Lytham St.Annes Coat of Arms
Lytham St.Annes, Lancashire, England


An a-z list of Blackpool Householders & Businesses.



CADMAN Mrs. E., public and private apartments, with or without board, Southdown, 13 Barton avenue
Cadman John W., dairy, 21 Boothroyden
Cadman Miles, dairymn, 206 Cunliffe rd
Caine Johh, plastr, 17 Cheapside
Caine John D., A.S.A.A., acntnt, 11 Prestbury av, S.S.
Caine Donald, taxi proptr, Broadway, S.S. Tel. 41156
Cafe Regal, 38-42 Abingdon st. Tel. 3793
Cafe Royale (Mrs. Hilda Cockshoot), Queen's drive. Tel. 51473 N.S.
Caffin Mr. Geo. D., Centra, Queen's drive. Tel. 51751  N.S.
Caldwell John, pntr, 346 Hawes Side ln
Caledonian Private Hotel, New South prom. Tel. 41328 ; E. Machin, prop
Caley Mrs. Edith A., hairdrsr, 5 Yates street
Calkeld Mr. John B., 179 Read's av
Callis John, solctr and corn for oaths, Midland Bank chmbrs, 142 Church st. Tel. 2754 ; h. Poulton-le- Fylde
Calverley Thos., conftnr, Dagger's Hall lane
Calverley Thos. (Exors. of), 20 Birley st
Calvert Edwd., clrk, 20 Leonard av, Marton
Calvert Mrs. Norah, mllnr, 189 Dickson road
Calverley Stanley, nwsagt, 58 Harrison street
Calverley Thos. K., mrkt grdnr, 244 Hawes Side in
Cambridge (The) Private Hotel, Burlington Road west. Tel. 41249 ; Miss H. Smith
Cameron Confectionery Co., cnftnrs, 31 Talbot rd
Cameron Wm. R., dentst, 39 White-gate drive. Tel. 2121
Campbell Chas. H., hatter's mngr, 4 Fir grove, Marton
Campbell J. F. & Co., hsr frnshrs, 1214 Queen st. Tel. 2933
Campbell Jas. V. (South Shore Plumbing Co.) ; h. 34 Highbury av, Layton
Campbell Jas., Clovelly Private Hotel,
Clifton drive, N.S. Tel. 41308
CAMPBELL Misses LAVINIA & BERTHA, boarding and apartment house, 11 Holmfield road
Campbell Mrs. Margt., drpr, 49 Dickson road
Campbell Robt. S., postmstr, Abingdon st ; h. 199 Warbreck Hill rd
Campbell Thos. (South Shore Plumbing Co.) ; h. 13 Osborne rd, S.S.
Campbell Wm., bus insptr, 25 Cumberland av
Cank Mr. Benj., Perthmeor, Preston New rd
Canning Geo., pol con, 60 Alexandra rd, S.S.
Capers John (J. Capers & Sons) ; h. 12 Belgrave rd
CAPERS J. & SONS, nurserymen and florists, floral and palm decorations by contract (wreaths, crosses and bouquets), Great Marton nurseries, Ryburn avenue, Marton. Tel. 41383
Capital Trading Co. (H. W. Stopford), Regent rd
Caplan Rev. Danl. (Rabbi), 65 Park rd
Capon Mrs. Alice E., dairy, 4 Dale st
Capstack John, phtgrphr, 145 South prom. Tel. 2188 ; h. 636 Lytham road
Capstack Mrs. Margt., 636 Lytham rd, S.S. Tel. 41863
Cardwell Miss Alice, frmr, Moss farm, Marton
CARDWELL BROS. & LEEMING, market gardeners, Lynwood nurseries, Cropper road, Marton. Tel. 41541
Cardwell Cornelius, btchr, 34a Dickson rd ; h. 5 Woodpark rd
Cardwell Edwd. (Cardwell Bros.) ; h. 437 Waterloo rd, S.S.
Cardwell Ernest P., gives mngr, 208 Waterloo rd, S.S.
Cardwell Frank S., clrk, 3 Beech avenue
Cardwell Fredk. Ed., mrkt grdnr, Fern glen, Marton
Cardwell Geo., bldr, Common Edge In, Marton
Cardwell Geo., bldr, Abbeystead, St. Clement's av
Cardwell Isaac, mrkt grdnr, The Willows, Marton
Cardwell Jas., joinr, 17 Milton av. Tel. 3514
Cardwell Jas. (W. Cardwell Bros.) ; h. 25 Whitham av
Cardwell Mr. Jas., 195 Whitegate drv Cardwell John (W. Cardwell Bros.) ; h. 42 Vicarage In
Cardwell John E., conftnr, 100 Egerton rd ; h. 16 Honister av, Marton Cardwell John W., chmst, 193 Whitegate drive
Cardwell John W., mrkt grdnr, 61 Pedder's In
Cardwell John W., mrkt grdnr, Midgland rd, Marton moss
Cardwell Jph. E., mrkt grdnr, Midgland rd, Moss side
Cardwell Mrs. Margt. M., 221 Whitegate drive
Cardwell Nicholas, mrkt grdnr, Common Edge In, Marton
Cardwell Percy, mrkt grdnr, Moss side
Cardwell Richd. H., mrkt grdnr, Old
Strawberry gardens, Marton Cardwell Richd. W., mrkt grdnr, Common Edge In, S.S.
Cardwell Robt., mrkt grdnr, Bennett's In, Marton
Cardwell Robt. Ed., mrkt grdnr, Stockydale rd, Marton
CARDWELL THOS., joiner, builder, contractor, shopfitter, funeral undertaker, works and office, 473 Waterloo road, S.S. Tel. 41340
Cardwell Thos. W., mrkt grdnr, Midgland rd, Moss side
Cardwell Wm., mrkt grdnr, 9-10 St. John's mrkt and Highfield rd, Moss side
Cardwell Wm. (W. Cardwell & Bros.); h. 1 Anger's Hill rd
Cardwell Wm. & Bros., joinrs, Whit-ham av
Careless Alfd. S., J.P., grcr, 2a St. Chad's rd, S.S. ; h. 4 Clarendon rd
Careless Chas. B. (C. B. Careless & Son) ; h. 157 Bloomfield rd
Careless Chas. & Son, grcrs, 3 Barton av Carew Wm., pol con, 128 Layton rd
CARLEYS', ladies and gents' tailors, Carter street ; Miss E. Harris, proptr
Carlisle Frank (Carlisle & Williams) ; h. 3 Leamington rd. Tel. 2878
Carlisle & Williams, com agnts, 43 Cheapside. Tel. 786-7 and 2263-4
Carlton Cafe, 127 Topping street
CARLTON HOTEL, Imperial terrace, North promenade. Tel. 103
Carman Alfd. G., auctnr, 20 Brack rd
Carmel Benj., phtgrphr, 17 Chapel st
Carmouche Mr. Francois, 49 Park rd. Tel. 934
Carney Edwd., wndw clnr, 52 Keswick road
Carr Arthur, hairdrsr, 165 Hawes Side In ; h. 11 Sandgate, S.S.
Carr Arthur, joinr, Back Central drv. Tel. 2563 ; h. 28 Montrose av
Carr Edwd., mrkt grdnr, Ecclesgate In, Marton
Carr Edwd., drpr, 6 South Shore mrkt, Waterloo rd
Carr Eric, clrk, 21 Highfield rd, S.S. Carr Jas., grcr, 32 South King st Carr Jas., clrk, 4 Mansfield av
Carr John, company sec, 28 Norcliffe rd Carr Mrs. Nancy K., Langham Private Hotel, Queen st. Tel. 800
Carr Robt., mrkt grdnr, Jubilee In, Marton
Carr Sidney, btchr's mngr, 17 Woodland grove
Carr Wilfd., schlmstr, 12 Gloucester av Carr Wm., mrkt grdnr, Kitty's In, Marton
Carr Wm., junr., mrkt grdnr, Kitty's lane Marton
Carrington Arthur C. (Kershaw &
Carrington) ; h. 17 Kensington rd
Carrington Harold, clrk, 372 Central dr
CARRINGTON Mrs. MARY L., boarding and apartments (near station and sea), The Gables, 23 Springfield road
Carrington Mrs. Minnie, 9 Longton rd
Carrington Wm., mngr, Martin's Bank, Ltd., 30 Corporation st. Tel. 56 ; h. 25 Lincoln rd. Tel. 537
CARROD Mrs. MARY E., boarding establishment, public and private apartments, Radnor house, 40 Dickson road
Carroll Lawrence, wndw clnr, 52 South King st
Carruthers Jacob, nursrymn, 1 Lyddesdale av
Carryer Mr. Ivan, 5 Park Drive south. Tel. 657
Carson David A., trvllr, 28 Chatsworth avenue
Carter Mr. Arthur I., 16 Broadway, S.S.
