Lytham St.Annes Coat of Arms
Lytham St.Annes, Lancashire, England


An a-z list of Blackpool Householders & Businesses.



Backhouse Jph., fancy goods dlr, 26 and 38 North prom ; h. 5 Leeds rd
Backhouse (Mrs. Eleanor) & Orchard (Mrs. Martha), conftnrs, 317 Dickson road
Bacon Mrs. A., Norimar Private Hotel, New South prom. Tel. 42789
Bacon Alfd., grindery dlr, Central drv
Bacon Mrs. Alice, irnmngr, 96 High st
Bacon Ernest J., frutr, 123 Red Bank rd. Tel. 51361
Badash Abraham (A. Badash, Ltd.) ;h. 10 Marlborough rd Tel. 1033
Badash A., Ltd., conftnrs, 129 Church st. Tel. 1033
Badman Chas. J., trvlir, Cherry croft, Newton drive. Tel. 607
Bagley Edgar, vict., Veevers Arms Hotel, 2-4 King st
Bagley Mr. Henry T., 37 Broadway. Tel. 41283
Bagot Mr. Cornelius, 257 Whitegate drive. Tel. 113 Marton
Bagot Geo., mrkt grdnr, 273 Hawes Side ln
Bagot Jas., mrkt grdnr, 263 Hawes Side In
Bagot Jas., saddler, 61 Elizabeth st ; h. 50 St. Annes rd
Bagot John, saddler, 292 Lytham rd
Bagot Miss Lottie, conftnr, 288-290 Lytham rd. Tel. 3015
Bagot Win., carting agnt, 42 Westwood avenue
Bagshaw Misses Clara & Lucy, 69 Park rd
Baguley Arthur, dairy, 66 Chesterfield road
Bailey Mr. Adam C., The Cliff, Little Bispham
Bailey Mrs. Bertha, 46 Lincoln rd. Tel. 1361
BAILEY B. & F., Moyna Private Hotel, Queen's drive. Tel. 51506 N.S.
Bailey Chas., trvllr, 50 Anchorsholme. Lane east
Bailey Mr. Danl. Donald, 1 Knowsley av. Tel. 105 Marton
Bailey Danl. J., J.P., chemist, 302 Lytham rd. Tel. 783
Bailey Ernest, fr fish dlr, 21 Newton dr
Bailey Fred, wine, etc. mrchnt, 118-120 Bolton st, S.S. Tel. 41643
Bailey Mr. Jas., 16 Cavendish rd
Bailey Jas. S., ins insptr, 154 Bispham rd. Tel. 51156 N.S.
Bailey Jph. W., herblst, 58 Cheltenham rd
Bailey Lawrence (Lawrence Hilton & Co.), 3 Horncliffe rd, S.S. Tel. 41150
Bailey Mrs. Muriel S., 139 Hornby rd
Bailey Percival, F.A.I. (Eastwood & Bailey, Ltd.) ; h. 13 Third av. Tel. 41349 S.S.
Bailey Stephen, haul cntrctr, Back Cunliffe rd
Bailey Thos., conftnr, 102a St. Walburga's rd ; h. 6 Westcliffe drive
Bailey Walter, trvllr, 231 Westmorland av
Bailey Wilfd., mrkt grdnr, Stockydale rd, Marton
Bailey Mr. Wm., 3 Manor rd
Bain Harold, outfttr's mngr, 44 Greenwood av
Bain Jas. R., wndw clnr, 39 Marsden rd
Bainbridge Alfd., btchr, 202-204 Lytham rd
Baines Mrs. Eliz., Trafalgar Hydro, 271 South prom. Tel. 552
Baines Jas., trvllr, 74 Lomond av, Marton
Baines Richd., hairdrsr, 246 Church st
Baird Wm. J. McLean, M.B., Ch.B., phys and surg, 95-97 Hornby rd (Tel. 89) and surgery, 32 Dale st (Tel. 453)
Bairstow Wilfrid (Hitchen & Bair-stow) ; h. 11 Hall avenue. Tel. 41229
Baker Ed. P., architect, 324 Church street
Baker Mrs. Ellen L., Oxford Private Hotel, 192 North prom. Tel. 3719
Baker Herbt., cinema mngr, 29 Chatsworth av. Tel. 51247 N.S.
Baker Herbt. E., fr fish dlr, 180 Waterloo rd, S.S.
Baker Horace R., taxi proptr, 15 Withnell rd, S.S.
Baker Mrs. Irene, Atlantic Private Hotel, 254 North prom. Tel. 3316
Baker Mr. John T., 178 Read's av
Baker Robt., pol con, 22 Raymond av
Baldwin Fredk., clrk, 3 Douglas av
Baldwin Herbt. C., jewllr, 87 Waterloo rd, S.S.
Baldwin John, brewer's agent, 59 Keswick road
Ball Chas. A., stonemason, Ball st ; h. 37 Oxford st
Ball Bernard, chmst's asst, 23 Ailsa av, Marton
BALL Mrs. ELIZABETH, boarding and apartments, 29 Hull road
Ball Frank, advertising agnt, 13 Lauderdale av
Ball Mr. Geo., 379 Lytham rd. Tel. 42103 S.S.
Ball Hy., ins agnt, 72 Beverley grv, S.S.
Ball Jas., mrkt grdnr, Midgeland rd, Moss side
Ball John J., grcr, 57 Woolman rd ; h. 134 Westmorland av
Ball Sand. W., tram insptr, 3 Melville road
Ball Thos., mrkt grdnr, Bennett's ln, Marton
Ball Thos. E., chmst, 149 Lytham rd Balme Jas., boot repr, 127 Red Bank rd ; h. 16 Guildford av
Balmer John, station-master, Bispham station
Balmford John E., clrk, 14 St. Ive's av
Bamber Mrs. Agnes, ladies' hairdrsr, 27 Bethesda rd
Bamber & Co., conftnrs, 216a Central drv, 158 Lytham rd and 30 Coronation st. Tel. 2653
Bamber Geo., corn dlr, 149 Dickson rd
Bamber Mr. Geo. W., 227 Bispham rd
Bamber Herbt., mrkt grdnr, 252 Hawes Side In
Bamber Jas. (Bamber & Son) ; h. 3 Bloomfield rd
Bamber Jesse, fr fish dlr, 26 Caunce st
Bamber John (Alcock & Bamber) ; h. 8 Mere rd. Tel. 1466
Bamber John J. (Bamber & Son) ; h. 14 Rydal av
Bamber Jpb., ins agnt, 35 St. lve's av
Bamber Josiah, horse dlr, 25 Wyre gry
Bamber Richd. E., hairdrsr, 2a Cookson st ; h. 1 Blacow st
Bamber & Son, wtchmkrs, 207 Lytham rd
BAMBER W. & SON (established 1874), coach and motor painters, sign writers, grainers and decorators, works : Moon street, off Lytham road
Bamber Wm. (Bamber & Son) ; h. 3 Bloomfield rd
Bamber Wm., florist, 100 Caunce st and St. John's market
Bamber Wm. J., clrk, 2 Grafton st
Bamford Francis, ins agnt, 16 Ellesmere rd
Bamford John, trvllr, 33 Ramsay av
Bamford Robt., nwsagt, 15 Bedford rd
Bamforth Jph., dairy, 15 Anchorsholme Lane east
Bancroft Mrs. Alice, 35 Boscombe rd
Bancroft Misses Sarah & Eliza, drprs, 36 Highfield rd
Band Chas. H., solctr's mngng clrk, 24 Mossom In, Norbreck. Tel. 33 Cleveleys
Band Ronald M., solctr, 24 Mossom In,Norbreck. Tel. 33 Cleveleys
Bankfield Nursing Home, 3 Boscombe rd, S.S. Tel. 41121 ; Miss J. Ford
Banks Henry, surv, 18 Argyll rd
Banks John A., auctnr, 27 Birley st.Tel. 1302
Banks John C., hrdwre dlr., School ln, Marton
Banks John W., nurseryman, South parade, Anchorsholme
Banks Misses Margt., Doris & Annie, conftnrs, 45 Norbreck rd
Banks Misses Nellie & Annie, drsmkrs, 132 Adelaide at
Banks Mr. Walter, Rangemoor, 644 Lytham rd, S.S. Tel. 41668
Banks W. & Co., solctrs, 12 Edward st. Tel. 669 ; and at Preston and Croston
Bannister Ernest, solctr, 24 Edward st
Bannister Fredk., wndw clnr, 9 Eden st
Bannister Mr. Jesse, 29 Windermere rd. Tel. 41133
Bannister John Henry (Bannisters') ; h. 13 Cumberland av
Bannister Richd. 0., statnmstr, 34 St. lye's av
Bannister Thos., bldr, 29 Duchess dry. Tel. 51586 N.S.
Bannister Thos., bldr, 21 Lowther ay. Tel. 51253 N.S.
Bannister Wm., trvllr, 99 Abbey rd
Bannisters' hse frnshrs, 39-41 Cookson st. Tel. 3482
Bant Richd., join and bldr, 6 Lindale gardens
Barber Alfd., boot repr, 413 Warbreck drive
Barber Archie, wndw clnr, 4 Mere rd
Barber John (Fylde Blind Co.) ; h. 38a Station rd, S.S.
Barber John, statnmstr, 179 Bispham road
Barcroft Mr. Thos. A., 79 Park rd
Barcroft Wm., pltry frmr, Thorn lea, Marton
Bardsley Fredk., btchr, 25 Hawes Side In ; h. 62 Threlfall rd, S.S.
Bardsley Harry, drpr, 100a Egerton rd
Bardsley Mr. Thos., 9 Harrington av
Bardsley Thos. W., trvllr, 16 Bispham road
Barker Alec (Barker & Midgley) ; h. St. Annes
Barker All d., join, 37 Orchard av
BARKER Mrs. ANNIE, boarding and apartment house, 63 Dickson road
Barker Arthur (Barker Bros.) ; h. 1 Crystal rd, S.S. Tel. 1818
Barker A. V. & Son, grcrs, 2 Tyldesley rd, 83 Whitegate drv, 8 Bairstow st and 9a Bank st. Tel. 1724
Barker Bros., btchrs, 1 Crystal rd. Tel. 1818
Barker Eli, trvllr, 23 Knowle av
BARKER Mrs. EMMA, boarding and apartment house, 4 Leopold grove
Barker Eric V. (A. V. Barker & Co.) ;h. 8 Bairstow st
Barker Fredk. John T., 43 Raikes parade. Tel. 2130
Barker Geo. S., trvllr, 475 South prom. Tel. 411421
Barker Jas., coal dlr, 6 Henry st
Barker John, grcr, 63-65 Marton drive
Barker John M., dentist, 206 Waterloo road, S.S. Barker & Midgley, solctrs, 277 Lytham rd. Tel. 41359 S.S.
Barker Thos. E., gent's outftr, 61 Church st. Tel. 2268 ; h. 1 St. lve's av. Tel. 2319
BARKER Mrs. WILBERT, Northcliffe Private Hotel, 416 North promenade. Tel. 51840 N.S.
Barker Wilfred M., 15 clrk, Westmorland avenue
Barker Wm. (Barker Bros.) ; h. 14 Mirfield grove
Barlow Abraham, coal dlr, 120 Fleetwood rd
Barlow Ernest, clrk, 10 Vernon av
Barlow Jas. S., ins insptr, 131 Claremont rd.
BARLOW Mrs. JESSIE, board residence and apartments (third house from promenade), 7 Barton avenue
Barlow John, grcr, 151 Palatine rd. Tel. 2783 ; h. 77 Manor rd
Barlow John J., schlmstr, 2a Bennett avenue
Barlow Leonard, clrk, 47 Westfield rd
Barlow Saml., clrk, 2 Wembley av
Barlows' (Stanley Stevens), conftnrs, 60 Bond st and Maybell av
Barnes Albt., boot repr, 139 Layton rd
Barnes Albt., clrk, 22 Fernhurst av
Barnes Mr. Albt., 30 Coniston rd, S.S.
Barnes Albt., boot repr, 268 Waterloo rd, S.S.
