Lytham St.Annes Coat of Arms
Lytham St.Annes, Lancashire, England


An a-z list of Blackpool Householders & Businesses.


Ladds Wm. A., chief weights and measures insptr, Charnley rd. Tel.1673
Laidlow Mr. Wallace, 495 Lytham rd Lakin John mngr, 57 Roseacre, S.S.
Lamb Claude, ins agnt, 7 Watson rd
Lamb Geo. (Linthwaite & Lamb) ; h.166 Central drv
Lamb Harry, statnr and P.O., 43 Central drv.. Tel.433;h.76 Keswick rd
Lamb J., Ltd.,drprs,19 Central drv., Tel. 266
Lamb Jas. (J. Lamb, Ltd.) ; h. 49 Ripon rd
Lamb Thos. C., clrk, 12 Abbeyville
Lambert Clem., cabt mkr, 4-6 Lark Hill st ; h. 5 Portland rd
Lambert Miss EvaJ.,tobcnst,,, 31 Central drv
Lambert Miss Lilian,conftnr,25Cookson st
Lambert Thos.Wm.,drpr,67 Crossland rd, Marton
Lambton Percy E., asst schlmstr, 23 Calder rd
Lamonby Geo.,grcr'smngr,112 Manchesterr rd
Lancashire and Cheshire Miners' Convalescent Home, Queen's drv.. Tel.51008 N.S. ; P. Pemberton, sec
Lancashire & Cheshire Rubber Co.,Ltd.,waterprooff dlrs, 36 Talbot rd
LANCASHIRE CASH BAKERY Co.,Ltd., wholesale bakers and confectioners, Threlfall road, S.S. Tel.42028
Lancashire Daily Post Office, 43 Victoria st. Tel. 757
LANCASHIRE CONSTRUCTION Co., Ltd., builders, contractors, painters, timber merchants and housing specialists, Field Street Saw mills, off Henry street. Tel. 1047
Lancashire(The) Ferrotype Co.,Adelaide st
Lancashire Plate-Glass Insurance Co.,Ltd., 9 Leopold gve.Tel.222
Lancaster Mrs. Cath., conftnr,74b Cauncee st
Lancaster Mrs. Hilda M., 668 Lytham rd, S.S. Tel. 41295
Lancaster Mrs. Mary, shpkpr, 2 Linfield ter, Highfield rd
Lancaster R. & Sons (Cleveleys), Ltd., bldrs, 46 Abingdon st. Tel. 181
Landolt Mr. Fridolin Bede, 11 Cumbrian av
Lane Clarence, archtct, 48 Lynwood av
Lane Jack, music hall artiste, Magdalen rd, Anchorsholme
Lane John E., fr fish dlr, 329 Whitegate drive
Lane Thos. (Lane's Amusement Arcade) ; h. 7 Knowsley av
Lane Thos., coal dlr, 50 Annesley av
Lane's Amusement Arcade, 31 South promenade
Lang Jph., dairy, 26 Woolman rd
Lang Mrs. M., mllnr, 6 The Strand
Lang Rev. Wm' Henry, St. Thomas; vicarage, Devonshire rd
LANGDALE PRIVATE SCHOOL, preparatory school for boys and girls, 95 Warbreck drive ; Mrs. M. B. Tustim, principal
Langfield Robt., clrk, 23 Willows av
Langford & Co., Ltd., prntrs, Preston New rd. Tel. 213 Marton
Langham Mrs. Eliz., mllnr, 234 Church street
Langham Private Hotel, Queen st. Tel. 800 ; Mrs. Nancy K. Carr
Langhorn Wm., btchr, 153 Westmorland av
Langley Wm., grcr's mngr, 470 Talbot road
Langton Leon, trvllng drpr, 14 Olive grove
Lansdale Mrs. Ada, 28 Longton rd.Tel. 1771
LANSDOWNE PRIVATE HOTEL, 256-258 North promenade. Tel. 520 ;Mrs. C. Wood
Lascelles Albt., pork btchr, 104 Church st and St. John;s mrkt ; h. 74 Milbourne st
Lascelles Albt. Francis, fish dlr, 74 Milbourne st
Lascelles Miss Annie F., fr fish dlr, 53 Albert rd
Lascelles Mrs. Eliz. W., hairdrsr, 6 Albert rd
Lasker Miss Olive, conftnr, 15a Cocker street
Latham Mrs. Jane, 301 Whitegate drv
Latham Mrs. Harriet B., conftnr, 26 Cookson st
Latham John (Lancashire Construction Co., Ltd.) ; h. Ash lea, St.Annes rd, S.S.