Carter Arthur J., wine and spirit mrchnt, 37-39 Hornby rd
Carter Cecil G., optcn, 82a Central dr
Carter Clement, drpr, 271 Lytham rd
Carter Edgar, nwsagt and P.O., 19-21 Red Bank rd
Carter Edwd. V., pltry dlr, 3 Braithwaite st
Carter Fredk. J., chmst, 27 Red Bank rd. Tel. 51171
Carter Geo., hairdrsr, 22 Layton rd ; h. 29 Rathlyn av
Carter Mr. Geo. N., 233 Hornby rd
Carter Mr. Harold, 114 Harrowside, S.S. Tel. 41622
Carter Jas. W., btchr, 399 Central drv
Carter Mr. Jas., 5 Leamington rd
Carter John 0., carrier, 13 Newland av, Marton
Carter Mrs. Margt. A., mllnr, 2a Alfred street
Carter Owen, boot repr, 9 and 20b Caunce st
Carter Reg. E. (Carter & Watson) ; h. 64 Station rd, S.S.
Carter Sam., rate cllctr, 6 Ord av
Carter & Watson, acntnrs, St. John's chmbrs, 87a Church st. Tel. 2012
Carter Wm., mrkt grdnr, Division ln, Marton
Cartledge Percy, bakr's mngr, 133 Whitegate drive
Cartmell Albt. (Marton Plumbers) ; h. 11 Sedbergh av
Cartmell Bros., coal mrchnts, Railway siding, Talbot rd
Cartmell Cyril (W. Banks & Co.) ; h. St. Annes. Tel. 696
Cartmell Frank D., mngr, 15 Beech-field av
Cartmell Geo., frmr, Squires Gate farm
Cartmell Mrs. Isabella, boot dlr, 185 Dickson rd
Cartmell Jas., frutr, 403 Central drive and 48a Grasmere rd. Tel. 2483; h. 26 Westmorland av
Cartmell John (Cartmell Bros.) ; h. 13 Butler st
Cartmell Richd., dairy, 15 Allandale avenue
Cartmell Robt., frmr, Moss farm Cartmell Thos., coal dlr, 57 Addison crescent
Cartmell Thos. (Cartmell Bros.) ; h. 3 Lynn grove
Cartmell Wm. H., whlsle fish mrchnt, George st. Tel. 2949 ; h. 62 Newton drive. Tel. 1845
Cartwright Alfd., clrk, 6 St. Edmund's road
Cartwright Frank, mngr, 15 Beechfield avenue
Cartwright Leon., plastr, 46 Brun grove
Carver Mrs. Agnes, 587 Lytham rd, S.S
Carver Geo. H., btchr, 2 Bond st, S.S. Tel. 41041 ; h. 480 Lytham rd. Tel. 41666 S.S.
Carver Henry H., 132 Lytham rd.
Tel. 2258 ; h. 332 Central drive
Cash Jph., coal dlr, 117 Warley rd
Cash Tom, gent's outftr, 47 Bank Hey street
Casino, restaurant and billiard hall, S. S. Tel. 41033
Cass Alfd. (A. Cass & Sons) ; h. 20 Preston Old rd
Case Alfd. & Sons, coal dlrs, 20 Preston Old rd
Cass Foster, prntr's. mngr, 17 Calder road
Cass Frank (A. Cass & Sons) ; h. 23 Lancaster rd, Marton
Cass Willie (A. Cass & Sons) ; h. 16 Banbury av
Casson Walter, statnr and P.O., 218 Central drive. Tel. 1491
Castle Chas., amsemnt catr, 2 Lilac av
Castlegate Laundry Co., Ltd., Castle-gate. Tel. 3492
Catholic Club, Springfield rd. Tel. 2379 ; T. Challoner, sec
Catlow Edmnd., grcr, 104 Topping st and 69 Squires Gate ln ; h. Ash lea, Bispham. Tel. 51179 N.S.
Catlow Edmnd. B., grcr, 154 Central dr
Catlow Herbt., conftnr, 37 Bond st, S.S. ; h. 59 Watson rd
Caton Henry, fr fish dlr, 16 Eaves st
Catterall Mr. Alfd. F., 14 Cresham rd
Catterall & Cochrane, estate agent, Caunce st. Tel. 1630
Catterall John (Catterall & Cochrane) ; h. Hill crest, Preston Old rd
Catterall & Swarbrick's Brewery, Ltd., brewers, wine and spirit mrchnts, ale and porter bottlers and mineral water mnftrs, Talbot rd. Tel. 3300 (three lines)
Cattle Alfd., postl supt, 11 Westwood avenue
Catton Henry, wndw clnr, Myrtle bank, Bispham
Cave Thos., fancy goods dlr, 41 Queen st. Tel. 2705
Cave Wallace, btchr, 152 Lytham rd
Cawthorne John, fr fish dlr, 7 Hodder avenue
Cawthra John H., clrk, 48 Portland rd
Cecille, mllnr, 18 The Strand
Clayton Alfd., fish dlr, 02 Cookson st.Tel. 473 ; h. 50 Selbourne rd
Cemetery, Talbot rd. Tel. 75 ; A.Blackburn, registrar
Central Advertising Co., 46 Cookson st. Tel. 158
Central Dining Rooms, Promenade ; Clarke and Heap, proptrs
Central Laundry, Back Hornby rd. Tel. 1808
Central Nursing Home, 228-230 Hornby rd. Tel. 434 ; Misses E. Jones & E. Womack
Central Pier, Promenade. Tel. 423 ;
C. Chantler, F.C.I.S., sec and mngr Central Plumbing & Heating Co Ltd., Whitegate dr and 21 Hudson road
Chadwick Mr. Albt., Norbreck rd. Tel. 306 Cleveleys
Chadwick Arthur (Chadwick Bros. (Layton), Ltd.) ; h. 63 Westcliffe dr. Tel. 452
Chadwick Bros. (Layton), Ltd., joinrs, etc., Little Layton. 'Tel. 452
Chadwick Cyril, clrk, 10 Boardman st
Chadwick Danl. (Chadwick Bros. (Layton), Ltd.) ; h. Glendalough, St.Walburga's rd
Chadwick Danl., joinr, Collingwood av ; h. 1 Layton rd
Chadwick Eli, fr fish dlr, 260-262 Lytham rd
Chadwick Frank E., grcr, 55-57 Egerton rd. Tel. 658
Chadwick Fredk., drpr, 24 Cromwell road
Chadwick Fredk. J., tailr, 12a Caunce st. Tel. 872
Chadwick Herbt. S., nursrymn, Marton moss. Tel. 41366 S.S.
Chadwick Mr. Jas., 57 Osbourn rd, S.S.
Chadwick Jas. (Chadwick Bros. (Layton), Ltd.) ; h. 11 Brooklyn av
Chadwick Jas. H., trvllr, 1 Dean st
Chadwick John S. (Chadwick's (Blackpool), Ltd.) ; h. 37 Alexandra rd
Chadwick Richd. A. (Central Advertising Co.) ; h. 41 Raikes parade
Chadwick Mrs. Sarah A., 18 Hampton road
Chadwick Sidney, nwsagt, 116 Caunce street
Chadwick Thos., trvllr, Burlington hse, Burlington rd, S.S.
Chadwick Tom, clrk, 67 London rd
Chadwick Mr. Walter W., 16 Boscombe rd, S.S. Tel. 41758
Chadwick Wm. (Chadwick Bros. (Layton), Ltd.) ; h. 7 Sunnybank av
Chadwick Mr. Wm., 181 Read's av
Chadwick Wm: F., pntr, 11 Empress drive. Tel. 51377 N.S.
