Lytham St.Annes Coat of Arms
Lytham St.Annes, Lancashire, England


Ranxborough House School, Lytham.

Ranxborough House School for Girls was at 25, Park Street, Lytham
Ranxborough House School for Girls was at 25, Park Street, Lytham, next to the Wesleyan Curch (hidden by trees on this photograph from 1905).

Ranxborough House School for Girls was probably founded in the 1870s by Miss Jane Isabella Stokes. In the 1880s it was at 25, Park Street, Lytham. By the 1930s this building housed the Preston Convalescent Home for Poor Children.

There was another school, Ellerslie House, existing in the 1890s at 14, East Beach, Lytham which was owned by a Miss Jane Stokes but this is not the same lady.

People resident at the Ranxborough House School on the day of the 1881 Census (5 April) and their ages: 

Jane Isabella Stokes 40 (school mistress)  
Louisa Stokes 35 
(school mistress/Jane's sister)
Margaret Stokes 35 
(assistant/ Jane's widowed sister in law)
Emily Margaret Obre 15 (Jane's niece)

Ethel Florence Walls 10 (visitor)
Edward Whitworth 13 (visitor)

Gibey D. Affreville 36  (boarder from France)
Clara Barlow 31 (boarder)
Thauito Learoyd Drury 12  (boarder)
Louisa Carolina Drummond Hay 13  (boarder)
Agnes Lillie Hirsch 8  (boarder)
Alice Virginia Hirsch 13  (boarder)
Ellen Rosa Hirsch 15  (boarder)
Georgina May Holloway 9  (boarder)
Kitty Holloway 11 (boarder)
Rose Helen Holloway 6  (boarder)
Agnes Fanny Large 15  (boarder)
Mary Edith Patrickson 17 (boarder)
Mary Margarette Patrickson 15  (boarder)
Ada Mary Platford 15  (boarder)
Edith Platt 12  (boarder)
Sarah Jane Platt 15  (boarder)
Mary Elizabeth Riley 30  (boarder)
Annie Walsh 12  (boarder)
Clara Whitehurst 9  (boarder)
Gertrude Whitehurst 10  (boarder)
Louisa Whitworth 14  (boarder)
Martha Whitworth 16 (boarder)

Mary Anne Elliot 29 (servant)
Harriet Harding 19 (servant)
Kate Hughes 25 (servant)