, optician, 139 Lytham rd
Atkinson Saml., hairdrsr, 89 Waterloo` rd ; h. 23 Hapton rd
Atkinson Saml., mrkt gardnr, School ln, Marton ; h. 44 Berwick rd, S.S.
Atkinson Thos., mrkt gardnr, CherryTree rd
Atkinson Thos., boot repr, Back Egerton rd ; h. 80 Marton drive
Atkinson Thos. H., joinr, Harcourt rd
Atkinson Wilfd. (Buckley & Atkinson) ; h. 20 Queen Victoria rd
Atkinson Wm., clrk, 13 Douglas av
Atkinson Wm., mrkt grdnr, 7 Linfield ter, Highfield rd
Atkinson Wm. L., wtchmkr, 137.139 Lytham rd, S.S.
Atkron Harold V., mining engnr, Wheatcroft, Preston New rd
Attay Robt., clrk, 19 Amberbanks grve
Attfield Miss Peggie, mllnr, lb Regent road
Attfield Wm., hairdrsr, lc Regent rd
Attwood Mrs. Florence, 30 Redcar rd.
Austin Mrs. Annie, 654 Lytham rd, S.S
Austin Mr. Chas. W., 254 Church st
Austin Chris. J., M.B.I.R., radiologist,43 Queen st (Tel. 480), and dentist,457 Lytham rd, S.S. (Tel. 42219)
Austin Geo. (Halstead & Co.), 342 Lytham rd. Tel. 41102 S.S.
Austin Mrs. Margt., conftnr, 36a Pleasant st
Austin Percy, mus tchr, 8 Powell av
Austin Saml., fr fish dlr, 114-116 St.Annes rd, S.S.
Austin Rev. Wm. A. M. (Cong.), 6 Breck road
Automatic Scale Co., Service depot, 12 Bispham rd. Tel. 3261 ; C. W. Judson, local rep
Auty Eli, acntnt, 19 Abingdon st ; h. 38 Kimberley av, S.S.
Avery W. & T., Ltd., scale mkrs, Caunce st
Axon Ernest D., clrk, 17 Liverpool rd
Aynscough Miss Ivy, tailoress, 28 Bond st, S.S.
Aynscough Fredk., mngr, 22 Highgate, S.S.
Ayre Fredk. (Ayre & Senior) ; h. 30 Breck rd. Tel. 2260
Ayre Fredk., conftnr, 1 Livingstone rd and 39a Whitegate drive. Tel. 3447
Ayre Harold, pntr, 275 Church st
Ayre Herbt., joinr, Back Spencer ter ;h. 36 Breck rd
Ayre & Senior, com and gen prntrs, Carter st and Back Read's av. Tel. 3220 (two lines)
AYRE WALTER (Blackpool), Ltd., art furnlshers, cabinet makers, upholsterers, carpet and llnoleum factors, ironmongers, etc., 193-195 Dickson road and Imperial street ; warehouse, Back Eaves street. Tel. 836
Ayrton Lloyd, sewing machine dlr, 3 Lindsay av