Lytham St.Annes Coat of Arms
Lytham St.Annes, Lancashire, England


An a-z list of Blackpool Householders & Businesses.


Kameya Bros., Ltd., amusement catrs, George st. Tel. 397
Kameya Hy, (Kameya Bros.); h. 153 Whitegate drive. Tel. 230, Marton
Kane James, clrk, 6 Rosebank av, S.S.
Kardomah Cafe, tea dlrs, 132 North Prom. Tel. 784
Karmy Anthony, oriential bazaar, North pier
Kay Charles, grcr, 24 Durham rd
KAY Mrs. E., public and private apartments, excellent cuisine, board optional, Seabrook, 295 South Prom.
Kay Mrs. Esther A., Ravingdale, Newton drive. Tel. 416
Kay Fredk. Wylie, solictr, com for oaths and notary public (T. & F.Wylie Kay) ; h. 21 Coniston rd, S.S.Tel. 42423
Kay Mr. George, 1 Arlington av. Tel 42475
Kay, Geo. W. (Ayre & Senior, Ltd.) ;h. 73 Cocker st
Kay Mr. Hargreaves, 16 St. Vincent avenue. Tel. 225 Marton
Kay Harold, solictr, 20 Edward st. Tel. 909 ; h. 4 Calder rd. Tel. 51424
Kay Mr. Herbt, 11 Ullswater rd, S.S.
Kay Miss Hilda, ladies hairdrssr, 51Lytham rd. Tel. 2857
Kay James (J. Kay & Sons) ; h.16 Fisher street. Tel. 25
Kay- John A. (Exors of), Wallpaper mchts, 101 Central drive and 19 Louisa st. Tel. 535
Kay John L., clrk, 35 Dorchester rd
KAY JOHN & SONS (established 1855), slating and tiling contractors, 16 Flsher street. Tel. 25.
Kay Jph., ins. insptr, Newton lees, Beaufort av
Kay Mrs. Margt A., Pelham mount
Kay Squire N. (J. Kay & Sons) ;h. 137 Peter st
Kay Sydney, boot repr, 1 Montrose av
Kay Thos. (John Kay & Sons) ; h.20 Norwood av
Kay Thos., clrk, 53 Park rd
Kay Thos., gardnr, 19 Southgate, S.S.
Kay Thos. W., W. clrk, 10 Rathyn av
Kay T. & F. Wylie, solictrs and com for oaths, 6 Queen st. Tel. 2600
Kay Wm. E., btchr, 17 Central drv.Tel. 3458 ; h. 98 Erdington rd
Kaye Arthur M., journlst, 18 Cornwall avenue
Kaye Norman, fruitr, 54 Sharow gve ,
Kay's conftrs, 38 Clifton st
Kean Mr. Martin, M.A., 15 Longton rd
Keel Mr. Charles, 10 Bournemouth rd
Keeley Mrs. Charlotte M., 525 Lytham road, S.S. Tel. 41197
Keeley J. P., chemist, 525-527 Lytham road, S.S. Tel. 41197
Keeling Frank, uphlstr, 1 Terance rd
Keeling George, fruitr, 21 Hawes Side lane
Keeton Sidney, trvllr, 24 Kingsway, SS
Keighley Henry F., L.R.I.B.A., archtct 113 Topping st. Tel. 1028 ; h.45 Knowsley av. Tel. 257 Marton
Keighley Mr. Henry, 15 Burlington rd
Keighley Richard, market garden, School lane, Marton
Keiller Mr. August F., 34 Lincoln rd
Kelly Rev. Thos. T., St. Kentigerns presbytery, 38 Newton drv. Tel. 235
KEIRBY & PERRY, builders merchants, general haulage contractors, agents for L.M.S. Railways and Fleetwood gravel ( cinders, limestone, chippings), and manufacturers of black and white mortar, Seymour road, S.S. Tel. 448, and at Thornton
Kellett Mrs. Eliz., farmer, Higher Moor farm, Bispham
Kellett, Wm. H., chemists asst, 78 Manchester rd
Kelly Wilfred, newsagnt, 198 Central drive
Kelsall Percy, coftrs mngr, 54 Manor road
Kelsall Mr. Thos. F., Newlands, Newton drv. Tel. 1674
Kemp Alf. A. (John Kemp & Sons) ; h. 72 London rd
Kemp Chas., chemist, 157 Central drive, 4 Albert rd and 41 Lytham rd, Tel. 2593
Kemp John & Sons, house frnshrs, 56 Cookson st. Tel. 2416
Kemp John (J. Kemp & Sons) ; h. 9 Bryan road
Kemp John, junr. (J. Kemp & Sons) ; h. 12 Peter st
Kemp Mrs. Nannie, fr fish dlr, 171 Central drv
Kemp Saml., fr fish dlr, 15 Preston Old rd ; h. 23 Weymouth rd
Kendal Ernest, fruitr, 521-523 Lytham road, S.S. Tel. 42561
Kendall & Sons, Ltd., umbrells coftrs, 13 Clifton st
Kendall Wm. T., trvllr, 9 Roseberry avenue, S.S.