Latham John, stage mngr, 19 Granville rd
Latham John, btchr, 76 Whitegate drv. Tel. 1396
Latham Robt., boot repr, 2 Low Moor rd, Bispham
Latham Thos., beerhse, Victoria In 14 Victoria st
Latus Jas., slater, 63 Elizabeth st
Laughton Mrs. Lilian, drpr, 176 Abbey road
Lawson Wm., furrier, 2 Queen;s sq ; h. 3 Lincol rd
Laurie John Donald, trvllng drpr, 28 Marlborough rd
Lavine Mr. Abraham, 68 Bolton st, S.S.
Law Alexander, phtgrphr, 26 Central drv ; h. 11 Waterfoot av
Law Edgar, F.A.I. (Thickett & Law) ; h. 11 Shaftesbury av. Tel. 51115
Law Jas., clrk, 9 Berwick rd, S.S.
Law John R. (branch of the United Products, Ltd.), tripe dressers, Abattoirs, Talbot rd
Law Richd., btchr, 2 Grantham rd
Law Sydney, asst schlmstr, 28 Langfield av, S.S.
LAWFORD Mrs. ELIZABETH, boarding and apartment house, 5 Hesketh avenue, Bispham
Lawless Thos. C., vict, New Inn and Central Hotel, Hounds hill and 1 South prom. Tel. 624
Lawn Misses Edna & Phoebe, ladies' hairdrsrs, 120a Coronation st
Lawn Ernest J. (Lawn & Howarth) ; h. 28 Breck rd. Tel. 735
Lawn & Howarth, hse frnshrs, 170 Church st. Tel. 1507
LAWRENCE Mrs. ALEXINA, Drakemyre Private Hotel, Queen's gate, 382 North promenade. Tel. 51490 N.S.
LAWRENCE & Co. (Blackpool), Ltd., plumbers' merchants, electrical factors, heating engineers and hardware merchants, Buchanan street. Tel. 477
Lawrence George Slade, F.B.O.A. (Hons.), optcn, 20 Birley st. Tel.1544 ; and at St. Annes
Lawrence, Hilton & Co., cake powder mnftrs, 481 Waterloo rd, S.S. Tel. 42466 .
Laws Fredk. S., schlmstr, 16 Horncliffe rd, S.S.
Laws John E., boot dlrs manager, 9 Wembley av
Lawson Misses Agnes & Matilda, ladies' outftrs, 11 Westcliffe drv
Lawson Ernest, mngr, Beach Hotel, 495-497 South prom. Tel. 41886
Lawson Henry, pig dlr, Bungalow, Preston New rd. Tel. 192 Marton
Lawson Jas., wndw clnr, 2 Back Clarendon rd
Lawson Jas. K., solctr, 15 Abingdon st. Tel. 61 ; • h. 15 Stoney Hill av, S.S. Tel. 42202
Lawson John, pltry dlr, 12 Newton dry
Lawson Leslie, irnmngr, 11 King st
Lawson Wm., frutr, 91-93 Bond st, S.S. Tel. 41488
Lawson Wm., conftnr, 44 Harrison st
Lawson Mr. Wm., 2 Mereland rd. Tel. 54 Marton
Lawton Mrs. Blanche A., drug stores, 324 Talbot rd
Lawton Jas. W., wndw clnr, 94 Cornwall av
Lawton John J., statnr and P.O., 40 Anchorsholme Lane east
Lawton John, grcr, 21 Newhouse rd ; h. 98 Marton drv
Lawton Mr. Jph. C., 20 Gloucester avenue
Lawton Norman, club stwd, 15 Cunliffe rd
Lawton Wm. Roy, bank cashier, Heather court, 21 Park Drive north. Tel. 2487
Laycock Fredk. (H. 0. Laycock & Sons) ; h. 183 Devonshire rd
Laycock Harold, coal dlr, 9 Malham av, S.S.
Laycock Horace 0. (H. 0. Laycock & Sons); ; h. 147 Central drv
Laycock H. 0. & Sons, whlsle and retail btchrs, Abattoirs, Talbot rd (Tel. 2153) and 147-149 Central drv (Tel. 281)
Laycock Isaac, bldr's mngr, 197 Dickson rd
Laycock John B., conftnr, 82a Church street
Laycock John T., grcr, 9 Abbey rd
Laycock Miss Winifred A., frutr, 35 Princess st
Laycocks', btchrs, 62 Whitegate drv.Tel. 1508
Laytham Fredk., frutr, 424 Waterloo rd. Tel. 42230 S.S.
Layton Battery Service, 82a Layton rd
Layton Institute, Westcliffe drv. Tel.1905 ; J. W. Hoggart, sec
Layton Printing & Manufacturing Co.,Ltd., prntrs, etc, Layton rd. Tel.1093
Layton Social and Sports Club, 32-34 St. Walburga's rd
Lea Victor, tailr, 34 Lynton av, S.S.