Chadwick Wm. T., trvllr, 3 Magdalen road
CHADWICK'S (Blackpool), Ltd., fireplace specialists, show rooms : John street and Bloomfield road ; Tel. 2764
Chaffer Jas., pltry frmr, Cornwall place
Chaffer Misses Rachel & Doris, drprs, 2 South Shore mrkt., Waterloo rd and 225 Lytham rd
Challis Dudley T., baby carriage dlr, 54 Highfield rd, S.S.
Challoner Thos. (Turner & Sons) ; h. 279 Church st
Challinor Thos., boot repr, 382 Lytham rd ; h. 4 Colville av
Chalmers Henry, frmr, Gillett's farm, Marton
Chamberlain Douglas, clrk, 123 Claremont rd
Chambers Ernest W., conftnr, 9 Springfield rd
Chambers Jas., general, Holiday Camp, Stanley rd, Marton
Chambers Leslie, cashr, 23 Sherwood av
Chandler John W., football trainer, 6 Harewood av
Chandler Wm. H., clrk, 17 Butler st
Chantler & Co., tobcnsts, 151 and 195 South prom
Chantler Cyril, F.C.I.S., stock brkr, Talbot chmbrs, Talbot sq. Tel. 3622 ; h. 4 Gosforth rd. Tel. 3622
Chapman Mrs. Ada, ladies hairdresser, 117 Bond street, S. S.
Chapman Anthony, shpkpr, Moss House rd
Chapman Edwin J., booksllr's mngr, 68 Cavendish rd
Chapman Geo., furn dlr, 34 Lune grv ; h. 99 Loftos av
Chapman Henry, clrk, 409 Central drv
Chapman Mr. Jas., 110 Harrowside
Chappell Miss Clara, conftnr, 31 Withnell rd, S.S.
Chappell Mrs. Mabel, 3 Second av. Tel. 42527 S.S.
Chappell Mr. Thos., 74 Harrowside, S.S. Tel. 42325
Charlton John W., acntnt, 44 Gains-borough rd
Charleston Ernest, statnmstr, 376 Central drive
Charlesworth Mr. David, 16 St. Stephen avenue
CHARLESWORTH JOSEPH (30 years' experience), nurseryman, florist and landscape gardener (specialist in tomatoes, lettuces, cucumbers and Mushrooms), bedding-out plants, etc., supplied, estimates free, Lindale nurseries, Stanley road, Marton
Charlesworth Charlotte, mllnr, 14a West st
Charlesworth Norman, bank clrk, 33 Grange rd
Charlton Mrs. Eliz., 82 Harrowside, S.S.
Charnley John Jas., furn dlr, 61 Ansdell rd ; h. 9 Scudamore cres
Charnley J, btchr, 3 Upper Talbot st
Charnley John, schlmstr, 44 Mather st
Charnley T., trvllr, 30 Lyddesdale av
Charnock Jas. R., clrk, 16 Leeds rd
CHARNWOOD PRIVATE HOTEL, board residence, 11 Derby road,
Claremont park, N.S. Tel. 504: W. J. Ellis, proprietoress
CHASELEY PRIVATE HOTEL, 404 North promenade. Tel. 51221 N.S. ; Mrs. Alice Norwood Fox, proptr
Chatham (The) Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Sep av. Tel. 620
Chathmal Khandel, gowns, etc., 60 Coronation st
Chatwin Thos. H., nwsagt, 115 Whitegate drive
Cheapside Wine Stores (H. Cunliffe), 4 Cheapside. Tel. 1502
Cheers John R., ins agnt, 20 Woodstock gardens, S.S.
Cheers Jph. (J. Cheers & Co., Ltd.) ; h. 47 Orchard av
Cheers J. & Co., Ltd., bldrs, 47 Orchard av
Cheesman Walter H. (Haworth & Johnson) ; h. 2b Boardman av
Cheetham Mrs. Annie C., Newbold, Newton drive. Tel. 922
Cheetham Mr. Harold, 384 North prom Cheetham Henry, trvllr, 11 Lancaster rd, Marton
Cheetham Robt., clrk, 614 Lytham rd
Cheetham Saml., conftnr, 40 Pleasant st h. 28 Westcliffe drive
Chenery Mr. Henry, 491 Lytham rd
CHEQUERS PRIVATE HOTEL, Queen's drive, North promenade. Tel. 57461 N.S. Telegrams " Chequers, North prom " ; J. Haworth, proprietor
CHERRINGTON Mrs. EDITH, board residence and apartments, pleasant situation, near pier and baths, excellent cuisine, recommended for home comforts, 16 St. Bede's avenue, South Shore
CHERRINGTON WILLIAM, mould maker and engraver, Price street, S.S. ; h. B6 St. Bede's avenue
Chester Pollard (Great Britain), Ltd., automatic machine mnftrs, 112 Bond at, S.S. Tel. 41745
CHEVALIERS', public and private apartments, board optional, two minutes from Blackpool South station, near sea and baths, 3 Hampton road, S.S.
Chew Mr. Jas., Rydal mount, Duchess drive
Chew Mr. John H., 345 Lytham rd. Tel. 41503 S.S.
Child Jas. H., ins agnt, 24 Cavendish rd Chippendale Geo., asst schhnstr, 15 Waterfoot av
Chippendale Richd., trvllr, 26 Gos.. forth rd
Chiswick Geo (Chiswick & Wright) ; II. 28 Hemingway
Chiswick & Wright, engnrs, Back Gladstone st. Tel. 41379 S.S.
Chorlton Mrs. Frances, nwsagt, 18 Caunce st
Christian Alliance of Women and Girls' Holiday Home & Institute, 141-143 Bond st, S.S. ; Miss Lucy S. Panchard, supt
Christopher & Rutter, fr fish dlrs, 89 Dickson rd
Christy Edwd., clrk, 26 Mossom In Churmage V. & D., Ltd., mllnrs, 15 Queen st. Tel. 2277
Churmage Wm., amusemt caterer, 9-11 South prom
Churton Misses Mary & Jane, drprs, 95 Bond st, S.S., and 232 Church st
Clague Jas. (R. H. 0. Hills', Ltd.) ; h. 227 Waterloo rd
Claire Mdme., ladies' hairdrsr, 277 Dickson rd. Tel. 51725 N.S.
Clapham & Wroe, grcrs, 212 Red Bank road
Clare Mrs. Henrietta, conftnr, 12a York st
CLAREMONT ASPHALTS Co., public and private paths contractors, 63 Bedford road. Tel. 511
CLAREMONT PRIVATE HOTEL, Lansdowne crescent, Claremont park, 268 North promenade. Tel. 41. Telegrams " Courtesy " ; John Anderson, proprietor
Claremont Unionist Club, Westminster rd. Tel. 981 ; D. Atkinson, sec
Clarendon Rock Co., mnftng cnftnrs, Back Coronation st. Tel. 3777
Clark Mr. Edwin C., 1 Prestbury av
Clark Ernest, piano tuner, 46 Westminster rd
Clark Hurbt., bookkpr, 11 Westminster road
Clark Richd. L., stonemsn, 25 Boardman av
Clark Mr. Sidney E., 5 Prestbury av
Clark Stanley D., bank clrk, 4 Coniston rd, S.S.
Clarke & Ainsworth, optcns, 22 Market st. Tel. 3465
Clarke Albt., furn remvr, 103 Marton drive. Tel. 42731 S.S.
Clarke Frank, nurseryman, 45 Toronto avenue
Clarke Fredk., schlmstr, 16 London rd
Clarke & Heap, Ltd., caterers, etc., 12-16 Palatine bldngs, Adelaide st. Tel. 3914
Clarke Herbt., grcr, Montrose av
Clarke Herbt. H., grcr, 22 Bank st
Clarke Horace, frutr, 22 Chapel st. Tel. 517
Clarke Lnrd. 0. (Sweet & Clarke) ; h. 3 Berwick rd. Tel. 41470 S.S.
Clarke Mrs. Mary W., fancy goods dlr, 58 Talbot rd
Clarke Percy V., acntnt, 8 Thorne gry
Clarke Peter E., clrk, 150 Vicarage In
Clarke Philip H., trvllr, 15 Calder rd
Clarke Robt. C., trvllr, 13 Warbreck dr
Clarke Wm., tailr, 6 Thorne grove
Clarkson Misses Edith & Maria, confectioners, 19 Bond st, S.S.
