Lytham St.Annes Coat of Arms
Lytham St.Annes, Lancashire, England


An a-z list of Blackpool Householders & Businesses.



Tait Mrs. A. & J., mllnrs, 23 Victoria street
Tait & Co., mllnrs, 69 Lytham rd Tait Jas. (Stead & Co.) ; h. 261 South prom. Tel. 654
Talbot Arthur (Boarding & Apartment Supplies, Ltd.) ; h. 29 Hemingway
Talbot Hairdressing Saloon, 34a Springfield rd
Talbot Henry, clrk, 16 Cheltenham rd
Talbot Jacob, btchr and frutr, St. John's mrkt. Tel. 493 ; h. 6 Woodland grv
Talbot Mrs. Jane, 187 Whitegate drv. Tel. 52 Marton
Talbot John, pol con, 35 Prospect rd
Talbot Manufacturing Co. (1926), Ltd., chemical mnftrs, 29 Hemingway, S.S. Tel. 42246
Talbot Richd., frutr, 11 Breck rd
Talbot Richd. B., mngr' 15 Lightwood avenue
Talbot Supply Co., credit drprs, 19 Milbourne st
Talbot Thos., frutr, St. John's mrkt and 72 Talbot rd. Tel. 1609
Tandy Jas., coal dlr, 5 Alder grv
Tanham Richd., clrk, 72 Drummond
Tapley Frank H. R., trvllr, 184 P Drive west
Tapsell Aquilla.' carpet dlr, 5 Aylesbury avenue
Tatham Chas. Edwd., solctr and co for oaths, 3 Edward st. Tel. 567 ; h. 9 Beechfield av. Tel. 74 Marton
Tatham Jph. F., ins agnt, 2a Belgrave road
Tatlock Ernest, clrk, 19 Prestbury av
Tattersall Fred, chmst, 124 Church and 45 Bank Hey st. Tel. 1084 ; 36 Argyll rd
Tattersall Fredk., conftnr, 38-40 Regent rd
Tattersall Geo., conftnr, 240 Waterloo rd, S.S.
Tattersall J. W., ins agnt, 45 Anchorsholme ln
Tattersall Law., conftnr, 4 Simpson st, S.S. ; h. Bela grv
Tattersfield Wm. Hy., L.D.S., dentl Burg, 30 Empress drv
Taylor Albt., drpr, 43 Kirkham av
Taylor Albt., grindery dlr, 2 Swainson street
Taylor Alfd., grcr, 18-20 Kent rd
Taylor Mrs. Annie, fr fish dlr, 232 Talbot rd
Taylor Misses Annie & Sarah A., 20 Hampton rd, S.S.
Taylor Mrs. Annie, drpr, 14 Bank Hey street
Taylor Mrs. Annie, bazaar, 23 Corporation street
Taylor Arthur Barron, L.D.S., dentl surg, 57 Station rd, S.S. (Tel. 42355) and 146 North prom (Tel. 1511) ; h. Rathmines, Victoria rd, Cleveleys. Tel. 346 Cleveleys
Taylor Arthur R., clerk, 7 Orchard av
Taylor Barron, J.P., dentist, 57 Station rd, S.S. Tel. 42355
Taylor Mr. Benj., 4 Kensington rd
Taylor Bernard D. (Sargeant & Taylor) ; h. 112 Topping st
Taylor Bertie, bank ca shr, 6 Lyddesdale av
Taylor Chas., ins agnt, Laburnam hse, Fleetwood rd
Taylor Chas. A., mllnr, 60 Whitegate drive
Taylor & Coldicutt, mllnr , 12 Victoria street
Taylor Miss Doris, mus tchr, 132 Bispham rd
Taylor Eddison (Walker Taylor & Sons) ; h. Wesendene, Park Drive west. Tel. 41 Marton
Taylor Edgar, tram insptr, 7 Martin av
Taylor Edmund, trvllr, 231 Dickson rd
Taylor Edwd., trvllr, 19 Lancaster rd, Marton
Taylor Miss Emily J., 215 Hornby rd
Taylor Ernest, pltry frmr, Dockypool In, Marton
Taylor Mr. Ernest, 50 Roseberry av
Taylor Miss Frances, drpr; 331 Whitegate drv
TAYLOR FRANK, electrical and radio engineer, 156 Waterloo road, S.S. Tel. 41265
Taylor F. & Co. (Blackpool), Ltd., prntrs, Back Regent rd. Tel. 1187
Taylor Frank, btchr, 88 Warley rd. Tel. 51401 N.S. ; h. 20 Knightsbridge av, S.S.