Kenilworth Private Hotel, New South promenade. Tel. 41131, T. G. & M.Harris
Kennedy Mark W., taxi proptr., 26 Lodore rd, S.S. Tel. 41694
Kennish Robt. J., haulage contr, 14 England av
Kent, Alfred, painter, 160 Cunliffe rd
Kent Chas. C., motor garage proptr, 7 Winchester av
Kent Mr. Saml., 4 Balmoral rd, S.S.
Kenworthy Fredk., joiner, Back Ribble road ; h. 27 Bairstow st
Kenworthy Norman (Graphic Sign Co). h. 7 Woburn rd
Kenworthy R. & M., boot reprs, 9 Highfield rd, S.S.
Kenworthy Reginald (R. & M. Kenworthy) ; h. Highfield rd, S.S.
Kenyon Allan, plmbrs mngr, 5 Fenber avenue, S.S.
Kenyon Arthur, plmbr, 19 Hill st, S.S.
Kenyon Mrs. Bertha, dairy, 2 Hawes Side ln
Kenyon, Coleman & Robinson, Ltd.,
K.C.R., motor coach proptrs, Rawcliffe st. Tel. 42593, S.S.
Kenyon Geo. H., grcr, 3-5 Singleton street
Kenyon & Goodison, conftrs, Factory houses, Fleetwood rd
Kenyon Hy., newsagnt, 272 Whitegatedrive
Kenyon Herbert, trvllr, 21 Stoneway rd
Kenyon John R., plum br, 14-16 Waterloo rd, S.S. Tel. 41391
Kenyon R. T. & Co., plmbrs, 9a Dale street. Tel. 3222
Kenyon Rd. T. (R. T. Kenyon & Co.) h. 6 Trafalgar rd
Kenyon Thos., dairy, 55 Ashburton rd
Kenyon Mr. Thos., 591 Lytham rd, S.S. Tel. 41673
Kenyon Mr. Wilfred, Bentinck av, S.S.
Kenyon Wm. A., clrk, 66 Sharow gve
KEOGH E. & Co., general builders merchants (lime, cement, ridges bricks and all building materials), Palmer avenue. Tel. 3666.
Kerfoot Mr. Albt., builder, 8 Ridgewood avenue
Kerfoot Alfd, clrk, 78 Portland rd Kerfoot Samuel, joinr, 62 Bryan rd
Kernick Jas. A., window clnr, 44 Daggers Hall ln
Kernick Wm., hairdrssr, 158 Talbot rd
Kerr Cecil, clrk, 192 Bloomfield rd
KERR Mrs. D. A. & SON, tailors, drapers, house furnishers, etc., 58 Park road ; warehouse 26 Park road
Kerr Mrs. Dinah A., 58 Park road
Kerr Roy A. (Mrs. D. A. Kerr & Son); h. 17 Larbreck av
Kershaw Alfred, fr. polshr, 100 Layton rd
Kershaw Andrew, trvllr, 22 Beaufort avenue
Kershaw Arthur (Jones Bros., Ltd.( ; h. 21 St. Vincent av
Kershaw & Carrington, solctrs, 16 Edward st. Tel. 751
Kershaw Miss Edith, mllnr, la Moore street, S.S.
Kershaw Edwd, fr fish dlr, 90 George st ; h. 88 Gorton st
Kershaw Frank B. (F. B. Kershaw, Ltd.) ; h. 5 George av
Kershaw Frank, electn., 8 Branston rd
Kershaw Fredk. (S. Kershaw & Son) ;h. 201 Waterloo rd, S.S.