Leach Mrs. Agnes, conftnr, 1 Chislehurst av, S.S.
Leach Mrs. Ellen, grcr, 51 Marton drv, and conftnr, Bonny st
Leach Jas. H., mngr, 21 Laurel av. Tel. 1974
Leach Jeremiah, conftnr, 66 Haig rd
Leach John T., fr fish dlr, 11 Yorkshire st
Leach John W. (Pygmalion), 67 Bond st, Ks.
Leach Mrs. Mary A., conftnr, 258 Lytham rd
Leach Mr. Milton, Alyston, St. Annes road
Leach Ralph, turf acntnt, 11 Coronation st. Tel. 2649
Leach Ralph N., company sec, 105 Ribble rd
Leach Thos., frutr, 57 Ansdell rd
Leach Thos., trvllr, la Vernon st
Leach Wilbraham (St. Chad's Garage) ; h. 58 Station rd, S.S. Tel. 42020
Leadbetter Alfd., gas insptr, 87 Charles street
Leadbetter Edwin, fish salsmn, 8 Aldersley av, S.S.
Leader Printing Service, Back High st. Tel. 868
Leadley Miss Hilda, drsmkr, 2 Queen st
Leah Misses Angelina & Betsy, 23 Ulleswater rd, S. S.
Leamington Touring Services, motor coach proptrs, 5a Caunce st. Tel. 2172
Leathwood Wm. Hy., portrait pntr, 80 Regent rd
Leaver Ernest A., rate collctr, 73 Manor rd
Leaver John B., solctr (Bracewell & Leaver) ; h. Lytham,
Leaver Thos. H., hairdrsr, 308 Lytham rd ; h. 44 Selby av
Leavesley Bros., Ltd., garage proptrs, Talbot rd (Tel. 1425) and 9 Cocker st
Leavesley Geo. Wm. (Leavesley Bros., Ltd.) ; h. 3 Holcombe rd
Leavesley Jas. (Leavesley Bros., Ltd.) ; h. 75 Cocker st
Leavesley Jas. A. (Leavesley Bros.,Ltd.) ; h. 5 Holcombe rd. Tel.51138 N.S.
Ledger Mr. Benj., 11 Windermere rd
Ledgerd Mr. Frank, 3 Carsluith av
Ledgerd Frank W., clrk, 20 London rd
Ledgerd Mrs. Jane, mrkt grdnr, Dagger's Hall ln
Lee Bert, cin mngr, 143 Westmorland avenue
LEE & CARDWELL, Wyndhurst boarding establishment (one minute sea, excellent cuisine), 36 Warbreck Hill road
Lee Chas. H. & Sons, grcrs, 57 Bolton st. Tel. 42738 S.S.
Lee Chas. L., grcr's mngr, 57 Bolton st
Lee Mr. Edwin, 38 Breck rd
Lee Ernest R., clrk, Heathfield, Highfield rd, S.S.
Lee Miss Ethel, nursing home, 32 Moore st. Tel. 42493
Lee Frank (North Pier Garage Co.) ; h. 11 Finchley rd
Lee Jas. (J. Lee & Son) ; h. Edale, Stoneycroft av
Lee Jas. & Son, turf acntnts, 40 Bond st, S.S. Tel. 42032
Lee John B., metr insptr, 18 Manor rd
Lee Jph., grcr's mngr, 9 Ramsay av ; h. 43 Longton rd. Tel. 2478
Lee Lawrence, elect engnr,12 Beaufort av...... Tel. 51254 N.S.
Lee Lnrd., light carrier, 13 Mossom ln
Lee, Maud & Lees, gowns, etc., 29 Clifton st. Tel. 533
Lee Mrs. Sarah J., 46 Rosebury av, S.S.
Leech Arthur, electrn, 19b Naylor av
Leedale Wm., pol con, 140 St. Annes rd
LEEDS PERMANENT BUILDING SOCIETY, 18 Clifton street. Tel. 1667 ; J. Holden, F.I.S.A., local mngr
Leek & Moorlands Building Society, 28 Clifton st. Tel. 1945
Leeming Jas., health lecturer, 155 South prom ; h. 429 Central drv
Leeming John, grcr, 41 Layton rd
LEEMING JOSEPH, market gardener, specialist in lettuces, tomatoes and chrysanthemums, South View nur- series, Stockydale road, Marton moss Tel.41541S.S.