Taylor Fredk. (F. Taylor & Co. (B'pool), Ltd.) ; h. 44 Leamington rd
Taylor Fredk., frutr, 32 Coronation st
Taylor Fredk., grcr, 136 Central drv. Tel. 1916
Taylor Fredk. J., masseur, 2 Courtfield avenue
Taylor Fredk. W., hairdrsr, Ensleigh gardens, S.S.
Taylor Geo., eonftnr, 43 Bank st ; h. 70 Cocker st
Taylor Mr. Geo. A., 2 Kenilworth gardens, S.S.
Taylor Hy. (Goddard & Hamer (Blackpool), Ltd.) ; h. 39 Westwood avenue
Taylor Harold, conftnr, 118 Manchester rd
Taylor Henry, hairdrsr, 53-55 Coronation st. Tel. 2479 ; h. 216 Palatine road
Taylor Henry, frutr, 7 Fisher st
Taylor Henry E., nwsagt, 37 Westcliffe drv, and grcr, 1 St. Walburga's  road
Taylor & Holdsworth, drprs, 12 Bond st, S.S.
Taylor Miss Ivy E., hairdrsr, 37 Kensington rd
Taylor Misses Jane E. & Eleanor Maud, 32 Burlington rd
Taylor J. & E., ladies, outftr, 98 Bond st, S.S. Tel. 41471
Taylor Jas., ins agnt, 377 Central drv
Taylor Jas., grcr, 90 Peter st and 116118 Victory rd
Taylor Jas. E., cashier, 4 Acton rd
Taylor Jas. C. (Fluxio Tool Co.) ; h. 9 Calder rd
Taylor Mr. Jas. S., 4 Carlin gate. Tel. 51884
Taylor John, wndw clnr, 9 Dalkeith av
Taylor John, grcr, 14 Carr rd
Taylor John (Blackpool Ignition Co.) ; h. 13 Ilford rd
Taylor Mr. John, 43 Arnold av
Taylor John E., hrdwre dlr, 47 Whitegate drv. Tel. 422
TAYLOR JOHN & SON (Eric Kittson, F.N.A.A.), auctioneers, valuers, estate agents and accountants. TeL 660
Taylor Jph., trvllr, 74 Grasmere rd
Taylor jph., cirk, James av, Marton
Taylor Jph., ins agnt, 42 Bedford rd
Taylor Jph. Haigh, Esq., J.P. (Doidge's) ; h. 21 Leamington rd
Taylor Leslie Clifford, L.D.S., dentl surg, 57 Station rd, S.S. (Tel.42355) and 146 North prom (Tel.1511)
TAYLOR Mrs. M., public and private apartments, excellent cuisine, board optional, Marlbro, 283 South promenade
Taylor Rd. F., booksllr's mngr, 19 Bournemouth rd, S.S.
Taylor Robt., joinr and bldr, 48 Hesketh av
Taylor Robt. H., insur mngr, 8 Lichfield rd
Taylor Saml., trvllr, 26 Harrington av
Taylor Sidney, trvllr, 53 Cornwall av
Taylor Sidney Ormerod, O.B.E., solctr, 48 Corporation st. Tel. 639 ; h.
Myrtle villa, Newton drv. Tel. 368
Taylor Spencer, boot repr, 86 Waterloo rd, S.S. ; h. 21 Kay st
Taylor Thos. (Taylor & Holdsworth) ; h. 12 Bond st, S.S.
Taylor Mr. Thos., 2 Thirlmere rd, S.S.