Clarkson Geo. F., pntr, 10 Brighton av
Clarkson Geo. Edwd. (H. Clarkson & Sons) ; h. 24 Ferguson rd
Clarkson Herbt. (H. Clarkson & Sons); h. 9 South King st
Clarkson H. & Sons, domestic engnrs, 9 South King st. Tel. 2684
Clarkson John W., bldr, Harley rd. Tel. 1840 ; h. 36 Kensington rd
Clarkson Miss Lily, conftnr, 444 Talbot road
Clarkson Robt. C., ins agnt, 2a Exchange st
Clarkson Richd., boot dlr's mngr, 9 Rosebank av
Clarkson Mrs. Sarah, 4 Ulleswater rd
Clarkson Willie, solctr and com for oaths, 151 Warbreck drive. Tel. 51474 N.S.
Clarkson Wm. H., mus hall artiste, 6 Truro st, S.S.
Clay Mrs. Ethel, conftnr, 17 The Strand Clay Thos. (Morgan & Clay) ; h. 389 Waterloo rd, S.S.
Clayton Alfd., carrier, 8 Philip st Clayton Mrs. Alice, 222 Whitegate drve Clayton Chas., grcr, 40-42 Bairstow st Clayton Chas., uphlstr, 411 North drive
Clayton Rev. John (Cong.), 150 Cornwall av
Clayton John E., jrnlst, 36 Boscombe road, S.S.
Clayton Rev. John Wm. (Vieth.), 57 Withnell rd, S.S.
Clayton Percy, motr salsmn, Norbreck rd. Tel. 414 Cleveleys
Clayton Rd. B., solctr, Abingdon chmbrs, 39 Abingdon st. Tel. 150
Clayton Robt., btchr, 34 Ansdell rd ; h. 51 Westfield rd
Cleal Robt. H., trvllr, 6 Clovelly av
Clegg Miss Amy, Clifton Private Hotel, 14 Knowle av
Clegg Mr. Danl., North lodge, Queen's drive. Tel. 51055 N.S.
Clegg David A., boot dlr, 186 Central drive ; h. 7 Sharow grove
Clegg Frank, hairdrsr, 19 Queen st and 180 Watson's rd. Tel. 42646 S.S.
Clegg Fredk., wndw clnr, 9 Lyddesdale avenue
Clegg Mr. Herbt., 211 Park rd
Clegg Jas., electrn, 238-240 Whitegate drive. Tel. 142 Marton
Clegg John, wndw clnr, 33 Anchorsholme Lane east
Clegg John A., sec, Blackpool Winter Gardens, etc., 89 Church st. Tel. 1 ; h. Bryan rd. Tel. 3188
Clegg John W., outftr, 156 Lytham rd
Clegg R., ins agnt, 22 Wolverton av
Clegg Rd., trvllr, 62 Gainsborough rd
Clegg Mr. Thos., 5 Beechfield av
Clegg Thos. R., trvllr, 74 Granville rd
Clegg Wm., taxi proptr, 17 King st
Clegg Win. F., clrk, 4 Dunmail av, Marton
Clement John H., pol con, 88 Saville rd
Clements Walter, conftnr, 5 Nelson rd
Cleminson T., iris agnt, 8 Alfred st
CLEVELEYS COLLEGE for boys and girls and boarding school for boys (kindergarten), 11 College avenue, Anchorsholme. Tel. 164 Cleveleys ; John H. Smythe, M.A., T.C.D., prin
Cleveleys Hydro, Fleetwood rd. Tel. 24. Telegrams " Hydro, Cleveleys "
CLEVELEYS ELECTRIC LAUNDRY, family service, high-class shirt, collar and dresses, Anchorsholme Lane east. Tel. 31 Cleveleys
Cliffe Fredk. H., Lynthorpe, Whinney Heys rd
Clifford Lnrd., trvllr, 32 Newton drive
CLIFFS HOTEL (on the Front, North Shore), Queen's drive. Tel. 51354 N.S. Fredk. W. Halton, mngng dir
CLIFTON HOTEL, Talbot square, Central beach and North promenade. Tel. 38. Telegrams " Comfort " ; Herbert H. Hindle, mngr
Clifton Arms & Pier Hotel, Ltd., 30 Birley st ; R. L. Greenwood, sec
Clifton Palace Picture House, 56 Church st. Tel. 153
CLIFTONVILLE PRIVATE HOTEL, 14 Empress drive. Tel. 51606 N.S. ; Mrs. E. Leigh, proptrss
Clinning John H. (Clinning & Sons. Ltd.) ; h. 55 Devonshire rd
CUNNING & SONS, Ltd., mineral water manufacturers, Coleridge road. Tel. 465
Clinning \ III. (Clinning & Sons, Ltd.) ; h. 58 Cookson st
Clinning Wm. W. (Clinning & Sons, Ltd.) ; h. 7 Douglas av
Clitheroe Mrs. Mary J., costumier, 100 Church st
Clitheroe Wilfred, boot repr, 45 Caunce st ; 11. 84 Manchester rd
Clock Adts Co., advrtng cntrctrs, St. John's walk. Tel. 2488
Clothier Mr. Cyril, 18 Bryan rd. Tel. 2470
Close Harold, hrdwre dlr, Dagger's Hall In
Clottu Hermann H., conftnr, 48 Whitegate dr, 38 Bond st, S.S., and 33 Corporation st h. 19 Olive grv
Clough Fredk., drpr, 8 Market st ; h. 2 St. Stephen's av
Clough John, dairy, 78-80 Highfield rd
Clough Wm., clrk, Inverisk, Preston New rd
Clovelly Nursing Home, 160 Read's av. Tel. 3355 ; Miss G. E. Devereaux, matron
Clovelly Private Hotel, Clifton dr, S.S. Tel. 41308 ; J. Campbell, proptr
Coar Miss Gladys, fr fish dlr, 42 Queen
Coates Geo.,  trvllr, 80 Lomond av, Marton
Coates .John Whitegate Laundry) ; h. Red cot. Newton dr. Tel. 1698
Coates John R., frmr, Grange farm, Norbreck Road
COATES Mrs. MARY J., public and private apartments and board residence, near sea, Rutherglen, 13 Alexandra road, S.S.
Cobb Stanley, glass dlr, 80 Chislehurst av, S.S.
Cobb Mrs. Eliz., carrier, 47 Rydal ay. Tel. 470
Cobb Harold, carrier, 19 Glen st
Cobb Raymond J., trvllr, 87 Warley rd Cobb Thos., carrier, 72 Threlfall rd
Cochrane Gordon (Catterall & Cochrane) ; h. 52 Patterdale avenue
Cockcroft Herbt. E., M.R.C.S. (Eng.), L.R.C.P. (Lond.), phys and surg, Empress drv. Tel. 51265 N.S.
Cockcroft Jesse, grcr's mngr, 35 Blenheim av
Cockcroft Wm., fr fish dlr, 199 Waterloo rd, S.S.
Cooker Miss Ann, 25 Coniston rd, S.S.
Cocker Harold (J. Cocker, Ltd.) ; h. Domus, Warbreck Hill rd. Tel. 51611 N.S.
Cocker Mr. Henry, 103 Park rd
Cocker John (.1. Cocker, Ltd.) ; h. 207 'ratber r.1
COCKER JOHN, Ltd., wholesale butchers, 1-2 Abattoirs, Talbot road. Tel. 127
Cocker Mr. Lard., 16 Coniston rd, S.S. Cocker Peter, btchr, 41 Westcliffe drv. Tel. 2844
Cocker Robt., trvllr, 27 Knowsley av Cockerham Edwd., clrk, 6 Westwood avenue
Cockerham Frank, ladies' outftr, 162 Central drv
Cockrill Mr. Jas. T., 29 Hampton rd.Tel. 41202
Cocks Mr. Herbt, 3 Beechfield av Cocks Wm. Arthur, gent's outftr, 179 Church st ; h. 8 Beechfield av
Cockshutt Austin, frutr, 8a Palatine rd
Cockshutt Mrs. Jane A., The Anchorage, Arnold av. Tel. 41900 S.S.
Code Mr. Thos. G., 18 Boscombe rd
Coe Josiah, fr fish dlr, 14 Ibbison st
Coenen Chas., muscn, 37 Colhngwood av
Cohen Mrs. Annie, Northcote Private hotel, 178 North prom. Tel. 387
Cohen Mrs. Charlotte, grcr, 1 Shannon street
Cohen Mrs. Eliz., 19 Chatsworth av. Tel. 51478 N.S.