Leeming Rebt.,, frmr, Sanderson's farm
Leeming Thos., mrkt grdnr, Jubilee ln, Marton
Leeming Thos.,propty repr,13 Ellesmere rd
LEEMING RICHARD, market gardener and florist, specialist in lettuces,tomatoes and chrysanthemums (wreaths, crosses, bouquets), Lowther cottage, Stockydale road, Marton moss. Tel. 41541
Lees Edwd. E., clrk, 39 Balmer gve
Lees Miss Ellen, Westlands Private School, 4 Abbeyville, S.S.
Lees Mrs. Ethel M., wine and spirit mrchnt, 560 Lytham rd, S.S. Tel. 42690
Lees Fredk., clrk, 14 Windermere rd
Lees Mr.Harold J., Ivanhoe, Devonshire rd. Tel. 51789 N.S.
Lees Harold (Naylors');h.43 Longton rd. Tel. 2478
Lees Henry D., cashr, 30 Cleator av
Lees Mr. Isaiah, Bentinck av, S.S.
Lees John, nwsagt, 3a Whitegate drv
Lees Mr.John,161 Whitegate drv
Lees Mrs. June, 108 Harrowside, S.S.
Lees Noah, schlmstr, 20 Langfield av
Lees Mrs. Sarah, 74 Stoney Hill av, S.S
Lees Wm., caretkr, Thames rd, S.S.
Leeson Miss Hilda, F.B.O.A., optcn, 80 Station rd. Tel. 42437
Leeson Wm. H., hairdrsr, 16 Clifton st. Tel. 32 ; h. 111 Caunce st
LEGAL INSURANCE Co., Ltd. (fire,loss of profits, accident, engineering, burglary,workmen's compensation, motor car, etc.), Midland Bank chambers, Church street. Tel. 88 ; W.Naylor, branch mngr ; J. S. Bailey, resident inspector
Legge Miss Mabel, fancy goods dlr, 13 Metropole bldngs
Leggett Geo. P., grcr, 29 Bolton st, S.S.
Leicester Albt. E., trvllr, 18 Carlin gate
LEIGH Mrs. EMMA, Cliftonville Private Hotel, excellent cuisine, 14 Empress drive. Tel. 51606 N.S.
Leigh Fredk., trvllr, 10 Dunelt rd,
Leigh Mr.HattonH.,Manninghurst,Newton drv
Leigh Jas. H., vict, Oxford Hotel, Waterloo rd. Tel. 41555 S.S.
Leigh J. & Co., whlsle fancy goods dlrs, Pier st
LEIGH J. H. & SONS, coal and coke merchants, South Shore sidings, Station yard. Tel. 41262 S.S.
Leigh John H. (J. H. Leigh &Sons);h.81 Squires Gate ln
Leigh John H., Junr. (J. H. Leigh & Sons) ; h. 81 Squires Gate ln
LEIGH ROBERT, carrier between Blackpool and Preston : Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays ; Fleetwood : Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays ; 82 Marton drive. Tel.2458
Leigh Mr. Walter, 1 Scarsdale av Tel. 41 935 S.S.
Leigh Wm., vict, Saddle Inn, 277 Whitegate drv
Leigh Wm., grcr, 4a Pleasant st
Leighton Miss Emily, mllnr, 4 Highfield rd, S.S.'
Leighton M. (Mrs. Mabel Lewis),ladies outfitter, 101 Lytham rd
Leitch John, trvllr, 7 Westminster rd
Leman Isaac, turf acntnt, 49 Bryan rd
Leman Solomon, trvllr, 51 Bryan rd
Lemberger Hy., phtgrphr, 32 Bank Hey st ; h. 17 Chapel st
Lennard Misses Gertrude & Henrietta. mllnrs, 76d Dickson rd. Tel. 3279
Lennard & Hall, frutrs, Norbreck rd. Tel. 51335
Leslie Alex. D., statnr and P.O., SS Dickson rd ; h. 18 Westwood av
Leslie Donald S., surv, 120 Bispham rd
Leslie Jph., ins insptr, 116 Bispham rd
Leslie Wm., clrk, 116 Bispham rd
LESLIE (The) PRINTING Co., printers, etc., Bolton street, S.S. Tel. 1135
Leslies' Football Tote, 6 Lord st Less Hy., hairdrsr, Caunce st
Lester Hy., blcksmth, Back Palatine rd; h.184 Central drv
Letzer & Jackson, phtgrphrs, North pier
Lever Bros., coal mrchnts, Railway siding, Talbot rd
Lever Jas. (Lever. Bros.) ; h. 14 Warwick rd
Levine Hyman, tailr, 1 Gorse rd: Tel. 840 ; h. 319 Waterloo rd, S.S.
Levison Jph., drpr, 55a Chapel st;h.11 St.lve's av
Levy Cyril W., cin mngr, 29 Horncliffe road
Lewis Mrs. Annie, 45 Watson rd. Tel. 41531 S.S.