Taylor Thos. C., elect cntrctr, 20a Queen st ; h. 5 Orkney rd
Taylor Thos. P., grcr, 226 Church st. Tel. 1516
Taylor Tom, grcr, 76 Lytham rd
Taylor Walker & Sons, motr coach proptrs, 12-16 Albert rd. Tel. 1618
Taylor Walter, tailr, 26 Central drv ;h. 219 Palatine rd
Taylor Wilfd., prntr, 3 Hawthorne rd
Taylor Wm., fish slesmn, 26 Bournemouth rd, S.S.
Taylor Wm., ins agnt, 86 Grasmere rd
Taylor Wm., hairdrsr, 392 Lytham rd ; h. Newlyn av, Marton
Taylor Wm., trvllr, 17 Newton drv
Taylor Wm., trvllr, 25 Rectory rd
Taylor Wm., grcr, 72 Topping st ; h. 2 Winstanley grv
Taylor Wm., vict, Uncle Tom,s Cabln, Queen's drv. Tel. 517071 N.S.
Taylor Wm. B., clrk, 3 Scudamore cres
Taylor Wm. E., clrk, 50 Lancaster rd, Marton
Taylors, Drug Co., Ltd., chmsts, 48 Talbot rd and 9 Layton rd
Taylors, Restaurant (Mrs. B. Hipkins), 45 Talbot rd
Telfer John, publshr's mngr, 25 Sandhurst av
Telota Cosmetic Co., toilet goods mnftrs, Threlfall rd. Tel. 3561
Telzer Cecil, leather coat mkr, 2 Hardman st. Tel. 850
Temperton Ernest, trvllr, 332 Devonshire rd
Tennant John E., irnmngr, 107 Church st. Tel. 609 ; h. 19 King Edward av
Tennant Leslie, irnmngr, 24 Abingdon st. Tel. 3410 ; h. Poulton
TERRA NOVA PRIVATE SCHOOL, preparatory and kindergarten, Newton drive ; Miss B. Warbrick, prin
Territorial Army (R.F.A.), 351st Battery, Yorkshire st. Tel. 390 ; Major E. Reid, C.O.
Terry Geo., Benhart Boarding Kennels, 13 Pedders ln. Tel. 42348
Terry Johu C., asst schlmstr, 9 Aldwych av
Tetley Gilbt., stock brkr's mngr, 51 Cornwall av
Tetlow Mrs. Annie, hosier, St. John's market
Tetlow Thos., clrk, 11 Highgate, S.S.
Teunon Geo. John McAndrew, M.B., Ch.B., phys and surg, Balgownie, Queen's drv. Tel. 57419 N.S,
TEXALO MANUFACTURING Co., manufacturers of paint, varnish, enamels, distempers, water paints and wall paper factors, Henry Street works. Tel. 386
Thacker Edwd. T., wine and spirit mrchnt, 148 Central drv
Thackeray Geo., grcr's mngr, 11 Col-ville av
Thatcher Edwin, clrk, 5 Eastbourne road
Thatcher John S., elect engnr, 10 Clare st, S.S.
Theckston Wm., ins agnt, 46 Withnell rd, S.S.
Theosophical Society Rooms, 7 Clifton street
Thexton John H., irnmngr, 101-103 Egerton rd. Tel. 2221
Thexton Miss Hilda, ladies, hairdrsr, 133 Bond st, S.S. Tel. 42104
Thickett Harry A. F.A.I. (Thickett & Law) ; h. Arden, 3 Carlin gate. Tel. 51695 N.S.
THICKETT & LAW, F.A.I., auctioneers, valuers and assessors, Hunter,s chambers, Abingdon street. Tel. 1266
Thirlways' Theatrical Booking Bureau, 16 Queen st
Thistlethwaite Ion, coal dlr, 71 Stanford st
Thomas Anthony, clrk, 12 Fielding rd
Thomas E., ins agnt, 14 Doncaster rd
Thomas Ernest, trvllr, 12 Portland rd
Thomas Fredk., trvllr, 1 Marsden rd
Thomas Herbt., schlmstr, 56 Park Drive west
Thomas Jas., insptr, R.S.P.C.A. (Fylde branch), 16 Langfield av. Tel. 41698 S.S.