Cohen Isadore H. (Doren) ; h. 6 Springfield rd
Cohen Joshua, drpr's mngr, 116 Whitegate drv
Cohen Mr. Stephen P., 27 Chatsworth av. Tel. 51478 N.S.
Colbeck Wm., nwsagt, 276 Church st
Colbert Confectionery Co., Ltd., mfrng cnftnrs, 35 Henry st. Tel. 249
Colbert John B., beerhse, Stanley Arms, Chapel st
Coldwell Mrs. Annie, boot repr, 91 Dickson rd
Cole Alfd. S., wndw clnr, 34 Burlington rd, S.S.
Cole Mr. Roger C., 473 Lytham rd, S.S. Tel. 42366
Cole Thos. G., tailr, 12 Windsor av, Cole Wm., mngr, 25 Knowsley av
Coleman Rev. Frank (Unitarian), 407mWarbreck drv
Coleridge F., Ltd., costumiers, 57-59 Church st. Tel. 587
Coles John, clrk, 11 Onslow rd
Coliseum Cafe Co., 279 Lytham rd
Colles Harold, clrk, 46 Woodstock gardens, S. S.
Colletta Dominic, ice cream dlr, 97 Victory rd
Colley E. A., asst ins supt, 324 Waterloo rd, S.S.
Collier John, bldr, 200 Cornwall av.nTel. 51131 N.S.
Colling Thos. C., publshr's mngr, 10nMalham av
Collingbourne Horace, M.B., Ch.B., phys and surg, Gloucester av. Tel. 34 Marton
Collinge Frank (Dixon & Collinge) ; h. 15 Leamington rd. Tel. 95
Collinge Geo., antique dlr, 243 Lytham rd ; h. 1 Bagot st
Collinge & Halstead, chrtrd acntnts, 39 Adelaide st. Tel. 1897 ; and at St. Annes
Collinge Harold H., clrk, 2a Poplar av
Collinge Mrs. Hilda, drpr, 118 Watson road
Collinge Miss Nancy, frutr, St. John's market
Collinge Wm., dairy, 8 Oak av
Collins & Co. (Blackpool), Ltd., prntrs and bookbndrs, Carter st. Tel. 3220
Collins Chas., tailr's mngr, 25 Levens gr Collins Chas., nwsagt's mngr, 10 Mal-ham av, S.S.
Collins Edwd., grcr, 146 Highfield road
Collins Harold, grcr's mngr, 4 Appleby road.
Collins Henry C., transport mngr, 18 Antrim rd
Collins John, Esq., J.P., 22 Park rd
Collins John T., gent's outftr, 49-51 Waterloo rd, S.S.
Collins Sergt-Major Percival J., Duke of Lancaster's Own Yeomanry depot, 221 Talbot rd
Collins' Riding School, Lytham rd. Tel. 41801 S.S.
Collins Sam H , frutr, 6 Newton drive. Tel. 3530
Collins Wm., pol con, 78 Park rd
Collinson Alan (Collinsons' Direct Supply Co.) ; h. 42 Gainsborough rd
Collinson Herbt., vict, South Shore Hotel, 479 South prom. Tel. 41603
Collinson Jph., trvllr, 14 St. Alban's rd
Collinson T. & Sons, Ltd., tea dlrs,cafe proptrs, 65 Talbot rd (Tel. 702), 4 West st and Central beach (Tel. 77)
Collinsons' Direct Supply Co., min watr mnftrs, Preston Old rd. Tel. 85 Marton
Coliseum Cafe Co., Lytham rd. Tel. 279
COLWYN PRIVATE HOTEL, garage accommodation, New South promenade. Tel. 41826 ; Mrs. E. E. Segar, proprietress
Colwell Rev. John (Meth.), 68 Park rd. Tel. 282
Commercial Union Assurance Co., Ltd., 98 Church st. Tel. 1874 ; J. Leslie, insptr
Cone Cooper & Co., Ltd., drprs, 24, 32.34 Market st. Tel. 1978
Coney Island, amsemt park, 115 South promenade
Conn John T. (J. T. Conn & Son) ; h. 36 Peel av
Conn John T. & Son, boot mkrs, 1 Rectory rd
Connell Fredk., nwsagt, 6 Taunton st
Connell Thos., fr fish dlr, 2 Woolman road
Connolly Martin, trvllr, 2 Knox av
Connor Peter (P. Connor, Ltd.) ; h. 23 Ripon rd
Connor Peter, Ltd., min watr mnftrs, Ripon rd. Tel. 1232
Conroy Mr. Edwd., 6 Roseberry av
Conroy Henry, electrn, 149 Peter st
Conservative Club (Bispham), Red Bank rd ; C. Nuttall, sec
Conservative Club (Talbot), Buchanan st. Tel. 2305 ; W. Myerscough, sec
Conservative Club (Tyldesley), Palmer av ; A. Barrett, sec
Conservative Club (Wainwright), 40 Victoria st. Tel. 555 ; W. H. Fox, J.P., see
CONSTANTINE HARRY, painter and decorator, 19 Barton avenue. Tel. 2951
CONSTANTINE Mrs. S., public and private apartments, excellent cuisine, board optional, pleasant situation near promenade, sea, piers and open-air baths, Oakwell, 19 Barton avenue. Tel. 2951
Convent of the Holy Child Jesus, Layton hill, St. Walburga's rd. Tel. 57
Conway-Hughes Llewelyn F., L.R.C.P., L.R.C.S. (Edin.), L.M.FP.S. (Glas.), phys and surg, Rutland gate, North prom. Tel. 178
Conwell Chas., drpr, 102 Vicarage ln
Cook Albt., frutr, 7-8 St. John's mrkt ; h. 188 Warley rd
Cook Miss Annie, drpr, 2 Charnley rd
Cook Arthur H., fancy goods dlr, 78 Coronation st and 31 Abingdon st Tel. 236 ; h. 3 Sandon place. Tel.. 42209 S.S.
Cook J. C. & Son, boot dlr's, 44 Lytham rd and 64 Foxhall rd. Tel. 549
Cook Norman (J. C. Cook & Son) ; h. 53 Gloucester av
Cook Saml., btchr's mngr, 29 Boardman av
Cook Thos. R., gasworks mngr, 23 Kingston av. Tel. 41125 S.S.
Cook Tom, grcr, 10a Bairstow st ; h. 1 Second av, S.S.
Cook Walter, bank clrk, 9 Albion av
Cooke Doug., bank clrk, 23 Worsley avenue
Cooke Mrs. Edith, conftnr, 80 St. Annes rd, S.S.
Cooke Harry W., schlmstr, 10 Horncliffe rd
Cooke Henry, carpet dlr, 20a Dickson rd ; h. 5 Foxdale av
Cooke Kershaw, chmst, 428 Waterloo road
Cooke Saml., ins agnt, 55 Ormond av
Cooke Miss Violet, domestic agnt, 20a Dickson rd
Cooke Walter, theatre mngr, 16 Westwood av
Cooke Wm., ins agnt, 16 Briercliffe av, Marton
Cookson Bertram, dairy, 101 Elizabeth street
Cookson Edwd., tel insptr, 14 Cambridge rd
Cookson H. Cyril (W. L. Cookson Ltd.) ; h. Brentor, Preston Old rd
Cookson John, mrkt grdnr, Midgeland rd, Marton moss
Cookson Mr. John, F.A., 421 Lytham rd. Tel. 41783 S.S.