Kershaw Fredk N., plmbr, 29 Clevedon road
Kershaw B., Ltd., chemists, 28 Dickson road. Tel. 536
Kershaw Hy. fr polshr, Back Hornby rd ; h. 90 Victory rd
Kershaw Harold, chemists asst, 9 Boothley rd
Kershaw John, hairdrssr, 78 North promenade ; h. 103 Holmfield rd
Kershaw Saml. (S. Kershaw & Sons) ; h. 37 Gladstone st
Kershaw Sam & Sons, plmbrs, 37 Gladstone st. Tel. 41074
Kershaw Stan, turf accnt, 37 Gladstone st. Tel. 41074 and 5
Kershaw Wm., markt gardnr, 37 Pedders ln
Kerwin George, cotton salesmn, Rosegarth, Park Drive south
Kerwin John, beerseller, 100 Bolton street, S.S.
Kettledrum Cafe, 7 West st
Kettlewell Mr. Herbt J., 9 Leamington road
Kettlewell Miss Maria, tobaccnst, 183 Church st
Kettlewell Wm., gents outfitter, 4 Talbot square
Kidderminster Carpet warehouse, 22 24 Topping st and 29 Birley st. Tel. 2898
Kidman Alfred, dairy, Preston Old rd
Kildust Co., 20 Queen st
Kilburn Mrs. ClaraJ.,grcr, 215Waterloo rd. Tel. 41450
Kilburn Harold, grcrs mngr,10 Rectory road
Kilburn Percy, pram dlr, 27a Dickson road
Killington Wm., trvllr, 20 Seabourne avenue
Kilmister Cyril S., schlmstr, 4 Angers Hill rd
Kilvington Geo..R.,schl. attendce officer, 9 Brooklyn av
KIMBERLEY PRIVATE HOTEL (garage accommodation), New South promenade. Tel. 41184 ; J. Nichols,proprietor
Kimberley Thos. E., gent's outfitter, 78a Central drv. Tel. 612 ; h. 39 Leamington rd
Kinder & Heppleston, fr fish dlrs, 90 Cocker st
King B. & Co., turf accnts, 4 Charles street. TeL 3103
King Chas. W., fruiterer, 9 Knox gve
King Edward Picture Palace, Central drive. Tel. 1061
King H. & Co., prntrs, Clare st. Tel.455
King Herbt (H. King & Co.) h. 75 Saville rd
King John P., solctr, 7 Cedar square.Tel.. 2050 ; h. 37 Forest gate. Tel. 289
King Mrs. Martha, 6 Thirlmere rd, S.S.
King Thos., chemist, 169 Dickson rd. Tel. 2793 ; h. 20 Wolverton av
Kingett Wm..A.,painter,,, 191 Dickson road
KINGSBURY PRIVATE HOTEL (garage accommodation, tariff on application, New South Promenade. Tel.42122, S.S., Mrs. A. Ives
King's Dye Works,Ltd.,, dyers & cleaners, 15 Dickson rd, 2 Waterloo rd and 92 Bond st S.S., and at Ansdell
King's Hall Motor Co. (Blackpool), Ltd., motor engrs,, Rigby rd. Tel.654
KINGSTON RIDING SCHOOL, pupils taught by fully qualified and experienced horsemen, College stables, Anchorsholme. Tel. 12 Cleveleys. W. H. Widdowson
Kinnear Alexander, agnt Wigan Coal Corporation, Ltd., 4 Queen st. Tel. 81 ; h. 10 Lynwood av, Layton
Kinvig Wilfred, bookkpr, 71 Ashburton road
Kippax Mr. Fredk, 455 Waterloo rd, SS
Kippax Joseph E., pol fireman, Fire Station, Albert rd
Kirby Mrs. Frances, 47 Stoney Hill avenue, S.S.
Kirby Fredk, plmbr, Lytham rd, S.S.; h. 3 Kingsway, S.S.
KirbyHenry,joinr,,, Lytham rd, S.S. ; h. 45 Mayfield av
Kirby Horace, asst schlmstr, 61 Manor road
Kirby Mrs. Jane, shpkpr, 51 Lytham road S.S.