Thomas John E., boilr insptr, 73 Beaufort av
Thomas Mrs. Laura, radio dlr, 40 Red Bank rd
Thomas Louis, auctnr, 18 Dutton rd
Thomas Rd., trvllr, 41 Addison cres
Thomas Sam H. (Thomas' Motor Depot) ; h. Milhaven, 1 St. Clement av. Tel. 1018
Thomas Trevor A., res insptr, Sun Assurance Office, Ltd., 34 Birley st, Tel. 2073 ; h. 30 Longton rd. Tel. 505
THOMAS, MOTOR DEPOT, main Ford distributors, spares and repairs, Whitegate drive, Marton. Tel. 41064 S.S. Telegrams " Nutord "
Thomason Henry, smith, etc., Coleridge rd ; h. Carleton. Tel. 1024
Thomason Jas. A., tea dlr, 43 Glouccster av
Thomason Jas. R., boot repr, Spring. field rd
Thomason Wm., trvllr, 46 Norfolk rd, Marton
Thompsett Sydney A., pol con, 27 Douglas av
Thompson Alec \V., dentist, 133 Hornby rd. Tel. 3265
Thompson Bros., Ltd., hse frnshrs, Charles st. Tel. 2618
Thompson Mrs. Cath. E., 64 Harrowside, S.S.
Thompson Cecil, acntnt, 50 Kelso av
Thompson Mrs. Eleanor, 141 Hornby rd. Tel. 298
Thompson Mrs. Ellen, conftnr, 46a Chapel st
Thompson Frank, clrk, 143 Holmfield road
Thompson Fredk., conftnr, 49 Central drv ; h. 52 Berwick rd
Thompson Fredk., clrk, 23 Ellesmere rd
Thompson Fredk., plmbr, 71 Belmont avenue
Thompson Geo., pwnbrkr, 42.44 George st (Tel. 229), 116 Bolton st, S.S. and 88 Buchanan st (Tel. 1803) ; h. Inglehurst, Newton drv. Tel. 2358
Thompson Geo., wndw clnr, 32 Silverwood av
Thompson Mrs. Hannah J., 8 Seventh av. Tel. 41942 S.S.
Thompson Harry G., chmst's mngr, 116 Preston Old rd
Thompson Mrs. Isabella, 8 Windermere rd, S.S.
Thompson Jas., clrk, 9 Breck rd
Thompson Jas., frutr, 3 Butler st
Thompson Mr. Jas. H., 569 Lytham rd, S.S. Tel. 41390
Thompson John, solctr of taxes, Post Office bldngs, Edward st ; h. 4 London rd
Thompson Jph., postl insptr, 5 Olive grove
Thompson & Kershaw (Mrs.), cafe, Bolton st, S.S., and 401 South prom
Thompson Mr. Lnrd, 601 Lytham rd,S.S. Tel. 42181
Thompson Knowle bird. G., cycle dlr, 289 Church st. Tel. 2588 Thompson Mrs. Louisa, 20 Boscombe rd, S.S.
THOMPSON Mrs. MARGARET, apartments (one minute sea, new baths and South promenade), 23 Osbourne road, South Shore
Thompson (Mrs. Ida) & Nelson (Miss Constanee), ladies, hairdrsrs, 184 Church st
Thompson Mr. Rd., 60 Leamington rd Thompson Robt., mus tchr, 106 Palatine rd
Thompson Saml., water insptr, 3 Addison cres
Thompson Mr. Walter, 475 Lytham rd
Thompson Wm., hairdrsr, 6 Foxhall rd
Thompson Mr. Wm., Dirleton, Queens drv. Tel. 429 Cleveleys
Thompson Wm. & Co., amsemnt caterers, Winter gardens. Tel. 937
Thompson Wm. H., trvllr, 41 Berwick rd, S.S.