Cookson J. H. (Exors. of ), bldrs, 397 Lytham rd, S.S. Tel. 41439
Cookson Mrs. Mary, 397 Lytham rd, S.S. Tel. 41439
Cookson Rd., sub P.O., 337 Red Bank road
Cookson Thos. C: (W. L. Cookson, Ltd.) ; h. 27 Sherwood av
Cookson Wm.. pltry frmr, Moss House road
COOKSON W. L., Ltd., monumental and architectural scupltors, manufacturers and importers of all descriptions of marble and granite work,Talbot road. Tel. 442
Cookson Wm. Lambert (W. L. Cookson, Ltd.) ; h. 291 Talbot rd
Coombes Win., grocer, 103 Anchorsholme Lane east
Coop Evelyn (W. Coop, Ltd.) ; h. 176 Palatine rd
Coop Mr. Geo. B'., Blackpool rd, Bispham
Coop Jas., grcr, 24-26 High st
Coop John T., grcr, 56 Oxford rd
Coop & Naylor (F. Naylor), booksllrs, statnrs and high-class leather goods dlrs, 23 Abingdon st and North pier. Tel. 1697
Coop Mr. Saml. H., Fernleigh, Blackpoel rd, Bispham
Coop Wilfd., Ltd., plmbrs, 94 Whitegate drv. Tel. 564
Coop Wilfd. (W. Coop, Ltd.) ; h. 6 Gorse rd. Tel. 564
Coope Bramwell F., bakes mngr, 154 Grasmere rd
Coope Mrs. Eliz. Cath., M.B., Ch.B., phys and surg, 158 North prom (Tel. 3828) and 481 Lytham rd, S.S. (Tel. 41016)
Coope Doug. (Coope & McKnight) ; h. 14 Campbell av
Coope Fredk. Wm. (T. Greenhalgh & Co.) ; h. 16 Kenilworth gardens, S.S. Tel. 41493
Coope & McKnight, wtchmkrs, 24b Caunce st and 17 Upper Talbot st
Coope Saml. C., chmst, 201 Waterloo rd and 11 Tyldesley rd. Tel. 536 ; h. 26 Roseberry as-, S.S.
Coope Thos. Edwin, M.B., Ch.B., phys and surg, 481 Lytham rd, S.S. Tel. 41016
CO-OPERATIVE INSURANCE SO CIETY, Ltd., whole life and endowments, fire, private motor cars, commercial vehicles, motor cycles, personal accident, burglary, employers' liability, driving accidents, annuities, all-in policies, etc., etc., 20 Queen street. Tel. 2199 ; Willie Riley, district manager
Cooper Albt. G., cafe mngr, 96 Egerton road
Cooper Allen W., taxi proptr, 5 Stansfield st.
Cooper Arthur, boot dealer, 6 Gorton street
Cooper Mr. Ernest, 31 Arnold av
Cooper Ernest H., phtgrphr, 159 South prom ; h. 221 Westmorland av
Cooper Frank, boot repr, 6a Lord st ; h. 137 Handsworth rd
Cooper Fred, carting cntrctr, 185 Ansdell rd
Cooper Geo. E., conftnr, 248 Church st, 43 Bank Hey st and 28 Whitegate dr. Tel. 1795
Cooper Gordon, booksllr, 3 Bond st
Cooper Herbt. L., trvllr, 11 Dutton road
Cooper John G., coal dlr, 188 Palatine road
Cooper Mr. John T., 373 Lytham rd
Cooper Jph., frutr, 376-378 Lytham road
Cooper Jph., fish dlr, 45 Onslow rd
Cooper Jph., ina agnt, 7 Poulton rd
Cooper J ph. W., grcr, 2 Seattle av
Cooper Mrs. Mary E., 4 Thirlmere rd
Cooper Mrs. Sarah J., vict, Albert Hotel, 215 Lytham rd
Cooper Sydney, cashier, 78 Elizabeth st
Cooper Mr. Sydney, 10 Shaw rd. Tel.1305
COOPER & THOMPSON, boarding and apartments, Glenhaven, 84 Dickson road
Cooper Thos., wndw clnr, 23 Eastbourne rd
Cooper T. & Co. (Blackpool), Ltd., whlsle grcrs, Blacow st. Tel. 34
Cooper Wm. A., boot factor, 35 Levens grove
Cooper Wm., fish dlr, 38 Coleridge rd
Cooper Wm. H. (Central Advertising Co.) ; h. Beverley grove, S.S.
Cooper Wm. J. phtgrphr, 125 South prom ; h. 367 Lytham rd, S.S.
Cooper W. J. Victor, chrtrd acntnt, 125 Church st. Tel. 3066 ; h. 10 Newland av. Tel. 80 Marton
Coote Chas., trvllr, 257a Whitegate dr
Copley Mr. Fredk., 35 Chislehurst av
Copley Geo. H., ins agnt, 40 Sedbergh street
Copley Jph., works mngr, 9 Holcombe road
Coppock Arthur J., stetnrs' mngr, 17 Leamington rd
COPPOCK EDWIN & SON, Ltd., wholesale newsagents, stationers and booksellers, 2-4 Caunce street ; retail depot : 3 Coronation street. Tel. 182
Coppock Edwin (Edwin Coppock & Son, Ltd.) ; h. 56 Leamington rd. Tel. 186
Coppock Robt., wine dlr's mngr, 29a Norbreck rd
Copley Maitland J., cafe mngr, 34 Gloucester av
Coram Miss Mary, shpkpr, 23 Hawes Side In
Corbett Wm., trvllr, Patterdale av, Marton
Corbishley John, clrk, 25 Dorchester rd
Corbridge Lnrd., trvllr, 6 St. Chad's rd
Corder Edwd., rlwy goods agnt, 17 Bryan rd
Cork Arthur, haul cntrctr, Preston New rd. Tel. 280 Marton
Cork Wm., conftnr, 16 St.Annes rd
Cornall Mrs. Annie, drpr, South Shore market, Waterloo rd
CORNALL HENRY, ladies and gent's tailor, 56-58-60 Bolton street, South Shore. Tel. 3287
Corner House Cafe (Blackpool), Ltd., conftnrs, 1 Abingdon st and 42-44 Talbot rd. Tel. 1146
Cornforth Chas., chmst and phtgrphic matl dlr, 7 Station rd, S.S. (Tel. 1858) and 1 Woodfield rd ; h. 3 Coniston rd, S.S.
Cornish & Co., tobcnsts, 2a Metropole buildings
Corns Fredk. W., fine art dlr, 24-26 Bond st, S.S. Tel. 41746
Cornwall Joshua, mrkt grdnr, Division In, Marton
Coronation Rock Co., Ltd., 23-25 and 51 Coronation st, 24 Bank Hey st and 129 South prom
Corry John F., cashier, la Clevedon rd
Corscaddem Maurice, nwsagt, drv Whitegate drv
Corson Reg. Longworth (Ivan G. Aspinall) ; h. Lytham-St. Annes
Cort Wm. H., grcr and P.O., 45 Pedder's ln
Cosy Cafe & Billiard Hall, Victoria Street Tel.1282
Cottam Fredk., chimney sweeper, 7 Culiffe rd
Cottam Mr. Rd., Richmond hill, St.Annes rd
Cottam Walter, boot repr,1 Westcliffe drv ; h. 1 Wembley av
Cottier Thos., clrk, Rock den, Preston Old rd
Cotton Arnold, trvllr, 35 Marlborough road
Cotton Thos. A. (Pleasure Cars, Ltd.) ; h. 17 Roseacre, S.S.
Coughlin Geo. T., trvllr, 32 Shaw rd
COULSON HAROLD, trade tailor and wholesale clothier, Francis Street works, N.S. ; h. 93 Egerton rd
Coulson Victor, tailr's cuttr, 1 Courtfield av
Coulthurst Mrs. Amelia, nwsagt, 97 Coronation st
Coulton Arthur, pntr, 68 Manchester rd
COULTON Mrs. E., board residence and apartments, near Promenade, sea and cars, pleasant situation, lounge and garage, Wyreholme, 24 Alexandra road, S.S.
County Court Office; P.O. Buildings, Edward st. Tel. 880 Judge Peel, judge L. Matley, registrar.
COUNTY HOTEL, Central beach, 62-64 North promenade and 185 Church street. Tel. 360 (two lines). Telegrams " County "
Coupe Allen, food insptr, Kenwyn av
Coupe Herbt., clrk, 16 St. James' rd
Coupe Wm. H., btchr,grv-15 Condor grv and 77 Coronation st. Tel. 1019
Couper John A., dentst, 429 Lytham rd
Couper Sinclair, M.B., Ch.B., phys and surg, 38-40 Alexandra rd. Tel. 659
Court Mrs. Annie, boot dlr, 60 Waterloo rd, S.S.
Cousins Alfd., chmsts' asst, 13 Saville rd, S.S.
Cowan Alfd. R., ladies' tailr, 3 Queen st. Tel. 1173
Coward Bert, clrk, 6 Pedder's In
Coward Mrs. Effie, tobcnst, 2c Princess street
Coward Jas., postl clrk, 3 Sawley av
Coward John, nwsagt, 124 Bolton st, S.S. ; h. 190 Waterloo rd
Cowburn Herbt. Thos., vict, Red Lion Hotel, All Hallows rd, Bispham. Tel. 51415 N.S.
