Lytham St.Annes Coat of Arms
Lytham St.Annes, Lancashire, England


Seafield House School, Lytham

In 1847 a school was opened in Dicconson Terrace by Maria Larisa Tait (b.1822).

Dicconson Terrace, Lytham c1830.








People at Miss Tait's School on the night of the 1851 Census (31 March) and their ages: 

Maria Larisa Tait 29 (teacher)
Eliza Townsend 26 (teacher)
Sarah Kelsall 22 (teacher)
Edward Baisley 9 (scholar)
Frank Beardsall 4 (scholar)
Charles Day 7  (scholar)
Honery Hall 12  (scholar)
Joseph Hall 10  (scholar)
Thomas Kirkham 11  (scholar)
Afred Tate 10  (scholar)
Ralf Watkins 8  (scholar)
William Wood 8  (scholar)
Margret Roskell 18 (servant)
Priscilla Jonson 10 (servant)


About 1853 it moved into purpose-built premises in Seafield Road and it became known as Seafield House School. Over the years school principals were: The Misses Tait; Dr.John Sisson Slater (by1885); Messrs. J Bouch M.A. & E.C.Pochin; Mr. Keith B.Sewell M.A., from 1935, until the schools closure in 1937.

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Seafield House School, Lytham, near St.Cuthbert's Church.

Seafield House School, Lytham, near St.Cuthbert's Church.

Seafield House School, Lytham, near St.Cuthbert's Church.

People at Seafield House School on the night of the 1871 Census (31 March) and their ages: 

Eliza Townsend 52 (principal)
Constance Townsend 27 (assistant teacher)
Fanny Townsend 30 (assistant teacher)
Annie Oxley 32 (governess)
Maude Edgecumbe 22 (governess)
Caroline Beaulah 30

Walter Agnew 9  (boarder/scholar)
Charles Allen 9   (boarder/scholar)
Russell Allen 10   (boarder/scholar)
Walter Ashworth 8   (boarder/scholar)
Ernest Burdett 13   (boarder/scholar)
Walter Carlisle 8   (boarder/scholar)
Frank Carver 9   (boarder/scholar)
Perley Cawer 11   (boarder/scholar)
John Craven 11   (boarder/scholar)
Matthew Gibborn 9   (boarder/scholar)
Herbert Greaves 12   (boarder/scholar)
Walter Hyden 9   (boarder/scholar)
William Johnson 12   (boarder/scholar)
Richard Kay 8   (boarder/scholar)
Elliott Lees 8   (boarder/scholar)
Claud Lonsdale 12   (boarder/scholar)
Herbert Lund 12   (boarder/scholar)
George Menton 10   (boarder/scholar)
Oliver Openshaw 11  (boarder/scholar)
Frederick Ramsden 11   (boarder/scholar)
Marcus Rea 10   (boarder/scholar)
John Robinson 12   (boarder/scholar)
Harry Roylance 11   (boarder/scholar)
Fritz Sharp 10   (boarder/scholar)
William Stanley 9   (boarder/scholar)
Osby Thistlewaite 13   (boarder/scholar)
James Walker 9   (boarder/scholar)
Henry Whitehead 8   (boarder/scholar)
Willie Yates 10   (boarder/scholar)

Margaret Gibson 28 (domestic servant)
Ann Gough 20  (domestic servant)
Margt Greaves 22  (domestic servant)
Mary Greaves 25  (domestic servant)