Thompson W. P. & Co., chrtrd patent agnts, 16 Clifton st
Thorley Mrs. Annie, 168 Westmorland avenue
Thorley Cyril, pntr, 40 Layton rd
Thorley Ernest, fr fish dlr, 40 Layton rd
Thornber Mrs. Christina, grcr, 65-67 Red Bank rd
Thornber Rd. S. (Geo. Lewis & Co., Ltd.), 16 Queen st. Tel. 1763
Thornburus', boot dlrs, 116 Church st, 44a Central drv and 77 Waterloo rd
Thorne Arthur, frutr, 359 St. Annes rd
Thorne Wm., ins insptr, 49 Salisbury road
Thornley Mrs. Alice, 28 Rosebery av. Tel. 41128
Thornley Frank, tinsmith, Back Palatine rd ; h. 10 Newcastle av
Thornley Geo., clrk, 55 Ripon rd
Thornley Geo., coal dlr, Cross st
Thornley Henry, grcr, 99 Lytham rd
Thornley Herbt., vict, Waterloo Hotel, Waterloo rd. Tel. 417231 S.S.
Thornley Holbert E., clrk, 40 Portland road
Thornley Jas. W., pntr, 133 Albert rd
Thornley Joshua, vict, Derby Hotel, 1 Cocker st. Tel. 648
Thornley Mr. Tom, 24 St. Ives av
Thornley Walter, trvllr, 446 Talbot rd
Thornton Benj., boot repr, 320 Talbot road
Thornton & Blackburn, ladies, outftr, 242-244 Whitegate drv
Thornton Cecil, waterproof garment dlr, 54 Victoria st ; h. Norbreck rd
Thornton Ernest, hse frnshr, 39 Market st. Tel. 356 ; h. Wisbeck, Beaufort av, Bispham
Thornton Harry G., conftnr, 129 Lytham rd ; h. 53 Woodfield rd
Thornton Henry, btchr, 98 Lytham rd
Thornton Jas., clrk, 58 Haig rd, S.S.
Thornton John, tailr, 161 Central drv Thornton Rd., grcr, 18 Eden st
Thornton Roy, boot repr, 32a Dickson rd ; h. 320 Talbot rd
Thornton Thos. L., dentist, 6 Temple st. Tel. 2925
Thorntons', coftnrs, 26 Dickson rd
Thorpe Mr. Arthur V., 7 Mersey rd, S.S.
Thorpe Jesse, cooked meat stores, 9 Grasmere rd
Thorpe Levi, grcr, 53 Keswick rd
Thorpe Wm. R., statnr, 34 Victoria st ; h. 26 Warbreck drv
Threlfall Arthur, frmr, Cherry Tree farm, Marton
Threlfall Ernest, grcr's mngr, 33 Montrose av
Threlfall John, plastr, 8 Mirfield grv
Threlkeld Fredk., oilcloth dlr, 41 King st and Waterloo rd, S.S. ; h. 26 Eccleston rd
Throup Jas. H., nwsagt, 65 Levens grv
Thurman Bert S. P., solctr, 5 Birley st. Tel. 3764 ; h. 108 Hornby rd
Thurman Mr. Fredk., 108 Hornby rd
Thurman Mrs. Mary A., cafe, 139 South prom
THURMAN SAMUEL, wood turner and wood machinist, Back Clarendon rd ; h. 4 Hyde rd
Thursz Raphael, M.B., B.S. (Lond.), M.R.C.S. (Eng.), L.R.C.P. (Lond.), F.R.C.S. (Edin.), phys and surg, 16 Dean st, S.S. Tel. 41364
Thwaite Ernest, clrk, 58 Beaufort av
Thwaites Henry A., grcr, 206 Central drive
Tickle Harold, bank cashier, 284 Park road
Tickle John R., clrk, 57 Anchorsholme Lane east
Tierney John, asphalter, 42 Ferguson rd. Tel. 233 Marton
Tiller Mr. Thos., 2 Osbourne rd. Tel. 41373
Tillotson Wm., solctr, 3 Baldwin grv
Tillson Harry, btchr, 58 Sherbourne rd
Timewell Fredk., btchr, 113 Lytham rd
Timmis Mr. Chas., 10 Northumberland av. Tel. 51463
Timms E. & Co., estate agnts, 14 Topping st
Tinker Jas., drpr, 237 Dickson rd
Tipping Chas. J., plastr, 163 George st
Tipping Fredk., drpr, 19 Market st. Tel. 1276 ; h. 38 Whitegate drv
Titchener Arthur (Titchener & Son) ;h. 65 Dickson rd
Titchener Bazil A. (Titchener & Brown) ; h. 229 Talbot rd
Titchener T. & Son, prntr's frnshr, 65 Dickson rd
Titford Stanley J., trvllr, 139 Holmfield rd
Titterlngton Geo. C., trvllr, 10 Holcombe rd
Tivoli Picture Thealre, Clifton st and Talbot rd. Tel. 508
Tobitzky Saml., trvllr, 52 Bryan rd
Tock Willie W., estate agnt, 35 Central drv. Tel. 1183 ; h. 136 Bloomfield road
Todd Ernest, grcr, 46 Anchorsholme Lane east
Todd Henry, grcr's mngr, 65 The Crescent, S.S.