Barnes Austin, nwsagt, 30 Cromwell rd
Barnes A. Baden, solctr, 125 Church street Tel. 2954 ; h. 17 Leicester road. Tel. 2451
Barnes Miss Eliza, drsmkr, 283 Talbot road
Barnes Ernest, carrier, 8 Fernhurst av
Barnes Fred, irnmngr, 151 Church st.Tel. 987 ; h. 1 Bankfield grove
Barnes Fredk., btchr, 167 Hawes Side ln ; h. 8 Baldwin grove
Barnes Fredk. H., boot dlr's mngr, 95 London rd
Barnes Jas. H., grcr, 5 Layton rd
Barnes Miss Millicent, ladies' hairdrsr, 122 Marton drive. Tel. 41144 S.S.
Barnes Saml., trvllr, 20 Whitley st
Barnes Walter, M.B., Ch.B., phys and surg, 2 Devonshire rd. Tel. 667
Barnett John W., trvllr, 44 Kingston av, S.S.
Barnfather Thos. G., asst mngr, Midland Bank, Ltd., Talbot sq. Tel. 140
Baron Arthur, ins agnt, 33 Wyre grove
Baron Harold, woodworkers' supply stores, 187 Central drive
Baron Hubert, jewllr, 102-104 Bolton st, S.S.
Baron John, drghtsmn, 309 Devonshire road
BARON (Mrs. Louisa) & KING (Miss Emma), public and private apartments (near baths), 11 Osbourne road, S.S.
BARON Mrs. R., apartments, board optional (near baths), Fair view, 43 Withnell road, S.S.
Baron Robt., grcr, 23-25 Gorton st
Baron Thos., temp bar, 5 Topping st ;h. Westward-ho, Bispham rd. Tel.51887 N.S.
Baron Thos., trvllr, 174 Bispham rd
Baron Wm., pltry dlr, 42 Cornwall av
Baron W., nwsvndr, 31 Devonshire rd
Baron Wm. H., ins agnt, 2 Woburn rd
Barr Mr. Geo. H., 31 Raikes parade
Barr Rev. John Henry, M A., (Surrogate) St. John's Vicarage, 74 Park road Tel 626
Barraclough Mr. Wm. E., 427 Lytham rd, S.S.
Barratt Alfd., mill mngr, 14 Lauderdale av
Barratt &Co., boot dlrs,13 Abingdon st
Barratt Wm., conftnr, Station ter, Lytham rd
Barrett Jas., gent's outftr, 93 Church st. Tel. 3167
Barrett Milford, dentist, 76 Devonshire rd. Tel. 2105
Barrett Percy, hairdrsr, 519 Lytham rd, S.S.
Barrett Rowland, btchr, 15 Bloomfield road
Barrett Thos. & Son, grcrs, 49 Orchard av and 10 Scarsdale av. Tel. 42216
Barrett Wm. (Edwards & Barrett) ; h.27 Lune grove
Barrie John H., music hall artiste, 29 Abbey rd
Barritt Mr. Geo., 22 Boscombe rd
BARROTT WILLIS E., The Lyric Private Hotel and Boarding Establishment, 209 South promenade. Tel.3461
Barrow Misses A. & B. M., 29 Gloucester av
Barrow Alfd. J., dyer and cleaner, 77 Central drive
Barrow Greyhound, Ltd., Vance rd. Tel. 2549 ; W. Aland, mngr
Barrow Robt., mrkt grdnr, Ecclesgate in, Marton
Barrow Mrs. Rose, cycle dlr, 394 Talbot rd
Bartholomew Wm. H., grcr's mngr, 22 Arkholme av
Bartlett Geo., clrk, 58 Newhouse rd
Bartlett Henry P., trvllr, 11 Wilson sq
Barton Mr. Fredk., 15 Hampton rd, S. S.
Barton Henry T., M.B., C.M., phys and surg, 60 Lytham rd
Barton Win. J., plmbr, 38 Brun grove
Basker Walter N., works chemist, 19 Durham rd
Bassil Albt., optician, 27 Victoria st
Bastow Henry, statnr, 3 Rigby rd ; h. 25 Bagot st, S.S.
Bate Harold, trvllr, 38 Rydal av
Bate Wm., haul cntrctr, 2 Dorset st
Bate Mr. Wm., 31 Leamington rd
Bateman Alfd., Esq., J.P., 22 Foxdale avenue
Bateman Wm., grcr' mngr, 31 Fenber avenue
Bates Ernest, nwsagt, 267 Talbot rd
Bates Geo., btchr, 59-61 Caunce st. Tel. 1006 ; h. 62 Gorse rd
BATES HAROLD, electrical and wireless engineer, gramophone and record dealer, etc. (wireless sets lent out, 2s. 6d. per week, battery and all repairs included), 200 Dickson road. Tel. 51178
Bates Jph. H., grcr, 9 Carshalton rd Tel. 3446
Bateson. Cuthbert (J. Bateson & Son) ; h. 13 Redcar rd
Bateson Deane (R. G. Batoson & Sons) ' ; h. 185 Read's av. Tel. 3417
Bateson Hargreaves (R. G. Bateson & Sons) ; h. 9 Park Drive north. Tel. 2124
Bateson Harold, trvllr, 2 Rosebank av
Bateson Miss Isabella, 16 St. lve's ay. Tel. 112 Marton
Bateson J. & Son, sports outftrs, 2 Abingdon st. Tel. 461
Bateson Jph. (J. Bateson & Son) ; 1 Newlands av, Marton
Bateson Miss Margt. M., L.R.A.M., A.R.C.M., A.L.C.M., mus tchr, 2 Park Drive north. Tel. 2124
Bateson Robt. G. (R. G. Bateson & Sons, Ltd.) ; h. 13 Second av, S.S. Tel. 41996
Bateson R. G. & Sons, Ltd., house frnshrs and drprs, 15 and 19 Talbot rd. Tel. 194
Bateson Mr. Thos., 24 Ulleswater rd
Bateson Wm., Esq., J.P., A.C.A.,chrtrd acntnt, Claverdon, Hornby rd. Tel. 208
Bateson W. & D., fancy goods dlrs, Foxhall sq
Batey Miss Eliza, grcr, 4 Cocker st
Baths, Cocker st, N.S. (Tel. 592) ; Open- Air Baths, Promenade, S.S. (Tel. 41530) ; J. H.Hollingworth, superintendent
Battazlia Miss Flora G., corsetiere, 56 Watson rd
Battersby Cyril, ins agnt, 13 England avenue
Battersby Fredk. W., hairdrsr, 3 Birley st ; h. 23 Gosford rd
Battersby Herbt., leather dlr and boot repr, 6 Cedar sq ; h. 271 Church st
Battersby Jas. W. (J. Battersby & Sons) ; h. 208 Hornby rd. Tel. 1652
Battersby J. & Sons, coach and motor bldrs, Swainson st. Tel. 1136
Battersby Thos. (J. Battersby & Sons) ; h. 7 Park Drive north
Batty Mrs. Emily, 20 Coronation st. Tel. 1268
Batty Gilbert S., billposter's mngr, Higham grove
Batty-Holt Touring Service, tourist agents, 20 Coronation st. Tel. 1268
Batty Miss Mary E., conftnr, 51 Foxhall rd
Batty Richd. John, M.B., Ch.B., schools med officer of health, Lancashire Education Committee,38 Carlin gate. Tel. 51160 N.S.
Batty Thos., conftnr, 180 Central drv.Tel. 3236 ; h. 192 St. Annes rd, S.S.
Battye Arnold, newsagt, 143 Devonshire rd
Battye Mr. Clifford, 26 Westminster rd
Battye Geo. H., btchr, 84 Egerton rd ; h. 1 Cheltenham rd
Battye Herman P., clrk, 47 Sharow gry
Baumber Misses Eva & Maud, cnftnrs, 56 Whitegate drive
BAXENDALE Mr. & Mrs. ARTHUR, high-class boarding establishment, excellent cuisine, near piers and open-air baths (garage), Blenheim mount, 207 Promenade south. Tel. 1867
Baxter Ernest, dentst, 362 Waterloo rd
Baxter Estill F., jewllr, North pier
Baxter Fredk., beersllr and spirit dlr,74-76 Highfield rd. Tel. 42526 S.S.
Baxter Leonard, tobcnst, Pleasant st ;h. 12 Leamington rd
Baxter Mrs. Margt. H., 39 Lincoln rd
Baxter Percy, clrk, 5 Gynn av
Bayley Frank A.., clrk, 91 Dunelt rd
Bayley Percy, coal dlr, 188 Devonshire road
Bayliff Sylvester (Enterprise Electric Service) ; h. 210 Lytham rd
Baylis Miss Florence, 13 Hampton rd
Baylis Francis J., nwsagt and P.O., 112 St. Annes rd, S.S. Tel. 417011
Baylis Francis J., nwsagt, 262 Waterloo rd
Baylis Henry, fr fish dlr, 127a Church st ; h. 44 Leicester rd
Beach Estate Co., 9 Dickson rd
Beach Hotel, 495-497 South prom.Tel. 41886 S.S. ; E. Lawson, mngr
Bayley Miss Fanny A., conftnr, 112 Egerton rd
Beamish Wm., boot dlr's mngr, 26 Mather st
Bean Chas A., dairy, 5 Bennett av
Bean Mrs. Lilian M., White lodge, 603 Lytham rd. Tel. 42306
Beardshaw & Co., bldrs, 19 Queen st.
Beardshaw Horace (Beardshaw & Co.) ; h. 69 Cornwall av
Beardsley Albt., mrkt grdnr, Common Edge ln, Marton
Beardsworth Wm., hairdrsr, 58 Highfield rd
Beason Mrs. Martha, grcr, 7 Caunce st
Beaton Geo. K., bank clrk, 2 Antrim rd
BEATRICE Madame, hairdressing and beauty specialist, permanent waving,eye brow trimming, face massage and manicuring, 8-10 Central drive. Tel.579
Beattie Geo. (Dean & Dewhurst) ; h. 8 Clyde st. Tel. 2232
Beattie John, pol det, 1 Marton drive
Beattie Wm., clrk, 25 Burlington rd
Beaumont Albt. L., plmbr, 22 St.Alban's rd
Beaumont Arthur, grcr's mngr, 204 Bloomfield rd
Beaumont Miss Evelyn, Prospect Private Hotel, 173-175 South prom. Tel. 575
Beaumont Firth, house frnshr, 47 Bolton st, S.S. Tel. 41124 ; h. 25 Patterdale av, Marton
Beaumont Harry S., M.C., B.A.(Lond.), schlmstr, 13 Lightwood av
Beaumont Henry, mngr, 103 Grasmere rd
Beaumont Mr. John W., 36 Kensington av, S.S.
BEAUMONT & PARKINSON, Ltd., glass merchants, leaded light and mirror manufacturers, plate-glass bevellers and silverers (mirrors re-silvered), Elizabeth street. Tel. 1106 (three lines)
Beaver Miss Margt., drsmkr, 73 Grasmere rd
Beaven Reg., journalist,59 Salisbury rd
Beck Mr. Wm. P., 157 Read's av
Beckenham Harry, tailr, 103 Caunce st
Beckett Mr. John, Beedale, Preston New rd
Beckett Norman, trvllr, 34 Park Drive west
Beckingham Mrs. Mary, Lancaster Private Hotel, 302 North prom. Tel. 1166
Beckton Ernest M., hairdrsr, 4 York st ; h. 42 Foxhall rd
Beddows Mrs. Edith, dairy, 22a Dickson rd
Beddows Mr. John, 241 Whitegate drv
Beddows Wm., Esq., J.P., Thornycroft, Squire's gate. Tel. 42454
Bedford Frank (Bedford & Ogden) ;h. 98 Elizabeth st
Bedford Louis, auctnr's mngr, 78 Bloomfield rd
Bedford & Ogden, carriers, 271a Talbot rd and 98 Elizabeth st
Bedford (Mrs. Ellen) & Rushton (Miss Lucy), Oakwell Private Hotel, Queen's drive. Tel. 51412 N.S.
Bedson Thos.. outftr's asst, 15 Osbourne av, S.S.
Bee Amusement Arcade, 83-85 South promenade
Bee-Bee Biscuits, Ltd., biscuit mnftrs, Sutherland rd. Tel. 3606 ; W. B. Haworth, sec
Beeston Geo. R., pol con, 223 Talbot rd
Beet Fitzgerald, cashier, 27 Seafield rd
Begbie John, grcr, 54 Westmorland rd
Beighton Frank, frutr, 115 Bond st, S.S. ; h. 49 Osbourn rd, S.S.