Cowden Alfd., clrk, 17 Handsworth rd
Cowell Mr. Arnold, 37 Arnold av
Cowell Arthur E., rlwy insptr, 103 Westmorland av
Cowell Ernest, grcr's mngr, 11 Maple av
Cowell Ernest, pig dlr, 402 Northdrive
Cowell Jas., ins agnt, 58 Chester av
Cowell Wm. C., cashr, 24 Beaufort av
Cowell Wm. Hy., frutr, 77 Belmont av
Cowgill Jas., joinr, 104 Grasmere rd
Cowley Henry, beerhse, Boar's Head Inn, Preston Old rd
Cowley John H., pntr, 463 Waterloo rd
Cowley Leslie, grcr, 147 Albert rd
Cowling Thos., btchr, 162-164 Caunce st
Cowpe John A., foreign stamp dlr, 37 Woodstock gardens, S.S.
Cowper Mr. Archibald, 73 Park rd
Cox Edwd., Ritz Private Hotel, 5. Queen st. Tel. 2993
Cox Fredk., dirk, 98 Newcastle av
Cox Mr. Fredk. J., 26 Windermere rd, S.S. Tel. 41154
Cox Geo. Henry, trvllr, 8 Cromwell rd
Cox Mr. John, 37 Park drv. Tel. 910 Cox Mr. Jph., 15, South Prom
Cox Joshua, dairy, 45 Holmfield rd
Cox Wilfred., trvllr, Belvetta, Devonshire rd. Tel. 51754 N.S.
Coxon Lnrd., grcr, 37 Exchange st
Coydell John, nwsagt, 3 Vicarage ln. h. 21 Angers Hill rd
Coyle Patrick, grcr, 20 Haig rd, S.S.
Coyle Robt., trvllr, 23 St. Paul's rd
Crabbe John G., cafe mngr, 29 Beech av
Crabtree Chas., pntr, 50 Cumberland av
Cregan Mr. John, 70 Stoney Hill av
Cregan John, frutr, 34 Highfield rd
Crewe Miss Alice, 17 Argyll rd. Tel.51834
Crewe Chas., Ltd., whlsle wine and spirit mrchnts, 286 Talbot rd. Tel. 2377
Crewe Mrs. H., Balinoral Private Hotel, 215 South prom. Tel. 340
CREWE'S ORIGINAL BOARDING ESTABLISHMENT AND PRIVATE HOTEL, 203 Central promenade. Tel. 101. Telegrams " Crewe's Original " ; T. H. Andrews, proptr
Crichton Wm. (Talbot Supply Co.) ; h. Glaisnock, Park Drive south
Crickett Foster C., plmbr, 105 Hornby rd. Tel. 83,5'
Crinion Mrs. Annie, 237 St. Annes rd. Tel. 41369 S.S.
Critchley Albt., boot repr, 140 St. Helier's rd
Critchley Fred (Critchelys') ; h. 32
Carlin gate. Tel. 51682 N.S. Critchleys', fancy drprs, 21 Church st
and 7 Queen's sq. Tel. 878 Critchlow Wm., toy dlr, 29-31 Lytham road
Croasdale Henry (Grimshaw & Co.) ; h. The Nook, Park Drive south
Croasdale Walter, pntr, 12 Clovelly av
Croasdale Mr. Wm., 24 Mere rd. Tel.2120
Croft Chas., ins agnt, 17 Highgate, S.S.
Croft Mrs. Eliz. A., vict, Duke of York Hotel, Dickson rd. Tel. 460
Croft Ralph, btchr, 17 Lord st ; h. 38 Cecil st
Croft Thos. & Son, btchrs, 204 Church st and 126 Egerton rd
Croft Thos., jrnlst, 5 Forest gate
Croker Geo. A., clrk, 21 St. Paul's rd
Croker Wm., boot repr, 43 Milbourne st
Crombleholme Albt. B., bldr, 39 Burlington rd, S.S.
Crombleholme Mr. Jas., 21 Burlington road, S.S.
Crombleholme Wm., pntr, 29 Anger's Hill rd
CROMPTON & ASPINALL, complete house furnishers, carpet and linoleum dealers, South Shore market, Waterloo road. Tel. 417761
Crompton Edmund, schlmstr, Newhouse rd
Crompton Geo., dairy, 3 Threlfall rd Crompton Geo. H., (Crompton'); h. 15 Beech av
Crompton John C., chmst, 48 Cookson st; h. 9 Marlborough rd
Crompton Norman (Cromptons') ; h. 10 Waterloo rd
Crompton Thos., clrk, 221 Cunliffe rd Crompton Thos. (Crompton & Aspinall) ; h. 3 St. Bede's av
Crabtree C. & Sons, frutrs, 191 Church st and 16 Cromwell place, Marton
Crabtree Edgar M., trvllr, 43 Kensington rd
Crabtree Edwd. G., asst sec, Blackpool Football Club, Ltd., Bloomfield rd. Tel 325 ; h. 29 Kingston av, S.S. Crabtree Frank H., bank clrk, 63 Beech av
Crabtree Henry gardnr, Cornwall pl
Crabtree Jas. (Astleyfield Mill Co., Ltd.) ; h. 12 Madison av, Bispham. Tel. 51753 N.S.
Crabtree Mr. Jas. H., 165 Read's av Crabtree Jervis (Gorst & Crabtree) ; h. 11 Trent rd, S.S. Tel. 4.2672
Crabtree Jesse, ins agnt, 118 Fleetwood rd
Crabtree J. S., ius agnt, 60 King Edward av
Crabtree Mr. Rd., 28 Bournemouth rd
Crabtree S. (Blackpool), Ltd., ontftrs, 84-88 Bond st. Tel. 41839
Crabtree Walter, ins agnt, 18 Patterdale av, Marton Cragg Albt., hairdrsr, 19 Chapel st; h. 198 Hornby rd
Cragg Mr. Albt., 124 Harrowside, S.S.
Cragg Thos., frmr, Moss side
Cragg Walter, frmr, Lee hse, Marton
Cragg Walter, mrkt grdnr, 261 Hawes Side In
Cragg Wm., frmr, Midgeland rd, Moss side
Craig Jas., The Crescent Private Hotel, 250 North prom. Tel. 117
Crain Chas., ems tchr, 50 Osbourne rd
Cramonde Cafe (Hy. Roper), 489 South prom. Tel. 41782
Crampton Edmund, B., B.A., asst schlmstr, 22 Park Drive south
Crane John H., clrk, 27 Chesterfield rd
Crane Miss Lillian H., mus tchr, 27 Chesterfield rd
Crane Thos. H., cab proptr, 5 West. bourne av, S.S.
Cranfield Albt., carrier, 114 Watson rd. Tel. 41991 ; h. 10 Walverdon av
Cranshaw John T., hairdrsr, 30 Foxhall rd; h. 29 Leeds rd
Craven Arthur, grngrcr, 8 Starbuck av, Marton
Craven Misses E. M;., E.M., M.H. & A. E., conftnrs, 62 Bond st, S.S. Tel. 41675
Crawford Misses Gertrude & Nellie, mllnrs, 257 Dickson rd
Crawley Alfd. (Hind's Cafe) ; h. 3 Rawcliffe st, S.S.
Crawshaw Mrs. Alice, conftnr, 82 Lytham rd
Crawshaw Misses Eliz., Bertha & Mabel, conftnrs, 110 Bond st, S.S.
Crawshaw Marsden A. (M. Miller & CO.) ; h. 8a Station ter
Crompton Wm., egg dlr, 31 Sandgate
Crompton Mr. Wm., 2 Fleetwood rd. Tel. 124 Cleveleys
Cromptons', frutrs, 10 Waterloo rd. Tel. 41106 and 161 Church st
Cronshaw Miss Elsie, cafe proptr, 49a Bolton st, S. S.
Cronshaw Thos. H., in rkt grdnr, Jubilee in, Marton
Crook Mr. Harold, 148 Read's av
Crook Jas. & Sons, ice mrchnts, 6 Handley rd. Tel. 1634
Crook John Wm. (Crooks' Medical Herbal Stores, Ltd.) ; h. 23 Golds-borough av
Crook Jph., ins agnt, 5 Marlborough rd
Crook J. & Son, Ltd., clothiers, 33 Birley st
Crook Rd., coal dlr, 4 Durham rd
Crook Saml. (Jas. Crook & Sons) ; h. 2 Edelston rd
Crook Mr. Thos. H., 10 Kenilworth gardens, S.S.