Lewis Arthur, drpr, 212 Talbot rd
Lewis Mr. Chas., The Hollies, Preston New rd
Lewis Mrs. Ethel, drsmkr, 52 East Topping st
Lewis Ernest (Lewis & Lockwood) ; h. 7a Highfield rd, S.S.
Lewis Geo. & Co., Ltd., hotel agnts, 16 Queen's st. Tel. 1763
Lewis John, tailr, 1 Maybell av
Lewis J. M. & Co., Ltd., ladies' outftrs 63 Church st
Lewis John S., clrk, 13 Seattle av
Lewis & Lockwood, cycle dire, 7a Highfield rd, S.S.
Lewis Morris (J. M. Lewis & Co., Ltd.) ; h. Loraine, Kenwyn av..Tel. 145
Lewis Robt., clrk, 181 Westmorland av
Lewtas David, pntr, 40 Cookson st
Lewtas Jas., corn dlr, Station yard, Bispham. Tel. 51280 N.S.
Lewtas Robt. Henry, garage proptr, 11 Exchange st
Lewtis Richd. P., clrk, 126 Whitegate drive
Leyland Edwd. H., grcr, 150 Lytham rd. Tel. 324 ; h. 1 Bloomfield rd
Leyland Gilbt., plmbr, 21 Anderson street
Leyland Gilbt.,,grcr, 53-55 Woolman rd
Leyland Paint & Varnish Co., Ltd., Carter st. Tel. 2702
Liberal Club, Victoria st. Tel.651 ; H. Hardman, sec
Licence Chas. Lionel, grcr's mngr, 141 Warley rd
Liddle John, conftnr, 124 Caunce st Lief Geo.,coftnr,, 71a Dickson rd
Lifeboat Station, Lytham rd. Tel. 424
Lightbown Edwin, btchr, 1 General st. Tel. 2990 ; h. 13 Lightbown av
Lightbown John, electrn, 9 Lightbown avenue
Lightbown Rd. J., tailr, 39 Topping st
Lightowler Mr. Lewis M., 186 Read's av
Lightwood Fredk., mngr, 40 Grefell av
Lilley Chas., chmst, 15 Branton rd
Lilley Chas., clrk, 36 Edenvale av
Lilley Chas. J., grcr, 98 George st. Tel. 1348
Lilley Walter, bailiff, 1 Howard st
Lilley Wilfd. E., Elmfield Private Hotel, Cliftondrv.. Tel. 42174
Lindley Chas. E., fine art dlr, picture &  fur and second-hand booksllr, 173 Church st; h. 158 Read's rd
Lindley Percy, clrk, 1 Rosemary av
Lindley Percy, clrk, 22 Loftos av
Lindsay Mr. Frank H., 9 Montpelier av. TeL 51359 N.S.
Lingard Mrs.Mary Ellen, 197 Whitegate drv
LINGARD WILLIAM, general blacksmith, 25a South King street. Tel.3521 ; h. 5 Longton st
Linthwaite & Lamb, frutrs, 166Central drv Tel. 2658
Linthwaite Wm. (Linthwaite & Lamb);h.166 Central drv
Linton Thos. F., chmst, 4 Kelso av
Lister Edwin (Dewhirst & Davy,Ltd.) ; h. Devon st
Lister Misses Eliz.& Fanny,19 Ulleswater S.S.
Lister Wm. Henry, trvllr, 14 Gorton st
Litt Rev. John C.(Baptist), 17 Bournemouth rd, S.S. Tel. 41176
Little Edwd. B. (G. & E. Little) ; h.88 Annesley av
Little Geo. (G. & E. Little) ; h. 13 Yorkshire st
Little G. & E., oysterdirs,, 127 and 189 South prom
Little J. H., ins agnt, 4-2 Berwick rd
Littlewood John, excise officer, 41 Broadway
Littlewood John, clrk, 3 Canterbury av, Marton
Littlewood Tom, carrier, 128 Cunlillerd.Tel.2926
Liverpool Investment Building Society, 15 Birley st. Tel.1301
Liverpool & London & GlobeInsurance Co., Ltd., Globe chmbrs, Cedar sq.Tel.171; C.W.Howson, local mngr
Liverpool Victoria Insurance Offices, St. John's walk. Tel. 3543
Livesey Mr. Fredk. W., 23 Boscombe rd, S.S.
Livesey Harold D., clrk, 25 Salisbury road
Livesey Jas., grcr, 147 Layton rd
Livesey John W., grcr ,381 Central drv
Livesey Mrs. Mary A., grcr, 47 Exchange st
Livingstone Ernest, mngr, Preston Savings Bank, 22 Birley st.. Tel.1667 ; h. Braemar, Samlesbury av, Bispham
Lloyd Mrs. Edith F., Airlie, Broadway, S.S. Tel. 41512
Lloyd Fredk. C., pol det., 47 Salisbury road
Lloyd Herbt., boot repr, 78 St. Annes rd, S.S.