Todd Jas. & Co., chrtrd acntnts, 18 Birley st. Tel. 176 ; and at Preston, Manchester, Chester and London
Todd Jas. E., clrk, 35 Kensington rd
Todd Jph., estate agnt, 100 High st
Todd Wm., banana mrchnt, Ribble rd. Tel. 952
Todd Wm., pntr, 224 Talbot rd ; h. 24 Selborne rd
Todd Wm. Hy., Junr., F.B.O.A., opth optcn, 32 Waterloo rd. Tel. 42138 ; h. 5 Haslemere rd
Tofts Bert, trvllr, 11 Queensway, S.S.
Tokins Arthur, pol sergt, 29 Weymouth rd, Marton
Tokins Hy. E., pol con, 13 Weldell avenue
Tollady Lard. A., statnr's mngr, 19 Antrim rd
Tolmaer Jph., san insptr, Preston New road
Tolson Thos., clrk, 21 Ailsa av, Marton
Tomkinson Geo., trvllr, 125 Warbreck drive
Tomkinson Thos. A., optcn, 48 Sherbourne rd
Tomlins John, trvllr, 90 Holmfield rd
Tomlinson Chas. E., jrnlst, 24 Clevedon road
Tomlinson Cyril, btchr's mngr, 17 Collingwood av
Tomlinson Frank, btchr's mngr, 6 Cumberland av
Tomlinson Fredk., ins agnt, 13 Brooklyn av
Tomlinson Geo. H., dairy, Clifton rd, Marton
Tomlinson Herbt. W., grcr's mngr, 9 Gosforth rd. Tel. 51120 N.S.
Tomlinson Mrs. Jessie, Belmont Private Hotel, 299 South prom. Tel. 67
Tomlinson John, wndw clnr, 42 Tranmere rd
Tomlinson Jph. B., schlmstr, Council school, Waterloo rd, S.S.
Tomlinson Jph. C., clrk, 327 Park rd
Tomlinson Mr. Lawrence, 128 Reads av. Tel. 3257
Tomlinson Peter Jas., btchr, 113-115 Central drv. Tel. 238
Tomlinson Robt., tobcnst and fancy goods, 72 and 78 North prom and 499 South prom ; h. 9 St. Clement's av
Tomlinson Thos., chmny swpr, 7 Henthorne st
Tomlinson Wm. H., wtchmkr, Preston Old rd
Tonge Mrs. Eliz., grcr, 56 St. Annes rd
Tooner Frank, garage proptr, 19 The Strand ; h. 11 Antrim rd
Tootal Norman, nwsagt, 15a Condo! grv ; h. 72 Ansdell rd
Total M. Sydney B. (Dyanese, Ltd.) :h. 28 Holly rd. Tel. 51201 N.S.
Tootal Wm. (Dyanese, Ltd.) ; h. 2 Holly rd. Tel. 51201 N.S.
