Lytham St.Annes Coat of Arms
Lytham St.Annes, Lancashire, England


Links School, St.Annes

Robert W. Howarth, a pupil at Links School between 1891 & 1895.Founded about 1890 by William Cross, F.L., Links School was in a house Glen Eldon Road, St.Annes in 1891. The school was so named as it was situated alongside the original links of the Lytham & St.Annes Golf Club; at that time the golf course was between the railway, St.Annes Road East and Headroomgate Road.

This is a list of people at the school on the day of the 1891 Census (5th/6th April).

Hilda Cross 2 (daughter)
Margaret M Cross 30  (wife) 
Muriel Cross 6 months (daughter)
William Cross 28   (headmaster)
Richard H Hacking 8 (scholar)
Emma Newton 40 (domestic servant)
Richard W Pearn 16 (scholar)
Crompton Sowerbutts 11 (Scholar)
Eleanor Twaites 17 (domestic servant)


By 1901 the school had moved 4, Clifton Drive South. This building is now Clifton Drive Surgery opposite Marks & Spencers. 

This is a list of people at the school on the day of the 1901 Census (31st March).

Thompson Crabtree 10 (boarder)
Margaret H Cross 3   (daughter)
Margaret M Cross 41   (wife)
Muriel Cross 10 (daughter)
William G Cross 8   (son)
William Cross 38 (schoolmaster)
Clandett Ingham 16 (boarder)
Harold Ingham 15 (boarder)
Katherine S Odgers 26   (servant)
Beatrice E Owen 22 (servant)
Henrietta Rushton 24 (servant)

Links School

Links School, Headroomgate Road, viewed from the Parish Church Tower 1905. By 1903 the school had moved into a house on Headroomgate Rd (pictured). At that time, this was the first building north of Oxford Rd.