Bell Arthur, btchr, 124 Central drive ; h. 16 Leopold grove
Bell Mr. Chas., Florence, Stoney Hill av. Tel. 41815
Bell David J., sure, 101 Condor grove
Bell John Norman, managr, Midland Bank, Ltd., 46 Bond street, S.S. Tel. 41073 ; h. 9 Third av. Tel. 41377
BELL JOHN R., joiner, cabinet maker,wood carver and funeral director, Branston road ; h. 16 Rectory rd
Bell Miss Julia, nurse, 2 Kingsway, S.S.
Bell Owen J., boot repr, 14 Eden st
Bell Mr. Richd., 30 Carlin gate
Bell Wm., dairy, Vicarage lane
Bellamy Miss Edith D., 36 Woodland gv
Bellamy John, hairdrsr, 12a Caunce st ;h. 4 Ridley st
Bellarby John Wm., Esq., J.P. (J. W. Bellarby, Ltd.) ; h. 20 Nelson rd, S.S. Tel. 3055
BELLARBY J. W., Ltd., B.I.E. (Lond.), B.U.A., undertakers and complete funeral directors and embalmers, cremations arranged, 20 Nelson road, South Shore. Tel. 3055
Bellhouse Jas., clrk, 25 Lowrey ter, S.S.
Bellinger Thos., hdrsr, 221 Lytham rd
Bellringer Ivor F. (Bellringer', Ltd.) ;h. 11 Finsbury av
Bellringer', Ltd., boot reprs, 170a Central drv, 13 Foxhall rd, 59a Chapel st and 24 Waterloo rd
Belmont Nursing Home, 46 Sherbourne rd. Tel. 1092 ; Miss J. Ford, prin
Belshaw Wm., wndw clnr, 13 Montrose av
BELVEDERE PRIVATE HOTEL, Queensgate, 410 North promenade. Tel. 51445 N.S. ; J. & E. Gray
Bemrose Percy R., chmst, 36 Ansdell rd ; h. 146 Grasmere rd
Bench Isaac S., dentist, 6 Gloucester av. Tel. 101 Marton
Benhart Boarding Kennels, 13 Peddlers In. Tel. 42348
Bennall Fredk. H., egg dlr, 180 Watson rd, S.S. Tel. 42618
Berm Amos, conftnr, 1 South Shore market, Waterloo rd
Benn Arthur (H. & A. Benn) ; h. 9 Mayor av
Berm Henry & Arthur, hosiers, South Shore market, Waterloo rd, and 199a Lytham rd
Benn Henry (H. & A. Benn) ; h. 13 Mayor av
Bann Mrs. Mabel, mllnr, 93a Central dr
Benn Mdme., mllnr, 1 Queen's sq Bennett Albt., golf pro., 36 Whitegate drive
Bennett Albt. G., cnftr, 1 Ashburton rd
Bennett Mrs. Edith, art needlework, 126 Bolton st, S.S.
Bennett Mrs. Eliz., 84 Stoney Hill av
Bennett Miss Frances E., 4 Lincoln rd
Bennett Fredk., clrk, 35 Eaves st
Bennett G. W. (J. R. & G. W. Bennett),h. 422 Lytham road
Bennett Geo. W., gnnsmith, 208 Church st ; h. 25 Buchanan st
BENNETT JAS. R., motor dealer and garage proprietor, Park garage, Back Regent road
Bennett Jas. R. (J. R. & (4.W W. Bennett) h. 58 Bryan rd. Tel. 975
BENNETT J. R. & G. W., The Estate & Insurance Office, Abingdon chambers, 39 Abingdon street. Tel. 699
Bennett Jph. W., conftnr, 27 St. Annes road
Bennett Richd., clrk, 69 Sawley av, S.S.
Bennett Wm. H., grcr, 3 St. Joseph's rd
Bennett Wm. T., church verger, 22 Lewtas st
Bennington Leonard, customs officer, 12 Kelso av
Bennington Lewis, nwspapr editor, 22 Lincoln rd. Tel. 3369
Benns John, ins agnt, 47 Sandicroft rd
Benson Abraham, shpkpr, Stanley rd,
Benson Edwin, M.A., headmaster,
Blackpool Grammar School, Raikes parade Tel. 210
Benson Thos., drpr, 197 Central drive
Benstead Albt., clrk, 2 Salisbury rd
Bent Harry, master, Wood Street Holiday camp, Squires gate. Tel. 41421
Bentham Andrew 0., M.R.C.S.,L.R.C.P. (Lond), phys and surg,Gosforth house. Tel. 5119
Bentham Mrs. Henrietta, 15 Ullswater rd, S.S.
Bentley Mr. Abraham, 44 Roseberry av
Bentley Albt. E., sec, Northern Counties Social Pool (Tote) Club, 67 Station rd, S.S.
Bentley Mrs. Annie, boarding and aprtmt hse, 50 Read's av. Tel. 2669
Bentley Chas. & Sons, btchrs, 2 Read's av. Tel. 2198
Bentley Fredk., cashr, 30 Knox grove
Bentley Jas. W., estate agnt, 5 Brun gr
Bentley John, hairdrsr, 18 Upper Talbot st
Bentley John, conftnr, 162 Lytham rd
Bentley John E., chmst's mngr, 30 Watson rd. Tel. 41341 S.S. Bentley Jph., clrk, 8 Gorse rd
Bentley Mrs. Miriam, ladies' outftr, 45 Abingdon st, 74 Bond st, S.S., and 116a Central drv. Tel. 2626
Bentley & Mitchell, grcrs, 101 Coronation st
Bentley Raymond P., asst schlmstr, 9 Bamton av, S.S.
Bentley Robt. G., advtng mngr, 1 Forest gate
BENTLEYS', removal contractors and general carriers, daily services to London, Manchester, Liverpool, Preston, Lancaster, Morecambe and Southport, 50 Read's avenue ; garages : Back Read's avenue and Back Palmer avenue. Tel. 2669
Benton Mr. Herbt., The Haven, Westminster rd
Berg Mr. Nathan, 11 Fourth av. Tel. 41850 S.S.
Berisford G., ins agnt, 15 Pleasant st
Berisford Stanley, ins agnt, 42 St. Vincent av
Bernard Bernard, trvllr, 39 Marlborough rd
BERNARD TERRY'S PRINTING Ltd., printers, bookbinders, stationers, colour artists, memos, posters and catalogues, St. Annes road. Tel. 41889
Bernasconi Walter, scenic artist, 4 Roseway, S.S.
Bernstein Walter, trvllr, 24 Cumberland av
Berry Miss Annie, grcr, 39-41 Buchanan st
BERRY Miss BETSY J., apartments with or without board, sea view, near baths, 3 Withnell road, South Shore
Berry Clement, herblst, 53 Kenilworth gardens
Berry Edleston, cttn slsmn, 61 Squires Gate ln, S.S.
Berry Miss Edith, ladies' hairdrsr, 26 Warbreck drive
Berry Frank, dairy, 21 Mereland rd
Berry Mr. Frank, 18 St. lye's av
Berry Mr. Frank R., 475 South prom
Berry Fredk., cashier, 169 Red Bank rd
Berry Fredk., comp sec, 20 St. lye's av
Berry Herbt. (Stopford Press) ; h.• 8 Stopford av
Berry Hy., tiler, 35 Buchanan st
Berry Henry, grcr, 72 St. Helier's rd
Berry Henry, greengrcr, 272 Waterloo rd, S.S.
Berry Mr. Hirst, 172 Read's av
Berry Jas. (Priestley & Berry) ; h. 96 Talbot rd
Berry Jas., fr fish dlr, 53-55 Waterloo rd, S.S.
Berry Jas., conftnr, 29 Anchorsholme Lane east
Berry Jas., wine and spirit mrchnt, 28 Grasmere rd
Berry Jas., boot repr, Manchester rd ; h. 53 Waterloo rd, S.S.
Berry Jas. H., clrk, 10 Bela grove
Berry Miss Lily, mllnr, 92a Dickson rd
Berry Mrs. Margt., Biscayne Private Hotel, 390 North prom. Tel. 51584
Berry Silas, haul cntrctr, 6 Castlegate
Berry Thos. W., hse frnshr, 2 Edward street
Berry Mr. Wm. H., 2 Warley rd. Tel 51803 N.S.
Beryl Birley, beauty parlour,18 Coronation st
Besset Isaac, fish dlr, 41 St. Annes rd and 110a Bond st, S.S.
Best Halstead, F.R.I.B.A., F.S.I., architect, 20 Clifton st. Tel. 596 ;h. 23 Park Drive north. Tel. 1432
Best Richd., surv, 24 Roselyn av, S.S.
Beswick Geo. E., tobcnst, Dickson rd ;h. 60 Seafield rd
Beswick Thos. A., wndw clnr, 4 Douglas av
Bethell Jas., taxi proptr, 40 Carshalton rd. Tel. 2937
Bethell Wm., plmbr, 10 Kimberley av
Betty Mdme., wrdrbe dlr, 36 Buchanan street
Bevan Edwin J. (J. H. Hartley & Son) ; h. 26 Gainsborough rd
Bevan Hugh R., gent's outftr, 26 Waterloo rd, S. S. ; h. 63 Westwood av
Beveridge Geo., hairdrsr, 57 Sawley av
Beverley Mrs. Alice, 11 Arnold av.Tel. 422 83
Bibbington Simon, grcr and P.O., 114 Bispham rd
Bibby Ernest. pntr, 3 Hurstmere av
BIBBY GEORGE, auctioneer, valuer, land, estate and insurance agent, 93 Topping street. Tel. 977; and at Poulton-le-Fylde ; h. 57 Bispham rd
Bibby Jas. T. G., plmbr, 41 Stoke av. Tel. 309
Bibby Mr. Jas., 423 Lytham rd. Tel. 42168 S.S.
Bibby Mr. John T., West leigh,Queen's drive. Tel. 51170 N.S.
Bibby Richd., acntnt, 20 Birley st.Tel. 347 ; h. Carleton
Bibby Mr. Rd., 65 Bispham rd
Bibby Thos., wrdrbe dlr, 4a Alfred st ; h. 12 Elm av
Bibby Walter, wndw clnr, 56 Hodder av
Bibby Wm. J., clrk, 31 Blenheim av
Bickerstaffe Miss Daisy V., High lawn,Hornby rd. Tel. 449
Bickerstaffe Mr. Harold D., 23 Longton rd. Tel. 2132
Bickerstaffe Mrs. Sophia, smlwre dlr. 27 Harrison st
Biggin Lawrence, conftnr, 197 South prom ; h. 27 Marlborough rd
Bignell Mr. Chas., 17 Courtfield av
Billing John Henry, M.B., Ch.B.,phys and surg, 251 Church st. Tel. 189
Billington Arthur, grcr, 406 Talbot rd
Billington Bros., hse frnshrs, 94 Central drv and The Strand. Tel.989
Billington Edwd., conftnr, 106 Central drive
Billington Harold (Billington Bros.) ; h. Birchmoor, Park Drive north. Tel. 310:3
Billington Henry (Billington Bros.) ;h. 83 Park rd. Tel. 1099
Billington Jas., pltry frmr, 258 Hawes Side In
Billington Thos., dairy, Cherry Tree rd, Marton
Bills Robt. W., asst schlmstr, 138 Grasmere rd
Bilson Wm., trvllr, 59 Kenilworth gardens, S.S.
Bilsborough Thos., fish dlr, 6 Hyde road
Biltcliffe Lewis, irnmngr, 77 Whitegate drive
Biltcliffe Miss Octavia., ladies' outftr, 69 Whitegate drive
Bingley Building Society, 12 Birley st. Tel. 3712 ; J. W. Westhead, local agent
Binns Mrs. Alice, drpr, 62 Haig rd, S.S.
Binns Frank, clrk, 139 Abbey rd, S.S.
Binns Mr. Irvine, 41 Stoney Hill av,S.S. Tel. 41253
Binns Jas. E., clrk, 20 Fleetwood rd
Binns Mrs. Margt., wrdrbe dlr, 150 Talbot rd
Binns Walter (Leslie's Football Tote) ; h. 60 Dickson rd
Birch Geo. & Sidney, grcrs, Stationter, Lytham rd. Tel. 41018 S. S.
Birch Hy., furn dlr, 88 Central drive
Birch John P. (Birch & Son) ; h. 131 Whitegate drive
Birch Richd. H., hse frnshr, 68 Central drive and Red Bank rd
Birch Saml. C. (Birch & Son) ; h. 177 Palatine rd
Birch & Son, grcys, 67-69 Hornby rd. Tei. 446
Birch Wm. E., coal dlr, 102 Ribble rd
Birch Mr. Wm. H., Stoney Hill av, S.S.