Lloyd Robt., grcr's mngr, 3 Marton drv
Lloyd's Bank, Ltd., 130 North prom (Tel.3019);sub-branches: 44Waterloo rd (Tel.42583 S.S.), 52Whitegate drv (Tel.821), 203 Central drv (Tel. 2381) ; Ernest W. Sutcliffe, mngr
Lloyd Wm.,, joinr, Waterloo rd ;h. Romney av
Loader Alfd. J., dent, 134 Hornby rd. Tel. 1888
Locker & Wood, Ltd., drprs, 34 Church street
Lockhart Bros., Ltd., caterers, 17-19 Adelaide st, 70 Bank Hey st and 35 Market st. Tel. 104
Lockwood Clifford, mngr, 11 Albion av
Lockwood Mr. Fredk., Leys, Queen'sdrv.. Tel. 51847 N.S.
Lockwood & Hall, solctrs, 14 Edward st
Lockwood Henry (Lewis & Lockwood) ; h. 84 Pedder's ln
Lockwood John W., motr engnr, Blundell st ; h. 8 Hebden av
Lockwood Jph. E., nwsagt, 169 Hawes Side ln
Lockwood Ralph, clrk, 243 Park rd
Lockwood Wm. (Lockwood & Hall), 14 Edward st
Lockyer Wm., vict, Prince of Wales Hotel, 10 York st
Lodge Mrs. Bertha, nwsagt, 9 Station rd, S.S.
Lodge Ed., grcr's mngr, 10 St. Ive's av
LodgeMr.Jas.,33Lincoln rd
Lofthouse Mr. John, 19 Harrington av
Loftos Mr. Jas. W. P., 81 Park rd. Tel. 215
Logan Geo., mrkt grdnr, School ln,, Marton
Lomas Albt., pntr, 15 Horncliffe rd, S.S. Tel. 41161
Lomas Mrs. Annie, 4 Boscombe rd, S.S.
Lomas Jacob (Lomas & Whalley) ;h. 7 Fernhurst av
Lomas John, billiard hall mngr, 73 Hornby rd
Lomas&Whalley,asphalters,Waterloo rd, S.S.
Lomax Arthur, clrk, 182 Bispham rd
Lomax Mrs. Florence, booksllr, South pier
Lomax Frank, asst schlmstr, 145 Bispham rd
Lombers Herbt., conftnr, 126 Lytham road
London Assurance Co., Ltd., Bank chmbrs, 1 South King st. Tel.300 ; J. W. R. Doe, mngr
London, Midland & Scottish Railway Co. Blackpool North station, Talbot rd (Tel. 1241) : A. Hewitt, statnmstr ; Geo. Cookson, goods agnt ; D. Price, pass agnt;S.Yates, chief clrk. Blackpool Central station, Hounds hill (Tel. 1243): R.O.Bannister,statnmstr.Blackpoolll South station, Waterloo rd (Tel.42116):E.Charleston,stationmaster and goods agnt. Bispham station, Bispham rd (Tel. 1259) : John Balmer, statnmstr
Loney Jas., tailr's mngr,Eaton av,,S.S
Long Edgar Robt., colctrr of taxes Post Office bldngs, Edward st
Long John E., cycle dlr, 259 Central drv ; h. 42 Chesterfield rd
LONG & JOWETT, The Empress Private Hotel, New South promenade. Tel. 4112
Long .Norman S., pntr, rlwy sidings, Talbot rd. Tel. 255 ; h. 6 Longton road
Longden Jas.,restra,, 48 Bonny st
Longden Jas. E., carrier, 11 Meyler av
Longrigg, Harvey & Crickett, accountants, 5 Edward st
Longshaw Wm., blcksmth, 206 Talbot road
Longstaffe Ernest, boot dlr, 7 St. Annes rd
Longton Jas., trvllr, 21 Roseberry av
Longton Thos. W., vict, Dunes Hotel, Lytham rd, S.S. Tel. 41625
Longworth Mrs. Charlotte, 4 Park Drive south
Longworth Frank, trvllr, 42 Gloucester avenue
Longworth Frank, advrtng agnt, 13 Marlborough rd
Longworth Jas. A., M.B., Ch.B., phys and surg, 268 & 347 Whitegate drv. Tel. 40 Marton
Lord Arthur N., trvllr, 11 Weymouth rd, Marton
Lord (Miss Nellie) & Bradshaw (Mrs. Alice H.), dairy, 169 Church st
Lord Ernest, tripe dlr, 15 Waterloo rd, S.S. ; h. 8 Hill st, S.S.