Crook Thos. H. V., chmst, 124 North promenade
Crook Worthington, fish dlr, 335 Lytham rd and 146 Waterloo rd
Crookall Archibald, grcr, 153 Devonshire rd
Crookall Thos. D., tobcnst, 90 North prom and 18 Bank Hey st ; h. 7 Forest gate
Crookall Wm., cashr, 26 Grange rd
Crookenden Henry C., jewllr's mngr, 24 Westwood av
Crooks' Medical Herbal Stores, Ltd., 16 Chapel st
Crosby Mrs. Eileen, grcr, 46 Pedder's In
Crosby John, grcr's mngr, 25 Colwyn av
Crosby Thos. H., clrk, 21 Whitley st
Cross Clifford, coal dlr, 55 Palatine rd. Tel. 1475
Cross Fredk., pntr, 194 Bloomfield rd
CROSS FREDERICK A., dog and bird specialist, corn and provender dealer and china and earthenware dealer, 30
and 34 Highfield road, S.S.
Cross Wm., trvllr, 14 Elizabeth st
Crossley Albt. S., boot dlr, :386 Church street
Crossley Arthur B., dentist, 154 Waterloo rd, S.S.
Crossley Bros., tmbr mrchnts, Bispham Saw mills. Tel. 51005 N.S. Crossley Chas., chrpdst, 54 St. Annes rd Crossley Miss Doris, ladies' hairdrsr, 54 St. Annes rd, S.S.
Crossley Edwd., trvllr, 121 Squires Gate In, S.S.
Crossley Frank, chmst, 44 Bond st,S.S. Crossley Fred (Crossley Bros.) ; h. Marylands, Bispham rd
Crossley Fredk. H., F.L.A.A., F.LS. A. , acntnt, 286 Church st. Tel. 1833 ; h. 182 Grasmere rd
Crossley Mr. Geo. F., 422 Lytham rd. Tel. 42645 S.S.
Crossley Geo. H., mngr, District Bank, Ltd., 26 7 albot rd. Tel. 237 ; h. 3 Parkway. Tel. 1294
Crossley Geo. S. (Crossley Bros. ) ; h. The Ridge, Seattle av
Crossley & Halstead, Ltd., petrol filling statn, 334 Talbot rd. Tel. 3510
Crossley & Harrison (Blackpool), Ltd., frutrs, 7 Sefton st and George st. Tel. 3901
Crossley Mr. Harry H., 384 Lytham rd
Crossley Henry T., trvllr, 30 Powell av
Crossley Jas., pltry frier, Moss side
CROSSLEY JAMES R., cabinet maker, upholsterer and general Furnisher, French polisher, sunblinds, window draperies and antique repairs specialist, 186a Grasmere road ; h. 163 Cunliffe rd
Crossley Miss Jeanie, ladies' hairdrsr, 185 Church st. Tel. 796
Crossley John, clrk, 2 Rangeway av
Crossley Lewis H., pntr, 16 Rathlyn av
Crossley Mark (Crossleys' & Halstead, Ltd.) ; h. 21 Rathlyn av
Crossley & Norcross, furn dlrs, 26 Bethesda rd
Crossley Robt. H., coal dlr, 137 Lytham rd
Crossley Saml., conftnr, 28b King st ; h. 13 Norwood av
Crossley Saml. B. (Crossley & Norcross) ; h. 109 Palatine rd
Crossley 1 hos. W., clrk, 16 Silverwood avenue
Crossley Wm., conftnr, 32 Warley rd Crossley Wm. (Crossleys' & Halstead, Ltd.) ; h. 10 Park Drive south
Crossley Win., grndty dlr, Euston st. Tel. 1641 ; h. 17 Leeds rd. Tel. 388
Crossley Wm. P., boot repr, Back Portland rd ; h. 16 Manchester rd
Crosthwaite Jph., propty salsmn, Anchorsholme Lane east
Croston Geo., conftnr, Norbreck rd. Tel. 51572
Croston Thos. G., baker's sundryman, 11 Bournemouth rd, S.S.
Crowe Thos., sec, Blackpool & Fylde Adult Deaf & Dumb Society, 64 Cornwall av
Crowther Mrs. Clara, 92 Harrowside
Crowther Henry B., ,jewllr's mngr, 33 Westwood av
Crowther John Wright, Esq., J.P. (J.W. Crowther & Co.) ; h. Carleton
Crowther J. W. & Co., stock and sharebrokers, South King st. Tel. 353
Crowther Lawrence, fr fish dlr, 15 Bolton st, S.S.
Crowther Philip, frmr, 148 Preston Old road
Crowther Win., oyster dlr, 56 Kent rd
Crumblehulme Wm. (Lawrence & Co. (Blackpool), Ltd.) ; h. 126 Read's av. TeL :3385
Crump Thos., fish mrchnt, 43 Leamington rd. Tel. 1606
Crump Wm. H., trvllr, S Hampton rd
Cryer Harry B., nwsagt, 154 Lytham road
Crystal Asher, jrnlst, 49 Collingwood av
Crystal Israel, jrnlst, 36 St. Stephen's avenue
Crystal Saml., jrnlst, 13 Antrim rd
Crystal Isaac, jrnlst, 37 Cornwall av
Cubbon Misses Annie & Margt., 90 Harrowside, S.S.
Cudworth Abraham, grcr, 42 Red Bank rd
Cuerdale Mr. Alfd., Baron rd, S.S.
Culf Stanley, trvllr, 3 Summerville
Cullingworth Percy, mnftng cftnr,
Common Edge ln, Marton. Tel. 41224 S.S.; ; h. 48 Orchard av
Culpan Chas. S., tea dlr, 78 Cunliffe rd
Culshaw Jas., dairy, North view, Marton
Cumberbatch Philip, rate cllctr, 26 Knowsley av
Cumpstey Jas., nrsrymn, 25 Preston Old rd
Cundiff Wm., Esq., J.P., Greystones, 573 Lytham rd. Tel. 42300 S.S.
Cunliffe Hy. (Cheapside Wine Stores), 4 Cheapside
Cunliffe Herbt., grcr, 11-13 Heald st
Cunliffe Hugh T., elcct engnr, 25 Ashton rd. Tel. 287
Cunliffe Jack (Welsby & Co.) ; h. 3 Bennett av
Cunliffe Jas. (Sutcliffe & Talbot) ; h. 33 Orchard av
Cunliffe John R., tram insptr, 16 Seymour st, S.S.
Cunliffe Jph. W., dr* 2 Rose av
Cunliffe Percy W., vict, Grapes Inn, 32-34 Corporation st
Cunhffe Robt., metr insptr, 23 Freckleton st
Cunliffe Wm. (W. & J. Cunliffe) ; h. 59 Sherbourne rd
Cunliffe Wm. H., grcr, 54 Victory rd
Cunliffe Wm. J., sec, Victoria Hospital, Whitegate drv. Tel. 76 Marton ; h. 90 Withnell rd, S.S.
Cunliffe W. & J., whlsle cabinet mkrs, Newton drv. Tel. 2247
Curl Geo., clrk, 15 Greenwood av
Curl Mdme., palmist, North pier
Curran Andrew, pntr, 8 Orkney rd
Currey Mr. John W 67 Harrington avenue
Curry Jas. W., ins agnt, 5 Newton dry
Curry Rd., sht metl wrkr, 1 Back Chapel st
Curry Rd. C., trvllr, 86 Watson rd
Curwen Norman, motr engnr, East Topping st h. 46 Newton drv
Curwen Percy, chmny swpr, 50 Queen Victoria rd. Tel. 615
Curwen Stanley, clrk, 5 Honister av
Curwen Wm., ins agnt, 28 Lauderdale avenue
Customs and Excise and Old Age Pensions Office, Post Office bldngs, Edward st. Tel. 3810
Cuthbertson John H., L.D.S. (Whittington & Cuthbertson) ; h. Red lees, Newton drv. Tel. 2625
Cut Price Stores, cnftnrs, 262 Church st and 22 Bank Hey st