Birchall & Co., Ltd., tobcnsts, 16 Talbot rd (Tel. 1698), and 21 Market st
Birchall Jas., coal dlr, 18 Courtfield av
Birchall Mrs. Lottie, drpr, 9a Bothwell st
Birchall Wm. H., trvllr, 12 The Crescent, S.S.
Birchenough Mrs. Johannah, fr fish dlr, 18 Cookson st
Birchenough Mr. Johnson, 42 Kenilworth gardens, S.S.
Birket W. N., ins agnt, 59 Horncliffe road
Birkett Mr. Leonard, tobcnst, 36a Chapel st
Birkett Sidney, trvllr, 14 Knaresborough av, Marton
Birkenshaw Herbt., taxi proptr, 12 Balmoral rd,
Birtles Jas. K., clrk, 109 Warbreck dry
Birtles John, clrk, 21 England av
Birtwell Mr. John F., 35 Arnold av
Birtwell Thos., pntr, 38 Greenwood av
Birtwells' solctrs, Vance rd. Tel.2549 ; and at Burley
Birtwistle Cecil (J. Birtwistle, Ltd.) ; h. 9a Highfield rd, S.S.
Birtwistle Mr. Fredk., 219 Hornby rd
Birtwistle Harold, tailr, 25 Chesterfield rd
Birtwistle Jas. S., btchr, 180 Dickson rd. Tel. 51456 N.S. ; h. 179 Warbreck Hill rd
Birtwistle Mr. John A., 16 Bournemouth rd
Birtwistle John N., drpr, 20 Threlfall rd, S.S.
BIRTWISTLE JOSEPH, Ltd., plumbers, electrical engineers, builders and contractors, 9a Highfield road, S.S. Tel. 41678
Birtwistle Kenneth L., tobcnst and P.O., 148 Whitegate drive
Birtwistle Miss Lily, ladies' hairdrsr,149 Layton rd. Tel. 913
Bishop Mr. Alfred, 38 Selby av, S.S.
Bispham Bowling, Croquet and Tennis Club, Cavendish rd ; S. Heywood,secretary
Black Boy Chocolate Co., Ltd., cnftnrs, 1 Metropole bldngs
Black Ernest, wtchmkr, 3 Sefton st
Black Miss Eva C., ladies' outftr, 1 Springfield rd. Tel. 1214
Black Hugh, conftnr, 284 Church st
Black Thos., trvllr, 32 Colwyn. av
Blackburn Albt., cemetery registrar. Tel. 75 ; h. 480 Talbot rd
Blackburn Albt. E. (Blackburn & Wardrop) ; h. Thornton
Blackburn Chas. F., pntr, 28 Halifax rd
Blackburn Misses Emeline & Alice, private school, 94 Harrowside, S.S.
Blackburn Mrs. Harriett, conftnr, 26b Westmorland av
Blackburn Hartley W., frnshr's mngr, 24 St. James' rd, S.S.
Blackburn Isaac, frutr, 37-39 St. Annes rd
Blackburn Mr. John, 7 Wilton par. Tel. 759
Blackburn Jph. (Marton Plumbers) ; h. 25 Newhouse rd
Blackburn Philanthropic Assurance Co., Ltd., Market chmbrs, Corporation st ; A. Drinkwater, supt
Blaokburn Thos. C., frutr, 10 Dickson rd. Tel. 749 ; h. 55 Powell av
Blackburn & Wardrop, depot for Starline varnish and enamels, 11 Upper Talbot st. Tel. 826
Blackburn Wm., btchr's mngr, 185 Palatine rd
Blackhurst Alfd. Bernard (W. & A. Blackhurst); h. Fairhaven. Tel. 503 Lytham
Blackhurst Edwd., vict, Duke of Cambridge Hotel, Dickson rd. Tel. 51381 N.S.
Blackhurst Fredk., asst schlmstr, George av, Marton
Blackhurst Jas., wine mrchnt's mngr, 157 Dickson rd
Blackhurst Jas. F., chmst, 371 South prom, 44 Bond st (Tel. 42694 S.S.), 145a Central drv, 2, 4 and 74 Lytham rd (Tel. 968) and 67 Caunce st Tel. 1374
Blackhurst Richd. (R. Blackhurst (Blackpool), Ltd.) ; h. 13 Park Drive north. Tel. 3085
Blackhurst Richd. (Blackpool), Ltd., motor coach proptr, 42 Albert rd. Tel. 392
Blackhurst Wm., solctr and dep coroner (W. & A. Blackhurst) ; h. St. Annes. Tel. 28
Blackhurst W. & A., solctrs and com for oaths, 22 Edward st. Tel. 2317 Blackledge Thos. S., M.B., B.S. (Lond.), D.O.M.S., ophthalmic surg, 11 Gynn av. Tel. 51500 N.S.
Blackmoor Mrs. Florence, private hotel, 252 North prom. Tel. 2216 Blackpool Automation Co., Ltd., 112 Topping st
BLACKPOOL BEDDING Co., Ltd., wholesale bedding manufacturers, specialists in cleaning, rewillowing and renovating bedding of every description, wire mattress manufacturers, etc., Back Regent road. Tel. 1445
Blackpool Billposting Co., Ltd., 167 Church st. Tel. 97
Blackpool Borough Surveyor : F. Wood, M.Inst.C.E., Town Hall st. Tel. 2200
Blackpool Brick Manufacturers' Exchange, 20 Birley st. Tel. 199 ; Wm. P. Breeze, sec and mngr
Blackpool Building Trades Employers' Association, 23 South King st. Tel. 789 ; W. Hogarth, sec
Blackpool Central Picture Palace Co., Ltd., 22 Birley st. Tel. 3442 ; J. Potter, J.P., M.P., sec
Blackpool Central Pier, Promenade. Tel. 423
Blackpool Central Bowling and Social Club, 9 Bloomfield rd; G. Sherlock, secretary
Blackpool Chamber of Trade, 1 Maybell avenue
BLACKPOOL CLIFFS HOTEL, Ltd., Queen's drlve, North promenade. Tel. 51354 N.S. ; F. AV. Halton, managing director
Blackpool Commercial College, 51a Market st. Tel. 3490
Blackpool Conservative and Unionist Association, 40 Victoria st. Tel. 917 ; Wm. H. Fox, Esq., J.P., sec and agnt
BLACKPOOL CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY, Ltd., grocers, butchers, pork butchers, bakers, confectioners, caterers, boot and shoe dealers and repairers, tailors and outfitters, drapers, milliners, mantle makers, coal dealers, dairy owners, electricians, complete house furnishers, joiners, undertakers, plumbers, painters and contractors, cafe and restaurant proprietors; registered office, Sheppard street, Albert road. Tel. 1900 (four lines). Branches at Albert road, 1 Topping street, 32 Chapel street, 204 Lytham road, 4 Caunce street, Banks street, Ribble road, Devonshire road, Egerton road, Waterloo road, Charnley road, Whitegate drive, Layton road, Highfield road, Warbreck drive, 68 St. Annes road, 38 St. Helier's road, Wellington road, Ansdell road, Warley road, Abbey road, Preston Old road, Grasmere road, Rectory road, Watson's road, Sutherland road, Bispham, Poulton-le-Fylde, Ansdell, Lytham, and St. Alban's road and St.Andrew's Road south, St. Annes ; coal department : Railway siding, Talbot road, South Shore, St. Annes and Lytham ; Thos. Stopford, F . C. I. S., secretary
BLACKPOOL CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY, Ltd., M.B.U.A., complete funeral undertakers, earth burials or cremations, certified embalmers, 19 Charnley road. Tel. 1900 ; Arthur H. Brown, M.B.E.S., funeral director
Blackpool Corporation Abattoirs, Talbot rd. Tel. 205 ; F. Roworth, M.S.I.A., supt
Blackpool Corporation Publicity Department, Town hall. Tel. 2200 ; Wm. Foster, director
Blackpool Corporation Bus Station, Talbot rd
Blackpool Corporation& Education Committee, Town hall. Tel. 2200
Blackpool Corporation Electricity Works, Shannon st. Tel. 2911 (three lines) ; Chas. Furness, M.I.E.E., borough electrical and transport engnr
Blackpool Corporation Gas Works, Princess st. Tel. 3213-3214 ; T. R. Cook, engnr and mngr
Blackpool Corporation Highways Department, Rigby rd. Tel. 202
Blackpool Corporation Information Bureau, Promenade. Tel. 1623
Blackpool Corporation Insurance Committee, West st
Blackpool Corporation Maternity Home, 214 Whitegate dry. Tel. 10 Marton
Blackpool Corporation Motor Station and Waiting Rooms, Talbot rd
Blackpool Corporation Motor Taxation Office, Clifton st
Blackpool Corporation Public Assistance Department,10 Birley st.Tel.341;J.T.Grimshaw,P.A. officer
Blackpool Corporation Public Baths, Cocker st. Tel. 592 and Promenade, S.S. Tel. 41530; J. H. Hollingworth, superintendent
Blackpool Corporation Public Health Office, Sefton st. Tel. 172 ; E. W. Rees Jones, M.D., med officer
Blackpool Corporation Public Library and Museum, Maybell av and Queen at. Tel. 225 ; Rowland Hill, F.R.Hist. S., chief librarian
Blackpool Corporation Rates Department, 8-12 Corporation st. Tel. 2200
Blackpool Corporation School Medical and Dental Clinic, Bennett av
Blackpool Corporation Transport Department, Blundell st. Tel. 2911
BLACKPOOL CREAMERIES, Ltd., wholesale and retail milk, cream, egg, poultry dealers and farmers etc., 128 Grasmere road and 79 Whitegate drive. Tel. 2142
Blackpool Cycle Co., cycle dlrs, 193 Church st
Blackpool Cricket Club, Park drive. Tel. 1550 ; T. Wallers Pimley,sec
Blackpool & District Poultry Trades Society, Ltd., Hawes Side ln, Marton. Tel. 41893 S.S. ; L. Whalley, secretary
Blackpool Entertainments (1920), Ltd., 182 Read's av ; W. B. Holt, sec
BLACKPOOL" EVENING GAZETTE " OFFICE, Temple street and Corporation street. Tel. 1782 (six lines)
Blackpool Floor & Wall Tiling Co., 97 Topping st. Tel. 2629
Blackpool Football Club, Ltd., Bloom. field rd. Tel. 325 ; T. A. Barcroft, secretary
Blackpool & Fylde Adult Deaf & Dumb Society, 64 Cornwall av ; T. Crowe, sec
Blackpool & Fylde District Law Society ; Major E. Read, sec, 32 Birley st
Blackpool & Fylde District Licensed Victuallers' Association ; E. S. Swift, see, No. 4 Hotel, Newton drive. Tel. 616
Blackpool & Fylde District Off-License Association ; T. Greenhalgh, sec, 23a Clifton st
Blackpool & Fylde Photographic Society, 41a Market st ; R. C. Turton, secretary
BLACKPOOL & FYLDE SOCIETY FOR THE BLIND, basket makers, firelight manufacturers, firewood dealers, etc., Tramway depot, Whitegate drive. Tel. 89 Marton ; F. G. Williams, manager
Blackpool & Fylde Window Cleaners' Indemnity Insurance Co., Ltd., 9 Boardman av ; J. Marsden, sec BLACKPOOL "GAZETTE & HERALD," Ltd., newspaper publishers, letterpress printers, lithographers, bookbinders, die stampers, block engravers and general stationers, Temple street, 41-49 Corporation street and Cheapside. Tel. 1782 (six lines)
Blackpool Golf Club, Ltd., Squires gate, S.S. Tel. 417261 ; V. H. Seddon, sec
Blackpool Greyhound Racecourse Stadium, Ltd., Squires gate lane, S.S. ; H. Mansfield, sec. Tel. 42045
Blackpool Grocers' Supply, Ltd., 7 Cookson st ; T. H. Gastall, sec
Blackpool Hotel & Apartment House Association, 38 Vance rd. Tel. 2549 ; J. Wilson, sec
Blackpool Hotels, Ltd ; F. S. Nickson, sec, 30 Birley st
Blackpool Ignition Co.,magneto repairs Walker st. Tel. 3201
Blackpool Ladies' Club, 146 North promenade
Blackpool Lamp Factors, wireless, etc., 92a Coronation st
Blackpool Liberal Association, Victoria st. Tel. 2903
Blackpool Liberal Women's Association, Victoria st. Tel. 2903 ; Miss A. Crook, sec
Blackpool Marine Store Co., Wildman street
Blackpool Masonic Club, Adelaide st. Tel. 585 ; A. H. West, sec
BLACKPOOL MOTOR AUCTION MART, auctioneers and valuers, Imperial garages, Dickson road. Tel. 712
Blackpool Motor Station, Ltd., motor garage and refreshment room, Princess st. Tel. 812
Blackpool Musical Festival, 97 Church st. Tel. 807 ; F. Howard, sec
Blackpool North Shore Golf Club, Devonshire rd. Tel. 51017 N.S.; J. Bailey, sec
Blackpool Nursing Division, medical comforts department, 32a King st
Blackpool Orphanage, 121 Talbot rd. Tel. 1547 ; Miss E. Swallow, matron
BLACKPOOL PARCELS DELIVERY, agents for Sutton & Co., general carriers, 82a George street. Tel. 119
Blackpool Parliamentary Borough Conservative & Unionist Association, 40 Victoria st. Tel. 917 ; W. H. Fox, Esq., J.P., sec and agnt
Blackpool Pier Co., Old Bank chmbrs, Talbot sq. Tel. 175 ; J. Walker, sec and mngr
Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Ltd., S.S. Tel. 41033 ; C. E. Burrell, sec
BLACKPOOL PLUMBING Co., Ltd., plumbers and sanitary engineers, Charles street (Tel. 637) and 396 Lytham road (Tel. 41351 S.S.)
