Lytham St.Annes Coat of Arms
Lytham St.Annes, Lancashire, England


History of Private Schools in Lytham St.Annes

On the right is a list of most, but not all, the private schools which have existed over the years in Lytham & St.Annes. Some only lasted a few years, others for decades; some were very small and others quite large.

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Between 1850 and 1950, small private schools abounded on this coast. There were between 20 and 30 of them in Lytham St.Annes in the early 1900s. The reasons for this were as follows:

  • Industry had created many wealthy families in the north west.
  • Fresh air (the industrial towns were heavily polluted).
  • Lytham & St.Annes were middle class towns.
  • Good sanitation.
  • There was plenty of space to build and expand a school.
  • These families wanted their children educated in special "Commercial Schools" (Business Colleges).
  • Many military families served abroad and sent their children to boarding schools.

The number of these small private schools dwindled from the 1920s onwards. This was partly due to the opening of King Edward VII School (1908) and Queen Mary School (1930). Other reasons include the two World Wars, The Depression, and more recently, the reduction in the Armed Forces. Today, the only remaining private school in Lytham St.Annes is St.Annes College.

Alicia School of Dancing, St.Anne's
Ansdell Boarding School, Ansdell
Ansdell College, Fairhaven
Ardrossan High School, St.Anne's
Arnhall School for Girls, St.Anne's
Belgrave House School, Lytham
Belmont Ladies School, St.Anne's
Boarding School for Daughters of Gentlemen
Burlington House (Dancing School), Lytham
Burlington School of Dancing, St.Anne's
Cloverley College, St.Anne's
Collegiate School, Lytham
Collegiate School for Girls, St.Anne's
Collegiate School for Boys, St.Anne's
Crescent House School, Lytham
Duneside Children's Hotel & Nursing Home School, St.Anne's
Ebor House Ladies School. Lytham
Edenfield School, Ansdell
Ellerslie House School for Girls, Lytham
Erroll House School, Lytham
Fairhaven Ladies High School
Fairhaven High School for Girls, Fairhaven.
Girl's Collegiate High School, Lytham
Glendower Ladies College, St.Anne's
Glengarry Ladies School, Lytham
Gwydr House School, St.Anne's
Harwood House School, Lytham
Headroomgate Prep School, St.Anne's
Kilgrimol School, St.Anne's
Kilronan Kindergarten & Prep School, St.Anne's
Ladies Boarding School, Lytham
Ladies Collegiete High School, Lytham
Lawrence House School, St.Anne's
Linden Hurst College for Ladies, St.Anne's
Links School, St.Anne's
Lowther College for Girls, Lytham
Lytham College for Boys, Fairhaven
Lytham Commercial School, Lytham
Melchet House School, Lytham
Miss Davidson's School for Girls, St.Anne's
Montauban School, St.Anne's
Northfield School for Girls, St.Anne's
Oxford House School for Boys, St.Anne's
Prospect House School, Lytham
Pembroke House School
Ranxborough House School, Lytham
Royal Cross Deaf & Dumb School
Sandy Knoll School, St.Anne's
Saxonholme School, St.Anne's
School in The Sun, Lytham
Seafield School, Lytham
Sea View Ladies College, St.Anne's
St.Anne's College for Boys
St.Anne's College for Girls
St.Anne's Grammar School for Boys, St.Anne's
St.Anne's High School for Girls
St.George's School, Lytham
St.Hilda's High School for Girls, St.Anne's
Stamford House Catholic Collegiate School for Boys, Lytham
Swedish Gymnasium Physical Culture Institute, St.Anne's
Treves House School
Wentworth House School for Girls, St.Annes
Westby House School
Westby School
Winslow School, Lytham
Woodlea School for Girls, Lytham