Lord Fredk., conftnr, 56 Grasmere rd
Lord Fredk., grcr and P.O.,All Hallows rd, Bispham
Lord Geo., wndw clnr, 188 Cunliffe rd
Lord Geo. L., boot dlr, 32 Cromwell rd and 48 St. Walburga's rd
Lord Harold, pol con,Hawes Side ln
Lord Herbt., phtgrphr, 7 Clifton st. Tel. 2655 ; h. 28 St. Bede's av, S.S.
Lord Horace, chmst's asst, 22 George st
Lord Jas., grcr's mngr, 1 Lilac av
Lord Jesse, conftnr, 147 Dickson rd ;h. 74 Cornwall av
Lord John R., trvllr, 34 Marlborough road
Lord Jph., clrk, 387 Central drv
Lord Martin, coal dlr, 14 Cameron av
Lord Mrs. Nellie, grcr, 3 Crystal rd
Lord Saml., pltry frmr, Cherry Tree rd,
Lord Tattersall, clrk, 11 Royal Bank rd
Lord Wilfd., ins agnt, 76 Marton dr
Lord Wm., pltry frmr, Hawes Side ln
Lord Ambrose, tailr, 6 Richmond rd
Lote Wm. H., dentist, 6 Arkholme av
Louden Mrs. Julia, phtgrphr, 27 Central drv
Louden Thos. IL, trvllr, 10 Scudamore crescent
Louis Oswald, tailr and furrier, 16 The Strand. Tel. 83
Louis Walter, mngr, 17 Balmoral rd, s.s. Tel. 41033
Louise Mdme., gowns, 3 The Strand
Loukes Fredk., hairdrsr, 76a Coronation st ; h. 64 Manor rd
Louvre (The), mllnrs, etc., 54 Clifton st. Tel. 849
Lowarch Mr. ,T. W., Bentinck av, S.S. Tel. 41241
Lovatt Harold, taxi proptr, 9 Northfield rd
Lovestone Hy., amsemnt caterer, 55 Warbreck drv
Lovett T., ins agnt, 141 Cavendish rd
Low Mr. Fredk. C., 21 Arlington av LOW W. S., Ltd., paint manufacturers and wallpaper merchants, Imperial buildings, Sefton street and 44 Bonny street. Tel. 80
Lowcock Arthur, grcr, 58 Erdington rd
Lowcock Henry, company sec, 19 St. Vincent av
Lowe Mrs. Alice, fish dlr, 21 Seed st
Lowe Arthur, clrk, 10 Healey st
Lowe Arthur, clrk, 1a Rangeway av
Lowe Arthur, hairdrsr, la Pleasant st
Lowe Cecil, Mayfair Private Hotel, 420 North prom. Tel. 51243
Lewe Mrs. E., conftr, 206 Church st
Lowe Geo. A., carrier, 18 Orkney rd
Lowe Harry, conftnr and P.O., 131 Lytham rd. Tel. 1000
Lowe Henry, clrk, 58 Dunelt rd, S.S.
Lowe Jas., plastr, 83 Sherbourne rd Lowe Jas., grcr, 48 & 60 Bond st, S.S. Tel.41589;h.13 Kenilworth gardens, S.S.
Lowe John D., chrpdst, la Airedale av
Lowe John H., chmst (Richardson & Co.) ; h. 31 Lincoln rd
Lowe Mr. John H., 27 Ulleswater rd
Lowe Joseph S., dpr, 60 Church street; h. 48 Leicester road
Lowe Miss Nellie, 19 Melville rd
Lowe Norman, hrdwre dlr, 141 Abbey rd, S.S.
Lowe Norman, trvllr, 25 Jesmond av
Lowe Mr. Wm. J., Harewood, Newton drive
Lowes John (J. Lowes & Son) ; h. Whinney Heys rd. Tel. 2144
Lowes John C. (J. Lowes & Son) ; h. Whinney Heys rd. Tel. 2144
Lowes John & Son, bldrs' mrchnts, architects and contrctrs' spclsts, Caunce st. Tel. 540
LOWTHER EDWD., A.M.Inst.B.E., practical motor and electrical engineer (any make of cars supplied), 38 Read;s avenue. Tel. 618
LOWTHER Mrs. ISABELLA, boarding and apartment house, Solway house, 38 Read;s avenue. Tel. 618
Loy Hy., fancy goods dlr, 52.54 Foxhall rd
Loynds Mr. John B., 28 Thirlmere rd
Lucas Mrs. Adelaide, wrdrbe dlr, 5 Bairstow st
Lucas Austin, amsemnt caterer, 1 Scudamore cres
Lucas Edwd. (Jas. Lucas (Blackpool), Ltd.) ; h. 99 George st
Lucas Edwin P., beerhse, Bowling Green Hotel, 3 Waterloo rd, S.S.