Blackpool Prescast Stone Co., artificial stone makrs, Annesley av
Blackpool, Princess & Ribble Laundries, Ltd., laundry proptrs and carpet beaters, 440 Talbot rd (Tel. 35) ; receiving offices : 96 Elizabeth st and 27 Whitegate dr (Tel. 3056) ; and at St.Annes and Lytham
Blackpool Programme, Ltd., prntrs, Ripon rd. Tel. 370
Blackpool Property Owners' Association, A. Lomax, sec, 28 Caunce st. Tel. 3532 ; J. P. Bennett, tres. 39 Abingdon street. Tel. 699
Blackpool Radiator Works, repairs, etc., Ansdell rd. Tel. 814
Blackpool Relief Office ; North division : 8 Birley st (Tel. 341), J. Harrison, relvng officer ; South division : 1 Westbourne av (Tel. 42363 S.S.), J. A. Jump, relvng officer
Blackpool Restaurant & Cafe Proprietors' Association, 23a Clifton st
BLACKPOOL " REVIEW," the leading advertising medium, Queen's chambers, 11 Coronation street. Tel. 1008
Blackpool Rock Co., Ltd., mnftrng cnftnrs, Victory rd
Blackpool Shell & Grit Co., shell and grit mnftrs, Cherry Tree rd, Marton
Blackpool South Pier Pavilion Co., Ltd., South prom. Tel. 42064 ; G. Roberts, sec
Blackpool Stadium, Squires gate, S.S.
Blackpool Subscription Bowling Club Ltd., Somerset av. Tel. 195 Marton ; S. M. Butler, sec
Blackpool " Times," Ltd., prntrs, etc., Central drive. Tel. 3757
Blackpool Tower Co., Ltd., 97 Church st. Tel. 1 ; R. Parker, sec
Blackpool Tower Restaurant Oyster Bar, Bank Hey st
Blackpool Trade Protection Co., Ltd., 112 Topping st
Blackpool Trades & Labour Council Club, 71 Erdington rd ; P. Willis, J. P., sec
Blackpool Tradesmen's Mutual Plate-Glass Insurance Society, 19 Birley st. Tel. 33 ; D. B. Dickinson, sec
Blackpool Trust, Ltd., 22 Birley st. Tel. 3442 ; C. D. Harrison, sec
BLACKPOOL UNION PRINTERS, Ltd., printers, bookbinders, booksellers and stationers, Charnley road. Tel.943
Blackpool Universal Supply Co., 54 Abingdon st ; M. Clough, mngr
Blackpool Upholstering Co., Bath st. Tel. 42583
Blackpool " Weekly " 209 Church st
Blackpool West Coast Air Services, Ltd., Squires gate. Tel. 41347 S.S. H. C. Darbyshire, sec
Blackpool Winter Gardens & Pavilion Co., Ltd., 89 Church st. Tel. 1 ; John H. Clegg, sec
Blacks' Registry, office for servants, 19 Abingdon st
Blackshaw Allan, trvllr, 10 Worsley av
Blackshaw Miss Hannah, 91 Preston Old rd
Blackwell Mr. Harold G., Whyte hse, Queen's drv. Tel. 51839 N.S.
Blacow Mrs. Jane, grcr, 15 Maple av
Blacow John W., join, Elm av ; h. 15 Maple av
Blain Wm. (Wm. Blain & Son) ; h. 84 Victory rd
BLAIN WILLIAM & SON, garden contractors & landscape gardeners, Warbreck Hill nurseries, Warbreck Hill rd
Blair John, trvllr, 31 Jesmond av. Tel. 2762
Blake Thos. V., asst supt, Corporation Gas works, Princess st. Tel. 3213 ; h. 16 Park Drive south. Tel. 33 Marton
Blakey Miss Florence, Broadway Nursing home, 33 Broadway, S.S.
Blakemore Mrs. Eliza, conftnr, 86 Bolton st, S.S.
Blakeway Henry, cafe proptr, 2 Dickson rd ; h. Shore rd, Bispham
Blamire Fredk., asst schlmstr, 1 Ryson av
Blamire Hy. (Fylde Coal Co.) ; h. 31 Cross st
Bland Chas. E., trvllr, 9 Kensington rd
Bland Herbt. H., coal dlr, 84 Loftos av
Bland Percy, 6 Coniston rd, S.S. Bland Mr. Thos. S., 16 Hampton rd
Bland Wm. R., chmst's mngr, 47 St.Helier's rd
Blame & Nickson, chrtrd acntnts, 30
Birley st. Tel. 3500 (two lines)
Blane Thos. Herbt. (Blame & Nickson) ;h. 4 Beechfield av. Tel. 83 Marton
Blaney Mrs. Mary, tobcnst, 11 Victoria street
Blasson Mr. Cyril, 28 Broadway, S.S. Tel. 42776
Blaylock Norman, tailr, 20 The Strand. Tel. 791 ; h. 66 Lomond av
Blaylock Wm., mrkt grdnr, Cherry Tree rd, Marton
BLEASDALE FRED H. BARKER, turf accountant, 50 Clifton street. Tel. 1400 ; 'grams " Turf "
Blezard C. & Son, dairy, Cornwall place. Tel. 42 Marton
Blezard Alex., acntnt, 23 Squires Gate ln, S.S.
Blezard Geo., dairy, 5 Cornwall place
Blezard Thos., dairy, 38 Woodland grv
Blight Bernard, trvllr, 58 Ferguson rd
Blomley Herbt. & Son, coal dlrs, 117 Marton drv. Tel. 41477 S.S.
Bloombery Mr, Solomon, 28 King George av
Bloomfield Club & Institute, Bloomfield rd ; B. Forshaw, sec
Bloomfield Electro-Plating Works, Sep av. Tel. 1326
Bloomfield Ladies' Bowling Club,
Bloomfield rd ; Mrs. F. Ilett
Blundell Miss Annie, 209 Hornby rd
Blundell G. & Sons, Ltd., whlsle grcrs,Singleton st. Tel. 650
Blundell Jph. A., boot repr, 119 Bond st, S.S. ; 11. 19 Shore rd
Blundell Leslie (G. Blundell & Sons) ; h. 9 St. Ive's av
Blundell Sand. (G. Blundell & Sons) ; h. 1 Orkney rd
Blundell Wm. (G. Blundell & Sons) ; h. 25 Longton rd
Blunt Miss Agnes, chldrn's outftr, 73 Bond st, S.S.
Blunt Mr. Bryant Richd., Shorlea, Arundel av, Bispham
Blythe Frank B., clrk, 236 Caunce st
Blythe Mr. Jas., 35 Leamington rd
Blyton & Hartley, cafe, 20 Foxhall rd. Tel. 2552
Boaler Clarence, trvllr, 24 Raymond av
Boar Robt., drghtsmn, 45 St. lve's av
Boarding House & Apartment Supplies, Ltd.,38 Vance rd
BOARDMAN Mrs. AMELIA, boarding and apartment house, 17 Hornby rd
Boardman Ernest, motr engnr, 40 Cocker st ; h. 10 Orkney rd
Boardman Hy S., electrn, 19 Yates st
Boardman Jesse (Beardshaw & Co.) ;h. 22 King George av. Tel. 51347
Boardman John, coal dlr, 19 Little Layton
Boardman Richd., cafe proptr, 72 Foxhall rd
Boardman Thos., fr fish dlr, 31 Newhouse rd
Boardman Thos., mrkt grdnr, Cherry Tree rd, Marton
Boardman Wm., donkey proptr, 92 Hawes Side In
Boden Arthur, clrk, 9 Washington rd
Boden Chas., bldr, 15 Norcliffe rd. Tel. 51530 N.S.
Boden Edwd (E. Boden & Son) ; b. 107 Palatine rd
Boden E. & Son, hairdrsrs, 66b Central drive
Boden Fredk., cycle dlr, Station ter, Lytham rd
Boden Fredk. N. (E. Boden & Son) ; h. 83 Lytham rd
Bogey's Bar, refreshment room, 11a Coronation st
Bogle Harold, clrk, 11 Everton rd
Bointer Geo. C. B., estate agnt, 9 Leeds rd
Bokenham Chas., tram insptr, 6 Martin av, S.S.
Bold Henry, temp bar, 191 South prom and 2 Princess st
Bolton A., ins agnt, 10 Derby rd
Bolton Alexander (Coronation Rock Co., Ltd.) ; h. 26 Horncliffe rd, S.S.
Bolton All d., clrk, 7 Toronto av
Bolton Arthur, grcr, 171 Dickson rd.Tel. 51646 N.S. ; h. 18 Warley rd
Bolton Colburn, ventriloquist, 3 Oddfellow st
Bolton J. P., ins agnt, 644 Lytham rd
Bolton Jas. T. (Bolton & Ward) ; h.94 Warley rd. Tel. 51336 N.S.
Bolton John, trvllr, 39 Windermere rd
Bolton Thos., ins agnt, 14 Grenfell av
Bolton & Ward, joinrs, Back Clevedonrd. Tel. 51336 N.S.
Bolton Wm., wtchmkr, 17 Topping st ; h. 11 Braithwaite st
Bond Arthur, engnr, 7 Addison crescnt
Bond Cecil G., cashier, 9 Anchorsholme Lane east
Bond Crawshaw, clrk, 19 Douglas avenue
Bond Jph. (Blackpool Cycle Co.) ; b. 193 Church st
Bond Walter, tripe dlr, Pleasant st Bond Whittaker, ins agnt, 37 Leamington rd
Bonnett Chas., vict, Grand Hotel, Lytham rd and Station rd. Tel, 410211 S.S.
Bonny Geo. H., fish dlr, 165 Central drive. Tel. 2667
Bonny Geo., joinr, 96 Gorton st
Bonny Jas., frmr, Whalley frm, Marton
Bonny Jas. & Son, frmrs, Bloomfleld road
Bonny John (R. W. Bonny & Sons) ; h. Springfield, Whitegate drive. Tel. 59 Marton
Bonny John P., solicitor, Midland Bank chambers, 17 Rawcliffe street, S.S. Tel. 42322 ; h. 35 Kimberley avenue
Bonny Richd. W. (R. W. Bonny & Sons) ; h. 202 Westmorland av
Bonny R. W. & Sons, joins, bldrs, contrctrs and undrtkrs, 189 Church st. Tel. 640
Bonny Thos., garde, Aldersides, Highfield rd, S.S.
Booker Thos., clrk, 20 Baldwin grove
Booth Albt., btchr, 262 Talbot rd and 24a Tyldesley rd. Tel. 1813 ; and at Fleetwood
Booth Arnold, plmbr, 44 St. Walburga's road
Booth Arthur, temp bar, 84-86 Talbot rd. Tel. 3205
Booth Fredk. J., trvllr, 30 Norcliffe rd Booth & Crawshaw, hairdrsrs, 15 Rawcliffe st, S.S.