Tootall Geo. B., tobcnst, 4 The Strand and 118 North prom
Tootell John, schlmstr, 162 Cavendish road
Tootell John B., cabt mkr, 4 Newhouse road
Tootell Jph., clrk, 4 Kempton av
TOOTHILL Mrs. ANN, boarding and apartment house (near Talbot Road station), 22 Dickson road
Tootill Robt., Esq., J.P., O.B.E.' 55 Broadway, S. S.
Tootle Wm. (Fox & Tootle) ; Boothley rd
TOOTLES Mrs. BETTIE, boarding and apartment house, 60 Charnley road
Topping Ernest, bldr, 120 Peter st. Tel. 2948
Topping Miss Isabella, frutr, St. John's market
Topping Robt., rate colctr, 133 Westmorland av
Torkington Herbt., grcr, 18 Boothley road
Tower Cafe & Restaurant, Bank Hey st. Tel. 1
Towers Hy., prntr, 4 Beech av
Towers Jas. F. conftnr, 93 Grasmere rd and 1 Ansdell rd
Towers John F., trvllr, 29 Argyll rd
Townend Frank, bldr's mngr, 46 Mayfield av, S.S.
Townend Fredk. H., pol con, 8 Ferguson rd
Town Hall, Talbot sq. Tel. 2200
Townley Robt., clrk, 61 Westmorland avenue
Townley Mr. Wm. 44 Park Drive south. Tel. 121 Marton
Townsend Albt. W., pol con, 9 Goodwood av
Townsend Jas., motr engnr, Shaw rd. Tel. 1729 ; h. 324 Waterloo rd,
Townsend Percy, pntr, 29 Bryning aV
Townsend Wm. E., boot repr, Back Read's av
Townson Dean (W. Townson & Sons) ; h. Stanroyd, Newhouse rd
TOWNSON W. & SONS, building and plumbing contractors, Brun grove. Tel. 208 Marton
Townson Walter (W. Townson & Sons) ; h. 8 Godwin av
Toye Mr. Fredk., 23 Harrington av
Tramwaymen's Institute and Bowling Green, Red Bank rd ; J. Pickstone, secretary
Transport & General Workers, Union, 26 Central drv ; B. H. Rushworth, J. P., see
Travis Doug., trvllr, 12 Cavendish rd
TRENGROVE Misses, board residence and apartments, board optional, excellent cuisine, pleasant situation, near Promenade, sea and open-air baths, Hermon house, 28 Woodfield road, S.S.
Trickett Fred C., nwsagt, 117 Egerton rd ; h. 29 Forest gate
Trickett Richd., shpkpr, 28-30 Hodder avenue
Tristan Owen, shpkpr, 23 General st
Trocadero Hotel & Restaurant, 91-99 South prom. Tel. 1253
Troughton Geo., bldr, 273 Church st
TROUGHTON THOMAS, slgn, glass and poster writer, 1 Back Regent road. Tel. 2674 ; h. 23 Laurel av Marton
Troughton fr fish dlr, 48 Coronation st, and btchr, 56 Albert rd
Troughton Wm. (Wm. Troughton & Son) ; h. 11a Hall av. Tel. 42635
Troughton Wm. & Son, btchrs, 9 Brunswick fit. Tel. 1257
Trow Frank, grcr's mngr, 96 Harcourt road
Trow Jph., pict frmr, 20 Woolman rd
Troydale Private Hotel, 238 North prom. Tel. 3806
True-Form Boot Co., Ltd., boot dim, 72 Church st
Truscott Doug., dntst, 203 Waterloo rd. Tel. 41429 S.S.
Tubbs Rev. Wm. J. (Meth.), 112 Egerton rd
Tugwell Albt. E., trvllr, George av, Marton
Turnbull Miss Florence J., music tchr, 1 Woburn rd
Turnbull Fredk., wireless dlr, 53 Kingston av, S.S.
Turnbull Harry V., Holborn Private Hotel, Queen's drv. Tel. 51357 N.S.