Lucas Harold D., hairdrsr, 323 Dickson rd. Tel. 51567 N.S.
Lucas Jas. (Blackpool), Ltd., taxi and motor coach proptrs, George st and Fairhurst st. Tel. 949
Lucas Jas. (Bowman, Grimshaw & Co.); h. Fairhaven. Tel. 516 Lytham
Lucas Jas. (Jas. Lucas (Blackpool) Ltd.) ; h. Wetherall bank, Newton drv. Tel. 1972
Lucas Lawrence (Jas. Lucas (Blackpool), Ltd.) ; h. 97 George st
Lucas Norman (Jas. Lucas (Blackpool),Ltd.) ; h. Wetherall bank, Newton drive
Lucas Robt. (Jas. Lucas (Blackpool), Ltd.) ; h. 97 George st
Lucas Wilf. (Jas. Lucas (Blackpool),Ltd.) ; ; h. 47 George st
Lucie's. ladies; outftrs, 5 Queen sq Luddington Thos. (Dickson;), 29 Cookson st
Ludlow Wm. Edwd., wndw clnr, 68 Lune gve
Luff Walter, Corporation transport mngr, Parkway
LUMB EDWARD, builder, plasterer and contractor, Portland road. Tel.1564 ; h. 40 Halifax st. Tel. 204 Marton
Lumb Edmund, cafe, 2-4 Oddfellow st
Lumb Geo., fr fish dlr, 1 Swainson st
Lumb Hy., company sec, 19 Goldsborough av, Marton
Lumb Levi, sign writer, 32a Moore st, S.S. Tel. 41314 ; h. 27 Patterdale av, Marton
Lumb & Walton, archtcts, 19 Clifton st. Tel. 190
Lumley Edwd., dentist, 289 Lytham rd. Tel. 41924
Lund Henry C., clrk, 71 Adelaide st Lund Wm., joinr, Garton S.S. h. 95 Highfield rd
LUNN A. & H., Mar-Cyn Private Hotel, garage accommodatlon, New South promenade. Tel. 42354 S.S.
Lupton Very Rev. Canon Edward, St.Cuthbert's presbytery, Crystal rd
Lupton Harold B., solctr and com for oaths, 36 Knowsley av. Tel. 53 Marton
Lupton Mr. Jas. D., 106 Bond st, S.S Tel. 41243
Lupton Mr. John H. E., Ridgmount, Park Drive north. Tel. 3725
Lupton Noel, dispenser, 34 Airedale av
Lupton Richd. E., elect engnr, 6 King st. Tel. 1263
Lupton Robt., tailr, 112 Church st
Lye Philip, conftnr, 60 Haigh rd, S.S.
Lynch Mr. John, 6 Bournemouth rd
Lyne Geo. M., schlmstr, 6 Carr rd
Lyon Jas., tram insptr, 6 Carlton gve
Lyon Jas. M., tailr, 53 Devonshire rd
Lyon Joe, auctnr, 38 Church st ; h. 98 Read's av.. Tel. 1320
Lyon Jph., wndwclnr,, 15 Brentwood avenue
Lyon Miss Minnie, mllnr, 159 Church st. Tel. 231
Lyon Norman (Sam Lyon, Junr.) h. 231 Hornby rd. TeL 1777
Lyon sam (Sam Lyon, Junr.) ;h.4Leieesterrrr rd. Tel. 2440
Lyon sam, Junr., jewllr, 14-16 Church st. TeL 180
Lyons J. & Co., Ltd., caterers, 74.76 Church st
Lyons Nathan (Wm. Lyons (Gowns), Ltd.) ; h. 17 Westmorland av
LYONS Mrs., board residence and apartments, excellent cuisine, 5 doors from sea, near piers, open-air baths and station, Queensberry villa, 11 Wellington road
LyonsRene,, mllnr, 36 station rd Lyons Wm. (Gowns), Ltd., gowns,etc., Feldman's arcade. Tel. 3117
Lyons Wm., music dlr, 9 West st. Tel. 956 ; h. 52 King Edward av
LYRIC (The) PRIVATE HOTEL AND BOARDING ESTABLISHMENT (lounge, dining room, sea view,hot and cold water in every room, excellent cuisine, terms, etc., on application), 209 Promenade south. Tel.3401. Telegrams " Barrott " ; E. Barrott, proprietor
Lytham-,St. Annes Transport Department, squires gate, S.s. Tel. 41044 ;J. C. Fairchild, mngr
Lythgoe John F., tel operator, 54 Kingston av, S.S.