BOOTH E. H. & Co., Ltd., grocers, provlsion dealers, tea, coffee, wine and spirit merchants, 124-126 North promenade and The Strand (Tel. 645), cafe (Tel. 594), and 513 Lytham road, S.S. (Tel. 42042)
Booth Mrs. Eliz. M., boot dlr, 37 Waterloo rd
Booth Mrs. Elsie, tobcnst, 69a Dickson road
BOOTH Mrs. EMMA, public and private apartments, 28 Alexandra road, South Shore
Booth Mrs. Fanny, 7 Second av. Tel. 42141 S.S.
Booth Fredk., propty repr, 56 Condor grove. Tel. 2063
Booth Fredk., traffic mngr, 46 Horncliffe rd, S.S.
Booth Geo., clrk, 28 Lomond av,
BOOTH Mrs. GERTRUDE H., boarding and apartments, Elygill, 17 King Edward avenue
Booth Graham, clrk, 98 Lune grove
Booth Harold, clrk, 18 Ryson av
Booth Harold, estate agnt, 55 Coronation st ; h. 54 Annesley avenue
Booth Harry, motr cycle dlr, 294 Waterloo rd, S.S.
Booth Jas., fried fish dealer, 30 Dickson road
Booth John, mrkt grdnr, Jubilee lane, Marton
Booth John, mill mngr, Norbreck rd. Tel. 289 Cleveleys
Booth John A., ins agnt, 21 Oxford rd
Booth John E., postmn, 19 Wolsley rd
Booth Mrs. Mary A., 257 Whitegate dr
Booth Norman, chrtrd acntnt, 10 Edward st. Tel. 1499 ; h. 156 Cornwall av. Tel. 51592 N.S.
BOOTH NURSE, certified midwife by examination, 28 Alexandra road, South Shore
Bootherstone Cedric, bank clrk, 2 Prestbury av, S.S.
Bootherstone Mr. Jas., 41 Bosconbe rd
Boothman Arthur, grcr, 11 Foxhall rd ; h. 7 London rd.
Boothman Lend., clrk, 12 Bamton av
Boothman L. & E., ladies' hairdrsrs,32 Upper Talbot st
Boothroyd Arthur, clrk, 156 Abbey rd
Boothroyd Edgar, trvllr, 65 London rd
Boothroyd Mr. Jas. A., 10 Madison av. Tel. 51192 N.S.
Boots Cash Chemists (Lancashire), Ltd., 8-10 Market st (Tel. 167), 88-90 Central drv (Tel. 288), 45-47 Waterloo rd; territorial dept, 11 Queen st Tel. 1663
Borham Mrs. Lena, 17 Stoney Hill av
BOROUGH BUILDING SOCIETY, Ltd., 32a Adelaide street. Tel. 2882 ; head office, 12 Nicholas street, Burnley ; L. Gaughan, sec
Borough Magistrates' Clerk's Office ; 71 Adelaide street ; H. Singleton, clrk Tel. 214
Bostock Albt., prntr, 27 St. Chad's rd
Bostock Arthur E., trvllr, 28 Clifton crescent, Marton
Bostock & Co., boot alrs, 69b Dickson road
Bostock Edwd. (Bostock & Co.) ; h. 36 Cleator av
Bostock Jas. E. (Bostock & Co.) ; h. 33 Cleator av
Bostock Stanley, fish buyer, 14 Lockerbie av
Boston Mr. Richd. Hy., 8 Carlin gate. Tel. 51510 N.S.
Bottomley Geo., prin, Blackpool Commercial college, Ma Market st. Tel. 3490 ; h. 161 Red Bank rd.
Bottomley Mrs. H. & E., The Rayley Private Hotel, Burlington Road west, S.S. Tel. 41334
Bottomley Jas., trvllng drpr, 161 Red Bank rd
Bottomley Jas. T., coal dlr, 24 Peter st
Bottomley John, boot repr, 53 Roth-well st, S.S.
Bottomley M., ins agnt, 11 Wolverton avenue
Bottomley Walter, hse frnshr, 213 Waterloo rd ; h. 92 Grasmere rd
Boughton Geo. F. (Brown & Mallalieu, Ltd.) ; h. 20 Gosforth ay. Tel. 51881 N.S.
Bouchier Jas. E., clrk, 32 Fleetwood rd
Bourne Mrs. Maud, 11 Park Drive north. Tel. 2375
Bowden Henry, clrk, 3 Anchorsholme Lane west
Bowden', Ltd., biscuit dlrs, 49 Talbot road
Bowen Miss Eveline, mllnr, 22 St. Annes rd, S.S.
Bowen Fredk., frmr, Middle Lane farm
Bowers Arthur, conftnr, 9 St. Alines rd
Bowes John H., ins agent, 16 Granvilleroad
Bowes Richd., drpr, 44 Chapel st
Bowes Wm. J., schlmstr, 288 Warbreck drive
Bowie Mr. Jas. P., 50 Portland rd
Bowie Victor A. E., trvllr, Braefoot, Blackpool rd, Newton
Bowker Mr. Alfd. J., 70 Harrowside
Bowker Mrs. Alice, irnmngr, 98 High st
Bowker Mr. Edwd., 28 Horncliffe rd
Bowker Fredk. W., trvllr, 29 Lyddesdale av
Bowker Mrs. Isabella, Middle Lane farm, St. Annes rd
Bowling Hosker, clrk, 15 Lang st
Bowling Mrs. Ivy M., 7 Winstanley grv
Bowling I. Mason, out-porter, Railway station, Talbot rd
Bowling Thos. Hy., wndw clnr, 13 Regent rd
Bowman Clifford (Bowman, Grimshaw & Co.) ; h. Cleveleys
Bowman, Grimshaw & Co., acntnts, 26 Birley st. Tel. 3012-3013 ; and at Fleetwood and Manchester
Bowman Henry, trvllr, 71 St. Alban's road
Bowman John H., B.Sc., schlmstr, 1 Honister av
Bowman Maxwell, amusement caterer, North prom
Bowman Richd. (Bowman, Grimshaw & Co.) ; h. Thornton
Bowman Robt., btchr, 35 Coronation st. Tel. 1806 ; h. 39 Cumberland av
Bowtell Ernest, bank clrk, 58 Woodstock gardens, S. S.
Box Alex. (Box Bros., Ltd.) ; h. 15 Hawes Side ln. Tel. 40113
Box Bros., Ltd., carriage proptrs, Hawes Side In. Tel. 40113
Box Geo. A. (Wildman & Son) ; h. 179 Ansdell rd
Box Mrs. Helen, 479 Lytham rd, S.S.
Box & Milner, chrtrd acntnts, 33 Birley st. Tel. 777
Box Thos. E. (Box Bros., Ltd.) ; h. 13 Hawes Side In. Tel. 40113
Boyce Geo. F., bldr, 335 Devonshire rd
Boyd Wm., advert agnt, 4 St. Paul's rd
Boydell Edwd., asst ins supt, 48 Homcliffe rd
Boydell Frank R., acntnt, 24 Edward st. Tel. 357 ; h. 8 Rosebury av, S.S. Tel. 42307
Boydell Mr. Henry, 14 Lincoln road
Boydell Mr. Saml., 15 Coniston rd, S.S.
Boyle Thos., clrk, 30 Dutton rd
Bracewell Bros., whlsle cnftnrs, 64 Warley rd. Tel. 1482
Bracewell Hartley, fr fish dlr, 4 Victory road
Bracewell John (Bracewell Bros.) ; h. 37 Westminster rd
Bracewell Jph., Ltd., motor coach proptrs, Vance rd. Tel. 1234 ; and at Colne
Bracewell & Leaver, solctrs, 39 Adelaide st. Tel. 1174
Bracewell Robinson (Bracewell Bros.) ; h. 64 Warley rd
Bracewell Wm. A., journlst, 26 Severn rd, S.S.
Bradbury Albt., fr fish dlr, 23 Dale st
BRADBURY Mrs. BERTHA, public and private apartments, near sea and baths, The Homestead, 2 Withnell road, S.S.
Bradbury Fredk., trvllr, 7 Holcombe road
Bradbury Mr. Fredk. M., 40 Beaufort ay. Tel. 51186
Bradbury Jas. E., clrk, 78 London rd
Bradbury Robt., bank cashier, 4 College av
Bradbury Wilfd., trvllr, Harris av, S.S.
Braddock & Howarth, carriers, Ansdell rd
Braddock John (Braddock & Howarth) ; h. 131 Ansdell rd
Brade Mr. Arthur L., 605 Lytham rd
Brade Walter, clrk, 159 Bispham rd
Bradford (The) Second Equitable Benefit Building Society, 35 Cookson st. Tel. 419 ; 0. & W. B. Haworth, agents
Bradley Mrs. Eliz. M., Cafe Reno, Preston New rd. Tel. 202
Bradley Ernest, nwsagt, 147a Bond st,S.S. ; h. 34 Osbourn rd, S.S.
Bradley Fredk., clrk, 3 Sidney av
Bradley Geo. F., grcr, 32-34 Poulton rd
Bradley Mrs. Margt., 37 Windermere road, S.S.
Bradley Mrs. Martha A., nwsagt, 22 Lyddesdale av
Bradley Norman, grcr and beersllr, Melbourne st
Bradley Norman, schlmstr, James av, Marton
Bradley Peter, tailr, 105-107 Elizabeth street
Bradley Mr. Robt., 149 Warbreck Sill road
Bradley Wm., statues mngr, 59 Beech avenue
Bradley Wm., garage proptr, 33 Highfield rd, S. S.
Bradley Mr. Wm. T., 17 Queensway Bradleys' (Chester), Ltd., clothiers, 66a Central Drive
Bradmore, gown spclst, 7 Abingdon st. Tel. 425
Bradshaw Mrs. Annie, 246 Whitegate drive
Bradshaw Edwd. G., acntnt, 9 Raymond av
Bradshaw Fredk., dairy, 8 Clinton av
Bradshaw Geo., clrk, 34 Drummond av
Bradshaw Jas., nwsagt, 214-216 Lytham rd
Bradshaw Jas., coal dlr, 26 Vicarage lane
Bradshaw Saml., nwsagt, 143 Red Bank rd
Bradshaw Wm., trvllr, 18 Mather st
Bradshaw Wm., pntr, 23 Jameson st
Bragg Geo. W.., pol sergt, Police station, Montague st, S.S.
Braggins Chas. T., trvllr, 2 Faringdon av, Marton
Braimbridge Edwd., dairy, 262.264 Whitegate drive. Tel. 44 Marton
Braithwaite Edwd., frmr, Fold's farm,Marton
Braithwaite Frank, clrk, 26 Lomond av, Marton
Braithwaite Jas., blcksmth, 122a Coronation st ; h. The Oaks, Preston Old rd
Braithwaite Miss Margery, frmr, Cherry tree, Marton
Braithwaite Thos., mrkt grdnr, Hawes Side ln
Braithwaite Wm., solctr, 39 Queen st.Tel. 3544 ; h. Mill Lane farm,Little Marton. Tel. 214
Braithwaite Win., frmr, Moss side
Bramhall Mrs. Florence, frutr, 283 Dickson rd
Bramham Mrs. Eliz., 19 Gloucester av. Tel. 2083
Bramley Thos., frutr, 112 Elizabeth st
Brammer Arthur V. (H. Parker(Blackpool), Ltd.) ; h. 87 Grasmere road
Brammer Bros., motr engnrs, 564-568 Lytham rd. Tel. 41737 S.S.
Brammer Jas. (Brammer Bros.) ; h.468 Lytham rd, S.S.
Brammer John (Brammer Bros.) ; h. 468 Lytham rd, S.S.
Brammer Richd. (H. Parker (Blackpool), Ltd.) ; h. 152 Bloomfield rd
Brammer Richd. W. (H. Parker(Blackpool), Ltd.) ; h. 30 Abbeyville
Brammer Wilfd., btchr, 30 Boothroyden. Tel. 2775
Bramwell Chas., tailr, 1a Newton drive
Brandon Harold, conftnr, 49 High-- field rd, S.S.
Brandrick Chas., supt schl att officer, 8 Wembley av
Brandwood Mr. Fredk. J., 4 Windermere rd, S.S.
Brandwood Wm., propty repr, 4 Duke street
Branton John A., caterer's mngr, 2 Watson rd, S.S.
