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Lytham St.Annes, Lancashire, England


Lowther College for Girls, Lytham

Badge, Lowther College for Girls, LythamFounded c1898 as Lytham & Fairhaven College for Girls, Church Road, principal Miss Florence Morris (b.1874). By 1901 she had married George E Lindley (b.1873). George became a Music Master at the school. About 1904 the school was renamed Lowther College for Girls. There was also a hostel on Church Road (pictured right).

Lowther College, Lytham c1905

 In 1914, in a bid to expand the college, the Lindleys acquired "Westwood". This large house, set in its own grounds and overlooking the cricket ground, became "The Hostel" and the Senior House.

"Westwood", a large house, set in its own grounds and overlooking the cricket ground.

In 1918 the school acquired Lonsdale House (see below) which stood opposite Lowther College and alongside the old hostel.

Lonsdale House, acquired by Lowther College in 1918 (left) and the adjoining Lowood House (right), previously known as "the Hostel.

After the 1914-18 War the school still needed to expand but couldn't on its present site.
Building costs were prohibitive at this time so it removed to Bodelwyddan Castle, Wales, in the 1920s.


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Lowther College
"The Hostel", Lowther College c1905 


People resident at Lytham & Fairhaven (Lowther)College for Girls on the day of the 1901 Census (31st March) and their ages:

Florence Lindley, Principal, 27
George E Lindley Music Master, 28
Bessie Morris (Music Tutor/Florence's sister), 20
Ethel Dalby (Governess), 25
Lia Kachler (Governess), 24
Annie Moore (Governess), 24
Nellie Reid (Governess), 33
Freda Smyth (Governess), 23

Hilda Bonchier (Boarder), 14
Nancy Edwards (Boarder), 8
Florence Fairclough (Boarder), 8
Dorothy Fletcher (Boarder), 17
Jessie Goodbehere (Boarder), 15
Lucy Goodbepere (Boarder), 14
Ethel Hancock (Boarder), 15
Jessie Hulton (Boarder), 15
Dora Johnstone (Boarder), 12
Annie Lund (Boarder), 15
Reita Lund (Boarder), 14
Charita Lunn (Boarder), 16
Minnie Lycett (Boarder), 15
Gertrude Mawdsley (Boarder), 13
Murrie Mawdsley (Boarder), 11
Alice Oldfield (Boarder), 16
Robert Perks (Boarder), 6
Maggie Roebuck (Boarder), 13
Elsie Shaw (Boarder), 12
Millicent Shaw (Boarder), 14
Elsie Smith (Boarder), 8
Gertrude Smith (Boarder), 13
Jessie Smith (Boarder), 14
Annie Sutcliffe (Boarder), 13
Ethel Williams (Boarder), 15
Ivy Williams (Boarder), 12
Louie Williamson (Boarder), 13

Marion Harrison (Cook), 46
Emma Barlow (Housemaid), 50
Lucy Whiting (Housemaid), 25
John Wilson (Pageboy), 15