Kirby John, mkt grdnr, Stockydale road, Marton
Kirby John D., timber mcht, 9 Rose av Tel. 2550
Kirby John W.,grcrs mngr,32Fairway rd
Kirby Mrs.May, drpr,138 Westmorland av
Kirby Mrs. Percy, mrkt grdnr, Stockydale rd, Marton
Kirk Mr. Cecil J. H., Norbreck rd. Tel. 329 Cleveleys
Kirk Mrs. Clara, 205 Hornby rd. Tel.3081
Kirk Mrs. Norah, 20 Fenber av, S.S.Tel. 41807
Kirk Mr. Walter Percy, Sixth av, S.S. Tel. 41363
Kirkby Albert, signwriter, 34a Victoria st. Tel. 2457
Kirkby John A., sign writer, Back Reads av
Kirkham Miss Ann, dressmkr, 27 Birley st
Kirkham Charles F., painter, 27 Durham rd
Kirkham Edward, markt grdner,Midgeland rd, Marton Moss
Kirkham Miss Ellen, grcr, 4 Lodore road, S.S.
Kirkham Henry, fruiterer, 82 Bolton street, S.S.
Kirkham Henry, farmer, Ridgway Farm, Marton
Kirkham John, (Premier Carpetware house) ; h. 1 Shaw rd, S.S.
Kirkham John, coal dlr, 141 Peter street
Kirkham Miss Lily, ladies hairdrssr, 65 Gorton st
Kirkham Thomas, market gardnr, Laundry rd, Marton
Kirkham and Walker, boot reprs, Back Lord st
Kirkham Wm. (Sachet Supplies), Ltd., 28 Birley st. Tel 2774
Kirkup Albert Ed., trvllr, 165 Park rd
Kirtlan John W., newsagnt, 30 Upper Talbot st
Kirwan M. B., Ltd., incorporating Cleveleys Advertising Co., and the National Advertising Film Service, Union Bank chambers, 2 Birley st. Tel. 430 (two lines).
Kitchen Albert, horse dlr, 117 Peter st
Kitchen Walter, asstschlmstr,, 9 Kingsway, S. S.
Kitchingman Fred, conftr, 76 Bolton street, S.S.
KITTSON ERIC, F.N.A.A. (John Taylor & Son), auctioneer, valuer, estate agent and accountant, 74 Talbot road. Tel. 660
Kittys, millers, 398 Lytham rd, S.S. Kleen-e-ze Brush Co., Ltd., 90-92 Topping st
Klipto Ledgers, Ltd., bookbinders, Back Reads av
Knapton John W., clrk, 5 Briercliffe avenue, Marton
Kneeshaw Robt. W., hairdrssr, Cocker square ; h. 247 Dickson rd
Knight Mrs. Emma, 49 Watson rd, S.S.Tel. 42786
Knight Joseph V., pol cons, 43 Mather street
Knights Court Private Hotel, New South promenade. Tel. 42120 ; G.V. Few, proptr
Knott & Drabble, tobacconsts, 43 Bond st, S.S. Tel. 42710
Knott Fredk (Knott & Drabble) ; h. 23 Scarsdale av.. Tel. 41378, S.S.
KNOWLES A. & E., St. Alma private and commercial hotel (100 yards south of Central pier) ; 169 South Promenade. Tel. 948
Knowles Arthur (Knowles & Foxcroft) h. Wrockwardene, 6 Cambray rd. Tel. 51173, N.S.
Knowles Eric M., wardrobe dlr, 80 Caunce st
Knowles & Foxcroft, solctrs, 9 Cedar sq. Tel. 2374
Knowles Gabriel C., clrk, 153 Bispham road
Knowles Herbt., vict, Empress Hotel, Exchange st. Tel. 413
Knowles Jas. H., nwsagt, 3 Rectory rd
Knowles John, furn dlr, 91 Caunce st
Knowles John W. (Knowlson, Ltd.) ;h. Glenholme, St. Annes rd. Tel.42606
Knowles Mr. Jph., 46 Bournemouth rd
Knowles Mr. Thos. E 18 Windermere rd, S.S.
Knowles Walter H., clrk, 11 Balmer gve
Knowles Wm. C. G., schlmstr,48 Chislechurst av
KnowlesWm.(W.Knowles & Son) ; h. 17 Newcastle av
Knowles Wm. & Son, fr fish dlrs, 105 Coronation st
KNOWLSON, Ltd., food specialists, St.Annes road, South Shore. Tel.42606 S.S.
Knox Frank,tailr'smngr,1Brighton av, S.S.
Kusharney Mdme., palmist, 63 South promenade