Braslin Win. H., clrk, 69 Westmorland avenue
Brassington Wm., trvllr, 110 Elizabeth street
Breakey Wm. H. (W. H. Breakey) ; h 16 Lightwood av
BREAKEY W. H., coach and motor body builder and van specialist, repairs, renovations and conversions, coach trimming and panel beating, Back Gladstone street, off St. Annes road
Brearley Jas., stock brkr, 90-92 Topping st. Tel. 1835 ; h. 92 Westmorland av
Brearley John Robt. (Parkers' It taurant) ; h. 58 Seafield rd
Breakell Edwd., conftnr, 182 Dickson road
Breckell Geo. E., boot repr, lb Moro rood
Breckenridge John H., trvllr, 29 Woodland grove
Bredgett Miss Lilian, ladies' hairdrsr, 10 Eaves st
Breeley Fredk., trvllr, 55 Anchorsholme Lane east
Breeze Wm. P., sec and mngr, Blackpool Brick Manufacturers' Exchange, 20 Birley at ; h. 4 Kingsland grove, Marton
Brennand Miss Hettie L., mus tchr, 307 Church st
Brereton Private Hotel, 186 North prom. Tel. 3095
Brewer Chas., fr polshr, 97 Greenwood avenue
Brewer R. S., mngr, Pickfords', Ltd., 3 St. John's walk. Tel. 3311
Bridden Hardman, clrk, 35 Read's av
Bridge Arthur, advtng mngr, 93 Cunliffe rd
Bridge Bernard, funeral director, 2 Thames rd, S.S. Tel. 42587
Bridge Bernard, press phtgrphr, 4 Thames rd, S.S.
Bridge Jas. W., dairy, Silverdale, Preston Old rd
BRIDGE JOHN, automobile engineer, B.S.A., Dalmler, Lanchester sales and service, Harrowside, South Shore. Tel. 41157 ; h. The Boulevarde, St. Annes. Tel. 1200
Bridge Percy (X.L. Rock Co.) ; h. 9 Hazel grove
Bridge & Son, btchrs, 55 Red Bank rd. Tel. 57476
Bridge Thos. G. (Bridge & Son) ; h. 55 Red Bank rd
Bridge Walter, clrk, 125 Condor grove
Brien Philip, res insptr, Royal Insurance Co., Ltd., 14 Cedar sq.Tel. 1931 ; h. 62 Lomond av, Marton
Brier Jas., schlmstr, 151 Holmfield rd
Brierley Fredk., grey and wine dlr, 11 Carshalton rd. Tel. 2735
Brierley Mr. Gilbert, 415 Lytham rd
Brierley Horace, clrk, 17 Sunnybank av
Brierley John B., joinr, 8 Seattle av
Brierley Joshua H., acntnt, 5 Brierley grove, S.S.
Brierley Thos., bldr, 143 Bispham Tel. 51250 N.S.
Brigden Mrs. Florence, wrdrbe dlr, 5-7 Britannia place
Brigden Harold, clerk, 34 Buxton avenue
Brigg John, haul cntrctr, 20 Weymouth rd. Tel. 243 Marton
BRIGG Misses, publlc and prlvate apartments, board optional, sea view, 19 Crystal road, S.S.
Briggs Albt., see, Blackpool Football Club, Ltd., Bloomfield rd. Tel. 325 ; h. 252 Church st
Briggs Arthur, bank clrk, 27 Worsley avenue, S.S.
Briggs Miss Charlotte, drpr, 3 St. Annes road
Briggs Geo. W., M.A., solctr, 174 North prom. Tel. 792 ; h. 24 King Edward av
Briggs John, bank clrk, 35 Briercliffe av, Marton
Briggs Mrs. Minnie, Norbreck rd. Tel. 51267
Briggs & Stewart, shopftrs, Back Clevedon rd
Briggs Thos., mrkt grdnr, Dagger's Hall ln
Briggs Thos., bldr, 2 Pennystone rd. Tel. 51801 N.S.
BRIGHTON HYDRO, South promenade & Rawcliffe street (book to Blackpool south). Tel. 417971 S.S. Miss E. J.
Dutton, manageress
BRIGHTY Misses FANNY J. & HILDA, boarding and apartment house, 30 Read's avenue
Brindle Mrs. Eliz., 483 South prom Brindle Jas. T. T., ins agnt, 123 Holm-field rd
Brine Harold, chldrn's outf tr, 47 Abingdon st
Briscoe Mrs. Edith, 3 Windermere rd
Britain Stephen T., ins insptr, 46 Warbreck drive
British & Argentine Meat Co., Ltd., Station bldngs, Dickson rd. Tel. 428
British (The) Automatic Co., Ltd.,118-120 Bond st, S.S. Tel. 41522
British Bacon Co., prow dlrs, 6 St John's market
British Legion Club, Adelaide st. Tel. 841 ; W. Hogarth, sec
British Legion Office, 90-92 Topping st.Tel. 529 ; Capt. G. R. Jaokson
British Silk Screen (1923), Ltd., advertising prntrs, Warwick rd. Tel. 429
Brittain John, cycle dlr, 3 Ball st, S.S. ; h. 27 Jameson st
Britton Mr. Clifford, 664 Lytham rd
Britton Mr. Peter, 339 Whitegate drv
Britton Wm. D., clrk, 60 Cunliffe rd
Broad John, ins agnt, 8 Lomond av
Broadbelt Eric, cinema mngr, 29 Handsworth rd
Broadbent E. & S., Malvern Private Hotel, Queen's drv. Tel. 514009
Broadbent Mrs. Kate E., 43 Park Drive south. Tel. 226
Broadbent Miss Lily, ladies' hairdrsr, 9a St. Annes rd
Broadhead Geo., trvllr, 77 Keswick rd
Broadley Mrs. Ada, shpkpr, 71 Roth-well st
Broadley Mr. Albt., 27 Harrington av
Broadway Nursing Home, 33 Broadway, S.S.
Brocklebank Chas. T., trvllr, 7 Berwick rd, S.S.
Brocklehurst Mrs. Mary, conftnr, 6 Anchorsholme Lane east
Brocklehurst Sand. (Wray Bros Ltd.) ; h. 476 Talbot rd
Broderick Fredk., boot repr, 1 Ball st
Broderick Herbt., wndw clnr, 78 Regent rd
Brodie Miss Eliz. J., 202 Whitegate dry
Bromley Arthur (A. & E. Bromley) ; h. 3 Orchard av
Bromley Frank, dentist, 26 Halifax rd
Bromley Geo. M., trvllr, 24 Breck rd
Brook Arthur, clrk, 1 Summerville, S. S.
Brook Arthur L., clk, 116 Cavendish rd
Brook & Barrett, drprs, 244-246 Dickson rd
Brook Frank, pntr, 39 Sherbourne rd
Brook Lewis, plmbr, 4 Severn rd, S.S.
Brook Walter, taxi proptr, 10 Severn road
Brooke Mrs. Annie, 41 Park Drive north
Brooke Chas., chrtrd acntnt, 2 Appleby road
Brookes Alfd. E. (A. Brookes & Sons, B'pool, Ltd.) ; h. 215 Dickson rd
Brookes Allan R. (A. Brookes & Sons, (Blackpool), Ltd.) ; h. 301 Devonshire rd
Brookes A. & Sons (Blackpool), Ltd., hse frnshrs, 213 Dickson rd. Tel. 728
Brookes Arthur, conftnr, 392 Lytham road
Brookes Jas. A., frnshr's mngr, 16 Dudley av
Brookes Lnrd., chmst's mngr, 83 Marsden rd
Brookes Sydney, btchr, 45 Bolton st, S.S. Tel. 41136
Brookes Wm. H., btchr, 1 Woodland grove ; h. 7 Vernon av
Brookfield Walter, fish dlr, 6 Fisher street
BROOKLANDS PRIVATE HOTEL (all windows facing sea), 12 Tyldesley terrace, 229 South promenade. Tel.3223 ; Mrs. Annie Guy, proptr
Brooks Ambrose, coal dlr, 67 Newcastle avenue
Brooks Mr. Amos, Thorn lea, St. Annes rd, S.S.
Brooks Fredk. V., smlwre dlr, 14 Manchester rd
Brooks Harold, shpkpr, Midgeland rd, Marton moss
Brooks Lnrd., chmst's mngr, 35 Hemingway
Brooks Lnrd., boot repr, 1 Suffolk av.
Brooks Miss Sarah M. I., conftnr, 76 Waterloo rd, S.S.
Brooks Seville W., solctr, 129 Hornby road
Brookbank Robt., asst surv, 3 Colville avenue
Broom Frank, clrk, 5 Braithwaite st
Broome Granville, clrk, 8 Aylesbury av
Broom & McGowan, blouses, etc., 1 The Strand. Tel. 2805
Broomfield Jeffrey B., clrk, 17 Angers Hill rd
Broster John, clrk, 63 Watson rd, S.S.
Brotherton Fredk. (Central Plumbing & Heating Co., Ltd.) ; h. 19 Hudson road
Brotherton Jas. (Central Plumbing Heating Co., Ltd.) ; h. 91 Keswick rd
Brotherton Robt. (Central Plumbing Heating Co., Ltd.) ; h. 21 Hudson rd
Brothwood Miss Nancy, grcr, 24 Westminster rd
Brough Mr. Geo., 8 Thirlmere rd, S.S.
Broughton Herbt., conftnr, 172 Central drive
Broughton Herbt., btchr, 26 Marton drive
Broughton Hubert, decorator, 333 Whitegate drive
Broughton Mr. Richd., 47 Arnold av
Brown Albt. E. (H. Brown & Sons) ; h. 17 Lune grove
Brown Alfd., boot repr, 40 Haig rd, S.S.
Brown Arthur, tobcnst, 11 Topping st. Tel. 207
Brown Arthur S., trvllr, 5 Magdalen rd
Brown Mr. Arthur, 151 Read's av 1 el. 1235
Brown Arthur & Annie, conftnrs, 13 Highfield rd, S.S.
Brown Arthur H., M.B.E.S., funeral director, Blackpool Co-operative Society, 19 Charnley rd. Tel. 1900
Brown Ernest, trvllr, 34 Gorse rd
Brown Frank, pntr, 166 Park rd
Brown Fredk. H. (Walter Ayre (Blackpool), Ltd.) ; h. 70 Chesterfield rd
Brown Fredk., mngr, 36 Boscombe rd
Brown Fredk., trvllr, 42 Horncliffe rd
Brown Fredk., trvllr, 42 Lockerbie av
Brown Geo., wndw clnr, 14 Clevedon rd
Brown Geo. & John, flsh dlrs, 275 Dickson rd. Tel. 247
Brown Miss Gertrude, maternity nurse, 36 Peter street
Brown Harold, hairdrsr, 24 Talbot rd
Brown Henry, Esq., J.P., 112 Grasmere rd
Brown Henry, archtct, Shaleydene, Park Drive south
Brown Henry, pltry kpr, 14 Highbury avenue
Brown Herbt., ins agnt, 20 Sunnyhurst av, S.S.
Brown Miss Hilda, mus tchr, 17 Lune grove
Brown Mr. Hiram, 26 Kenilworth gardnes, S.S.
Brown Horatio E., trvllr, 419 Lytham rd.Tel. 42403 S.S.
Brown H. & Sons, grcrs, 1 Ibbison st
Brown J. & Co., tobcnsts, Ward st
Brown Mr. Jas., 4 Bournemouth rd
Brown Mrs. Jane, 1 Ulleswater rd, S.S.
Brown Miss Jessie, mllnr, 432 Waterloo rd, S.S.
Brown John (3. Wood & Co.) ; h. 8 Wolsey rd, S.S.
Brown John, drghtsmn, 45 St. Alban's road
Brown John, clrk, 38 Harrison st
Brown Leon. A., cartkr, 4 Westwell gry
Brown Mrs. Lily, frutr, 25 Red Bank rd
Brown & Mallalieu, Ltd., mod engnrs and agnts, 152 North prom. Tel.3030
Brown Mrs. Mary, conftnr, 27 Regent road
Brown Mrs. Minnie, 280 Whitegate dr
Brown Percy, conftnr, etc., Cheapside ; h. 11 King Edward av
Brown Richd., bldr, 120 Cavendish rd
Brown Richd., grcr, 59 Ibbison st ; h. Five gates, Park rd
Brown Richd., drpr, Preston Old rd
Brown Robt., slatr, Little Layton
Brown, Sydney D., billposter's mngr,39 Egerton rd
Brown Thos., fr fish dlr, 2a Princess st
Brown Thos., haul cntrctr, 1 Rawcliffe fold, S.S.