Turnbull Hy. & Co. (1930), Ltd., whlsl clothrs, Back Woodfield av. Tel. 1359
Turnbull Jas., carter, 71 Charles st
Turnbull Miss Jean, 17 Boscombe rd
Turnbull Thos. W. S.,pol con, 51 Greenwood av
Turnbull Wm., phtgrphr, 37 Victoria st ; h. 33 Saville rd
Turner Albt. A., conftnr, 90-92 Bolton st, S.S. 
Turner Alfd., nwsagt, Cocker sq ; h. 40 Berwick rd, S.S.
Turner Alfd., bldr, 12 Dunos avenue
Turner Alfd. sign wrtr, 3 Wellington rd. Tel. Alfd.,
Turner Alfd. H., taxi proptr, 112 High st. Tel. 1362
Turner Miss Alice E., 217 Hornby rd
Turner Mrs. Annie J., North Bank Private Hotel, 320 North prom. Tel. 1460
Turner Arnold, boot repr, 67 Elizabeth st ; h. 52 Lindsay av
Turner Mr. Arthur, 416 Lytham rd. Tel. 41389 S.S.
Turner Arthur S., trvllr, 50 St. Alban,s road
Turner Ellis, vict, Old Windmill Hotel, Westcliffe drv. Tel. 2595
Turner Mrs. Emma B., cafe, 13 Watson rd, S.S.
Turner Mrs. Florence, wallpapers, etc., 51 Talbot rd
Turner Francis E., trvllr, 24 Coniston rd, S.S.
Turner Frank, clrk, 21 Salisbury av
Turner Fredk., grcr, 56 Berwick rd
TURNER GEO. D., high-class fruiterer, seedsman and florist (wreaths, crosses and bouquets a speciality), 287 Whltegate drive
Turner G. & W., Ltd., wine and spirit mchnt, 36 Victoria st. Tel. 605
Turner Harold, florist, 22 Kingston av
Turner Hy., pntr, 32 Haddon rd
Turner Herbt., acntnt, 30 Leicester rd
Turner Jas., trvllr, 221 Warley rd
Turner Jas. E., clrk, 140 Whitegate drv
Turner Jas. F., frutr, 18 Lyddesdale av
Turner Mr. Jph., 7 Roseberry av. Tel. 42149
Turner Mrs. Margt. A., grcr, 44 Gorton street
Turner Robt., clrk, 44 Richmond av
Turner Robt. D., asst ins mngr, 295 Waterloo rd
Turner & Sons (Thos. Challoner), painters, 5 Talbot rd
Turner Mr. Thos., Edenfield, Falmouth road
Turner Wm., tax solctr, 193 Cunliffe rd
Turral Mr. Jph., B.A., F.R.Hist.S., 25 Raikes parade
Turton Hy., vict, Station Hotel, 77 Talbot rd. Tel. 556
Turton Walter, trvllr, 8 Delaware rd Turner C. H., chmst, 43 Abingdon st. Tel. 134
Turver Mr. gluts. H., 11 King George av. Tel. 51123 N.S.
Tussaud Louis, waxwork exhibition, 87-89 South pram. Tel. 2953
TUSTIN Mrs. MINNIE B., preparatory school for boys and girls, Langdale Private School, 95 Warbreck drive
Tweedale Alfd. Wm., taxi proptr, 75 George st
Tweedale Isaac, metl brkr, 10 Hardman st
Tweedle Mr. Chas., 36 Roseberry av
Tweedy Thos. B., btchr, 32 Cookson st
Twemlow Arthur H., schlmstr, 39 Grange rd
Twist Arthur, pntr, 184 Westmorland avenue
Twist John W., irnmngr, 48 Victoria st. Tel. 7031
Tye Frank Wm., outftr's mngr, 19 Dalewood av
Tyldesley Private Hotel, 223 South prom. Tel. 364 ; C. & A. Wiseman, proprietors
Tyrer Mrs. Gert., 4 Roseberry av, S.S.
Tyrer Robt. S., grcr, 64 Bank st
Tyson Mrs. Bridget, drpr, 29 Central drive