Brown Thos. B., clrk, 4 Back Clarendon rd
Brown Wm. (Brown's) ; h. 6 Leed's rd
Brownbill Mrs. Margt., dining rooms, 5-7 Brunswick st
Brownbridge Misses Annie & Cissie,drsmkrs, 14 Eccleston rd, S.S.
Brownbridge Leon., clrk, 156 Westmorland av
Brownhill John T. (Blackpool Ignition Co.) ; h. 3 Winifred st
Brownhill Win., dairy, 154 Cavendish road
Brownhill Wm. (Brown's) ; h. 6 Leeds road
Brownlie Wm. B., M.D., F.R.C.S. (Edin.), phys and surg, 158 North prom. Tel. 2590
BROWN'S, estate agents, valuers, financiers and enquiry agents, 21 Topping street. Tel. 1062
Brownsett John, florist, 153 Church st Tel. 3251 ; h. 18 Honister av
Broxup Frank, pltry frmr, Cornwall place, Marton
Broxup Wm. H., clrk, 12 Lyceum av
Bruce Alex. Orr, M.B., Ch.B. (Glas.), phys and surg, 8-12 Raikes parade. Tel. 107 ; h. 36 Lincoln rd. Tel. 1525
Brunskill Thos., jrnlst, 66 Warley rd
Brunskill Thos. E., trvllr, 17 Golds-borough av
Bryan Harold W., costmr's mngr, 41 Clovelly av
BRYNCLIFFE PRIVATE HOTEL, 392 North promenade. Tel. 51874 ; Mrs. Ada Armitage, proptr
Bryning Edwd., mrkt grdnr, Highfield rd. Moss side
Bryning Jas., pntr, 6 Raikes parade. Tel. 2604
Buchan Alec, vict, Foxhall Hotel, 193 South prom
Buck & Dickson, solctrs and com for oaths, Abingdon chmbrs, 39 Abingdon at. Tel. 664 ; and at Preston, Poulton-le-Fylde and Garstang
Buck Herbt., tailr's mngr, 17 Dorchester rd
Buckard Henry J., fr fish dlr, 1 St. Alban's rd
Buckland Mr. Clifford, 33 Arnold av
Buckland Mr. John, 42 Roseberry rd
Buckley & Atkinson, turf com agnts,43 Market st. Tel. 1586-7
Buckley Chas., mrkt grdnr, Bennett's ln, Marton
Buckley Mrs. Eliz. A., frutr, 36b Pleas-and st
Buckley Frank, nwsagt, 156-158 Watson rd, S.S.
Buckley Fred, solctr's mngr, 15 Kensington rd
Buckley Geo. Holden, M.B., Ch.B., F.R.C.S. (Edin.), con Burg, 1 Queen's sq. Tel. 2444
Buckley Herbt., nwsagt, 61 Dickson rd
Buckley Jas. E., clrk, 177 Cornwall av
Buckley Miss Mary, frutr, 42 Withnellrd, S.S.
Buckley Percy, trvllr, 116 Lytham rd
Buckley Reg., clrk, 24 Lomond av,
Buckley Robt., solctr's clrk, 14 King George av
Buckley Mrs. Rose, Southdene, Beechfield av. Tel. 30 Marton
Buckley Semi., conftnr, 105 Central dr
Buckley Wm. R., phtgrphr, Cocker sq ; h. 4 Cumberland av
Bulcock Mr. Fredk. S., 4 Kingston av
Bull Mr. Geo., 25 Park Drive north. Tel. 3506
Bullen Jph., clrk, 25 Cambridge rd
Bullock Mrs. Eliz., drsmkr, 170 Palatine rd
Bullock Geo. E., uphlstr, 43 Prospect rd
Bullock Miss Hilda, ladies' outftr, 430 Waterloo rd, S.S.
Bullock Mr. Jas. W., 14 Boscombe rd, S.S. Tel. 42227
Bullock Miss Nellie, bedding stores, 123 Topping st
Bullough Geo. H., chirpdst, 187 Lytham rd. Tel. 2985
Bruce Chas. W., brass fndr, Gorton st
Bunce Mrs. Edith Mary, grcr, 103 Warley rd
Bunton Arthur, trvllr, 3 Cornwall av
Burstall Fredk., furn dlr, 220 Dickson road
Burgess Arthur J. G., pol con, 59 Greenwood av
Burgess & Roper, grcrs, Preston Old rd
Burgess Wm., drpr, 287-289a Whitegate drv. Tel. 105 Marton
Burgon Herbt., trvllr, 25 Lindsay av
Burgons'Ltd.,grcrs, 89 Bond st, S.S.(Tel.41785), 99 Whitegate drive(Tel.196), and Preston Old rd
Burke Geo. W., estate agnt, 112 Church street
Burke John, tailr, 15 Cheapside
BURLINGHAM H. V., Ltd., coach and motor body builders, coach repairs and renovations of every description, cellulose spraying specialists ; repairs depot : Newhouse road ; head office and works : Preston New road. Tel. 251 (two lines). Telegrams " 251 Marton "
Burnage Private Hotel, New South prom. Tel. 42113 ; A. Fletcher, proprietor
Burnett Fredk.. pntr, 5 Edward st. Tel. 1566 ; h. 74 Newton drive. Tel. 3161
Burningham John, ins agnt, 67 Highfield rd, S.S.
Burnloss Mr. Alexander, 239 White-gate drive
Burnley Building Society, 35 Clifton st. Tel. 72 ; and at Burnley
Burns Jas., L.R.I.B.A., arch and surv, land and estate agnt, 3 Birley st. Tel. 1585 ; h.
Buffington, Victoria rd, Cleveleys. Tel. 312
Burns Jas. J., bank cashr, 15 St. lve's av. Tel. 143 Marton
Burns T. & Co., turf acntnts, 55 Victoria st. Tel. 3087 (two lines)
Burran Walter, tram insptr, 19 Edelston rd
Burras Edwd., ins agnt, 104 Keswick rd
Burridge John, pol con, 33 Beardshaw avenue
Burridge Jph., conftnr, 33 Bolton st
BURRILL Misses, public and private apartments, board optional, excellent cuisine, near promenade and sea, electric light, hot and cold water in each room, Hallwell house, 25 Woodfield road, S.S.
Burrow Albt. 0., pol con, 24 Ripon rd
Burrow Arthur, bank clrk, 21 Lichfield rd
Burrow Mr. Ernest, 15 Windermere rd
Burrows Herbt. M., working jewllr, 84 Westmorland av
Burrows John, hairdrsr, 5 Lark Hill st
Burrows Thos., pol fireman, Fire sta. tion, Albert rd
Burton Bristol, conftnr, 17a Newton dr
Burton C. & J., conftnrs, 59 Abingdon street
Burton Mr. Ernest, Albany av,S.S.
Burton Misses Ellen & Emma E.,Rownall, Preston New rd.Tel. 215
Burton & Garland, Ltd., phtgrphrs, 11a Dale st and 84 North prom. Tel. 3024
Burton Geo., conftnrs' outftr and school of confectionery, Park rd ; h. Doveridge, Preston New rd. Tel. 15 Marton
Burton Geo. A., pctr frmr, 2 Buchanan street
Burton Jph. B. (Burtons' (Blackpool), Ltd.) ; h. 4 Knowle av
Burton (Montague), Ltd., tailors, 66-74 North prom
Burton Neville, coal mrchnt, Station yard, S.S. ; h. 428 Lytham rd. Tel. 42107 S.S.
Burton Mr. Percy E., 15 Milton ay. Tel. 2344
Burton Stanley, dairy, The Coppice, Preston Old rd
Burton Titus, pram dlr, 296 Lytham rd and 62a Central drive
Burton Wm., prof footbllr, 27 Durley road
Burtons' (Blackpool), Ltd., conftnrs, 1-3 Albert rd. Tel. 1058 and Central drive
Bury Harold (Walker & Bury) ; h. 134 Read's av. Tel. 212
Bury Harold, fr fish dlr, 62 High st
Bury Saml. K., florist, St. John's mrkt
Bury Thos., clrk, 8 Tewkesbury av
Bury Mr. Wm. W., 9 Prestbury av, S.S.
Busby Percy, clrk, 96 Lune grove Bush Mr. Albt. H., 60 Kenilworth gardens
Bushell Geo. A., asst ins supt, 17 Cleator av
Bust Arthur, tobcnst, 115 Lytham rd
Butcher Miss Amy, fr fish dlr, Common Edge ln, Marton
Butcher Arthur R. & Son, chmsts, 58 St. Annes rd, S.S.
Butcher Henry J., haul cntrctr, 32 Portland rd
Butcher Hugh, solar, 13 Birley st.Tel. 182 ; h. Thornton-le-Fylde
Butcher Isaac, dairy, Ashdale, Preston Old rd
Butcher Jas., frutr, 20 Chester rd Butcher Richd., mrkt grdnr, Common Edge ln, Marton
Butcher Thos. (South Shore garage) ; h. 361 Central drive
Butler Mr. Arthur, 7 Ullswater rd, S.S.
Butler Arthur E., dairy, 69 Boothley rd
Butler Fredk., drpr, 21 Cookson st ; h.Greba, Blenheim av
Butler Geo., nwsagt, 27 Cookson st
Butler Margt. & Co., ladies' outftrs, 7 Queen st. Tel. 1046
Butler Percy C., ins agnt, 14 Sunnyhurst av
Butler Sydney (Butler & Watson) ; h. 12 Ailsa av, Marton
Butler & Watson, acntnts, 11 Coronation st. Tel. 3120
Butterfield Jas., ins agnt, 44 Orchard avenue
Butterfield John, ins agnt, 43 Orchard avenue
Butterfield John, frutr, 134 Egerton rd ; h. 4 Raymond av
Butterfield Mr. Walter, 596 Lytham rd
Butterworth Alex., clrk, 16 Greenwood avenue
Butterworth Arthur, masseur, 112 Read's av. Tel. 2428
Butterworth Arthur, trvllr, 29 Holly rd
Butterworth Bertram, postl insptr, 14 Sussex rd
Butterworth David, btchr, 52 Dickson rd ; h. 17 Bute av
Butterworth Ernest T., motr coach proptr, Field st. Tel. 1025
Butterworth Miss Eva, mus tchr, 44 Woodfield rd, S.S. Tel. 2893
Butterworth Fredk., clrk, Conway av, Bispham
Butterworth Fredk., fr fish dlr, 130 Lytham rd ; h. 44 Woodfield rd. Tel. 2893
Butterworth Mr. Fredk. A., Glen mona, St. Annes rd, S.S.
Butterworth Geo., grcr, 67 Layton rd
Butterworth Hy., hse frnshr, 19 Fox-dale av
Butterworth Mr. Hy., 17 Weymouth rd. Tel. 78 Marton
Butterworth Harry (Jenner Butterworth) ; h. 3 Ashburton rd
Butterworth Henry, clrk, 71 Beverley grove, S.S.
Butterworth Mrs. Jane, herblst, 313 Waterloo rd
Butterworth John K., bldr ; h. 16 Maple av
Butterworth John W., chmst, 232-234 Dickson rd. Tel. 51659 N.S.
Butterworth Mrs. Mary J., grcr, 1-3 Handsworth rd
Butterworth Saud., fr fish dlr, 37 Fox-hall rd
Butterworth Sidney, bank clrk, 46 Berwick rd, S.S.
Butterworth Thos., archtct, 49 Sher-bourne rd
Butterworth Thos., fr fish dlr, 57 Kent road
Butterworth Mr. Walter, West Leigh, St. Annes rd
Butterworth Wm., nwsagt, 24 King st
Butterworth Wm. 0., grcr, 2 Carr rd
Buttle Tom, bank clrk, 40 Cavendish rd
BYGATE Mrs. BEATRICE, 171 South promenade, board residence and apartments, pleasant situation, near Central pier, station and open-air baths, excellent cuisine, recommended for home comforts, electric light, etc., Trengove
Bygate Arnold, frutr, 49 Foxhall rd ; h. 171 South prom
Byrne Jas., trvllr, 40 Mere rd
Bythell Thos., wndw clnr, 22 Courtfield av